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University of Utah radio presents music and other four letter words. Here is your host. Associate Professor of Music at the University of Utah Paul bad has this world without any rock either substance then my thought he lives it by my sense alone or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own or by some essence of its own force by some essence of its own or by some estimates of its own or by some essence of it or by some essence of its about or by some essence of it so far by some essence of its own vice innocence or pious misses it up by saying this it's over so I dismissed it.
It's just it's just it's just it's just it's just it's just I suppose it was. Just. Yes. Yeah yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Nothing
when the thought becomes Susu or a sense of sort of US becomes member and members join with the members and there is no distinction anymore among things. To make distinctions is to equivocate and to equivocate is to belong to the Stock Exchange. And how about that. Many poets and many thinkers and many feelers in our time and times before our time had strong presenta months of woe. The mind has shown itself at times too much the baked and labelled dose divided by the accepted multitude. It's across the stock partitions of the day across the memoranda the baseball scores the stenographic smiles and stock quotations smutty wings fly shot equivocations. There is the world dimensional for those on twisted by the law of things irreconcilable.
The earth may glide diaphanous to death but if I lift my arms it has to bend to you who turned away once. Knowing the press of troubled hands to alternate with steel and soil to hold you endlessly. I meet you there for in that eventual flame you found in final chains no captive then beyond their million brittle bloodshot I was white through white cities. Passed on to assume that world which comes to each of us alone. I accept alone. I riveted to your plane bend the axle of devotion along companion ways that beat continuous to our lowest days one in cond speak us glowing or one of praise. Said Hart Crane.
That. Thing that you just listen to which is a. Record called rock and other four letter words is an attempt sonically to sort of strike to whatever it was that Hart Crane was trying to get to with his poetry. A one in comes to cue us glowing or above praise where thought doesn't separate nor language for that matter. And where each of us can meet in something like what we have been pleased to call a long time ago synonymous experience on so many things interact and relate so many paths cross and finally it seems to be true that without distinction without status the whole world can meet. I was so surprised as I sort of traced my way through this particular record. Rock another four letter words. To find. It. In the most unlikely kinds of experience there. I don't know how many of you
remember the songs on the death of children of Gustav Mahler. And he was particularly superstitious about them apparently he had begun them when he was yet a bachelor and he felt that after he was married when one of his children died that he somehow had tempted fate and was and was indirectly in the studiously responsible for the child's demise. However that may be there are some songs which are particularly effect during set to Texas I remember by Rick out on the death of children. The last one of these in this weather and this storm I should never have let my children go out because they have never come back to me. With some kind of some kind of placid resignation. Although there is still that that sense of. The irreparable. The music goes this way. The mother presumably is singing for the
person who has lost a child in the still saying I. I shouldn't of let it happen but they're probably in some safe harbor now. I. Earth.
It's almost unbearable to listen to such a pathetic beauty. Try versing the root of modern sounds. Why should it not be that good stuff. Or is there. He protested many things about this world and found his own modest reconciliation then maybe that's what. We're
all after. Some are not content for the modesty of style was reconciliation and some would like to have just one particle of it but not very. Further on than the record that I mentioned before and by some essence of its own then by some essence of itself and by some essence of its own. Two ladies began to sing the thinly veiled protest song about the killing of children in these days. The Americans turn instinctively immediately now I suppose to foreign fields where. Where the persons young and old with whom they somewhere in themselves intend to fight. And die. I don't know whether when this music happens which is a direct quotation from Gustav Mahler's kinda toe the nadir and we feel what we just may have felt in that music something like. The possibility of peace and tranquility as a result of all this. But then maybe we do.
I. I am.
Going to. And. With the Week 3. On the world of things into dent tears and limits is not a pretty place after all.
And it's something in the through behind it that I suppose think I bowed to transcendental us keep reminding us why and what after all are most of the best rock people. But I vowed transcendental lists lots of things we do says Jimi Hendrix are dangerous. Life itself is dangerous. Nothing is really worth bothering about. But isn't somehow full of danger and the greatest danger we seem to experience is when we let go of the familiar when we set sail on some kind of. Private sea we think in the beginning which may turn out to be in the nature of mythic odyssey a universal voyage in which we are in company with all people. It was only a year ago at about this time that Jimi Hendrix was writing. Let's see now. It wasn't. Too long ago but it feels like years since I felt the warm hello of. The sun.
