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Baltimore a reporter with Ruby Miller and meteorologist Billy Taylor. Good afternoon everyone I'm ready Miller in the news this noon a medical milestone has been rates today in the battle against cancer. Medical reporter Christopher gall has more on that in just a moment but first the search goes on in Charles County for the source of Legionnaires disease. Standing by live in the Play-Doh with the latest. They come up with anything. Authorities of sources have told news 11 that they soon expect to have at least three more confirmed cases of Legionnaires disease here in Charles County. But they want to do some more testing before they do confirm that and that confirmation is expected to come tomorrow. What we can tell you at this moment that has been confirmed is that there is now
one more suspected case of Legionnaires one person has checked into the local emergency room here with a pneumonia like symptoms that health officials say is probably Legionnaires disease. Now of course we still only have this one confirmed case of Legionnaires and that that case did result in the person dying an elderly woman. One other person has died. That person was believed to have Legionnaires. But the testing on that person continues. Now do we still have a mystery here it's a puzzle why we have Legionnaires in Charles County today ten teams of investigators are spread across the county trying to find the source of bacteria that causes Legionnaires disease. Right now what we're doing is we're going to each of the homes and we're asking people in their homes what type of air conditioning systems they have. We're checking into anything that might emit a spray of water because that's where the bacteria is carried. Now the investigators have been loading up with specimen bottles and that sort of thing in order to go to
the homes. They're going to the homes of people that were sick the 47 people that had Legionnaires type symptoms. They are going to those homes today. They are taking test tubes they are taking coolers and ice. They are taking what's needed to make smears to take water tests and that sort of thing at these various homes at 6:00 o'clock tonight all those will be transported to the state health department in Baltimore where the tests will take 48 to 72 hours. But they actually do is grow this bacteria and it takes 48 to 72 hours to grow the bacteria in petri dishes. And at that point they find out whether or not it is in fact Legionnaires disease. Blood tests on the individual take five days to get the results they have tested 49 and yesterday they are testing 16 homes today and we'll have much more on that including an interview with a man who came down with the symptoms but survived. Tonight on news 11 at six very quickly you said that 47 people had the Legionnaire type symptoms we've been calling this an outbreak at what point would the health
department perhaps up it to an epidemic. Is it an epidemic. I don't know what what point they still need to determine that this is definitely Legionnaires disease and I think if they determine that 47 people have it at that point they would call it an epidemic but first they have to make sure they know what they're dealing with at that point. They can deal with the terminology. Thanks very much reporting live via new star 11 from the plane in Charles County. Today marks a milestone in medical history the federal Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the genetically engineered drug interferon for use in the treatment of one particular form of cancer. Our medical reporter Christopher gall joins us today on news 11. With that story one particular one particular point it's been a long time coming about twenty five years since we first knew about interferon the drug has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of Ron. Particular form of blood cancer known as hairy cell leukemia a deadly
disease that tends to strike mostly men in middle age and it is rare it accounts for about 2 percent of all forms of leukemia. Dr. Otis the secretary of Health and Human Services described the significance of the government approval at a news conference held in Washington just an hour ago. Now in full interferons use in treating the name in the difference between life and death for many of those stricken with this disease until after the interferon treatment methods were limited to surgical removal of patients partial suppressive chemotherapy and blood transfusions. And even with these streets months seven to 20 percent of leukemia patients die each year although in that there are nay has only been approved for use in the treatment of this one rare form of cancer. Its approval is considered a major milestone in medical history because it is the first time a biologic agent has been approved for
cancer treatment and that means we're likely to see cousins of this drug interferon approved in the near future drugs that will treat more common forms of cancer. I suppose that you know this better than anyone as a medical reporter but any time that we have encouraging news like this about a drug anyone who might be touched by cancer or someone who has cancer gets their hopes up. I think you know one of the potential tragedies in this particular situation is that cancer patients and their relatives are going to see. Medical breakthrough miracle cure into their own and it is not going to apply to the vast majority of cancer patients. It does signal hope in the future but it's only for this one form of cancer or a local tie here too isn't there. There is indeed the University of Maryland played a very important role in the development of interferon a they did many many human trials they were among the first to perform human trials of interferon. Dr. Richard Levitt at the University of Maryland's been very active and we're going to talk to him later today. OK thanks very much. Medical reporter Christopher gall Joining us now the lady Maryland will be
