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It was. A vision Day luncheon. Here in the great Stephen F. Austin hotel in the great city of Austin in the great state of Texas. Truly the Appalachian all the LBJ land. For the past two months. And especially all this morning for those of you who are division day. Meetings Jerry Sandler has been promising you surprise after surprise. And before I begin Jerry has asked me to reassure you that job Benjamin and I are not supposed to be among. The PRI. All we are here to do is to provide an example our. Right. I. Can't hear a thing. You got it now you got it out. About Now.
You have your dessert so let's move on to the meat of this afternoon. Not Benjamin myself again. We just want to provide here the proper minute you. For the presentation of our luncheon speakers address on radio and the American character. The assumption is that I'm supposed to represent radio and job is to represent the American character. Not. My first permit me to introduce the man who. At the head table and please feel free to applaud or cheer or stomp or he s r boo. As you choose do not throw pennies because it only makes us greedy and they will not be applied to your network fees and dues. So on your laughter on my right. A man who repeatedly proves that any E.B. life can be beautiful. Carol Hill our Vice President thank you.
Next the herald a man who is proving that instruction can be presented on radio with real credit both to the student and the teacher. Jason picked him. I was next in line. A man who is teaching us all how to deal with public issues with the proceeds going to the polish of a jeweler's Watch column. W1 I asked God. Next a bird. A man whose use of the sound waves over short wave may someday be the longest wave in international broadcasting. Mitchell Kraus was annexed as you all know a man with many voices all thoughtful all forceful and all American from the Voice of America John Wigan was. God and naturally you know the man who reveals to us all in any our surprise a minute. More in fact
than a topless bathing suit for Siamese twins. Very sad I was. Now on your right. The man without whom Jerry Sandler could bring you very few surprises John Witherspoon. I'm next to him. The man who is making the conversation station of the nation sound like music for the millions. Bill Swartz I'm next to Bill a man whose contemporary radio rhetoric may someday persuade us all that Arturo Toscanini is truly. I hear all of the Alamo Don jealous I'm. I'm. Next to Don. A man without whom they may may never of been and E.B. a Chicago round table like democracy in America or even the Thomas Alva Edison George Groves
time. And finally at least for the. Next to finally a man whose distinction as Mr Pioneer Day of WHCA has been exceeded only by his vision as the Mr tomorrow of educational broadcasting. Bill Harlow time. It was next to Bill the man who is the nation's walking out adult for radio regurgitated Jack Wilson was. Now it's my privilege to introduce the woman to. The woman who has published and unpublished several basic parameters in educational radio from whom I've taken my basic reference text. Including never the twain shall eat. And the ABC as in birds and bees of educational radio.
On some Arthur. Birth my mirth maker without the M and I even mistress of radio fun and TV games the Earth Mother of educational writing on Mary child Benjamin was. The first step and worth making. Up. Well one of the steps is to lay an egg and that I'm fixin to do right now. I didn't realize the surprise would. Be quite. But. I'll do my part.
And I'm just glad I have as much experience and utilization. I'd like. To start off. With. Mr. President. You. Honored guests. Ladies and gentleman. But that always seems to me to cut Mr. Chairman Mr. President and the honored guest out of a category to which they like very much to belong. So. I'll just start off as we always do. Hello all y'all. Now I know you're wondering why I have called you together. And you're going to have to work that out on your own. Because I have an even more personal problem. And that's what
in the hell I am doing. The unfortunate is that. I'm not a speaker. I'm a talker. But I really don't have anything to say and I say it very badly. So. I wonder why every to. Embroil with an eye. In any way whatever. I find myself in front of a group. Some of them even larger than this one. And I have about figured it out. I think. He is trying to find something I can do. Because year in and year out I have failed to distinguish myself at every roll and I even. Can devise. Don't give up the. Day. You know a pretty sentiment about it. I. Finally found. A. Surprise.
If you know. You just won't quit talking. Doing. This has made them overconfident. I'm still going to work with me. Compounding your blood run cold. I started off as some of you older ones will recall. Making the longest speech speech in the history of. I was well launched into the first half of my introduction when I called time. Not to my part to the session. Then I came in one day and found on my desk a note from Robert Zink and. This name is not known yet I'm sure it has two case. And two
asses and boss. And it said the next. And. Convention will be in the south or south west. Get it. Well. He also you know what you said next I thought that meant the next year. I didn't realize I did anything to your head dizzy and I almost got it for 1963. And there we were going to be with all these clean bands in the hotel when everybody in Milwaukee when. We got that straightened out. And then I got up and invited everybody in my best manner to the only state has ever actually been requested to see seed from the union. So if I'm not very careful I'm going to wind up as a kind of. Pillar of ineptitude in this organization. For those of you who still care who I am. I want to say that I am a man identified with the
University of Texas so long. We started out in 1939 and the motto of radio here was to expand education from the borders of the campus to the boundaries of the state. And every time you ask anybody how big is the campus I gave them my dimensions. If you have a pencil and paper handy that is. Twenty nine thirty eight forty five. When you need my hand you're pretty close to that. Yeah. Oh I'm sorry I thought you were. Now. I don't ever leave the podium. Well.
