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Music Nigeria recorded by Robert Armstrong professor of linguistics and director of the Institute of African studies at the University of Ibadan. Professor Armstrong introduces today's program. This program actions from a Nigerian folk opera by the composer and author failed. It is a traditional story with an orchestra of drama. It has been adapted to the modern stage and has been presented in Berlin Vienna and London. It is a traditional story of the early king of the god of thunder and lightning and whose wife is the goddess of the river Niger. The story to
me and to have both together kept involved for years in continuous was. And the citizens of the town advised to me to the front town of it. Perhaps the people to the east may kill him. Timmy agrees but obviously he has other plans.
What the cause why the path and appraisal don't go.
Right. We.
Plead with XanGo to save the country from continuous war and flooding the whole country. Her general commented on the.
Thank you. I'm having.
With you. How did. The townspeople come and go.
While I don't go after the advice of the citizens of the county they tell him it's his responsibility he's got to solve it and if he doesn't solve it there will be curses on his head. You know. What you got here.
The Unix thing goes crazy the. Congo's says that is his own fault. And he wonders what the he'll do I need to apply offer advice. I got your guy. Did he. Think that he planned to Eddie. Did.
Someone in Kenny tell them here. Wrong doing 29 gatekeeper of the kingdom. What. Do you mean you're not dead to me. He accepted the honor with a certain irony.
Jimmy gives some hint of his plans. Nothing but a. Little back.
That to me goes to the town of Eddie and the people perhaps by prearrangement turn out with great rejoicing and tell him that they want him to be their king. He accepts and becomes the first king the first Timmie of Eddie which is the title. And to this very day of the kings of the city of Adam I shall go when he hears of this is very angry and sends the other general to him to defeat him in battle goes to Eddie and using magical arrows manages to put to me to sleep and bring him back to ya. This doesn't please go much either because he had hoped the two generals would kill each other and he orders the two generals to fight it out again before the assembled people of all ya is angry at this but does agree and he goes for help to the witches in the great forest nearby and the next scene we find a banca
chanting in invocation to the witches of the Forrest in one of the most traditional passages in the whole opera and at the end the witches answer him and agree to help him in the fight to come. Oh
well he was not. A lead he needed. More mo mo money again me. I didn't know that at the moment and then I thought that he. Had done it. Bob you know I don't need to but if you think you have been at that fight oh Momo my money I get me.
Why so do you want it done you done your formula bit god. You don't know it why would you do with good enough when yo saw no move was to walk out of town. I don't know what to do or not i'm not be mo mo mo money Bunny bum What did you not do you get it you not dead to go cause you not sure. About. Me. Yet. Yeah yeah.
Yeah yeah. Yes. The two generals fight again and once again with the help of the witches by God defeats Timmy and his anger strikes around and kills many people of the town and when he sees what he has done Xango is full of a sadness and remorse and decides to leave I I go into the forest and hang himself. He goes followed by Oh and by all yeah and despite her pleadings he does hang himself and in the last scene comes back weeping to the town to announce what has happened. The king has
hanged himself and the town is disgraced. God. The rising citizens of the town take up food.
Among the priests the Xango come on the scene and say that this will never do.
And then I was out where I was. You know. When I was. Down and yes I was out. How you said I know. You know man your man I. Am going to tell you that is not in you know no. No no no no no and I don't know about. How badly. It was him. Do you know me when I already know that guy a lot. Oh man are you. The voice of Shango is heard in the thunder. I do.
Thought all. The yardwork companies worship you from today and I will help you. Hang himself the king. Uh. Huh. Well.
Oh oh oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.
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