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It's very draining it's very expensive and really written. With the idea of protecting the number of different tactics people getting out here and just showing their opposition to the logging is really important right now because we have to keep the front burner issue until it gets resolved and we think that most people not only throughout the country even in these communities really want to see some kind of management. It's obviously not being practiced that way now. Do you think it's going to give a bad name to what we might say mainstream America. We're reaching them with the issues whether or not they agree with us is another question. We know that they have very strong opinions on the preservation of our redwood forests and that they agree with us. They like to get them off their butts and out there in the streets to do something about this because otherwise we're going to lose a
lot of fund raising and training over the summer in general. How much money have you raised and. What kind of training. You know we're not talking about large amounts of money we've probably raised a few thousand dollars to pay for the operations at the base camp printing a lot of telephone bills and training training on the issues around this particular issue in this community. They come from out of state. They need to be sensitized to what's happening here so we've been. You know do a lot of outreach a lot of training. You know we're trying to build support as we can across the country for this thing we're going to erupt in violence and
unfortunately there has been some violence already we're committed to not being part of that violence and I think that's very important for us to emphasize no matter how many of us get beat up. How many of us have our lives. We are not going to respond violently We are going to respond nonviolently we're totally committed to trying to defuse tensions here but also to make sure that our outrage on this issue is still heard here today. You talk about exploiting the law. Rough cut lumber down in Mexico so while exporting more jobs we would if we saved all the old growth. So obviously if you want to save growth you want to save jobs and if you want to save jobs you've got to stop the exploitation of lumber and logs especially there's only two countries in the world that export raw logs. That's Indonesia which is experiencing the rapid the most rapid deforestation anywhere in the world and California which is in some ways one of the most deforested temperate zones in the northern hemisphere.
And that's basically that. All right. All right. Thank you Google. They reject.
The View. They reject all forms of violence. As a violation of human dignity and the right to live free of fear that's what the ad said $500 a. Fundamental. People say the worst kind of. Community. Here is. Cancer.
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if I get here like I go down. That. Road Again. You can see him clearly. OK now you're out here acting as a neutral observer what are you looking for. Well both of the groups involved the industry and Redwood summer have both come up with statements in belief in nonviolence and some of us as clergy are here to try to make sure that that happens and their intentions get carried out and that nothing violent occurs. If something does break out what are you going to do. Well we're there to observe it. And one of the concerns is to try to have some kind of idea of where the source comes from in order to keep things cool and quiet this summer. And so we will attempt to try
to find out whether this is someone from one of the groups or whether it's an outsider in order to make sure that no group is labeled for something that they did not do. And so far what you see here today I know you just arrived from what you've seen here today looks pretty looks very controlled it looks like a typical American demonstration. Or something. The point about exports of logs to Mexico or to any other destination for that matter. That's not taking place. We're shipping a product to a plant in
Mexico. It'll be online sometime in September. I don't think. There has been one going to build a plant Mexico plant and all over the place. And are making profits because profits 75 million dollars are recovery for the long term for cleaner air and cleaner water. That's a commitment to this community as a particle or plant or power. You can't dictate where a company is going to locate and to operate efficiently. Hockey practices are ongoing. Oh yes I think so to the board of forestry in into working with water quality in a department official game.
It's an ongoing process and has been for 20 30 years. I'm just with the Forest Practices Act. We've come a long way. OK there is this first time around here and you are having counter-protests as well. What do you think about. These people here today. It's not for exportation of jobs and laws I think this is just get the ball rolling for the forest forever campaign coming up in November. This is all just a facade and the exportation of jobs is not why these people are here. Why are you surprised at how it's kind of peaceful at the moment. No I expected it to be peaceful I don't think that all the officers around and everything I didn't expect any violence. Thank you very much. So. How would I deal with it. I would be a peaceful person and not the violent type.
I would stand up for what I believe and. Basically that's what I would do. You know. I'm here representing. My life. I spent 18 years in business. And. Their training is my life. I believe there is a place and there's a time and there's the God created everything so they could be used by man right. So. They're taking one step that they should in my in my opinion. For. Everybody. I don't believe so. I think so. Long.