Radio and I grew. And I still get my dimensions but now it's for the boundaries of the state of music. I'm glad. I got in on just. This morning to realize a. Five letter word again. I think that's a good. You know I'm real tired of hearing people refer to radio. And say I like I know if you. Were to marry. Now. As you have perhaps suspected. We did go for a little time and to that situation where we had. Music and you. Are drama kind of well when there are good many things went out. And when I say music I have reference to a particular kind of music. And I think that in order to qualify
our term when we speak we ought to give you a little sample. Of Music. The kind we're talking about. And I will give you some news of the country talking about to do that. Though we're going to have to move the microphone. And I believe that is a mike. I. Rise with you that I have this more. People who were originally going to do this next part of the program. And. An
ATM. And I am. An outlier. And I am bird. And. Man. Learning. And learning in a hurry I am.
ALICE. Al. And I was a few minutes. Something about. Heels kind of. Thing. And. Yet you're mad at me. And. I can't. Understand. I cracked. My ear. Don't put your daughter on the tape. I like to make this very
clear. When you put her on the tape. That is tantamount to rape. And she'll lose her young. I feel I was. Hiding. Thank you mother. All this club talk to the lovely lady in a day full of this gig. Just what you sow though I usually don't work for a body. But live up to the commercial interests. Those of those. Who love others could they just some of the busier this was a dark private organization. Dotted Ted should only that. I brought back a toss serious. Well the little.
Boy as. Well. And I asked him. Can. You. Do Or are you not. Now happy with who you are right now. All wills of the hospital they sleep less. I've often thought I'd like. Those words out of the cups like. On the bus. That's all he said. Honey. I don't know what that but either. I like to sell you one of my famous songs. On commercial on complicated. Song of the year. When you're ready Louise.
Where oh. My you know. I. I've seen you go. Ignored by sponsor school and son. Yeah why not. Basically after it got away somehow that percent. Was a form that you can have no gathering of all the people of this country without doing a takeoff on Hello Dolly. It's a lot. David doesn't know it but it's the law. So this number has been written. Yeah will do the whole Broadway thing Dr. Drew. Hello darling. Well hello Harley if ya ever stay at home
where you would see the. Bridge in a vision. And you would know that your dollar is going strong you would hear Jack White hear the net. Say in a while that radio has gone. Sour. Sour dial Fallows. Let's hear a great big smile. I was gonna be great. Thank you. Thank you thank you. Last flight before I got to 100 percent. I walked in from New York.
Folks another would have a ride and they would walk. You couldn't fly out to Dallas last week if your life depended on another one. Problem on another famous folk singer probably the second greatest folks like you in the world. Roffman. But it is five years who challenges me to a sing off. Kids like he is the king of the folks I guess he knows nothing. So we were down there to the call of out of the. Sing Off So always unpublicized booed when I went out to the. Not intentionally. To the Colorado River we were veiled by the banks southern the slag off while he was shopping but I didn't. When suddenly. As we stood there in the dock. An alligator. It. Came right up. Out of the Colorado River. And Buddha was in the middle of a song spot. Look at that gator. He was a mean looking. I mean you
mean. A. Lot of TV people you might know. And food spot on that data. But it was in the middle the song about sing for your next book Buddha spot on that data. He picked up his board and he said you. Know all the words to that effect. You see you got. Don't you love call me. I'm not gay got to move. On you know. Just. Just stay right there. Look at Bhutto. Who built. It Up. Don't you look on me. I mean before my very eyes. That gave a rip. Like a signal up by the song. When this song goes something like this.
You notice looks as always I go something like this and it was echoed exactly like this. If I didn't know what the hell they're doing either. Lady Bird Lady bird fly away home. Fences need mending. Why. The surprise and now when I'm off and off fire. And go on the tears friend has a liar. Lady bar lady bird fly away home. Ballot still on the tap and it's all down and we need us an air base. We need us. Ah damn. And we need the hell out of Alfie and now the.
