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A production of WFC art in Amherst. Good afternoon welcome to under the sun. I'm David Guillen. During the weekend of September 19th 1980 the University of Massachusetts Amherst was the site of the dedication of the W E B Dubois papers. The two day celebration was attended by colleagues personal friends students and fellow scholars from universities across the country as well as visitors from foreign embassies and overseas to pay tribute to William Edward Burkhardt Dubois one of the colossal minds of our time. Do boys who was born in Great Barrington Massachusetts in 1968 was active in civil rights. He was active in the peace campaign. Black artistic movements and the Pan African movement until his death in Ghana in 1963. He seemed well aware of the role he was playing in history or he retained copies of his correspondences throughout his life. Among his more than
130000 papers our book manuscripts articles speeches and letters to and from such figures as Booker T Washington Paul Robeson Margaret Mead Langston Hughes Mahatma Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr. Albert Einstein Teddy Roosevelt a Philip Randolph and Kwame in up room. And that's just a small portion of the familiar names. On today's program we'd like to present some remarks by historian and author Dr. Herbert apt the Kur who was a personal friend of Dubois and will present the keynote speech delivered by a doctor alone. Bennett Jr. who is senior editor for Ebony magazine. Let's listen in as we join Professor Janetta Cohen introduce Dr. Herbert up there for our task as scholars is to understand the world. But it is also our task to use that understanding as a basis for helping to change the world
to make it a more humane just creative sound world. W.B. Dubois accepted this double and indeed interrelated responsibility of the true scholar and he discharged that responsibility with phenomenal strength and extraordinary sensitivity. Tonight we are honored to have with us and to hear from a man who shares that sense of double purpose which so characterized Dr. the boy. We welcome once more to our university community and to this very special gathering of friends Dr. Herbert Attica. I am the distinctiveness Herman Atticus contribution comes out of
his work in the academic realm. And as you know until recently he was forced to conduct that work outside of the walls of the academies. The distinctiveness of his contribution then comes out of that work and it comes out of his work in the real world. Perhaps we should say that it is in fact his insistence on undermining the relationship between those two spheres that constitutes the great work of Dr. app tickers efforts. Born in New York City her but at taker came of age in struggle in the south in the late 1930s he worked for the food and tobacco workers union in the southern part of this country where he was secretary of the abolish peonage Committee. Those were only the first in a long line of
struggles that have commanded Herbert up tickers efforts in the highly impressive array of his published works over 30 published books and countless articles. There are of course such titles as the era of McCarthyism the world of C. Wright Mills the urgency of Marxist Christian dialogue. But clearly he is best known for his exceptional work in the area of Afro-American history. A historian whose works have successfully challenged narrow chauvinist racists concepts of black people Dr app taker has produced a number of books which are deeply respected by the students of and most importantly the participants in the Afro-American experience. I only have to remind you of American Negro slave revokes
that book the day are to suggest and to prove that black folks don't love slavery never did and will revolt against it. I remind you have to be free. Studies in Afro-American history and I remind you of the ongoing volumes documentary history of the Negro people in the United States. And then there is that area of work for which we have all come to appreciate. To love her but uptick his efforts to fully honor the confidence of the boy is a confidence which led the boys to appoint Dr Africa as the executor of his literary estate. As you know from looking at me impressive exhibit of publications by the University of Massachusetts press Dr Africa has made available to us
much of the monumental scholarship of the voice the literature of Dubois the calls to action of the good doctor the whole thing. Dr. Rapp thinkers accomplishments are of a serious order and so the list is long but a few I must mention. He was a recipient of the prize in history of the Association for the Study of Negro life in history. In one thousand thirty nine and again in 1969. Dr Rob Dacre from January to June of nineteen eighty was visiting professor at Humboldt University in the German Democratic Republic. That is that the very same university where Debbie be the boys study from 1892 to 1894. Dr. Rapp thinker is the founder and the director of the American
Institute for Marxist studies. He has lectured at leading universities in Europe in Japan in India and Canada and in the United States. He is currently teaching a course on racism and the law in the United States and teaching that course at the law school of the University of California at Berkeley. It is indeed an honor for us to once again welcome to the University of Massachusetts to be the voice this friend and colleague for many years. And now we're anxious to hear from the distinguished historian and the champion of human rights Dr. Herbert applique. Thank you very much. Try another. And I think everybody who's here and who has made this agreement true
and who has invited Lee to share we gather to celebrate the opening of the DuBois papers to the world of scholarship to Macmillan this connection to pay tribute to the university it was Massachusetts which had the wisdom. Alas courage was also needed to understand a decade ago one of the adornment. It was game by placing within its grounds the divorce papers. I had also a tribute to the press of the University of Massachusetts which has published three volumes of selections from his correspondence and two of his his or
two unpublished books and persist in moving ahead with one of the publications of Gabelli xian. This too took fortitude for it involved not only the works of a black radical but also the efforts of that right notorious one. Dubois had chosen in 1946 to be his editor to the director of that press and my dear friend Mrs. Lee almost dying. I bought in public recognition of determination and grit. My wife reads everything I write. She knew I was preparing this so she read it.