ceremoniously dunked in the drink at the inner harbor this afternoon. The lady is a 72 foot sailing schooner and you've probably seen her being built next to the Science Center at the Inner Harbor. She's made almost entirely of wood from Maryland for us only the masts will be from out of state. Once a float the lady Marilyn will be used as a Chesapeake Bay classroom for State students. In just about an hour and a half the ship will be hoisted by a huge crane and lowered into the inner harbor. But there is still more work to be done before that shakedown cruise. Later on news 11:00 at noon we'll be talking with Dennis O'Brien the president of the lady Marilyn foundation. The folding of the News American has left some 500 people out of work. Some of them have been able to find a job and others are still searching. Today members of the editorial staff are getting help in their effort to find work a job recruitment program is being held. Representatives of major newspaper chains up and down the east coast came to town today to talk with job applicants. We're still optimistic about finding work in the news business for
editors of artists sports writers and various editorial positions that we feel we can put on our newspaper. So far what's been happening so far we've contacted a number of people at the News American I believe about 12 and we hope to meet them today and find out more about him. What about the job prospects at this point. I've got a few people I've talked to who seem very interested and I'm hopeful that within a week or two I'll be working somewhere. Recruitment Program is a one day event aty House will have more on that story tonight on news 11. AT&T has started hiring temporary phone operators to replace the one hundred fifty five thousand striking communication workers federal mediators are working to resolve the four day old walkout. Sources say the major differences between the two sides are wages and bonuses. Still ahead on News 11 a new belly Taylor will be here to tell us how long the nice weather is going to be around when we might get some more rain. This week's Wednesday still to meet the Marilyn minivan.
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on generally left. As we told you earlier in just about an hour and 20 minutes Marilyn will be launching another lady a 72 foot sailing schooner the lady Marilyn will be launched at the Inner Harbor we're going to go down there now live to Dennis O'Brien the president of the lady Marilyn foundation first of all welcome to News 11 at noon because of the tragic events surrounding the pride of Baltimore people are making comparisons Let's talk about what's different between the pride of Baltimore musically and also what she's going to be use for the lady Marilyn one of the differences rather a big difference Rudy is that the lady Marilyn was designed in can see from the beginning as a ship for kids and therefore it was built not just as a historical replica but also as a ship that it that has a lot of features on her that. That another historical record replica might not happen. But the main difference is that the lady Marilyn is is to stay right here in Baltimore right here in the Chesapeake Bay and will not go in the
ocean but she will actually go out and sail a little to be out on the bay every day right. All right let's talk about the purpose of this this is to teach students what is going to be eligible to get on the flight. Well actually any student in any Maryland school who is age 12 or older because of safety considerations will be eligible to go aboard and the Maryland Science Center will be doing all that scheduling so when any student on their normal school trip down to the inner harbor they go to the science center between 30 and 40 students that day will be able to go on the lady mountain will be up at the school working with the science center decide who those students are. So it's going to be a one it's a one day one shot trip. Is that correct for that particular program we will have other programs that operate on weekends and during the summer when school's out. But during the school year all scheduling will be done by the Science Center. All right now for going to go on a one day trip aboard the lady Marilyn and I'm 12 years old what's it going to be like for me can you take us there. Well I presume you'll arrive down here in a school bus that's using the way band at about
9:30 or so you'll get aboard the ship to be greeted by the captain and the two or three professional crew members and in another two or three volunteer teachers will be there for the day and they'll tell you exactly what to do and what safety considerations are are paramount before you go out and then you'll cast off from the dock. Sail and motor out through the inner harbor here and students while they're doing that will be pulling on lines and pushing and heaving and actually helping sail the ship themselves and then during that day in sessions of 30 to 40 minutes each they will learn about the history of Baltimore the importance of the port the ecological considerations of the Chesapeake Bay and our and our beautiful maritime heritage here. And I bet there's no pop quiz at the end. No crits no grades just a great day on the menu a little bit older than 12 years old but I hope you'll let me go out on a Saturday. Already we are we were going to have the lady Marilyn available for weekends for people who want to come out.