Lady Bird Lady bird fly away back. The bandwagon stalled and it's on the wrong track. While breakers were begun. And king makers awaken. Plague on your house turned Johnson blind. Lady Bird Lady bird fly to our state. The past is on ice and the future looks great. The station to prosper the cattle are fat. And the good guys are wearing gasoline. OK. Thank you very much. Thank you.
I could. Learn in a nearby URL as saying the learning. For both Canada. And. I would like to call. Back summer. Children. All over the Lone Star State today. Hot sauce. And in one small corner of the eye of the Texan sitting next to you you may notice a moist moat. So I bring you an announcement of more than lasting import.
This is the moment. Which Bob shank and. The Durham twins. Harold Hill. And Burroughs. Barry Goldwater. And my wife and I. Have anticipated for some time. But one which all of us combined simply could not stop. Will the real Alfre Dad please stand up. And come forward. I have here. A small package. Sent today. By Governor John Connally. And in this packet. It they are all precious content. First. A little. Look at it.
Not quite the size of Alfre death's head I miss it but it'll get you. A second. A little long haul on toothpick type tag that. Would run on Gen Y football. And forth. A personalized packet. Of bluebonnets seeds signed John with the inscription. These are two beautiful Texas which someone has crossed out to say plant these talk eating in New York. It would be good. Finally. There is this package. And the precious contents which is whole. If you have a handkerchief would you please use it now. The state of Texas.
To all to whom these presents shall come. Reading this. Know ye that Albert P. free day is hereby a commission on the rear a Texas citizen under the laws of the state of Texas with all rights privileges and emoluments appertaining to said office. In testimony whereof I have signed my name and calls the seal of the state to be affixed. At the city of Boston. This the twenty sixth day of October A.D. 1964 signed John Connally governor of Texas. Of Illinois thank you and of course my hat was too small for what I was. Let me just say a couple of things here that you saw through in the.
Misfortune that are unfortunate on Texans. Welcome to ole stand there. But. We want a man. Who. Has. All the good guys who are at 10 yellow hair was one of the good guys is wearing a Danielle hat. Others. Will just have to take care of some other way. Now I'd like to end this because we're going to hear the speakers. Speakers. By telling you that in the book front line. Written by the British War Information Services and. I'm not. Going. I found a story one day about a man. Who was standing in his garden. And just
as he saw a young man come cycling down the path outside the gate a bomb hit right in the path. And the young man disappeared from view. When the smoke all died away and the noise and the man went running out to see if we could find anything and this young man there was a large crater and the young man apparently unharmed except that he lost his trousers was hanging head in the hole and the man pulled him out screaming at him. Are you alive. Are you still alive. And when he got the boy said well yes or believe I am now that I hear your voice. But I thought I was there to tell you spoke radio feel that way about him. Thank you. Now Gerry Sadler has a surprise for him. The other one. Actually I do have one very pleasant
surprise to announce at this time. National Educational radio division of an ABC. Has just been informed this week. That they are the recipients of a contract from the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute. To produce a series of 13. 1/2 hour documentaries on cancer research which will involve the leading cancer scientists in this country. And these will be produced for the NPR network. During this coming year for distribution. Approximately one year from this date. It's been some time since. We have asked. All of you to stand up. And be publicly recognized. For the Herculean efforts that many of you have been making every day every week every month every year. To make possible Underwood's. Pentagon network operation in our battle. We decided that the time was upon us now and we're going to do something about
it. I can't read the names of all of the programs involved because I think we've got something like 95. And we do want to hear Mr. Kalen but we have certificates. To cover those holes on the station walls and so on which are here and waiting for all of those of you who will be. Mentioned this afternoon and they are here please do call for them as soon as the luncheon is officially over. Borrowing a phrase from the deacon of Riverside. They will pass among you now. Brothers virals and Bush. Because what I would like for you to have. I think it's important for all of us to know what each of us has been doing. A list of the stations and the programs that have so been honored and in so far as we can in about two minutes I'd like to reel off the names of the stations and organizations. And if those representatives are present would you
please stand. Hold your applause for the end. Here we go take a deep breath. Patricia Marx station WUOM station w d e t station w i l l. British Broadcasting Corporation Radio Australia station WB You are Station W.K. are Don give us Sheldon Fisher Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. KW I see the Cooper Union Dr Carol Atkinson the world law fund Gunther Schuller. W r the r w r v r. W N Y E W A K s l h k PBS Biggio k f the e the Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne National Laboratory. Northeastern University. W d u q w o w r y University of Rochester. French broadcasting system the educational radio network. Ready all the television on the telly I wanna list the RAII. Yeah
University. Voice of America. Nobody will make you and Ruth Harshaw rodeo Natal and. Radio Belgium the University of Chicago. That you see. I am Warren Bauer. WB Oh we. Look Fred hind leg. That's quite a list. And it represents quite a bit of effort. Joey at least officially collectively if you'll pardon the expression say thank you to all of these contributors. And now. The biggest surprise of all. We're about to hear our speakers so I'll turn it back to the deacon of Riverside Drive Jack. I mostly love makes things. William Jay Kalen has been national program manager of Westinghouse Broadcasting Company since 1956. Before that he was director of programs radio station W. and he W. A New York City and among the award winning
radio programs produced by Mr. Kalen during his WBC tenure are. My road to crime. He is he is not mine. Songs for president presidents. Suppose of yesteryear of many things. Some of them unmentionable. And growing pains not a series about the enemy be his best known television series The American Civil War is still running and more than 100 markets the series not the war. Mr KLM is service production manager of KW K. in St. Louis news director of WHL women New York. News Announcer for W J.B. O in Baton Rouge. He was a writer for young and Reuben Camp serves as a writer on such landmark radio shows as your hit parade gang busters the Fred Allen Show and the Borden show. I know him as many others do as a staunch advocate of modern radio so staunch in fact that he presently serves on the board of directors of broadcast pioneers.
