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Raise your right. Hand. On your. Right ear. When you hear. Me. For all of us here oh. We redefined. The other. REVENUE. And ousting
process from this probably more realistic level. Precisely what radio station is a lot like Octomom. And some of the ways in which we might. See that. As we left off this morning. That we were looking. For a. Very broad category but we have. One specific here that we might have one of the. Characteristics of good. As a. Mechanism. Online. Hell with just yesterday at.
Rest. I think we'll probably end up talking about both of those things one. But for the sake of me let's. Begin with the quest for the rest. And. See if we can identify without trying to program outer space. Oh what I mean by. You know radio is appropriate use as a national. Resource. Not what should call the next day. What are the functions or. Strength that last word. What a function. For a function. Our. Site. Was started by. Russell. Was a broadcast that.
Made you aware of what my my. Own life. No. More. Now. What. In the context of. 24 hours or so just. Back to one of the things that we've been doing shaping up on what I would get out of this event right here. Yesterday at this time we are stronger. What we do know. So let's try to hear your ideas for. Exactly what we got.
The rest. Of. What. Mr.. Question mark. Yeah I think I know what service. Call that. Well. Now that you're I guess more like some broad generalities. But you cover for the road here where you talk about what you're up your body. To your obligations or other part of. There you. Go up all those roads. Were that. That's what I.
Like. That with tax purposes. What a fucking program. Had to go on with a run like school or something. Some of the song systems over bellow. Thank you. Those are. Really a bigger of the image of it. Yes. Mark. Was that we're way
broader. Any area where go. There very. Well right. Now we're talking about one. You.
Or. Me. Or my hat. Yes. Mark. I think. Not really you know.
Or. Whatever. It. Was more. Or. Less. Oh. My. Heart. Of.
Hearts. So yeah. Yes. Carrie. Read her. First. Oh. Oh oh oh. Oh. Capitalize on this. Oh. That's.
So. Bad. If you think of it there. While writing. That. Right. Oh. Oh. Oh. You have a wife. Like. Her there. But I think also that. The responsible thing.
Yes. I was. Think of us all. Together. They're. Gutsy things that concern me. There. They really. Got to get much more involved. I hope that. All that we have ever before were good. For us. And. So we think. That we continue our writing to serve as a very big issue for commuter
service here. This might be the thing we are with. This is. By. History. I was afraid. That by from her. Place. Our. Best chance of. Actual. Blow never really done this well never. Here understood what they were trying to do or that love is. What. Various media might when the best their programs work together. So that we are out in the working hand-in-hand with whatever necessary. Oh oh.
Brother regarded as something I've heard from our get away from the perception. By using. Oh. Why oh. Why. Oh why. Oh. Oh I died I just thank you no. One can. Hear. Me call that me any excess.
All right I believe a more that right now. I mean then that. Bad character I call this dirty job. And. Yet like the first doubt that I have a guy I've had a guy that I think. He's now out of Chicago easily left. Who. Carried out the health named Gary. Hart. Well he was distraught. I mean to the people that were drivers or that we're talking about Bill we're calling him the death of the franchise and songs of what. We're calling him he would he would get called up but he said he came out with this or that which educational radios all lost in the sense that we have a sister. Yeah. The Pervert was different but it was a private audience but you were having orgasms I thought you were here. No that's right sir.
Guy was actually more I mean and the man who replaced him I think it probably the same but if you can get that same kind of ball with the sort of proposing that's what people want with somebody who really in your organization said. To talk so it's got the distance from B you are from harbor or maybe to the bottom of the into the picture is that whether one of the problems. That corner then you begin to be having some kind of the thing that you're talking about that would be marvelous that job to educate. Ready. I like the notion though that this mode of flexing they don't lose the others you don't just franchise me because I love good chamber music and I want to hear but you also try to bring other people and then of Hopefully they go back to what I said yesterday. Maybe a better society as a society which you meet with the education radios that. May have some help in the media already. This person someday comes to listening to.
The cultural richness of the community as well. But you don't you don't force it down and so he's got to come never you can't foresee. I think this is. This should be for sale because I think we're getting consensus on something which we really believe it's an important thing when go back to our life. Who'll. Turn. That. Broader community here. Oh. They're very much for. Right here we go into the whole. Area for ever so I think. They almost heard. Throwing it out here with their. Pocket. And love for letting a buffet of
care and having priority over. They formulate here because you have a backlog of recruiting here. There is a way of handling the way we're dealing with the real world. But the broadcast cable is unique. And this is what you get over there. Oh yes there's a really agree with the hypothesis to go. For sure or having no business knowing exactly what they're. Doing right. Ever.
0. 0 0 0. That was. Then. That one. Of the broadcast media right. Up there. That does that. I didn't think they would surely teach your support. For high school French or
Spanish. Whoever turned with a news program of course listening to the use of the French. Part of the great. As against the broader type of thing thought more about this is where at what I meant when I said you got a fork in the road. I'm thinking of those things with the oil you know support for the glass which I think will work and I know you. Are. We. Lost sight of. Our.
Earth. Oh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh oh we have many more words. That live your life. For that. But also. Large. Well I will ask you this question. Court orders. Well we are on our side. And a.
Necessary part. That's not. The definition that. We can use it for self. Thank you for us realize we got. A lot of hype. They. Were wired for different purposes. For. Those that. Got those supplements for a cause that's what they got for the money for that and used more and then I had a guy almost a. Guy go out there like that where already they are writing for a demo or lack of it. Heard Yes they're all. All right there are certain kinds of management situations or billing.
System that I probably like I'm saying but what we have is what we think that it is all right. For some of the on with us and some never will but that doesn't mean that we have what we think is possible objective or go for it which they would. Go. And just realized oh because of. Vision will be our best to do first Never. Respect your work. Especially week after a restatement of. What some of the. Differences are for real. Relatively small audience right here after the break. Hello.
Boria. So it was the idea of community home sliced bread out of the areas. Among populations that are yet another way that a fire passed with. This. Kind it really. Is. I would guess that this emphasis on. All the. Principles. Done in retrospect was a lot of leverage here a lot of space is not doing that. And I don't know. The size. Now. Having. Said that. Are
there other incidents also put an end to some of these principles that were suggested. Either formal structure or government service. In each case were getting an audience where the audience hears it in a classroom. And. So we're. Looking out Oh you know. Oh. Are there other. Principals or other stresses that. You set as well for the variac more next. Another approach. Well hello there. You're here with me.
We're all. From that. Camp. Really. Oh. Yeah. Go for me. While you're. At it.
Oh. That is I think. I was whatever although. There was word for. Word. For Word or forced to do certain type of our service but rather that they are like you. However. Everyone recognized. That. Our society has an expectation that they're right it can't be the nature of your business. That
passed over. This while you just. Let me do things for him personally more than ever. Really. Do something. So I would say it was only what they don't do. We should decide what we think we would regard as. One of the reasons we may decide to do that is just a way to the right. Is because it is not being done well enough but I digress here that you don't want to rake over the first basis. Oh yeah oh
there are so great over their knife and see. Whether you think or what I think worth Oh well I guess if I want her oh maybe the library right. Yeah well I just. Don't want to be reactive only for my horror I think you are right. I wasn't even inspired the fact that.
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Group Session C - Tape 1
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