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When the baby get sick what does a mother do that kind of thing that those of us that were born pretty used or at least we may have been born into have become brittle age and have soon forgotten. Give little thought to what you were deprived tomorrow morning of your income and couldn't pay your rent and your education was such you didn't know how to go about getting a job and the baby came in. And all things that can happen that we don't think about this is the sort of a we want to render in the Pittsburgh area in such a way that it can be used not only in Pittsburgh but in Fargo or Austin or Boston or L.A. Are you aware have you the opportunity for us is really tremendous and a doctor by from said the money is there. But down after the money. Down after the program and work with these federal agencies to come up with what is needed now one final point. The frustration I learned a long while ago as a kid that there ain't nothing as uncertain as a sure thing. And this is very very true in this whole area of federal grants and contract your work because I have found from the Pentagon point of view
the federal officials are much more cooperative. And enthusiastic and helpful than all the local officials because in most instances you have to put a complex of agencies or institutions together on the local level school university Learning Resources Institute Urban Development. Any number of things that have to be part of this and to put all these pieces in this puddle so you can take the puzzle to Washington the whole is a very difficult thing. So this is what we call in Pittsburgh 8:00 p.m. PDT operation takes some perseverance and if you haven't got it forget it. Thank you very much. Thank you thank. You thank you very much. I'm going to turn over the program now to Harold Hill about before I do let me say that the speakers here will
be waiting out there in the no to the telephone section there in the lobby. And if you want to talk with them and develop some point more fully why they're prepared to do so. Doctor I certainly want to thank you for coming here from Davos and I want to thank you and your men from coming all the way from Washington. Hope somebody's going to ask Ed a question because he was planning to take the plane back to Washington mediately and I prevailed upon him to wait until 11:00 o'clock tonight. So I because I think that he has some concrete information that would be of tremendous use to quite a number of you. Thank you very much for your attention. I'm sorry we went over but I believe the information was worth it to most of you. Thank you John. We will not take any real information between now and the start of the business
and we'd like to get started right away. I do have one announcement I would appreciate it if because we wanted everybody down front for this last session those of you who are not voting members of the NRA E.B. that is you are neither an individual member nor an official representative of an institutional member. Will you please move behind the ropes you're more than welcome to stay and hear what's going on but since you can't vote it helps us if we have only voting members this side of the ropes we will not have an official break we're going to start in about two or three minutes. I think it would be nice of the members of the Executive Committee of the AMA E.B. would join me on the platform. Would you like to come up here and sit at the table.
You can turn the table mikes off if you will please. We're about to get underway those of you who have a vote if you will sit in front of the roped off if you will sit in the roped off area in front of the ropes we would appreciate it. Those of you without a vote here for informational purposes please sit behind the ropes. Oh. Mr. Holly would you like to come up on the stage with Mr. shank and. It is Mr Lee Dreyfus in the room.
Thank you. I dare you. Is Harold Wainwright in the room. Hold up your hand if you are. Harold Ragan. While we're waiting I should announce that those of you who would like to talk on the
reception but don't have take it you will be able to get them at the door. Harold I just want to say that if you would see us after this meeting we would appreciate it. I didn't know any other way to get the message to you. Thank you. We will start the final business section of the convention. And I would first like to call for the report of the permanent Convention Committee to report on the 1967 site on acting chairman Lee Dreyfuss of the University of Wisconsin. Next year as you know we are going East again to Washington D.C. And while our schedule calls for us to go to the middle last in 1066 we go to Kansas City. And so in 1067 we are to go west we requested invitations from western cities and received some fine
presentations from cities. There was a vote taken in the committee none of which were unanimous in trying to decide where to go. We have made a recommendation to the executive board that our first choice for 967 is Denver Colorado our second choice Portland Oregon. Thank you Lenny. As you all know this does not require a formal convention action this is an informational report. I would like next to call for the report of the Resolutions Committee to be presented by Jack Summerfield. The full board of directors at both of its meetings thus far spent a great deal of time discussing how best to handle and E.B. resolutions of a controversy on nature and accordingly it
is appointed a board committee to consider this problem and make recommendations to the full board for action at its meeting tomorrow morning. Meanwhile as you'll see from the report which follows the concern of the Resolutions Committee during the past year has been to replace the fifth column with a united front here for your consideration is a report of the Resolutions Committee. Be it resolved that meeting at its 40th annual convention in Austin Texas October 25 to twenty eight thousand nine hundred sixty for the National Association of educational broadcasters one memorializes the late President Herbert Hoover and acknowledges our debt to him for his leadership as secretary of commerce in bringing order out of chaos in radio broadcasting and in fostering action which led to the enactment of the radio act of 1927. Thus establishing the foundation
for a sound system of federal regulation of broadcasting to commence the Federal Communications Commission for its continued encouragement and support of the use of radio and television for educational purposes. Three notes with pride. The timely and effective coverage of national and international events by the broadcasting industry in the United States a contribution of a measurable value to the education of the American people for extends its deepest thanks and appreciation to the following institutions organizations groups and individuals who contributed so largely to the success of the 1964 convention a the University of Texas B. The city of Austin. See the NASB Convention Committee. The local convention committee is the commercial broadcasting
stations of the Austin area. After the exhibitors at the 1964 convention session speakers chairman of value waiters and all others within and without the NAACP who contributed vitally to the success of the 1964 convention. Respectfully submitted Resolutions Committee Harry scorning the chairman Graydon OSS Miss Burt Harrison Keith Tyler. Ray Wyman HB McCarty Jack Summerfield South spalling Fred Raines Barry and Frank E. schoolie ACTING CHAIRMAN. Mr. President I move the adoption of the report of the Resolutions Committee. Is there a second. It has been moved and seconded to accept the report of the Resolutions Committee. Is there any discussion. There's been a call for the question all those in favor of the motion signify by saying I.