He was born in New York but at least was educated at LSU. And lives in Freeport Long Island known widely known in fact discovered in historical circles as a civil war expert. He is founder and president of the Freeport Historical Society which operates a very important museum. Bill was a prime mover in the five industry public service programming conferences hosted by Westinghouse and in the fall of 1962 conducted the radio reality seminar which examined the range renaissance of radio programming. So it gives us great pride to present to you now a merchant of feeling in the shopping center of pain. Bill Kalen. Thank you Jack. Ladies and gentleman. Mother thank you for that. Well I hardly know what to say you know I just think I've been ahead and.
I could whistle Dixie. I could. Maybe bite the hand that fed me. A nice lunch. I don't bite the hand maybe I could never let your fingers a little bit. I. Haven't got a southern accent. I got a title. Title for a talk. When it was suggested to me since I'm not very good at titles. I thought so far as titles went. It was a marvelous title that looks well in the printed program. You think I want to talk about that you're crazy because. As far as characters are concerned believe me. Well I've heard a lot of characters here. I thought most of the characters were in the commercial broadcasting field. But some of you folks don't have to take a backseat to nothing. Part of the problem about talking about educational. Broadcasting is I really don't understand what it
means you folks have made a great distinction. Somehow in that you apply the word educational to yourself. And. Took our word broadcasting but I guess it's all right if you do a little of both. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. I thought I'd been doing educational broadcasting all my life. Kind everything I do is educational. I just do things that interest me. And I don't know what do you folks do broadcast in the same way or not. Maybe you do things that don't interest you. That's quite a trick. Well when all else fails tell a story. Now if I tell you a story. That might live up. To the character part of the title. Of the talk that I'm supposed to deliver. I don't know any jokes. I never told a joke. I only tell true stories. And that while other doesn't make me brother to the educational broadcaster might make me
kind of kissin cousin. In a case I tell you a story because I feel I ought to tell you something about myself. It's a favorite topic of mine and I talk about myself reasonably well. I think you should know something about me. And the most important thing I could tell you. Is that I'm a very sick man. I have pains. And I suffer. And whenever I tell people about my suffering they kind of laugh. And I never understood except that this again relating to the title of the talk. Was broadcasting the American character and I think American characters are forever laughing at sick people. And it's just not right. And that's about as much as I know about the American character. But I am a sick man. I suffer from headaches.
And I've suffered from headaches all my life. And. I just think you might like to know that back. I have pills. And great pill taker never without my pills. And I got these pills a very interesting way. I call them I kept pill. I have three children. Well they're not exactly children but my wife gave birth to them. And the law requires that I acknowledge that fact. And I do I do. But one day I was suffering at home. With one of my headaches. And the kids are making an awful racket downstairs. And I got to feeling sorry for myself. Well I usually feel sorry for myself but this particular day considering all that I have done for those children.
