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Greetings to you I am Louis Farrakhan Minister of Muhammad's mosque number seven New York City speaking to you on behalf of that great teacher of freedom justice and equality to the black man and woman of America the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the messenger of a law whose return to this microphone is anxiously awaited and expected in the near future to hear. I am deeply grateful and highly honored for granting me this great privilege an opportunity once again to represent here and his message to you his beloved people. Our subject is titled The birth control death place. For many many years the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the messenger of love and the great friend of the black nation has been
warning the black woman not to accept the birth control death plan offered to black people by our open enemies under the guise of something good for black people the poor black man of America has always been deceived by what appeared good only following behind that apparent good was his own destruction that turned him of the arch deceiver the black woman and black man today are being asked to submit to voluntary sterilization. The black man and black woman are being told today of a population explosion and they are being shown their condition of poverty and want as a proof that they will not be able to take care of any more children in some state legislatures in America.
There is even talk of framing law which would legalize the sterilization of any woman who has more than two illegitimate children. We know that this is aimed directly at the black people of America. The Honorable Elijah Mohammad sense to us that it is not the increased welfare burden that white people are worried for they are well able to take care of this bird. But it is their desire to destroying the future of the black male. However they are using welfare as an excuse to justify their destruction of the future of the black nation. And this he will desire to destroy in the future of the black man was foretold in Scripture the Honorable Elijah Muhammad points out to us the great multiplication of Israel in Egypt under fire
it is written that Pharaoh seeing the great multiplication of Israel and who desired to be free said quote Come let us do you wisely with them lest they multiply and join onto an enemy of ours and come against him. Messenger Mohammed teaches us that this is not in the scriptures were us to look at and say Mine Mine Mine wasn't that terrible but he teaches us that this is put in Scripture to show us the very mind and heart of the government that we are under today. Pharaoh decided to kill all of the boy children of Israel Pharaoh was wise to the future of Israel. When Pharaoh was wise to his own future. You my beloved sisters. Sorry to say very hooves to you
you were not wise to the greatness of yourself nor are you wise to the greatness of that which is produced from your womb. Nor are you wise to the knowledge of the time and the visitation of God among you know are you wise to the law that causes great men to be produced from your womb and therefore the scripture is right. Mine people are destroyed for the lack of know what messenger Elijah Mohammed says that this will not be charged to hear for his intention is to make you wise to that which you did not know his intention is to pull your minds open and make you sleep. There is an old saying that ignorance is bliss but you can claim it's that old saying out of ignorance is bliss surest way to destruction. The Honorable
Elijah Mohammad that great and Master Teacher teaches us then whatever our nation needs in the way of progress that nation will give birth to a man who will produce that progress for that nation for a long time. White people have conjectured over the move. They have always wondered what it looked like on the other side of the moon and they wished that they could go. They wrote about the moon in their poetry in their prose in their song. The desire was to go to the movie now turn produced from their loans sons who studied physics chemistry mathematics astronomy electricity and the combination of this knowledge and they book them to do that which
yesterday was impossible. They have gone to the moon. They have seen the other side of the moon. But suppose America killed the fruit of her womb. How would she have attained progress for the progress of a nation starts in the womb in the Koreas and in the cradle. America's inventor of the steam engine who inventor of the locomotive who inventor of the telegraph the telephone the electric light were all babies born from a woman to satisfy the needs of a nation for progress. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that this represents a divine law that whatever man seeks he shall find whatever he earnestly asks for it shall be given and then for
man knocks it shall be opened unto him. But whatever we sleep it will always be found in a man. Whatever we ask for it will always be given by a man. And whatever door is locked done to us it shall be opened unto us by our men and since every man was once a child then to kill our big is to kill the progress of a nation and the future of a nation and this is one messenger Muhammad warns the black men and black women of America that this birth control plan of white people is a good plan for black people. New York State was the first state in America to legalize abortion and now many of the states are powerful winds and
