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A public road. You may. Not get out. If you might call that they. Began. To come in a the or just shut
me down out of it. Bad Bad. Bad Bad. Bad bad. They. Caught me. That. My Oh My. God I. Think. I. Had. To walk. Out of the battle.
Cry. Cry. Cry. Cry cry. Hello. Welcome to the golf ball Johnny. I'm Calvin stadium and our last stop we looked up a golf ball great. We're responsible for the growth and acceptance of gospel music in this country and throughout the world. This time we're going to look at the decreasing line between sacred and secular music. We'll listen to some songs that are equal at home in both the gospel and pop. And we'll discuss some of the singers who've made the transition from gospel to soul music. No one has made the switch with more success than the one and only way Soul Aretha Franklin.
Aretha's rules are definitely out of the black Baptist church. Her father Reverend Al Franken has passed one of the largest black Baptist churches in Detroit for years. The song you're listening to is not Duff but the play by the rebels for show is. Being read in a church. Frequented quite often by the Office of Aretha could not help but be influenced by their style. Aretha herself says that choir award had a great influence on her style of singing. Aretha is one of the few artists who can sing both sacred and secular songs with considerable ease. She has won Grammys for gospel performances as well as rhythm and blues song one of the gospel songs that Aretha does best is never grow old and old Baptist him which incorporates many of the old elements of the. Gospel music.
On. A. Lot on. June. Why. Haven't.
I. I. Don't. Know why. I.
Wrote. My. Aretha's is not a unique case. Minibike singers began their careers in churches and gospel groups. Some stayed in religious music but many moved into rhythm and blues. Johnny Taylor Sam Cooke was Donna Woffington Valerie. Wilson Pickett Preston Dionne Warwick. It was. Just the fingers crossed over. So do songs and songs stop weighing on me was written by Bill with a kind of a pop pop song by the way. Well it was also recorded the song. Off of the rhythm like we changed a few words and turned it into a gospel.
Played on me. I'll be. Glad. I. Got. Some time. I think. We all. Know why. I say.
I'm gay. Me. Either am. I a. Bad. Bad. Bad bad. I. Say. Hi hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.
Hi. Hi. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye bye I should say not. Electronic music has helped bring popular music closer to dot. ORG and for example is becoming very important to the gospel style may Sellwood what god song as a gospel organise and many have thrilled with his rendition. All day long as organist Robert Everett demonstrates the power and beauty of the
organ as he plays. Plus in the long. Run. In.
On another reason for the decreasing line between golf ball and pop. Is the ability of different musical forms to borrow from each other. I believe are wrong on part. I mean. I I mean I've been.
Really. Pissed off for him to see what the end will be. It's in all 7 to. Over a dozen years ago a young blonde singer had a hit record set with something like this. I got. That song with my little Stevie Wonder. Did you notice how the song is River and where with a few changes from the Hill. This has been done by many artists there by watching golf with soul pop. Our male quartet the modest all the Zion off another example of falling from the different.
Do you do you mean you. Guy. This kind of contemporary interpretation of gospel music has been criticized
by many gospel traditionalists they feel that gospel music should remain just that gospel music if it is just a faith in the pop music field. It must do so on its gospel. These critics have to be very happy when the Edwin Hawkins Singers place the Gospel Choir on to pop shots with their version of this old hill. Hi. A. Happy day. When she. Was. Always. Taught. Me How.
To. Fly and. I. Had a dream job. Every day. Every day. Happy birthday. When she was. A. Long way. Oh happy day Oh happy day
today. Happy holidays. My mom always watching my. Every day or every day every day every day all day. Every day. I.
Try. I. Have. A problem that. I have. Hey. Hey
hey hey hey hey hey. Hey. Hey hey hey hey. Hey. Hey hey hey hey. One of the things which allows easy crossover music is the message of the song. Oh Happy Day is a celebration of. Happiness. And Joy a positive affirmation of faith.
What is weighing on me. Those songs which are able to cross over or have this. We're going to do a medley of secular tools that have been reshaped into Darfur. Listen. To the lyrics. A fly. Oh. My. God.
My. God. I. Was. So afraid of that. This is a friend of God. And oh my god. OK.
OK. Hey hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. I. Thought.
We almost have been about so far with the guy. Next time we will show you how it all fits together and work. But worship is the primary purpose of golf. We'll be going a revival in Roanoke Virginia. On the battlefield from Baptist Church. You'll be able to see how everything we've been talking about. Fits together and gospel work. Jonathan what you. Were getting ready to go down now. Well we've got on. You. I. Cry cry cry cry.