I knew she would read it and improve it and therefore in the text I left her out in order not to have a quarrel. But for various reasons she could not be with me and so I can speak freely. As you have heard many people work. I'm going to go live project and not least among them was Frank P. uptake. We had some difficult times in the McCarthy period and we worked hard and had problems when we got the papers trucked over to us
in almost no matter whatsoever. A little over 100000 letters and papers we had to work at night to make some order of it. We have spent thousands of hours and in particular they did. And I repeat it was a very difficult time Samson's of ours. And it looked as though there was no prospect of publication talk. One of the two of us are the one who never thought of us stopping was a fake.
The paper is a report in the library of a great university in the Berkshires where he was better learn and group to young manhood whose trees and streams he loved and to which he often returned seeking refreshment. A library a university. The pursuit of scholarship. These were I think his greatest joy. Once over 70 years ago serving as general secretary of the Niagara Movement he grew momentarily weary of the in a squabbles. Yeah administrative details and the organizational burdens he drafted a letter of resignation and in a room that here he was in Boston home of great libraries tempting him.
But he was not able to enjoy the treasures for worrying about the latest disagreements between Mr X and Mr Y. Happily the two boys did not mail that letter. Happily he persevered through Niagara and the end of the lacy piece through the crisis in the Pan-African movement through the tauntings of the KKK minded James F. Burns and the sophisticated malice of Dean Acheson and the quayside fascist barbarism of jealous of people coughing I'm horrible gentlemen of course as they all were. He was as learned as one could become. Well he hasn't concentrated study of Fisk and Harvard and Berlin with positions as a teacher of Greek Latin and Drummond and sociology history and economics.
He had studied with heart and Channing dreams to Santiago they bud and Royce. He had dined with counts and dukes wind with heads of state and even then appointed a man a minister plenipotentiary by a president of the United States. Stanley was not corrupted and he persevered. I haven't published as this intention but never thought of adding him to its faculty. University of Pennsylvania published his massive pioneering effort in urban sociology but never thought of adding him to his faculty. In the city of Atlanta he was for good news. That's Maine Public Library working on his might no more posts like reconstruction. First published in 1935 and revolutionizing the understanding of the United States history. He apologized for possible resort failures since the archive
depositories of happy dozen states for bite him entry in Nashville Tennessee a white woman slapped him full in the face and her love 70s had him in a gang a program worse and in his drawer drove home in his absence and terrorize his wife and daughter when he was 83 years old. The United States government arrested him as quote quoting the indictment an unregistered foreign agent and mugged him for your prints of him and put my nickels upon his wrist. Nothing broken neither President Coolidge's appointment while the manacles with a lot of case the government sensing defeat in the face of the worldwide outburst of indignation often after the upper granaries in a deal.
