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Roy Orbison Anthology
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Maryland Public Television
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Maryland Public Television (Owings Mills, Maryland)
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AIRCHECK, "I had a super time but I only realized it after it was finished, because I was probably thinking about the music." - Roy Orbison (in a 1987 on-camera interivew). Roy Orbison died on December 6, 1988. He remains one of rock's truly legendary talents whose influence grows with each passing year. This anthology of truly classic Roy Orbison performances is buttressed with the comments of his friends and colleagues who acknowledge how his genius - and simple humanity - has influenced their work and their lives. Among their number are Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris, George Harrison,and more. The anthology is composed of the following archival footage, spanning three decades: From the 1960s "Only the Lonely" - A 1960 performance from American Bandstand (Roy's first national television exposure) features a young Roy Orbison not yet wearing his trademark sunglasses. "Running Scared" - A 1965 performance recorded live in Amsterdam, Holland; Roy is now wearing his sunglasses and dressed in black. "Crying" - From the same 1965 Amsterdam concert, Roy is now backed by his by his band,The Candymen, and singing his all-time favorite song. "It's Over" - A 1966 live performance from a BBC program. "Oh, Pretty Woman" - Starts with a rare 1964 music video of Roy in London, England singing along as he watches all the "pretty women walking down the street." From the 1970s "Dream Baby" - A 1971 live performance recorded in Adelaide, Australia with full band, brass and string sections and backup singers. "Blue Bayou" - From the same 1971 Adelaide concert. Roy's influence on Linda Ronstadt's version is immediately evident. ~~From the 1980s "That Lovin' Feeling Again" - A 1982 performance from Austin City Limits, Roy's version of the song won him and Emmylou Harris a 1980 Grammy Award. "Wild Hearts" - A seldom seen 1985 performance from the BBC. U2's Bono says "There seems to be this Pandora's box that he opened up, and there seemed to be all the dreams and nightmares in there, all mixed up." "In Dreams" - A 1987 Virgin Records music video of Roy performing the song that was featured in David Lynch's film Blue Velvet. "Crying" - A 1988 performance video of Roy Orbison and k.d. Lang from Island Records. "You Got It"- A 1988 sold-out stadium concert performance from the 1988Diamond Awards in Antwerp, Belgium, where Roy was presented with a Diamond Career award. "Handle With Care" - A 1988 performance music video of the Travelling Wilbury's. SOURCE: AIR, MACHINE # 25, ENG.
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Maryland Public Television
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