Cry. Cry. Cry. Cry. Cry. That. You. Don't.
Get. It. Right. My. Dad. And. I.
Were. Recorded at the studios of the barrel and Center for Public Broadcasting.
For Public Broadcasting. Welcome to the last stop on our gospel Jerry. I'm proud of the state so far we've examined gospel music history and impact fact. With explain of these bonds wanting a song and gospel boy. Yeah I like seeing all of this fits together and work but worship is above all else. Gospel music is about. Me.
Every day all day every day. Oh God. Oh wait. Thank you. Thank you. No idea. You made me way to.
What you. Gotta do and the Gospel music is one of the primary goals Christian concept. And that the Christian the whole Christian way of looking at life. Contemporary gospel music I think is is very very much into informing people about how
the quality of life can be sustained with the principles of the teachings of Christ. This is one of the contemporary songs being sung that will be sung by the choir this week and. Sung by many contemporary groups. Everything you say. Often stays say. Everything in time. Nothing and no one goes on say the. Very young become the old.
Mystery. Do finally unfold. That's the way of time. Nothing and no one. Goes on to say. There are not. Many thing in life. You can be sure who. You accept. Jesus. Is my friend. He's coming back. Again. On our show. Due to. The
low. Ebb we he must change. Nothing. Nothing. Stays the same. Everything. Everything in time nothing and no one. Go on say the. Winter. Free. Everyone. Is going to hear. Just. Fine.
Never much to do. Oh. God nothing and no one go on Jay. There are not many things. In life. Christians can be sure. Except I. Live. My life. Jesus paid the price. And I show. No. Bless. You. And of course the very significant thing about this
revival is the fact that the church is bringing revival here to the Paul. They are actually bringing bringing revival to the people. They are free to come as they are to experience something that's real. I feel that so often people think that maybe religion is not truly real in the sense that awe and music and literature are real in the sense that business and education and politics are real. But by bringing this revival out here to the park we are trying to say to the community that this is a vital part of the life in this community. This is a part of the life in this community that you can really experience and know that it's real for your own self. A personal experience. So we like to take out this time to give you an opportunity. To pray. The man that gave you life. To praise the man that is responsible for you being here today. And we want you to stand. And sing with us.
As we see this little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine the light of man. I'm going to let it shine. I want you to see what you're saying and to. Say. That. But.
I. Don't. Know. I don't.
Mean. To. Say. No but. I want to. Go.
On. Get. Through so girl. Thank you. We have home tonight. We're here for church tonight. We have been coming to raw note for you. So we want you to act like we in church cause you know the state I'm saying. They.
Do. Oh my God my God my God. I. Could see a man and pray. For you and be brought back because it's hard. Thank you. Never let. Bother. Me.
I'll. Think about this all. My. Life. That I can go home and why. To. Have a good day. I'll wait till the great carnage that I love best. Go home now. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey hey. Hey hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
I. Thank. God. That.
I. Am. A. God. What. We want to do is sort of sort of identify what
the possible teachings of Christ are and what they actually do for people. In a contemporary setting. What does it mean. What is the teachings of Christ mean for a person who is sick doesn't mean that the ballooning price must be new doesn't mean that the power of Christ can give you the kind of strength and determination to overcome any kind of sickness to deal with it. That is the strategy of the mind and the spirit which is you know when I say the spirit I mean it is a strategy given by the power of God to assist to help in coping with the problems that you encounter in life. We have to redefine we have to understand what it is that Christianity is doing and why. Should I be a Christian because that somehow has been lost in the confusion of a historical church and a historical tradition. Which is sort of you know supporting itself.
And it has become our ultimate goal rather than why the world has been so long. What we're trying to do is come back to the crucial question what gives some answers and sort of help them to be able to cope. And that's one reason we like the idea. Of. Being in the park. Live w not controlling situations. Be gone away. Oh God.
God God God God the way. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. All right. I. Know. You. Would like. To. Say. Why don't you come. You've got a special problem. Why don't you come on down. Come on.
As we close in prayer while you come these people will get back to us. Why don't you come. Those of you back then. You are proud of night. Come on. Come on down. On. Wherever you are wherever you are. Come on. They look to me like I'm like. Whoa whoa
whoa whoa. This might be your first time. Oh come on. Now everybody.
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