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Then the planning for that goes on to level I would think if you want to if you have been instituted what. I think you're going to probably break away part of a new program worth. Just to do to me live my life. What we're you know that. Oh I think we'll get got out you said. That the way this that any team where may not have me happy to everyone's satisfaction. But it really says something important in all these matters and that is the one thing you can depend on is change and art I don't mean that. Really the stations there I really feel that
if you establish anything like it as a radio that you would have to say well this is what we need now this is what seems to me and will and will try to build in the safeguards and look ahead and all that. But hell you can't guarantee it forever and you should you should. They want you know one in five years you have for 30 years or three months we'll have another look at I mean it's not the right sort of you know we started a little bit. It will take its own course anyway. Independent I like to call things the way my best work. What is one of those views that we're funding or leave it to the Rand Corporation. And then up there but would go for what I see is that you. I don't know the answer to that question. You're saying how to get this underway I say by way of a commission. The data that the death of which would be stacked toward the ultimate report building up
by the report which would include the creation of a National Institute of and there is not a commission. That was ever born that didn't have a deck stacked one way or another. I mean philanthropic investigations and all kinds of things you know people have and this is not there's nothing untoward about this that you have you have to have certain. You know general goals and I think Commission could be formed our government our philanthropic educational interest that would be looking toward the creation of a national radio west to serve commercial stations in some of the ways that we. Do. And Jack in terms of. All of that. You are aware. Right before.
The war but now that. We're at. About. 0 0 0 0 0 0. 0 0 Grant was struck that you know about that. I don't know that. I got more.
All right. I've. Also wouldn't happen. To think that that's a good idea you know what let's you do of the great work they did something diversity. Well we were winding down both. Terms last year terms. I mean you know. Oh well we don't really feel bad. When I'm the one that I thought was Oh no I don't think I will bring it up. That is. Do you think that this October they will regulate. Yes easy. I don't think we're past that. I think.
Because I just know that you know. That with all the criticism let me park kind of like Mark Everson. Part. They. Have this fabulous order at your finger for all their brain function. Mechanisms where it can create criticism. For them we're. Going to go to work they sleep with a legislator create greater problem. That. The Federal Communications Commission present policy of lard away. Well I think whatever the big public schools are right here in the UK. Oh.
Yeah. That would open up the possibility for leadership in the area. Carry on. With these. Oh oh. Oh oh great we gotta get. Ready. What I love. But. Other hand I would like it. Oh. Well as I. Laugh when I don't have to they have to get a real flat enough or why not that's right. Why do you rather have 0 0 0 0 0 0 should. Matter. I would call hardest.
Part of. Your motion I guess. As opposed to a small wisdom about. This I don't think we get that position I have been writing it. To politics or partisan as this is why I think. That the unity of the gully were there yesterday. I don't say that all they say oh my god. I can't get that right. You get your whole radio heard right. Everybody else while Station this is. Driving around. Yet there are other kinds of us who should have responsibility. Rights are stable. But. That need to be granted the activity of life. In addition to it again. But as opposed to just. Partisan groups. Which maybe never really pushing it.
Yes. Oh. And there you have President preclude some other kinds of our society that ought to have. Out and give them the benefit without opening the door up of people that should get it are there. Yes up to because the purpose of one of these stations in a community is to serve justice. Groups. Like in Rockford station run for Negro fighting for us probably. Well all right hey Allan are you broke. Yeah but I don't want to let the man just serves that. I mean by that. You know. Alright alright alright I got a station whose life was better on that. Question. As a responsible. Manager when we say things like yeah
you're right it right. Back to her here. At home. You know what. I started this last. Year. That is. Regularly. More about the process. Oh well.
That good thing. We like to think there was a lot of what you're getting. Well they get that part right. For Sony their record some of these revival very broad. Yeah yeah yeah. In years of their their definition probably educational organization. What do you think they get from any areas of our partners may be academic. We say great first step of the stations for these you know you don't lose your frequency where you get the friends that work in one big metropolitan areas that get with our that's why I'm supporting our guy that's why the moment I
think they're talking about maybe the solution to this. Will be our own art. Yeah we should certainly. Run a very. Public service. Here. So perhaps they're there but they have an audience there with our. Let's play happy. Washington can't quite a conversation like a rare birth defect said
why don't you get him. You really have to live in this community not the minority I hear what you're. Saying. We talked over the train station that will provide a public service that I. Want to Hold it. I think the real America. The radio I don't know what when you're thinking that you know no station was providing this kind of service. We've already worked out the model in our mind that they would provide a rock n roll for all their life to anyone they want. From a public health information in the Washington area. Either the negro or. Whatever other
oh just. That. But also there are clearly here I'm waiting for yeah. Well I can't very well that. You know what they're. Really for you. Thank. You before arriving for work.
Yesterday we heard one at a very light. Hear. Her. Calling me. Every. Day. And.
Hour this. Week at least. There is one hour a day that is really designed for that and five days a week. While I left there then debated right along and that is to what extent are we going to family progress get a trend. No it is a treat for any program. OK well you're right I read them but I think they're the real reasons and that is a very hard I think. Oh I think that your account that price for a. Given hour for Watts. And. Perhaps some or.
All of it he would not make. To talk about their own problems. They do a program that all the people watched every day of the federal government bypassing the licensee. Wouldn't it be better. I don't have a set of standards for any of the latency they're really representative of the community and the lot of what we're. Doing. Yes that's very right. And so this simply means let's open up an examination. Like. Me that you're worth the border region shouldn't be operating management board. Oh they're all right you're right they could have. Been off corp. Everybody should be independent. And I will be in the band the Radio Broadcasting
Corporation have to be like oh I can't stay. Regarding what happened and where the letter is a reaction I love the commercial people I have. Watched you know just got a call one for either the right that they are telling with no young man I don't want to go directly to mass protest or run away with her and then her doing the anti drug book is as follows. And if you get. Coffee over 6 or 6:30 for every second and 7:30 a.m. every 45 with appropriate after going to my thing. After dinner why do I really like to be offering. Oh I think I heard there was one
me right now I'm back with Oh God I hate it.
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Group Session C - Tape 4
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