Opposed like sign or motion carries. The mention of the convention and the flanks attributed it leads me to make just 30 seconds worth a comment. It takes a lot of people to make a convention successful no less than 100 University of Texas personnel participated in this convention and the role of caring equipment helping plan the program providing activities for the ladies one thing or another. We appreciate all of this but I would be remiss if I did not mention a few. I have to as an outstanding individuals who have made this convention possible. There is of course the whole hearted support of the general local chairman Bob shank and without whose encouragement and cooperation none of the rest of the people would have been able to do the work they did. I would like to thank Bob's wife Jean for the
extremely fine job she did in helping with the lady's activities. Harvey. Did most of the general planning at the local level without him we would not have had a convention. But then it takes some detail to work. Bill Oxley who is the program manager for Cale R.E.M. and a staff of innumerable fine young people kept everything in running order made sure that all the equipment was in place that all of you had what you needed. We could not have run the convention without them. One of the greatest people I've ever met and without whom we would not have had any kind of success in registration or that sort of detail is Bob shank and Secretary def. who has really contributed more than anyone could have asked. And of course ace takes one person to really shoulder the whole lot of coordination and getting the whole thing going. And she's been working on it for several months and has had very little sleep especially the last month. And I'd like to play a public tribute to my secretary Marilyn moody.
I think they all deserve your thanks. At this time I was called for by the president by laws under which we operate. I would like to announce the nominees for the vacancies on the board of directors. Those persons will be elected within the next month by mail ballot which will be sent out to all of you within a month and will take office on the first of January and the individual member division which elects regionally. The candidates in Region 1 are the incumbent Albert P. for debt. Also Lloyd Kaiser general manager of South Central educational broadcasting Council Hershey Pennsylvania. MR. Albert. I am a University of Massachusetts and James Keeler of WGBH FM in Boston.
Lawrence Meyers was nominated but declined and region for the incumbent Chris Donaldson of Katie CA. Woody however says Dickinson North Dakota Father Williams Creighton University Ernest Phelps us DTV at South Dakota Carl Manzer was nominated but declined in the instructional division Region 3. The incumbent Charles McIntyre University of Illinois at Colby Lewis Michigan State University Bill Ewing Ohio State University and Jim Miles produce University Region 6. The incumbent Richard Lewis at San Jose State College. George Steiner of San Francisco State College. Glenn Starling of Oregon was also nominated but declined. In the radio division region to the incumbent Marjorie Newman Florida State University still Hallock University of Kentucky and can write University of Tennessee and Region 5 there was only one nominee this man is therefore declared elected the incumbent Jack
Burke of Kansas State University in the television division which elects on a national basis I have some 20 nominees if you will bear with me. And I won't read where they're from because you know all these people I'm sure Haskell boys or George Dooley John Dunlop had heard Howard host Len calm Luke lamb Jack McBride William McArthur HB McCarty Robert Mott James Robertson Donald Shane incumbent Robert shank and Frank schoolie Otto schlock Robert slingin incumbent Donal Tavenner JOHN TAYLOR player Thamer and John Young also nominated was Martin Bush who declined because he was already a member of the radio board. And Lauren stone and Ken Christiansen both of whom declined. So those are the nominees you will receive ballots within 30 days. I would like next to present to you the highlights of the fiscal report of
the past fiscal year July 1 63 to June 30th 64. Many members have asked for this. We presented last year in Milwaukee we will make it brief but down in front for all of you who desire them are mimeograph copies of that fiscal report to examine at your leisure and any questions you have if you will write us or see us here. Well be more than happy to answer them. I may have the lights dimmed a little bit and the overhead on I will just give you a few highlights to give you a rough idea. You will notice that we started the year with 178 rounding these out with a hundred seventy eight thousand dollars. And during the year from general operations and for any R and e ts and from projects we took and almost a half a million dollars four hundred eighty eight thousand dollars. This gave us a total to work with of six hundred sixty seven thousand during the year from all sources or for all purposes. We expended five hundred forty eight thousand. An end of the fiscal year with one hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred twelve dollars. So you can see that
an operation that has as Mr. Harley said the other day something in excess of a half a million dollars a year to expand need your support and your guidance at all times. And a lot of that is a brief summary. All of the income expenses and balance of income over expenses or slight deficit in the couple cases of the general operations of B.A. B. I won't give you all the details but you can see them there of the broken down in the General Administration publications. The placement service non budgeted items than the any R and e ts and projects. I'm sure you understand that the reason that we expended more in projects than we received can happen in any number of years or we can receive more than we spend in some years because we would be given a large grant and then we have a couple of years to spend it and it takes certain years we'll spend more than we get now all of this information and great thank you. I'll take the lights back please. All of