Barefoot sailing and some hard tack bully to find out what it was like to sail. So we'd love to have you very quickly. The more money we raised there were five hundred thousand so far we still have a little less than 50 to go and we're hoping that will be generated by the excitement and enthusiasm that we've already seen building so we hope to make that through students primarily. Thanks very down there for the cameras. Thanks very much Brian. The head of the lady Maryland Foundation and other news of this day the trial of accused spy Ronald Pelton is expected to go to the jury today after closing arguments Pelton a former employee of the National Security Agency is charged with selling U.S. secrets to the Soviets he could face a life sentence. The Soviet newspaper Praga says more evacuations have been ordered around the damaged nuclear power plant people were reportedly moved out because of a newly discovered area of contamination. The so-called dirty spots were found outside the 18 mile danger zone. The paper gave no details on the
contamination or how many people were evacuated. Meanwhile Soviet TV is showing the first pictures of victims being treated for radiation sickness. They're firefighters who were exposed to high levels of radiation while fighting the fire at the Chernobyl reactor. The official health toll from that accident is now 25. The brother of one of the American hostages being held in Lebanon has made a desperate appeal for his brother's release. Forty six year old Glenn Anderson's brother Terry was kidnapped in Beirut last year. Glenn Anderson is suffering from cancer. He made a taped plea to kidnappers from his hospital bed in New York with a with with the with with with with
Terry Anderson was kidnapped while working for the Associated Press in Beirut. The fierce fighting between rival Moslem factions in Beirut has subsided today. At least 53 people were killed in 20 hours of street battles. It was some of the worst fighting in Beirut in months. Nine states have picked their lineups for November elections in primaries yesterday voters in California picked Republican representative and scout a face veteran Democrat Alan Cranston in New Jersey another legislative veteran Peter Rodino won a chance to run for a 20th term in Congress. And Iowans picked Fred Grandy to run for a Republican seat in Congress Fred is best known as Gopher on The Love Boat. State Senator Clarence Mitchell has apparently decided to run for the Seventh Congressional seat being vacated by his uncle paren Mitchell. The Baltimore Sun quoted sources this morning that said Mitchell will officially announce his candidacy in a June 26 news conference. Mitchell refuses to comment on that report. The well-dressed
White House reporter is wearing the essence of bug spray. Today reporters are following the president as he travels through a mosquito infested swamp in South Carolina. He's visiting a Marine obstacle course on Parris Island. The facility has been used since 1915 to train recruits. The president addressed a Marine Corps training graduates a big bill that would mean big changes in the federal income tax system takes center stage in the Senate today. Lawmakers face the big challenge of how to save popular tax breaks without sinking the entire legislative package. There is little doubt the hottest issue to be considered during the Senate's big tax overhaul debate will be individual retirement accounts. It's the number one question mark in the Senate Finance Committee's package. The Committee's bill repeal is the annual $2000 deduction that 30 million on already owners now take the proposal has produced a flood of protest mail to senators and aunt in Texas man wrote I'm in favor of tax reform
but please don't take away my IRA. Senator Max Baucus plans to introduce an amendment which would allow I already owners are going to dock at least part of their annual $2000 investment. The caucus went home to Montana during the recent recess. The message on tax reform was strong save our IRA. The debate could last a week or more. Senate leaders hope to get the bill through relatively intact but they expect major changes when the House and Senate conferees get together to iron out a final tax reform bill that the CBS News Capitol Hill. I have mixed feelings about asking for any weather reform I know I mean that's pretty yeah. It looks as though we're in for some showers later on and beginning to mark more eating a little more on the timetabling testimony as they were coming. Big Roy Rogers asked me to talk to you about this great little deal they have let us