On my grand plan. Standing order to land. On the. Moon. Tell me where we go over well in the train where. I am. Loath to have the world. Now these are corporate mergers don't make me want to say to you we're clearly not for you.
The way I used to run. The world which one has the money will tell me where we go to her and then. At the end I am. I am. Very speedy recovery. Hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of activists here in the country.
For years. Across the country continue. Certainly. The possibility possibility. Our group speaks for the trees and speaks of the truth and the truth is right now that America is the America in Vietnam and in the. Pacific because they are the redwoods in California and processing them in Mexico. We feel that this. Practice that even the loggers and mill workers will find it extremely distasteful in a sense by processing the redwoods in Mexico that they're cutting in California. Pacific has showed communities of the north coast who the real
enemy is and that's big corporations whose gluttonous appetite will. Break. They were all. Out again. When we see a Pacific announce that they were going to be processing California Redwoods in Mexico. It really outraged even the most conservative rank and file members of the chamber community and we feel that we have common ground here of the tween environmentalists and people who work in the timber industry. All of us agree that Louisiana Pacific should not be processing the redwood logs in Mexico and environmentalists certainly don't want to take the bum rap for the closed mills they ship them the they ship the entire Potter Valley mill down to in Sanaa to Mexico and blamed it on the environmentalists and we're not going to take the bum rap. We want to point the finger at who is responsible for the lost jobs and to the Windley to resupply and that's the big timber corporations to stop nothing to stop for nothing in the name of profit coming out. Well actually
I wasn't really on stage for the first time since Oakland. I think as an animal living on this planet I. That want to get in. I consider myself to be an animal living on this planet and every animal has or has a survival instinct. And I know that there are people out there who've been sending us death threats and there's at least one person out there who tried to kill Judy Barry and myself. I would be foolish if I wasn't concerned for my safety. Nevertheless I can't let those concerns stop in the way of organizing for the environment. And speaking out for a lot of folks who feel the same way that I do and for speaking out in the name of the earth first movement we cannot we cannot allow terrorism directed toward us to intimidate us from speaking out on behalf of our Earth right around the summer. I'm sorry that you expect to keep this momentum up. We expect more people to come in here over the course of the summer. You
know I think that in America I think that America is looking for a movement. Everybody on this planet knows something is wrong with the way we're treating the earth. But you know environmental groups not the Wilderness Society has set an agenda that is really in tune with the way the American people are feeling. And I think that Earth first summer has captured the imagination of the American people and that a lot of them will be flocking out here this summer to defend the forests protect the redwood trees. Right. The assassination attempt on the life of Barry and myself. Certainly served to galvanize the activist community because all of a sudden we realized how deadly the opposition was how the Earth can really be. But what they did to Judy and myself is no different than what they are doing to the forests. So in a sense. AS.
As as organizers first we receive the same treatment from those who hate the Earth as they are treating the environment that was pretty funky. You got the general idea that you. Know. So. Oh. Ha ha. Ha ha.
Ha and ha. Oh. I. Know.
Where were you if you. Were in the business of getting to all the people who are familiar. With the answer. It's a really. Really good today. Not sure I could call that a good mood. Nature is like. You can only prove they are coming out. You have a unique opportunity if you take advantage of a different kind of find that you have to have money. In your home and pour. Over the fresh Mary Catherine your entire world today going into work was to respond to your theory. Three weeks. Away. Thank. You now
only. Thank you. Thank. You sir. Thanks. Again John. The old the rumor has been about five or six of them are going to try the case but. It's only going to
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Raw Footage of Redwood Summer Protest In Eureka (California)
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This raw footage documents the 1990 "Redwood Summer" protest by environmental activist group, Earth First!, to condemn the logging of redwood trees in Eureka, California. This footage includes interviews with protestors and loggers, and also documents the protesters' occupation of the lumber company property and arrests of protestors. During the protest, at least 44 protesters were arrested for trespassing.
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