If two wrongs would plead no contest the government would guarantee that after conviction there would be a suspended sentence. No deals. The boys wrote his attorney no deals I am innocent. I will rest opposing Well it is a crime. I am going to sit and will persist in affirming this until hell freezes over. OCAS and yet I characteristically I do not relish going to prison and you will please do your best to keep me out. But before making you talk try to do your will in such a government I would rot in jail forever. Youngster of twenty two at the Harvard commencement of 1890 facing an audience which included the wife of a former president of the United States Mrs. Grover Cleveland
the governor of Massachusetts your political bishop of New York. Let alone the assembled dignitaries of the university. In the 10 minutes permitted him chose to speak on Jefferson Davis as a representative of civilized safe. And I remind I remind you of the Jefferson Davis then had been dead only 11 years. He and a civilization representative said the young man quote the cool logic of the club quite properly that civilizations model murdered Indians I'm using the boy's word and the hero of a national disgrace called by courtesy the Mexican War and leader of a fight to be freed to hold other people in slavery. MARL obtuseness and reef rock refined brutality
said the black youngster. Mark the civilization. And he added quote a system of human culture whose principle is the rise of one race on the ruins of another up is a farce and a lie. He told that audience in 1990. This model this vision He then concluded must be replaced by that of service not game sacrifice not greed. Peace not war. Some years Dr. Boyce thought Truth alone would conquer reason would eliminate injustice. He exposed the errors and rallied the ranks of reason but the injustice and the lies persisted in the
intensified. He concluded that truth was not a disembodied entity waiting to be grasped truth. You conclude it was a dynamic reality moving changing and perpetually challenging and its search was rapid in social reality and true to his secret pledge made to himself on his twenty fifth birthday in Berlin while confronting the king. The Holocaust life itself he answered forced well into the turmoil of social reality. There he used his learning wheel of his scholarship employed his artistry and manifested his impeccable integrity and his profile to pile up in a monumental confrontation with the central evils of his time
racism poverty colonialism the subordination of women Mr education of youth and above all and embodying Oral the monstrosity of war. The riddle of scholar vs. participant he resolved by insisting that objectivity was not using neutrality but rather portraying reality. The problem was not part partisanship. No one could avoid this. For even passive anyone's choice the problem was partisanship on the side of ductus. That is to say on the side of the oppressed. You exploit it and the insult. To boys is great advantage. Ironically a mighty advantage was that he was naturally a scholar problem oben for the insulted and so was gifted with a new vision and therefore a greater clarity. The first step toward sanity he wrote in 1926
is to admit the possibility of outlawing war. We must agree he said then on some international apparatus to assure such outlawry. He added This 35 years ago and then he continued we must proceed with disarmament accompanying this he insisted must be the demise of colonialism brought peace on earth he concluded is no mirage. It is a solemn awful necessity and of quoting one thing 26. 25 years later that is to say thirty years ago he devoted a series of columns in a Chicago newspaper to this persistent theme in his life. PC worn cannot mean just peace in Europe today rather peace means and must mean peace in the world and make peace with our poverty. He insisted then. October
28 1950 to be exact that the hysteria in the United States did not reflect the existence of a true threat to the well-being of our nation. It was rather concocted by those who fear an idea and that idea of socialism that ideas are not begin with a rush right he went on and did not exist because of Russia but came into being and remains because of real human problems particularly poverty in the midst of plenty. A week later he added that the effort to establish a pox Americana was sheer madness. And finally in the series Nov. 25 1950 Dr. Boyce wrote quote social control of production and distribution of wealth is coming as surely as the rolling stock. The whole concept of property is changing and must change. Not even a Harvard School of Business can make greed
into a science. Nor can they know scrupulous and nor can the unscrupulous ambition of a secretary of state use atomic energy whatever for death instead of a life on the coast. The papers of Dr the blog I was on the papers are way profoundly radical a fearless and tireless scholar and a person who spoke his mind. And it was a mind of superb capacity and infinite training past 90 in a book that appeared posthumously he wrote. Well I know the United States. It is my country and the Land of My Fathers. It is still the home of noble souls and generous people. But it is selling its birthright. And he insisted today the United States is the leading nation in the world which apparently believes that war is the only way to settle present
disputes and difficulties for this race. It is spending fantastic sums of money and wasting wealth and energy of the preparation of war which is nothing less than criminal. We spread our soldiers in arms over the earth and we bribe every nation we can to become our lives. We are taxing our citizens into poverty crime and unemployment and systematically distorting the truth about socialism and the vote. Papers now open as the papers of no one else can. What it meant to be black in the United States from the 1870 until the 1960s they delineate a fight scholar a generous friend a humorous soul and a fiercely committed individual determined as he said in 1895
quote to make a name in science to make a name in literature and thus to raise my rates. I will go on to the king which is not according to the law. If I perish I perish. So the 25 year old who himself in his secret died in these papers and if anything a second in the world of those papers. In these papers will be found primary and indispensable information on the founding and development of the Niagara Movement. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People the Pan African movement here is illumination concerning Marcus Garvey the encyclopedia Africana the battles of first going to Hampton to improve black and gave the meaning of the Booker T Washington and avoid differences the impact of the new deal upon black people Afro-American people in the two world wars of this century and the struggle to prevent a third. The founding of the League of Nations and of the United Nations.