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portions of Texas last night they got nine to 10 inches in several places but as far as we're concerned looks like the same system will work its way toward us we're not expecting those kinds of torrential downfalls however. Let's take a look at current conditions which show you all the maps in just a second or so right now we've got sunny skies our temperature at about 73 degrees humidity 61 percent. The winds right now out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour when the barometer is currently reading. Thirty point twenty inches of mercury it's holding steady. This is a look at our overhead map a closeup view shows we have mostly sunny skies over the entire state mobile most of the northeast with the clouds coming in from around the Carolinas back into the Ohio Valley. Now take a look at the rest of the weather picture in general you can still see some heavy storm clouds over Texas the Texas panhandle and moving up from portions of Kansas into and around the central Missouri and Mississippi valley areas dropping the fronts and on top of this low pressure areas kind of governing cells and creating lots and lots of upper level disturbances throughout most of these areas causing the heavy showers and thunder shower activity with this entire mess which is gradually going to work its way toward us and give us some showers looking like right about now beginning tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. Is the
heaviest precept now right out of the green eastern portions of Texas and Louisiana into Arkansas and spreading into the northern areas of Mississippi with some thunderstorm cells in southern portions of Texas also from Nebraska into and around the eastern Great Lakes states western Great Lakes states rather and a thunder shower to already off the coast of Florida. And it's going to continue pretty much in those same areas for this afternoon because that massive precipitation is moving relatively slowly. Temperature wise around the nation no real cool spots or overly heated spots for this time of day readings in the 80s around four which is seasonally normal for this time of year will pretty much back in our normal pattern for this time of year is what you can expect for the afternoon highs for tomorrow. We'll be getting a little bit cooler with our temperatures right around the 80 degree mark and the hot spots are going to be mainly around the south central areas and back into the desert southwest. The rest of tomorrow's map does show most of the precept lifting up into the Ohio Valley beginning to move a bit closer to us. And as far as Friday is concerned we should be well into it by then with light to moderate showers coming down across this is a slow moving cold front also tracks on through the area with a good push from high pressure
up in Canada. Look at the rest of our conditions in store for today sunny skies generally warmer than it has been over the last day or so 80 degrees for the daytime high as far as tonight is concerned partly cloudy 66 tomorrow mostly cloudy showers about 82 degrees for the daytime high. And look for the same type things to persist throughout the rest of the week into the weekend Friday mostly cloudy showers and Saturday also a possibility of some clouds and showers about 80 degrees. Thanks for that. And when certain that there join a highway with you.
They were
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$39. So hurry to the fears that it is wine or do fish when it ends up looking like a burger. Introducing Lucy talk about friendship from anything on a blind Fish Taco Bell Sports time. It's nice to see the O's back at home again it's also nice to see them winning at home. The Orioles return to Memorial Stadium last night after a long West Coast trip. The Mariners are in town for a three game series and the O's took game one for the two designated hitter Larry sheets took the wind out of the Mariner sails with 3 RBI. Game two is tonight at 7:30.
This series with Seattle wraps up a stretch of 32 games against Western Division teams an Oriole road trip to New York this weekend begins 26 games with eastern division teams. The Boston Celtics are one game away from one game away from sweet 16. Last night the south beat the Houston Rockets to take a 3 to 1 lead in the NBA Championship final. A Larry Bird three point shots with Kevin McHale steal in the closing minutes work he plays for the Boston's 1 0 6 1 0 3 when Game five is tomorrow night. And finally director Barry Levinson is coming back to Baltimore to film a new movie production is set to start on June 21st. It's called the Tin Man it will star Danny DeVito and Richard Dreyfus Levinson's 1981 film Diner was no. Also filmed in Baltimore and about I think this is a sequel. We'll find out more about it or get into town news 11:00 at night. Thanks for having us and for news today we'll see it tonight at 5:30. This has been a presentation.