according to what we read since abortion has been legalised almost 70000 abortions have been performed in the ratio and proportion ones mostly on black and Puerto Rican women in most of the hospitals today. Black women who have had three of four children are being encouraged by doctors to abort their new pregnancy and to submit to Tubular ligation which is the sterilization of the black woman rendering her own able for ever to produce a child again. This is the shame. Again according to what we read vasectomy or the sterilization of the male is becoming increasingly popular. Oh black man in black will whine should you
submit to such evil death plan for yourself and the future of your nation. You say we won't be able to feed our babies. But who told you such. We could learn it is written in the scriptures all ye of little. Some of the disciples of Jesus did for their bread and Jesus pointed his disciples to the lilies saying to them look at the lilies behold them. They neither toil nor do they spin but look how they are raised. Look how they are nourished. Every ant finds nourishment for itself and its young in the earth. Every bee every spider finds nourishment for itself in the earth. Even the buzzard in the boat has some dead carcass
to eat but man kills his young for fear of brain. The Honorable Elijah Mohammad says to you and me that the Earth is well able to support its own. If we will go to the earth and begin to do something for ourselves and stop depending on white people to care of. You are a woman and her husband come to the conclusion that they do not wish to have any more children for a while. This is a decision reached by the two. But what right do you have black woman to cut yourself off from ever being able to produce a child again. If your organs are not diseased You should NEVER I repeat never let you near me
tamper with your organs. Than if your life is not threatened by having a child. Let no black woman destroy the fruit of her womb. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me that every black woman who destroys the fruit of her womb will be chastised by a law for doing so. Messenger Mohammad said that the evil that we do will absolutely take our phone and that home will come to us and it will be is though the very baby itself is talking to the mother asking the mother why why did you kill. It is not that the baby will actually talk to the mother but messenger Mohammed teaches us that a law will make the woman to see her only evil you know own in her own money and allow will cause bad woman to hear the voice of her own child in her own
mind them in her or her Eve and this is the terrible chastisement for you and me to see the evil that our own hands have sent. Oh taking all that is written in the holy Koran and kill not your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Surely the killing of them is a great role and it is pitiful to watch our poor black woman submitting to the evil and deceit bullet Bunny's of the enemies of the black nation destroying herself and the future of her nation because she believed that she would not be able to take care of her baby all because she does not want the responsibility that follows the US.
And there is also pleasure that the black man has been made so irresponsible by his enemies that he cares not for use natural duty and responsibility to care and provide for his own children. Messenger Mohammad warns us that we will not be a respected people until we learn to respect ourselves. We will not be a respected people until we learn to respect our women. We will not be a respected people until we learn to respect the fruit of the womb. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad I repeat is a great friend of the black nation and he desires to see us go on top of civilization and therefore he gives us the best knowledge and the best guidance to help us to attain our rightful and proper place. Messenger Mohamed says to you and me that we must get
away from that all slavery teaching that we are going to a better place after we die for this kind of teaching is designed to make the black man satisfied with his pitiful lot on earth in hopes of getting something better in the scum. While our do see enemies know that this settles it oh and by our belief in this false teaching they hitch us to their plan to help them to build heaven for themselves while they live which we are not allowed to enjoy. And then you may ask the question Will how do we live alone and what is all this talk about eternal life. Am I not going to have eternal life. Messenger you Elijah Mohammed teaches that we live
on from generation to generation and from age to age by our God given ability to reproduce ourselves over and over again and this is one of the all wise Creator gave to each of us. Organs of reproduction. We are a part of life and the supremely the rose or the lily. Then we shall see shortly is not the same rose or lily which we saw last year and neither will the butterfly or the bee that we see shortly be the same creature that we saw last year. But they all were as creator caused all living things animals and plants insects fowl fish birds reptiles all reproduce themselves. To cut off the ability of any creature to reproduce itself
is to eventually make that creature extinct. What right does the white man or the government have to curtail our birth and cunningly use our ignorance of the knowledge of self against the US to make us winning participants in our own self destruction. What right does the white man or the government have to free Malone's to destroy the fruit of our womb or to destroy our right to reproduce ourselves when the earth was created by our father. For us to live on in the earth is not burdened in the least by our population which the earth was created to sustain maintain and perpetuate. This is an outright evil act against the black man. And this is why a messenger Mohammad warns that the birth control plan of wife is actually death plan for blood.
