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Occasion for MP T at the Pimlico Racetrack and to be exact. We are on the finish line where a lot of excitement is going to be taking place today. We're here because we're going to be telling you about all the events that are taking place for Preakness week which started officially yesterday. We're going to tell you about the activities that are happening right here at the pinnacle racetrack and later on today at bargain Ridge as well as activities that are taking place all across the state. For instance today if you're thinking about going out and enjoying this beautiful weather you might want to consider the 14th annual rite of spring rugby tournament. They're going to be 30 rugby club competing and it's going to be an awful lot of excitement. There's also the second annual Baltimore County windsurfing and volleyball tournament if that appeals to you either as a participant or as a watcher It sounds great to me. And then there's going to be the Charles County day festival that of course is going to be commemorating the founding of Charles County and finally the delicate city name arts festival. They're going to have music dance. Art and maybe pole dancing so you might
want to be going to all those things. If you're not going to be going out today we hope that you will stay home and stay tuned to the wonderful programs that are AT and T. They're going to be on all day long and we are going to be on all day long on location with you so I think it may be the next best thing to being there is being with us. It's a beautiful day and it's going to be an exciting day. You can feel the excitement already beginning to build here at the Pimlico Racetrack and it's going to get wilder later on. We're going to be talking to the folks in the stands. We're going to try to talk to some of the trainers. We're going to talk to as many people as we can so that you can get a feel for what's going on here at the Pimlico Racetrack. Eimeria if I can on location for NPT. As you know you stay with us and enjoy the day. Hi I'm Maria psyching on location for NPT at the field like o racetrack. We're
going to be here throughout the day to tell you about all the events taking place during Preakness week. But we weren't the first people to get to the track this morning. The exercise riders beat us here by a couple of hours. They're here galloping the horses getting them ready for the races that are coming up. Wouldn't it be fun to find out just what an exercise rider does. Take a look at this. There is a lot of trainers that move from racetrack to racetrack depending on where the meat's being currently run. And most exercise riders will stay with one trainer and go from racetrack to racetrack there's also free lance exercise riders and they work on a podium basis pending on how many horses they get on they get a certain amount of money for each horse. I get on approximately nine to 10 horses a morning sometimes more sometimes less. Sometimes it depends on the weather. It depends on whether the horses run recently. They walk for two or three days after they roam. It can be very hard work. It can be very taxing you're out there galloping when it's 20 below and you're out there galloping when it's 90
degrees it's hard but if you like it if you love horses it's fun. Her of course is to be in this business. You do it you're not in it to me you're not it to make money that's for sure. If galloping horses doesn't appeal to you maybe the Fells Point fourth annual Preakness festival will they're going to have a run for literacy the proceeds will go to area literacy programs. Eimeria if I can here on location for NPT Please stay with us today for other Preakness festival week activities. Hi I'm reify can on location for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack and this is Nick Zito whose horse won the Kentucky Derby. So what do you do now to get ready for the Preakness. Well you know those are gruesome routing you can have three you can go you have one
work and hope everything goes all right. Have you ever won here it became like one of your races with nothing to talk about and speak about for this is the ultimate prize you know more long Good luck to you involved here I hope you win. Hope you have a wonderful time here and if you don't want to go to this race you might want to go to the Preakness piglets stakes taking place today. The pigs will be twittering you know and they're going to waddle to the finish line it's a sight to behold. I know you're not going to want to miss it. This is real if I can only look asian for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack. Iraq. High and reify get on location for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack.