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the hospital called and told me the wonderful news and it just came straight over here and tell me I'm out of the woods. This room sure beats intensive care doesn't it. You must be feeling better if you're noticing your surroundings. So they feel that so you should never see him. It's pretty much out of that dream pleasant dream can belief true. You brought him here didn't you mother. He would have never come on his own. All that matters is the boy is here with his mother where he belongs. He's not a boy anymore. The full grown man just didn't recognize him when I first saw him.
To get a chance to see him except for the one time he came in my room I was so groggy he said you want to see I want to see and he's my son. I just wonder if he would want to see me. We're not exactly the typical mother and son are way overboard. Just use like you apparently know she really doesn't. That's too bad I'm not going to apologize for the way things are. I didn't have many choices. How to survive. There were certain things I had to do to make sure that all of his needs were met. I sent him to one of the finest boarding schools in all of the country.
I've given him everything is needed. Giving him an opportunity that most young men never have. I kid the boy just needed his mothers. I do love him. I did the best that I could but I just have to hope that someday he will understand that. I think it's Phelps two things for you I suspect to be pretty even his mother. What makes you say that but it was there because of your son you're alive right now.
How could that be a killer after your surgery. You started hemorrhaging and the hospital blood bank was all out of the old negative blood to match with yours. Chill without even being asked here to get you. I don't know what would have happened if he hadn't been there and wanted to get help to see if you would not be talking right now. Frank I think it's time that he did. By the way I feel
nice too. Oh it's been a lovely day hasn't it. Sure. Obviously it's an effect on your as cheerful or where you just feel like good news but no way would you believe I've been given a whole new lease on life. And would you believe it's because of jail. Yes but you might like to talk to us. But I'm really not. OK I've already answered your questions that you were going to
talk to either here or down to the police station. You're going to be on the air. The Emmy award winning young and the Restless this portion sponsored by the General Foods corporation satisfying your family is what we're all about
all over this country. Join together to make one soft drink brand. Just in America it's that one. What if I couldn't see that what with that taste. Kids love a price that lets you serve. We the People. You're telling me that Joe is responsible for your good mood. Absolutely
but you know she's out of danger really so that's one for me. Always go to a private room. Seems she's going to recover completely. How do you know all this that you were called a hospital. Well I found nothing myself and here's what. Well actually I went over there thinking that Jill is dead but to my surprise very much alive. Oh good Lord Brock what's wrong what's wrong your suspect in joules shooting that's what's wrong. I'm surprised the larger than a mob out place. Not anymore not me more what I am not a suspect. John knows who shot her and she told the police. Jack Abbott jack abbott Well it's not surprising considering how I felt about her but I mean I'm no longer a suspect the whole thing has been a mistake although we have no indication the police have dropped their investigation on the whole I know but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. How can we be sure the jewel is certain it was dark.
What is more important is that I'm not a criminal. Believe me if I were even close to being a girly Jew would have PM this whole thing on me. So you see it's over. The nightmare is past and I can get on with my life now do you understand. I feel wonderful. What's wrong is that should you be happy for me. I guess I have just about you lot better so please tell me about this officially. Sure it's just a matter of time. You know I'm going to check it so I don't want to be sure the longest you're going right now and get all you want but I have things to do before you go away. I need to see someone someone I need to see very very much. Their car once with his partner are she there.