Lately things. And then he was interrupted by the slow motion speeded up sound that sometimes cut so deep that sound was from those cellophane typewriters exactly constantly from the south side of those carpets. And but anyway sweet room was on my mind. She gave so sweetly and on he walked until after crowning Ethel the dog queen of ears the sky cracked wide open and split many of his brothers and sisters heads all over the world apart at approximately the same time. That's a Law Order said the border guard as his hard head waited to something like wet bread which to explain through brain drain as that swell. Brother is this here country all want much ahead. And so the owner of the velvet horse who heard all this. I just know I'm going to get involved here and slams the machine in reverse splitting both sons apart and doing so probably. He got too fancy fjords on the hurry up
side and also can you dig. Watch that stick can judge your distance from the blue suede shoes. No. Anyway you need to get something came by here not too terribly long at all. I was bathing my eye just a thousand feet above those same old tired skies and you know that sound there. And after that everywhere bathed me to a physical and he blurted out the sound burned the side of his inner wall also passing by and the liquid rainbow melted. EROS all through his rooms and rooms of the years that he was hiding from Ethel the queen and he thumbed a lift from his head and head straight to anywhere to tell his woman the world that it was physical. Yes and the cellophane begins to crackle and crack. His old lady Tara mama jumps in his face and says what's physical. He
stutter smiles and retaliates with. Well why does music come alive. And they probably found out that it was by this time. And those of you who crave symbolist poets though you may not think that Jimi Hendrix's greatest poet in the world will at least recognize the mode of relationship the Jefferson Airplane said something like that a little more directly. It's a real that's what the new music is said Gracie. It's a real that's what the new music is and that's what makes it different. From anything. Which ever happened in pop music before. It's physical it's Eros at some point says Jimi Hendrix. It's the place where everything can emerge without distinction and maybe some would find it dangerously so
and some would find it happily so. This is Jimi Hendrix on a rainy day. Yeah. If you see. Anything. Like this look at its willingness.
To change it. Remember. The phone call
or little bit of ordering. Well I think. A. Good thing. Friend. Am. I. Going to. Now this sounds like areas outside beyond ourselves sounds peculiar to other generations getting to be more and more familiar to us now. Sometimes hokey sounding music which is just meant to be that way in order that it can be destroyed by whatever is the sonority which is peculiar to
us. Simon and Garfunkel bless them and dearly as we love them are sort of rooted just now and then. The wrongfulness of the world dimensional. They kind of remind us of it again and again and sometimes rather powerful. It's a still life watercolor of the now late afternoon goes one of their famous songs and we sit and drink our coffee couched in our indifference like shells upon the shore. You can hear the ocean roar and the dangling conversation and superficial sighs. The borders of our lives. And you read your Emily Dickinson eye by Robert Frost and we note our place with book markers that measure what we've lost. Like a poem poorly written we are verses out of rhythm couplets out of rhyme in syncopated time. It's just that. Simon and Garfunkel don't usually get beyond that. They haven't
found a musical way to transcend the awareness and I don't really know if they believe that there is one. They keep on writing typical songs like this one a hazy shade of winter. Oh. And so it will go on a couple more verses that and with hazy shades of
winter on Brown the eaves drinking vodka and wine looking over on published rhymes. A long time ago that's where the stones where nobody's quite sure where they are now. But I remember this old song where the boy's looking unkempt I'm positively evil springing out of that place across the sea visited the United States went on a tour scandalized some people and really turned some of the people on this was a great song that everybody was listening to as he drove across the United States it was the Simon and Garfunkel type song. I hadn't found its way yet but it said that it was at least going home as no believe that there were a home to go to it. It made a mess.
This has been music and other four letter words featuring Paul Bunyan associate professor of music at the University of Utah. Music another four letter word is a production of University of Utah radio executive director Rex Campbell. Series director Gene PAC. This series is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public
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