We're right outside the Triple Crown Room. We're right now NPT is hosting a brunch for underwriters and for special guests. And in between is a dream Lee proud to be a part of this week. We're one of the sponsors and we're going to be bringing you all day long events going on here if you look out at bargain Ridge and other wonderful exciting events that will all be a part of this week. Right now I'd like you to meet Don Ledwidge He's the president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in Washington. Have you ever been to too much though before I haven't been critical before so it's a great great an exciting day and I know how much breaking this week means to Merlin growing in armor on public television is helping you know as a matter of fact John there's a rate the fourth race today it's called the NPT. Then show how you think the winner Well I'm working on it right now I'm working on it. Well I think what you have to do if you're like me as you did on all of them and hope that one way or another you're going to win. Well that's one way to do it. I think just being here is being a winner and don't forget some other events today. The blue glow 1 concert at Oregon Ridge we're going to be there
later on with you and thinking they're going to be the Forrester sisters. Also today at the Baltimore Museum of Art junior Klein in the recliners at the field and battles party that's tonight at the Baltimore Museum of Art it's going to be a wonderful day. Stay with us I'm real if I can on location for NPT. I am ready if I can on location for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack. And we're here in some of the places where the owners will be sitting in just a little long and I'm talking with Clem Florio who is a friend and a racetrack reporter I think one of the nicest things about coming out of the track and meeting people like you. Well it's ritual. Listen the fourth race is the MP Keith Stansell three things going at you know the favorite I hate to pick favorites but I like them myself I concurred with my
colleagues and so on my my very special colleague Andrew Baron and the two of us will come up with a rale lady. You hear that oh you know I'm going to go. One other question. Day wall with wall and with whom. Who has ever heard this bugle call.
This is Jill Kelly whose bugle call to the coast you just heard what is the name of that song doesn't have a name Joe. I betcha nobody out there knew it and you do this before every raid 10 minutes before every race and color horses to pull. Do you ever get nervous for a break big race like the Preakness anymore. I've been doing it through many many exciting because everybody knows that you know wait for it. Thank you so much for talking with thank you very much. And don't forget the Mother's Day Care craft and pottery in Annapolis will be more with NPT on location simulator. Hi I'm going on location for MP at the Pimlico Racetrack and
this is Andrea seat and she is only the third female jockey to have ridden in the Kentucky Derby and you're going to be riding to day in the because you get nervous on the day. You know really I've ridden in close to four thousand forty five hundred races. That's another race to me. And how many years have you been racing. Ten years. I know from reading about you it's been a long tough haul for you. Yes it has an injury. Injuries first seven years I struggle in just the last three years and I've done very well I've broken my back to my kidney. And yeah what's it feel like to finally be on top and very rewarding and fulfilling gratifying. Yeah. Well thank you so much for talking to your MP really been a pleasure. Thank you a lot today. Thank you. And for those of you who are interested in something to do tomorrow let me remind you of the 30 people chase that's the longest name in history. We're going to be there tomorrow starting at noon.
You can come and join us but for the rest of the day without an MP T. I am really like an on location for NPT at Pimlico Racetrack and I'm with Jill Kelley who did some publicity and promotion for people like Alan it's a great game and it's going to be a great week isn't it. This race today is really setting it up and so is the weather where the weather is wonderful. How does this race compared with the derby in the town. Well the Preakness is the second oldest
original race was about the Preakness came along in 1873. That was two years before the Kentucky Derby so you can see it's a lot of history or a lot of history and probably as far as we're all concerned the best of the three races. Well I think so. I mean of course the Derby preceded the. The proceeds of the Preakness and I won the horse in the Kentucky Derby the Preakness. Graham thanks a lot for talking with us. And don't you forget the Preakness Polo classic it's going to be tomorrow in Monkton and it's free. Stay with us for the rest of the day for NPT on location here at Pimlico Racetrack and later in the day at bargain Ridge. If I were a lot of fun. Stay with us. Hi I'm ray of commission for NPT the infielder Pimlico Racetrack. Don't