But you may miss and have been looking at the television I've been reading the newspapers. There's a population explosion. We ask you is America experiencing a population explosion that will curtail her ability to feed her own. Is this your reason for advocating birth control especially among black and Puerto Rican people. My beloved black brothers and sisters. You must remember that China has nearly one billion people yet China is not seeking birth control for her people. But why. Then Lieutenant Colonel Stockton's book titled The inevitable war he wrote that the time will eventually come when the dark people of the world will not allow a minority of whites to dictate birth control to them. But what is
it that is causing whites to seek to curtail the population of the dark peoples of the world. Messenger Mohammad warns that we have arrived to the turn in history of the universal rise of the black male. As long as the dark peoples of the earth slept in their great population was of little concern to American and European powers. However with the awakening of the dark peoples of the world and their growing political and economic maturity. Every baby born to an awakened and an away down people becomes 8 10 Jubal factor of power to be reckoned with by demographers all students of population. Students of population and political scientists have reported
a marked decline in the birth rate of Western Europe and white America with a decline in births among whites and better medical care among whites. This means a larger percentage of those who have reached the age of return and then become a burden on the society. This also means a decline in the working poor and a decline in the soldiers of a nation. While among the dumb peoples of the world the opposite is true. There is a great increase in the birth rate. There is a tremendous teenage population among the Duk nations and there is a tremendous working age group and a tremendous fighting age group among the dark peoples of the world. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us for years. When I last said that he would
bless the winning of the black woman of America and cause her to produce a great increase. And according to social scientists at the time of America's independence the birth rate of blacks in comparison to whites in America was 1 in fun meaning that one out of every five babies born was black. But by the end of the Civil War the birth rate was down to one in one out of every 10 babies born with black. But no the birth rate of blacks was beginning to soar. And now one out of every six babies born in America is black and the birth rate of blacks is 35 percent higher than that of one. But why should America say to us that we should stop having black babies because the population explosion messenger Mohamed says that this is an out right lie. America is 3000 by 2000 miles. Her
area is approximately six million square miles in this area. Messenger Mohamed says 1 1/2 billion people could live and they have a good standard of living. Think of it one half billion people could live. This is true. Since the population of America is now only 200 million when she is well only able to take care of three hundred million more according to her square mileage. Why then should America seek a reduction in the birth rate of her recently. It is because America like Pharaoh knows the time and knows the future of Rosalee and knows her own future America well knows that this is the time of the black man's rise and awakening into the knowledge of self. And therefore every baby born to an awakened a black man and woman is a tangible factor of power that white America knows she will ultimately have to
deal with according to the census takers our population is between 20 to 30 million people. But with the birth rate 35 percent higher than that of whites. How long will it be before we are 90 million people. And this is their great fear. It is the desire of our enemies to destroy the black woman's ability to produce a black child in some state legislatures. Bills are now being proposed that would take away tax exemptions for a family now to two children. And this would mean subtly of such a bill is passed that every family will pay more to live if they have more than two to this kind of legislation is designed to force birth control. And this does not mean that white people who are at the same time that birth control pills or birth control devices are being fostered among blacks for filleted
drugs being developed for wife. It is written in the Scriptures quote thou shalt increase while lives decrease and the messenger Mohamed teaches that this is the turn that the black man will increase and the white man will decrease. This is the time of our universal rise into power and therefore messenger Mohammad warns black people not to accept the birth control death plan of what messenger Mohammad warns black people not to kill your own born babies for fear of bringing him you will eat if you are not too lazy to pick up your responsibility of doing something for yourself. Enemies desires to rob us of our future under the deceitful trick of planning. Good for you. What if any population should be construed. He should be he is and not out for the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad says that our father a right just God created us and all that we see for our good. Our enemies are wicked by nature and if they control their population that would be one less wicked person that the earth has to be burdened with the command of God to us today is the same as it was in the beginning of this present world. We must multiply and replenish the earth and fill it with our current meaning the right says For this is the day when all who do evil shall be removed totally from the face of the earth. And so messenger Mohamed says we will not have to worry about room to expand after this final war between good and evil. There will be plenty of room on the earth for the right black man and black woman of America. Do not submit to this birth control plan of whites for the birth control plan of wives is a death plan for
blessed black woman hold on to your baby. Let no man kill your big. Black woman if you find yourself pregnant give birth to this child for you may be giving birth to that child that will deliver the nation in the future. You may be giving birth to that child that will bring the nation an invention some invention that will make life better for the black nation. We warn you a black woman hold on to the fruit of your womb and bring it full and our love will bless you. If Mary had thought of abortion we would not have had you there. Hannibal's mother had thought of abortion we would not have had him but think black woman do not destroying the fruit of your womb for the birth control plan of why he's actually dead.
Plan for blood. Thank you for listening. Make a law grow into the light of understanding as I greet you increase in the Arabic language. I Salaam aleikum. You have been listening to the national broadcast of Mr. Muhammad speak. The principal speaker is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Messenger of Allah the leader and teacher to the so-called American Negro speaking to you on behalf of Messenger Muhammad has been Minister Louis Farrakhan of Mohammed's mosque at number 7 in New York City whose subject has been the birth control death plan. Mr. Muhammad's life giving life saving words are now available to you in two great books entitled message to the black man in America
and how to eat to live. You get both books for only five dollars and fifty cents by sending a check or money order to Mohammed's mosque number two fifty three thirty five South Greenwood Avenue Chicago Illinois 6 0 6 15. That's my homage to mosque number two at the three thirty five South Greenwood Avenue Chicago Illinois 6 0 6 15. Mr. Muhammad's a life giving word can also be ready each week in my home and speaks newspaper are available at your newsstands. Andrew your momma speaks representative for only 25 percent Mohamed speaks a newspaper that speaks to the black man and for the black man. And you are cordially invited to visit my hundreds of mosques of Islam every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. And every Wednesday and Friday evening at 8 PM
The Birth Control Death Plan
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Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks, on behalf of Elijah Muhammad, about the dangers of birth control and sterilization for African Americans.
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