this information and greater detail is contained there's about 11 papers detail which I didn't think you'd want to sit through now but you are invited in fact urged to pick up physical reports at the front of the stage and take them with you. Look them over and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about it. We come now to a consideration of the proposed changes in the bylaws and the Constitution and the articles of incorporation of the n. A B. Let us take them up in sequence. First let us take up the amendments the amendment to the Articles of Incorporation which we had to file with the state of Illinois when we became incorporated there in 1051 under the general not for profit corporation act of the state of Illinois. As I mentioned to you on Monday at the opening business citation it is
required according to the best advice we can find to make certain modifications primarily of the expressed as this does not mean we are changing our purposes but they're being rewarded by the expressed purposes of the any of the n a B in order to closely conform with the latest regulations of the Internal Revenue Service so that we may not risk in any way losing our nonprofit tax exempt status. Therefore there has been prepared and presented to you and you have it in your copy in front of you I hope. The elimination of the proposed amendment is to eliminate Article 5 of the purpose of the articles of incorporation and add a new article 5. The wording of which was admitted to all of you and which you had an opportunity to to examine in order to prepare the way for discussion. The chair will entertain a motion approving the amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of the
NASB. Can you tell me who made the motion so the secretary will know I can't see a back you press home was moved Is there a second. Second by Chris Donaldson. Now is there any discussion. The question has been called for all of those in favor of the motion which will approve the amendment to the Articles of Incorporation. Please indicate so by saying I. Opposed like sign. Motion carried. Now let us turn to the bylaws and the first thing we have to do as a housekeeping chore. You will recall those of you were in Milwaukee last year we had the same kind of a situation. So explanatory very briefly the present bylaws under which we operate provide that in order to amend the constitution and bylaws they must be submitted to the membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which they will be be voted upon
unless two thirds of the membership voting at that meeting to consider additional changes. Therefore as a pure housekeeping a mechanical matter we must first approve the additions that we made the other day to the proposal presented to you this does not mean you're approving them as changes in the bylaws but we first have to approve the additions given to the other day to the proposed changes. I will go over those very briefly to remind you if you don't mind an article and section to the right for paragraph B sub paragraph 1 at the top 6. To insert the following. So that it will read the instructional division which is restricted
to members regularly producing instructional or cultural radio or television programs or operating open or closed circuit transmission facilities for direct instruction purposes. The second change was to section five point one which has to do with the number and composition of the board of directors of the NASB. To add the following sentence to that section. No one may serve as a director who is not an individual member of the N I eat b. And Section 5 or 5 which has to do with the limitation of Terms of Service to reword that section to read as follows. Directors shall hold office until their successor shall be duly elected and shall have qualified directors shall not be eligible to succeed themselves after having served one full three or four year term as the case may be but shall be
eligible for election there after all. The next change in Section Six Point oh true which merely chip in the first part merely changes the reference to the chief administrative officer of each division so that we would replace the term an executive director with the term a chief administrative officer so that it would read each division board may elect its chairman and such other officers or those as it may desire including a chief administrative officer who shall be responsible for the activities of such division and it is understood that if this is approved that it will apply wherever the words executive director appear in the bylaws such as in Section seven point nine. In addition section six point two would be amended by the insertion of this new sentence as the next to last sentence of the paragraph referring now to division boards. Each such board may stablish such standing
and ad hoc committees as it deems necessary provided that members of the standing committees be individual members of the association. Now all we need to do at this point is not to approve or disapprove the intent of those amendments to the proposal. But we do need to vote to add them to the proposal. The chair will entertain a motion to provide for such action. I don't remember who I can't see is it. Pardon. Like who seconded please. Jim McAndrew. I'm sorry but with this light I can't see and Jim has to have the information. Is there any discussion. There's been a call for the question. All in favor signify by saying I am. Up like son. Motion carried. Now for a matter of getting the matter on the
floor for discussion. At which time if there is discussion and propose amendments so that we will be discussing this legally. The chair will entertain a motion to adopt the new proposed constitution and bylaws to replace those now in existence said new constitution and bylaws to become effective today October two thousand nine hundred sixty four. The chair will entertain such a motion. Chris Donaldson move. Is there a second. Is there any question or discussion at this point about any part of the proposed constitution and bylaws. They bring down the house anyway. The question has been called for all those in favor of the approval of the new constitution and bylaws as submitted and modified. Please signify by saying
aye. Those opposed like sign the motion is carried. Does anyone have any new business to bring before the convention. Mr Harley would you care to say anything. What any other member of the executive committee care to say anything. If not the closing business citation of the 40th annual A.B. convention is hereby join. Thank you very much. Don't forget your financial statements up there. Thank you very much. That's OK.
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National Association of Educational Broadcasters Convention
National Association of Educational Broadcasters Convention - Fourth General Session: "Financial Resources" (Conclusion) and Final Business Session (beginning)
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