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Wow. 5 0 4. It just occurred to me a bit ago I didn't read all of the I will forget. It's partly cloudy way the crowd East and the slight chance that light rain northeast this morning. Today in the 40s northeast of the 50s where partly cloudy and warmer tonight and tomorrow with the night in the middle 30s and highs from our owers. How about that Chicago Car Lot made great yesterday. Great work flow choice here and have around you a killer they cal be all worth it and for a short line they get £17 steady build one dollar. The Midwest got a lot of beef and pork. Craig said that the rather slow steady and fresh forgot prating was rather slow early in the day early in my life. Remember.
Street. For. Sure. Yes.
When it comes to visiting Iowa presidents have usually been able to control us. It's not that the people aren't wholesome and friendly. It's just that it's a long way to come for a. Day around election time. And one even came to Iowa but that was just to learn how to grow corn. Discover the hogs can be beautiful. But on March 1 1971 it was different. Nixon went out of his way to come to Iowa. He hadn't been here since the election but it was worth waiting for. In his executive staff members cabinet members governors two cars a brood of secret service men and Mrs. Nixon. I sort of thing hadn't happened since Franklin Roosevelt participated in a farm conference at the Capitol
in 1936. Furthermore it was announced that the president would address the legislature as anyone who had never been done by any president. Following the speech there would be a development conference at a hotel. For Mrs. Nixon and a press conference with Secretary of Agriculture Clifford harden. Everything was ready. They'd cleaned up the house chambers and the legislators and the demonstrators were all in place as the March 1st entry in the Farmer's Almanac suggested it was a perfect day for a town meeting. The most democratic form of assembly and Richard Nixon horoscope for the day urged him to enjoy good allies and stay within his budget. He's a Capricorn. This is mannered and he's a farmer. Who farms about 700 acres just outside of a two story. On March 1st
Richard Nixon was preparing for his trip to Des Moines Manor Doman was doing his chores. I. Think that a person should look up to the president regardless. Has he been a. Pretty fair sort of. Man in order. To look up to somebody in this capacity. Well when a person is smart enough and good enough to win the election of being president I really think that nobody should. People should respect him enough to even. Hold a demonstration against him. With. With.
3. Percent of. The Republican Party in general and Richard Nixon in particular I'm always had a special sort of relationship with. Nixon carried the state comfortably in 1960 and 68 and whenever it came the nation's breadbasket more closely resembled a made basket. Of course that was before us before the lowest parities since the Depression and before suspension of a law requiring union wages on federal construction projects. They. Concentrated more on watching.
The special community and the great heartland of America have either been neglected or even gone unrecognized. I want my people and the people who are the people. The farmer is a man of many talents. Now he's a businessman a technician scientist often a man who makes his living and more lines of work than farming alone. The term agribusiness is often used here in Iowa in my own state of California to describe this great new powerful instrument of American agriculture which has made America first in the world in productivity in agriculture first in the world in terms of this very important fact that the housewife in America the best country in the world
pays less than her budget for food than any country of the world. This is an indication of what the farmer has done for America and what the farmers done. Ext. And when the farmer an American agriculture is done that it is the most productive of all of our economy. Certainly American agriculture and the American farmer deserves a fair share of America's increasing prosperity. It is debatable whether the country could afford to give me an Iowa farmer his fair share. It would have to reflect the fact that on an average one of him feeds forty four of us. Story County is located in a section of the state that accounts for a good chunk of that weighty statistic. It is part of the land section called the
Clarion Nicolette Webster Soil Association area. Twelve thousand square miles so flat glacial momento that forms a wedge stretching from the mind to the Minnesota border. It cradles some of the richest farmland in the world. I was black gold that deep thirsty topsoil in which on a July night they say you can hear the corn grow. It is middle America. In fact this spot it would take eighty rods is the geographic center of Iowa the middle of middle America if you will. And it's about four miles away from the Manor doing this farm he has lived in Storey County all his life. He's a Democrat and a Lutheran and is considered a good farmer. He recently celebrated 30 years of marriage to his wife Brenda Dean. Disappointed turned out to be a farmer Bill I really love. And I think you gotta love the soil in order to be a farmer.
