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Hello. You know after last week I can't help but think of all the points all around me that if you think of it all of space could be thought of as a big bunch of exact location or a set of points we play the game on point one point on the board and we move it to another point every time. The bottom of this piece though certainly couldn't be thought of as a good picture of a point could it. Because we learned last week that the smaller a dot is the better it shows a point. But you know you could think of a point on the bottom of this piece if you thought of just in the center there you can see it of course where we can see points. But if you think about it right in the center you can think of a point and that point it's where it sits on the board.
Well let's move and see where we go today. One of the latter. Well I guess that means I'm supposed to walk down this path. Step step dad. We've also heard that not just oh hello there.
How are you. I'm just a visitor here. I'm not a talent. I just came to see what was happening now with you. All right. Right. It is very enjoyable.
Oh I thought that point. But you know what I really like Pat. There were. Real that you're now here. And just. Yeah.
And you know and here. Why.
There was a great a really remarkable courage. And Lee on the line who stretched on and on in either direction and never stopped. I'll never forget that and left the line segment with two endpoints to set her off. As part of a line right. It was a really great act. Well you know pretty soon maybe somebody will come in as a governor. Oh I know they will. I know they will.
Yes I just have to evolve or you know what I want. You know I do hope somebody comes and discovers that path family soon. It's a really exciting act. You know this path is very much like Penelope path. Actually I think I see a connection between this path and the points we talked about last week. You know the point was simply an exact location. Well we could find exact locations on this path. We might use a marker to mark the points we find. Of course this marker is certainly much much too big to be a good picture of a point. But you know we could think of a point right in the center of this marker and that's the point we're talking about when we put it on the path. Well you know we could mark past any points rather any place on the path maybe over
here or a point over there. Or we could mark a point. Several points in a row on the path and pretty soon we find that. We get an awful lot of them. You know wherever I mark a point and another one I can always but one in the middle so I can put one here and in the middle between those two and between those two. And look what's happening. The path is beginning to look just like a series of points isn't it. Well that's exactly what a path is. A path is made up of points and you know last week if you think carefully for a minute we set a point was an idea we couldn't really see it. Now if our path is made up of points it must be an idea too. And the path that we draw with a pencil or
mark on the floor. That's just a picture of a path. It's not really the path the same thing was would be true of the line because that's only a special kind of path a straight one and the same thing would be true of a line segment because that's just part of a line. You know we talked about. Points in space last time and we talked about points. In a special part of space a plane. Have you noticed that this path is on a flat surface or plane. In fact all the paths we talked about practically all of them in any way today were on a plane. The baseball people were running on a flat surface that was a plane. The ice skaters their pads were on planes. Even Penelope PAF and Lee on the line and left the line segment. Those seem to be on planes too. You know Penelope path wasn't just one path. Penelope was lots of different paths. Every time
Penelope moved she made a new path. Some of them were all curvy and nice. Some were made of line segments. Did you notice the one made of line segments and then lay on the line. Well Leon stretched on and on in either direction. He was a special kind of path. And Ledley line segment was just a part of a line apart set off by endpoint. But you know. We've talked about putting points on. Paths. We could also make a path through point. Sometimes a path drawn through points can be very pretty. Let's see what I mean.
I think the path family would be very happy to be in a picture like that. Can you see a part of the picture that looks like Penelope path. Can you see part that looks like Leslie line segment.
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