OK well if you would place a name is Brock right they have my number and you could have either one of them go back to racing as possible if you're sure about it. Yes and they personally I like the seasons. I mean California is a nice place to visit but who'd want to live there. I mean what so when a without snow as I feel about the kitchen later how do you know them as never was going on. Everything's great. You know sometimes I just can't believe what a lucky seller again I am. Now come with me. Said. The.
MAN WITH A. Smooth satisfying Sanka Bradley get ready to drink it all day long and feel. The. Same. Way. Sunny I want you to do me a favor. I want you to help your mother with that dish. Sanjay let's try to. Try to clean up your. Side. Make enough of the jello gentlemens did put sugar free jumps to good. Kids love them and they're ready in just five minutes. Time. You know we're really chips me off when my bank card rejects me and my pantyhose won't go all the way. And I'm not a cranky person
except to my nails get chipped then I really get chipped off so I use LOreal with a little care. I can go 10 days with hardly a chip. So why do I get chipped. That's when I can't find Laura 10 day formula now and I'm all from our Yeah right. Mary is a trapper pilot. Susan on Spock is his ex lover in trouble with a mop head. People out there trying to kill him. But with 2 million dollars and a beautiful woman on the line there's nothing she won't do to save for being with you and I don't like siting in demurely on a jet. Right. Yeah no they never got right on time. Yeah so why don't you run
down by the delivery entrance. I got most of the stuff packed and labeled. You want me to load all this and they'll take it over to the express office and then they'll ship it to Hawaii for me while I'm using my muscles I suppose that you have something else important you need to look into. As a matter of fact I do want help my lady pack. One lady is that. Amy. Of course. You can help but that's just that's what I just said. Regulations but are you going to. You know seem to surprised by all this. If I didn't I tell you that she wouldn't let you leave here. I can never be too sure. He's known it. But what is this like Elwood Jackson in his crystal ball. C'mon you don't think that she was going to choose Nathan obey you when she could be with one of the.
Jackson brothers especially the snap. Well I'm so smart I come out and figure that out when it comes to the gals you got a lot to learn from. Maybe that's an almost missed means to me she's invested a lot of time in him. It's just good friends that's why I think it's more than that. How many times you spent teaching him how to. Fiction and what are you talking about. Well you know I hate the ins and outs of the detective business. And you can get that from nanny or office stuff you know administrative procedure file reports right. He said. It was all in the line of duty but I mean she taught me the same. And with that look all I know is that I am one lucky dude. Not only am I flying to paradise I'm taking the lady I love with me so I will see you later.
If you're going to put your head. Right here in my lap. Young lady you got to read you a big time story. You're going to go on. You're.
Not serious. All right. James. No. Question this. One here first. I have. You. Have. Yours. It's not bad. Little Red Riding-Hood. The defense. Or. Something. Their center on. The right. That's a. Matter of fact like the. First. Time she did my kids. You kidding me. Amy. There's kid stuff. And then there's kid stuff. These things are that fast it's. Just a matter of fact. I'm going to be reading these too much. Someday.
But until then I get to write to you. Right. Yes we are ready. Once upon a time three sisters. And they lived with. All right. What's with the look. Don't you. Well I'll tell you. There's nothing mourns will. Make you proud of me. It was 1:30 in the food she said. I am proud of me. Because when I started this reading stuff I didn't think I would last a day
really especially I mean nothing that I would ever be out here reading a book even if it is kids. And I will tell you this someday you'll be. Because I'm going to be very important. I think you know. He didn't simply. Because he would sit there for kids to read. Interesting to see. Yeah.
Will power your direction will be the maximum fluoride protection. Help give yourself the next book brushing away black the. Taste of winter break and 722 it looking good on what you want to be laughable again. Do you remember to brush today. You got the world's number one to trace down the world's number one lucky.