About like anything you need but like when you fall over a thing like this playing. I don't know I just think you. Gotta learn to. Walk the walk. And produce. Greater satisfaction. When you. When I call working this way I feel about as. And you see these things grow and. Develop in the. Livestock of things like this. Oh every every farmer like their son follow in their footsteps of course but. You can do whatever you like but. I've always told them never to think you're better than anybody else but always. Think you're as good as the next person. I think this makes a lot of difference of. Course And again this is just. My own opinion of. What.
Just can't. Say that all the. Good kids will get. Straight. And do this type thing. And I think your. Problem problem. Problem Like you wouldn't. Let anybody think that more.
Here in the Midwest. In the summertime when. It will. Help them. Thank. You. Of course there is a difference. The businessman uptown does not have to depend
quite so much on the weather. He does not have to pay astronomical prices for farm machinery. He does not have to pay as miner do and in 900 dollars for this blight resistant seed corn and his profit margin is probably higher. Farmer does not mistake kinship as any road salesman will tell you they are rather aggressive capitalists. They are also able to club the initiated into submission. For example if you tell a farmer and you are paying higher food prices he will tell you that it is a dollar less for food than in 1940. If you point out that someone is getting the money he will want a farmer averaged only a little over $8000 last year the highest in the Midwest. If you point out that that figure is net income after expenses he will understandably remind you of his expenses percentage wise are horrendous. It will be good to anyone who has ever
tried to grasp agricultural economics that even the farmers have a few problems with it. You know I think it's data we're not fully available for this meeting.
Meanwhile the secretary of agriculture was explaining urbanization. I will illustrate in the area we point to an increase percent in 1970 compared to 1969. But if we had 971 data tripling the 969 level and the administration's concern for doing more in America that one. President took as much time to. Fly in the morning. He might have announced. It would be more. For the farmers benefit. But I can't say that. It was more or less for the dollar. Nothing. For the pharma program whatsoever. That often in our discussions of rural America we talk about the arbiters
ation of the rural towns and have failed to mention farming itself. The question came up why don't we always include in the same discussion that I guess we should because it's a very vital part of it. And we are concerned that the disparity that exists in farming compared to urban income is also great although it also is closing but still remains probably the number one problem. And in agriculture today the lower income family income from farming as compared to her incomes This is one of the things that we've been concerned with with the Farm Act of 1978 a device that will help some to close this gap and our judge but I really. Wish they had a lot less government program. Like it was and that everything coming
about like the factory workers come this fall and we are richer crops again and I'm not. That's when the farmer crops in that. Situation. I think that. If we get a good year the. Production will be cheaper prices for the farmer. And they're. Out in the country. He's.
Accomplished too much. And. I realize that it must. For him to come out here in the Midwest and I think this is. Probably. Maybe a getting thing for the next election. Again this is just one man's opinion. I really can't see what good he them. Noon.
The Kurds were fully ready to man the only airport clean I did get although they play it harder here. TROY TANNER that he did well £50 at 31 to $32 100 and have her choice $900 thousand that thirty to thirty one dollars per month in Peter tattletale yesterday at
Oklahoma City. They had eleven thousand seven hundred head that made it Peters their time however by the take that the probably grating choice were weak if they lowered the price below choice where 32 weighed. Heavier their. 57 dollar lower. All right there for the deal Prime three to five hundred thirty to fifty to forty one thing and I have heard that there are 30 to 70 by the $35 hinted that I can just tell yesterday they're the harder they had to bring up. Hi Joy. Very thin reputation brand equity ed at forty dollars and then they weigh 300. Take the seven time there were some product $95 for 39 40 and some choice very down pick the $700 30 predicted $35 the market today out there brought to you by or that over 100 were killed. A.
Make No Mistake About It: The President Came to Iowa
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President Nixon in Iowa, both his speeches and protesters; with reflections by a farmer far away. -longer - This documentary covers President Nixon's 1971 visit to Iowa, consisting of footage of the visit and Iowa citizens' reactions with voice over narration. Topics covered include the opinions of Iowa farmers and demonstrations against low parity numbers, anti-union laws, and the Vietnam War.
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