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International class rule the National Association of educational broadcasters in cooperation with the American University in Washington DC presents Dr. Charles Malik of the American University of Beirut in a series of lectures on philosophical issues in world relations. Dr. Malik's lectures were recorded in Washington where he is serving an appointment as professor in the School of International Service at the American University. Dr. Malik began his studies at the American University of Beirut and took his doctorate at Harvard University in 1945 and from 1951 to 1956 he served as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary area of Lebanon to the United States. He was a member of the Lebanese delegation to the United Nations from 1945 to 954 and from 1950 seven to nine thousand fifty nine in one thousand fifty nine he was elected president of the 13th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Since that time he has served on the faculty of the American
University of Beirut and as a visiting professor at Dartmouth College and Harvard University. Here now is Dr. Malik. The formal description of this court is the following. It is entitled philosophical issues in one religion without the relation as you put it and you continue writing an inquiry into the philosophical issues raised and presupposed by present day world conditions. So let me call on these issues include international organisation comma development and under development.
Coexistence in the Cold War. The question of trust and confidence. The political and the personal nationalism and the human person the conflict of cultures. The question of freedom. Do you really just situation and theories are you ready man. This event is the general formal description of the course. This is
not a course in international relations nor in this course a course in politics. You are all in what may be termed the philosophy of the state international relations provide us with detail all of Dickel theory provides us with dunes with which to grasp the data but in this course we have you both detained as well as the ability to apprehend the data by the two. We view the present state of the world as embodying if you wish you of the most radical and fundamental character and we propose in this course to elicit discuss these issues in that depth. This takes us way beyond
either the positive concrete relations of gaining among the nations the God that we are from day to day and that you read in the newspapers most of it is she has got this take us way beyond all that it is well it is way beyond anything you would add because clarification of politic is a reality. In fact the Course is not limited at all to the philosophical consideration of political or international relations. The title speaks of philosophical issues in world religion and any other formulation of the title is mistaken. One formulation speaks of world politics. This is really important. The title speaks for philosophical issues in world relations. Thus we say.
Need a politic in relation nor international relations nor world politics. We see world really relations between government or state or neither the only nor the deepest world really. The Communists are quite right in putting the state as it were in its place in the viewing politic and formalism as concealing much deeper human relations. Whether they are also right in conceiving these human deaths purely in economic or class terms is of course another matter.
But man. Man is actuated not only by your politics. There are economic social cultural racial spiritual religious historical and even irrational religion. All these helpless and most determining in fact the grief to which many a well-meaning recent scheme or policy game has been due precisely to the effect that mean where are treated and in some instances they treated themselves as political or national objects. If you put men in this tweed jacket to the nation or the state you may feel competent in quite a while.
But sooner or later and in these days because everybody knows everybody else it will be much sooner than later. The deeper dimensions of his being will rebel and assert themselves. For a man in the end though he would still be anything but men. We believe that all these deep or bi mentions are now coming to a head. That something is under judgment that something is in there then that something is birth thing to be born. And the philosophical issue raised and supported by this Doug Burns agonizing
involved world relations of the deepest human intellectual cultural and spiritual nature. He cannot really follow and understand this course who is only a student of politics and with a national religion. He must also be a student of men and of the Spirit. Diplomacy is another topic from which this course should be strictly distinguished. Diplomacy deals with the forms and procedures as distinct from the substance and content of interest.
The relation that all established rules in law who govern diplomatic conduct for example how governments address each other. What is appropriate and what is inappropriate for diverse representatives of government. What is appropriate and what is inappropriate for diverse mode or diverse locations of contact between government. What is done and what is simply not done under a particular location. The interpretation of certain things casually drop in informal conversation. The creation of that mode 3 depletion of mind into the ground for a fruitful negotiation etc.. Diplomacy gain is the realm of the formal
the external. The tentative. The experimenting. The preparatory. Even the psychological. It deals with value with all to do with protocol. It determines what is socially and relationally proper. It includes this. So around and leads to these tensions and such and. But when this essential and substantive is decided. Diplomacy with all its strong and all to do and style is completely forgot it has formed its function. The diplomatic lane is all they need to really mean gotten
in beyond the term this end. Diplomacy is all always some definite agreement involving a definite mutual obligations between states that is of course such a thing as a course in the philosophy of diplomacy which our present course is not. Nor do I know whether such a course has been a reality that there are endless works on diplomatic uses and conventions all sort of manual on how to comport oneself diplomatically. But I have not seen any work on the philosophy of your diplomacy such a study.