I thought the least they might do. Would kind of show dear old dad. Well a little consideration. And if anybody hears of dear old dad you know how little of that you get around. When I went downstairs and I said What are you making such a racket about. You know your father's sick. And they said yes but the cat sick. And I said Well never mind. You should excuse me mother. At that point I usually say something but I deleted now out of consideration. But it means everybody knows and I said Well never mind about that six letter word cat and six. Well nothing would please them. But I gathered up my three. Acknowledged. Charges. And. One of them took the cat. And we got in the car and we went to see my friend the vet. And he was fiddling with the cat but he kept looking at me
and he said finally what's the matter with you Bill. And I said hey. I got an awful headache. I'm real sick. And he says you get headaches often. And I said yes I do. He said well listen I get headaches too. Well that's a. Great bond. I just love to hear the sound of that in. God we went at it you know together and finally says listen I found a great pill. Why don't you let me give him a tree. Now let's I take you know I have integrity a pink comes in. If I take anybody's tail so he sat down and. Said well I'll write you a prescription he started to write you said God he said I can't write prescriptions for people. I can only run for animals. Well I said we've got an animal here.
It's so he wrote the prescription for Mystic ailments cat. I brought it to my friend the druggist. Who is a friendly fella only one in the back and you know how druggists do they clink the bottles and there's all that musical noise. And finally there was a silence and he came out and. He says just say yo what's the matter with your cat. And I said Well he's very sick and he said he must be I never heard of pills like this for a cat. So I got the prescription I haven't taken those pills for. Three years now. I come back and get it filled up filled out and he says how's the cat doing. Fine fine. I have a little trouble late at night when I hear him yelling outside in the backyard but other than that he's a very marvelous tales. I'd be very happy to share them with you.
Now you may wonder why. I would open. This little talk with a story like that. And well you should. I wonder myself. But I do think it tells you something about me don't you really. I don't know whether it's anything you like or not but. Well it it kind of suffices I. Am interested in General Semantics. I say that at a meeting like this because I know everybody here understands. Immediately what I mean at most commercial broadcasting meetings like I don't usually say that I used to say American history because that's more recognizable but I say to you folks who are in educational broadcasting. You know I'm interested in General Semantics. And I was going to make a point. The problem with making points is very often you forget the point you want to make. But the real
reason why you introduce this little talk about story is that I am interested in General Semantics. And that such I find language. An incredible exciting marvelous wonderful opportunity for broadcasting. I think the areas of language have not at all been investigated. I investigate some of them. In my own kind of programming. And I find that most people have the wrong idea about language. Most people think that when people stand up to talk they want to communicate something with them well that's not my intention at all. I don't intend to clarify anything. I think you've kind of done well enough with your own kind of confusion. I don't know that I should shed any light on the matter because I don't believe so much in shedding light. I think we're too ridiculously passively addicted to the whole business of shedding light. Everybody talks you're supposed to make sense. Of every every time you do something it's supposed to be in a
spirit of sense making and togetherness or not. Well I don't think much of that at all as a matter of fact I'd As I said rather add to the general confusion because I think a lot of confusion comes something. You may wonder what comes out of confusion. Yeah and. You're not near so confused as I am at this moment but I have a great face. Faith is the keynote to broadcasting that's what I've been wanting to tell you all along. Thank you. Yes or faith is the keynote to broadcasting you must believe. You must have faith. On the basis of belief and faith that you can execute. Now that doesn't say anything. But it kind of sounded nice didn't it when it was coming out. Sounds we're used to son. If we go to great deal of trouble we invite people. On panels that we invite people to stand up here. I think essentially the best that. Most of us can do is to supply you with the necessary sounds I guess that's why I'm interested in radio because essentially radio if you haven't thought of it as a sound media well you
know. So I add to the general sound it's a comforting kind of thing. It doesn't make any sense in particular but. I don't know that you need sects before we're through I will make sense. Well. That's a rascal kind of statement. I would try to make sense. To the business of nibbling at your fingertips. And as all speakers say seriously now. I really. Wonder. When the whole business of broadcasting what there is new to say to anybody. I have not heard new things said. The old things are the things which interest me. I think broadcasting must be constructed. And since you are educators you could take out your pencils and you could write down three rules. Everybody loves rules especially can put numbers in front of rules. Somehow it. Well I don't know it makes it sound like he's thought a lot. Well I got three rules of broadcasting is based on. And I call
him the three E's. I don't know why I call the three B's but I would suspect. Well it's nice if you know if you say A Yeah. Anyway three yes I got it. You want to write them down you can have. Broadcasting to me is based upon energy enthusiasm and imagination. I have. Next to the three A's is that's not all or is broadcast next to the three A's. That's three very important ingredients. Sex is always good for a speaker to say sex. But sex is one. Children are another. And it's been a long time I forgot my third but there is a third I would say sex children in dreams. Everything that I've ever done in
broadcasting somehow has been related. To sex. You haven't got anything better. Sex children and dreams. I really became intrigued with radio because I fell in love with a woman I. Was in my wife that was the manager. She was a wonderful woman. She taught me. Well at all she taught me about it.
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