forget tomorrow the open air concert at Duvall field in College Park. It's free and they're going to have the cannon the lifters it's gonna be fun. Ier. Hi I'm on location for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack where the fourth race of the day has just been run. It was the end and it was won as predicted by Kim I know you heard. And after the race in between a decrease and patient to the jockey and to the owner of the horse don't forget other activities like the Preakness celebration waiter's rig. It's going to be at Harbor place on Thursday at noon. And the best waiters in Baltimore are going to be winding through an obstacle course. It's going to be a wonderful fun time be their
ears. Hi I'm re if I can on location for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack you have to look at the weather vane has a horse and a jockey on top and each year the jockey gets painted with the colors of the winning horse of the Preakness from the preceding year. This year it's painted with Summer Schools colors and he's going to be here to day running in the Pimlico special. Don't forget all the other special things that are going on this week to celebrate the Preakness. The Maryland Preakness celebration but now in a split stakes. It's on Monday and it's going to be at NU down at the harbor at the Harbor Place and the theatre. It's going to be a wild and wacky ice cream
eating contest I know you're not going to want to miss it. I read if I can on location at the Pimlico Racetrack for NPT. Hire me if I can almost cation for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack. Don't forget the AT&T great schooner race at the Inner Harbor on Wednesday at 3 o'clock. It's free and open to the public the Clippers are going to compete against each other it's going to be a wonderful event. Please don't miss it. Hi I'm reify can here on location for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack
on the rail. They're going to be a lot of exciting events for Preakness week like Wednesday at 11 o'clock we're going to have the Pee Wee Preakness. It's a children's race on hobby horses. It's going to be a trash field. Don't miss it. It's going to be terrific. Hi Anne Marie if I can only look asian for NPT at the Pimlico Racetrack. Let's talk to some of the people here today. Sure. Do you have a horse that's running here. Yes repeated transferring. And what race is Ian Taylor this special should we bet on. Yeah I'd step out. And don't you forget the Maryland Preakness celebration. It's going to happen at those point at Wednesday at noon and it should be a lot of fun. It's a beautiful day Don't go away. Join us here on NPT. Double check your amount maybe twice a week.
There's been so much excitement all day long and what more excitement coming up this entire week for the Preakness festival. Don't forget lunch time with the Orioles Audi at the Harbor Place and the theater at noon on Friday it's free. The Orioles are going to be on hand to sign autographs. I know you don't want to be there and stay with us for the rest of the day here on entreaty. Hi Andrea if I can on location for him peeping at the Pimlico Racetrack with John and Mary Myers who own the horse spectacular bit along with Teresa Meyerhoff. Well Mary you won it in 1979 but how do you feel about the Preakness as opposed to Kentucky Derby the Preakness and in 1979 you reached it in your weekend. Witness how did you feel then.
How do you feel now more nervous the more beautiful there. You know it's just a wonderful time for Baltimore. Absolutely and I hope you have a nice big winner real soon don't you forget the balloon glow and concert at arguing Ridge we're going to be there with you and we'll be live from there in just a little while. Eimeria earlier in the day we were going on and people on the wonderful news that are going to be on the people who are
here today. Never been to a concert today. No. A
beautiful. Little story when everybody. We have a determined overall winner of the wonderful and I hope everybody will come out and see that tomorrow morning. Thank you very much. And don't forget the
summer concert and it's a concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and a wonderful time during Preakness week. Please stay with us. If I get on location for organ ridge it is a beautiful day out here. You can see people all over the lawn having picnics enjoying themselves and it's been a wonderful day for all of us because we started out at Pimlico in the morning and
we talked to a lot of people including the third female jockey to ride in the Kentucky Derby and she told us a little bit about her feeling. We also talked to the Trumpeter. We talked to some horse owners. We talked to the trainer whose horse won the Kentucky Derby and of course that famous horse race which was the MVP with that shot. I do want to tell you by the way that the special was won by a farm away that was just a little while ago. And right now we're getting ready for the Forster sisters who are going to be seeing you right here on the stage at Ridge right now though we'd like you just take a look at all the people who are having a wonderful time and listen to the music. Oh. Hi I'm going on location for NPT at Oregon Ridge. You can hear the
music in the background that the Forrester sisters this morning and part of the afternoon were at the Pimlico ready track and we were enjoying the festivities there. And tomorrow we're going to see you from Maryland where the Maryland Preakness celebrations but the 39th annual people chase will take place around noon. If you want to come on down and join us please do. If not join us on him.
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