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International classroom the National Association of educational broadcasters in cooperation with the American University in Washington DC presents Dr. Charles Malik of the American University of Beirut in a series of lectures on philosophical issues in world relations. Dr. Mannix lectures were recorded in Washington where he is serving an appointment as professor in the School of International Service at the American University. Here now is Dr. Malik. The theme of these lectures appeared to us at the end of last lecture to be quite better. But if it is about an edge if the pieces when we express the certainty of the existence of economic social political education intellectual and cultural issues we can do at least on firm ground. In each
case it was him off to a new movie as we did. Oh well I would all human to be completely convinced. Can we likewise if you wish to clearly philosophy can and clearly in the present world. If we then we would have established the philosophy equally with sociology politics education to the present world to. Happen if you will
but to yield to the temptation with these other disciplines would be to do philosophy. So to tease you a little bit further I shall not then your body. Will also feel different in kind from economics politics. What if such a nature that it had to be call you at the beginning.
Do you think that it has to do with who detained the priest. That it must first be in question before. What if the loss of it is so infinitely more than all these other disciplines. There is no need at all to justify itself in advance. For the moment.
Complete Disclosure of truth comes at the end and not the deep beginning of the philosophy. Finding funding. Given the issues in world relations as these other scientists and scholars do himself in school he to these issues so that without his agency without his collage these issues in a sense would not exist. What of the philosopher is he makes his appeal to the world.
I have seen what you do not see. And what I see is more important than what you would see. And unless I sure. It is hopeless for me to bore you about. What is special being. Is it where the philosopher and the granted to him the power to see reflected in the present world situation issues and through completely unsuspected by other mind to the other. All the usual. Such a special little being does not exist. Are you sure it is not elected over to one specially.
And how can you be sure that the truth of certain things namely the ultimate thing namely the things philosophically is not given in the very word. And now with me and up the word to be the truth. How then can you point to these as we have done in these other instances before the word bizarre. May not the philosopher then be it where telling the world won't you believe me.
And while there are countless freaks in charge of the end of human it is practically unlimited. And while none of us can be humble enough in broken enough. And many there have been who have deluded themselves some sincerely if such a thing is possible. Some some consciously some unconsciously into believing that they have seen something special must deliver. And why therefore we are under no obligation whatsoever to believe every so-called philosopher who in effect
tells us to believe me. Is it never the less that the president or infinite food should locks us are we expecting and accepting the poshest off truth when it authentically reveals itself. What if this single truth existed. Role humanly speaking then through the in that should
infect all too human body when being endlessly bitten by who we are scare should have missed it when it really came our way. We cannot therefore take it for granted that we nor that we know what the fear of this method is. The Constitution all the genuine philosophical issue is not to be patterned after the Constitution although in any all the positive scientists and learned disciplines the personality of the scientists
is probably kept in the background but not so with philosophy in philosophy the closest intimacy or between the philosopher and his object. Nor where the need to study. The special character of the men to understand what he's after is you do with the case for the philosophy and let me add one thing in the case of the same. Philosophies are named after the person you speak of bleating as Kantianism. Scientists are never named that way. The glory of science as it thinks is to be detached from the scientists. But the glory of philosophy is to be
inextricably attached to a particular philosophy. Do you understand philosophy and religion. Study first the philosopher then be seen as person and then from your knowledge of what constitute a philosopher and what constitutes a saint you'll begin to understand the philosophers call doctorin in the called of because of the loss of fear and religion are both in the thought of the life of the human person or the art of nothing namely nothing genuine nothing to philosophical issue in word relation precisely
matters that it played to only an artist but only in Augustine would doubt even if nobody else did. Indeed it is invariably the case invariably the case that the philosopher The first is about them alone but aerial falafel namely let it play too even if nobody else has wanted it out it and then the whole world will sit up and take notice. If you should discover today a lost work by artist Paul and most of his life things have been lost. You can sell it I assure you. One at least five million dollars and
I would put one million dollars. And what is far more important the whole world to learning will pull you. What these scientists pervious what the politician has not pull the Philosopher may yet develop the strangest and strongest fixation upon when all the men are asleep in snoring. The philosopher or maybe burning the candle has to sweat blood and why too few or only it is given in their lifetime to see the things about about who they want by others. No philosopher ever wallowed about there.