Today America will be overrun with people. You mean fragrance objects. Like. Lemon lime. Look for new women on. The scene. You've never seen a bug killing fogger like me. Fumigate it kills more bugs on a cell phone. Yeah because it's really getting smokes penetrates more hiding places to fumigate more hiding. Fumigator penetrates fumigate kills more bugs. Dead on as the world turns a dangerous woman play some very
dangerous game. But this time has finally met her match. You just tell me what I want. And I'm willing to listen to Walsh. Tawdry little affair with Tony and I you know. But then. I don't see why we have to go over this again. Please Mrs Newman just answer the question. I already told Paul when I was that night with Jack Abbott. Yes. Oh evening. Yes as I recall and he said Jack me around 6:30 7:00 o'clock something like that. He told me that exactly 6:30 7:00 o'clock. Yeah. Unless you were mistaken. Mistaken Isn't it a fact that you didn't meet Jack until eight o'clock or maybe even later. I told you when we met it was around 7:00. What about a phone call. What phone call. The one to Leo. Leo. The bartender Gina's. You said I called Hannah. I
know you did you call the Find Out of Jack was there you told leo that it was going to meet you when he was over an hour late. How told you that. Dammit Mickey why don't you just tell me the truth. But this is what. I understand you don't feel an obligation to tell the truth to my son I mean after all he's not police officers not conducting an official investigation. It's just it's just hard to remember every little detail. So I realized that. I also realize that Paul has no legal right to force you to answer the questions. However I am a police officer. Operating in my official police capacity for generosity. Now if you lie to me you're obstructing justice. You stand a very good chance to be prosecuted. I told you everything I know OK. Just try to remember that night again and think very carefully before you speak. I caution you don't conceal any facts. I'm going to ask you
again. What time did you really meet Jack on the night Joe Foster Abbott was shot. Why can I get your dragon is that just coffee so you got it. Sometimes a person does something for you change your whole life makes you realize how much they care about you. Yeah I know Jimmy. Just blows me away just for me I want to talk to you about this because this is new so much doctor. Look I said it may be that. Guy can't trust his favorite bartender What's the world coming to right. Yeah right I know a lot of people I can trust these days especially not the personal
stuff. You know what I think before much longer Me and my lady will be able to put something together. Great news and that's great to hear. Course I keep it under wraps just not free yet. Pretty soon we're going to have that situation at work here but a Long Island coffee OK. Yeah yeah you know I'm going to be able to take that trip on just me and my. We might even take off for ever just make a whole new fresh start someplace else. Condos is what I need for over a month now. I look nice to have it I had to be the one to bring it down but it's something you want to know. Why you were gone the police were here. Why they were looking for you. But
just stand there go Martin. Good to see you. This is. After seven days of truth with his coat still has. The leading edge as a. Leading Edge a separate spray. And. None of them help people as fast as the number one doctor recommended first to see what. He owes for and. Just ensure that Neosporin helps wounds heal faster because it's triple that about it formula kills bacteria that can cause infection faster.
You. Know I Got a lot on my mind right. I should have I should have known albums cost the same as those other dry dog foods. But since Apple has more meat protein than 10 pounds of steak I never dreamed Alba would cost the same as all those others. Don't worry you'll always be my first baby. Help will be flavor dinner Real be protein at a really good price. I know I should get one library. Can you recommend something. Let me tell you about this. Correct all natural grain laxatives only correct all contains fruit fiber along with a natural grain fiber doctors recommend most to help keep us regular day after day. Know that it has fruit fiber not fiber all correct all natural grain with fruit fiber that's for me. Correct.
Make food for us and the rest. Continue. Our child is dead on Guiding Light. Maybe Sampson is home for us. It's not going to end like it's made. Three of us would have more torment in the heat of the day weekday. This is CBS. These are my fresh delicious Purdue chicken. But these beauties are even bigger. Any meat with a delicious flavor all their own because they're in my produce the stuff for most of. Them they come from a whole different breed of bird. Chicken parts maybe the world's best chicken. Why settle for that. It's more than the uniform. It's the feeling you get knowing that you're a real professional. Being a
nurse assistant.
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Wednesday Club Clifton
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