I would investigate the principles and forms of diplomatic behavior and would hand over to ground them in the nature of main men being what he is and political reality being what it is. In the end of interstate relations being some substantive agreement then the form and procedure of interstate relations should in general be fought and such as they are described. The philosophy of diplomacy would endeavor to show that in the principles of diplomatic conduct there is nothing accidental or capricious that all such principles are grounded in the essence and need to know things. In this instance in the essence and nature of politics of
interstate relations and of course all the main what appears greedy. All in all. All stiff all and necessary from the outside would then be shown to flow from the nature of diplomatic realities. It treaties therefore only philosophy or diplomacy is not something fantastic. It has a well defined subject matter namely the principles and for the diplomatic existence and if carried out responsibly and in accordance with proper laws Arctic matter would that come up to yield interesting and perhaps even fascinating results. But an interesting and necessary as diplomacy is and even more interesting to the court. You wouldn't if a lot of your diplomacy
maybe the present course to which we give the title philosophical issues in world relations has nothing to do with any diplomacy or anything diplomatic or even with the philosophy of diplomacy. The real reason why our course is completely independent of diplomacy and the diplomatic. Our primary interest is in tops and not in four. In Athens in Compton and not in procedure and atmosphere. In the chaotic that all the objective issues in themselves and in love how they may be correctly that is to say diplomatically
or incorrectly that is to say and diplomatically uproot independent. I don't care who breaks every diplomatic tool in the book everyone. Provided you grasp the ultimate issue. In our philosophy and science in content preceed for precede and determine procedure. Let me grasp the real and only real issue rocking the world today and I will at once tell you and tell all the diplomat. What kind of diplomacy if any is proper to its solution. All the fundamental issues today are issues of scope and not of diplomatic procedure of an object the
ultimate clash in the will and end and policies and purposes of opposing force and lot of the niceties and civilities of the negotiating table. All the diplomacy in the world all the preparation in the world. All the Act Three you're in the world cannot resolve certain basic issues which involve contradiction in the will. People often rave these days about what they called International Understanding the year all the time. They say let us work for International Understanding. One of the only nations understood each other all would be well.
This kind of talk is pure sentimentalism for the nations believe me understand each other perfectly. And it is because they discover in their understanding of one another certain frightful contradictions in thought. And then when that they then show the world on the edge of this apparent lack of understanding is not the issue. The economy for addicts will be in the content of what it wants is the. The beginning of wisdom in all diplomacy is the humble recognition of the
limitations of all diplomacy when it comes to the reality of the ultimate issue. Before these realities. The diplomatic even at its best that is itself out of existence altogether. It does not want to be seen as around a pole it is completely out of place and so on this course we fix on the if you will on the concrete contents of the objective reality issues and content which far from yielding to being determined in any way by the methods in the Kleinman through diplomacy themselves determine whether diplomacy is possible at all and if possible what more than 80. It must as you will
form and method. And procedure I loon are never satisfying it is the Full of substantive content that this is all within your thirst for the second reason why these lectures have nothing to do with diplomacy and the diplomatic is our desire to be true to be free. Our desire to be free and all securely to these words of the word in this phrase I will I will vote them out of the desire to be free to hate and peculiarly their own.
What it got or how embarrassing or and palatable or thought or candle light it might be. Now the very essence of diplomacy the very essence of diplomacy is certainly reduce the end to certain restraint a certain lack of freedom. And even if it is free to face the truth it imposes upon itself the severest limitations in articulating what it sees and know it must not
open it must be that it must swallow the new truth that will follow them through and commented on. The girl code many ugly. It me you resort to copper a few discourse tricks secret subtle conditioning manipulating the deceiving all over the stage. It's a primary commitment is not to the truth in it or damning
but the psychological manipulation and pollution of the atmosphere. But in this course our total commitment to the truth and it's full. We do not care if the truth is talking or handing or in battle. We care so much for the truth in a tell all in battle. We have established for law that these actors are completely independent of diplomacy and the diplomatic because we are interested
in substance in the Athens and content and not in form and proceed your in that mood. And second because we want to be free to involve the truly the whole to end diplomacy there. But there is a third reason why it is necessary to suppress the Independent to these lectures from the politic and the diplomats. The third reason is what. The whole atom with your water source is so saturated with politics and diplomacy that it is the real deal
for the mind. Do I treat you with detachment. The statesman the politician the technician. Busy preparing the people the diplomat room and the mind directly or indirectly over them. One is not permitted to see these things in themselves and to rest in that we one must turn every billion one to harm
people you. From the very beginning. This is how Washington was conceived. This set apart for political and diplomatic operation. A certain economy a certain division of labor among cities was instituted and Washington was given this specialized function of diplomacy and politics. What is other cities say New York or Boston. We're left to the moon specialisation in business and culture. The best communities of color and thinkers are suing the truth for its own sake exist in the United States outside Washington and this country
can boast of some of the finest such intellectual and spiritual communities in the world. Part of the truth then all of the situation here is that the political here overshadow the intellect. And this truth must be faced. The mighty leaders of the mind and spirit in the western world have not arisen in war. The atmosphere does not seem to be congenial for contemplation for the deepest possible vision. In the mood for the TRUE. India the important the Washington today cannot be exaggerated.
It is a sort of Imperial Capital. Other imperial capitals in history such as Athens Rome but are dead belong to you. Burley in London. Don't you want girl permitted permitted the floor or sanctuary of creative hall in the room and. It is therefore correct to say that Washington is the first imperial capital in this today which has not been congenial to the development of the highest intellectual and spiritual virtue. This appears to me to be a serious defect. It may
even be true in the eternal reckoning of things that some of the difficulties encountered by our American world leaders and some of the failures last 13 by this leadership have been due to the relative absence from the shores of the Potomac of this contemplation.
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International classroom
Charles Malik lecture 1, part 1
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