To him it is enough to remain faithful to the heavenly vision even if the others should whatever to remain blind or peek through it. One basic difference between the philosopher and the seen except of the loss what happens also to be it is that the philosopher uses his reason to be at most in others to what he sees and in moving them to see it. Even the philosopher who when he must needs use his reason to the most and the greatest philosophers have sought expected to reason in this world and its articulation in the argument Indian work to do marvelously
succeeded in pon smiting vision to others if you are of peace and positive in law and humble and receptive in law and burning enough with the evil all to know. You will soon see what they saw and shared with them. A bird in and out of water. People sometimes speak of taking things off it. Have you heard them say that. Meaning taking them and certainly taking them by being and remaining above them
taking them without being moved by them. In this sense thinking things philosophically is absolutely and philosophic. Certainly the philosophy does not apply. He does not scream. He does not hysterical. Certainly he employs the most emotional reason but far from many unworthy escape from it. Relieve us from the burden of the loss of her never takes things philosophically in this sense.
No one is more profoundly concerned then he no one cares more than he. No one wonders more and thinks more and more. Then he he is a thing he digs them precisely because he is moved by them. It is the scientists and the politicians who take things philosophically in the philosophical tin. Talk louder with prejudice and obstruction. The two Put see what the much simpler and clearer mind to the loss of their callers to his carries in his wallet.
In this sense the philosopher who is nearest to the humble simple lose touch with the simplest means in the common problems and the instinct is immortal in philosophy to seek and appreciate the good with the most humble person to commune with him on what is really on his mind is to be cut off from him or philosophic. And those philosophers who stay aloof from the humanity of the common pot whose pub has somehow been prompted.
In the most fantastic over the moon just to keep comfortable and with whom. To establish a real community with others the least establish some kind of community with really to do with others. But being limited in it is dangerous you know to keep talking to yourself in sort comes about these philosophers who have only themselves to keep company with human intercourse. They hope to come on Earth
actually living up to the love and therefore to the others. Who Keep Out to the stream of life and suffering because of the plunge into it. That aesthetic in moral terms ability will be disturbed. And so I see it comes about that these philosophers in mesh in cobwebs a little spinning web which unless and outside should stretch itself out to rescue either by loving and suffering for them or which is another way of loving them by shutting the cobwebs to pieces could easily end by chucking them all together.
Community sharing human openness to do more this put the humble of the humble submission to the present. All this is all the essence of philosophy because it is of the essence of life. It is rooted in the heart in the pure and simple and natural as yet and shall see what the philosopher is talking about.
If we have lost there we must somehow be getting that to share and enjoy the adventure. Norm in thought of the report of the philosopher who is not a new who does not somehow become like it not every thing even if every man is to become a thing to be and therefore to know and be in the things of God. You hope to achieve certain personal perfection. To mention only a few of these perfections
capacity to capacity to bear the costs unwavering even if one should plan oneself in rebirth becoming you're trying to gain sympathy expectant costing serving others. Loving the game completely in total and in secret for the. Loving ball above everything else and therefore
despising oneself and especially despising one's put affection. Knew exactly what I mean by all this and a person who is what I have just such a person. That others who talk about a lot without giving this kind of life do not really know what they're talking about. It follows that even theologians who are wonderful books but who do not know what it means to be a saint are really only books about figment to the imagination.
Between God and the truth and the philosophy there is just the truth including the truth. All the issues raised in presupposed by present world conditions to every man even of every man is called to see that truth only he who pays the price. You know the truth. In terms all acquiring certain personal perfection will be granted her to bless it. The truth is thought dollars although to beauty that you would not allow herself
to be alive except by her true lovers the true lovers of the truth are the genuine philosopher. To them alone she and her wonderful feast upon them a loom she allowed her to try again. We caught a glimpse of the character who really knows his maker. Now to catch a glimpse of the philosopher who sucked him in being the philosophical issues implicit in the world to tuition today. And if one philosophy in becoming
their description then you can at least as they are only being able do philosophy. That was one of the greatest mysteries to him. And again and again he finds himself caught up into the inexhaustible team who is the philosopher what to do with his character his being what all of the points all his strength. What are the grounds all his weakness. What are his pitfall. How does he come about.
How should he be educated and protected to achieve the perfection of his nature. How should he be related to politics. Why is he useless to the existing state. Whose fault is it that he is useless. How was he caught up to it. How does he fall. And what sort of being does he become when evil is all the time about these things.
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International classroom
Charles Malik lecture 1, part 2
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