Here are insights into Cuba and Haiti. All of West Africa early and late visits to the Soviet Union and China impressions of Japan and Germany. Here are pictures of Paul Robeson and Richard Wright of Jesse forces and Mary White Ovington of Alan Locke and James Weldon Johnson and Lillian Smith likes news turning brown. Here are our views of Albert Einstein and Clarence Darrow and Albert Schweitzer of sharecroppers who loved him. An artist who drew inspiration from him. Here is a large segment of the flesh and bones the heart and brains the hopes and fears the failures and triumphs of much of the world. Very nearly a century. Viewing this country now they're full of verging at times upon despair I'll be thinking of William Edward Brygada book candle
promise of humanity be fulfilled. Can one live completely and died only can one person make a difference in the world and a difference that ennobles. Is it possible to be both a lion and dove. Dante wrote of a man wrestling snake man with mean and man slithering away. How to combat evil consistently and with some success and still maintain both dignity and purity. Here is if not the eight great trout. If you would know if you would regain confidence and raw ability of the human. Study this man
immerse yourself in these papers now opened to a staggering and unsure America what a gift to all of us his life revives the papers the keys unlocking that gift such a one never perish. Our ceremony today bears witness to that great truth. What can be more fitting then to close with prayers. He wrote for himself and shared with his students 70 years ago. Let us be afraid neither. We have physical heart nor of the unfashionable mist of color or of the unpopularity of our cause. Let us turn toward the battle of life on this very day and above all when we have fought the good fight grant us to face the shadow of death
with the same courage that has led us to live and give us in our day. Oh God. To see the fulfillment of diversion of peace. May these young people grow to despise false ideals of conquest and empire and all the turns of war. May we strive to replace force with justice and armies of murder with armies of relief. May we believe in peace among all nations as a present practical creed and love for our country as love and not pay for all fellow humanity. Dr. Herbert Absa care. Let's listen in as we join the keynote speech delivered by Dr. Laura roan Bennett Jr. who is senior editor for Ebony magazine.
The first one I want to make here today but that was no ordinary man with the greatest minds of the funniest one of the greatest activists and see years of the 20th century. Now why was this understood more of the 20 years. Because he refused to buy the stock. Because he demanded Why after all the peoples of the world. Because he demanded full and total and media quality of life and he was harassed and prison and the rest. Massive attempt was made to write him our history cannot be rooted out wire. Like a letter or two out that we do not begin this day by remembering with shame.
We cannot be true to true if we do not end this day by remembering with joy the trauma of war. While he was about his persecutors like an eagle in the air and when historians come a hundred years from the day to set down the names American outliers who serve freedom and peace in the name of that we B Dubois will be. On near the top. And so we come here today to say in so many words that dreams cannot be assassinated and man the size of mountains cannot be here. That statement must be taken literally. Dr. Dubois I was a mountain no black person or one person for that matter can ignore. It can be sadder fact that no one can understand Massachusetts of the United States of America without some of the storm.
The man turns and twists and challenges. And you've written in the papers. Intellectual John the most Catholic ecumenical think up produced this side of the seat acting a scene on a problem. But to do what I discovered beyond the west. He was perhaps the first black to say with his tone that the world mome to whitey. He was the bruises black the single that God placed black people in the midst of the western civilization to symbolize Negri to the African growth in our protests. Abracadabra Africans the sociology of the slums the souls up like hope the Sawai pope the
sorrows are can be found in the worldview of Dr. Dubois and I will be no peace no mom no do you harm no sir. Bob is guilty to the climbs to the high brow stink. People buy this crap to the dogs. I am. Thank you. Rapids should be sad here but this great spirit of the world sought. The Blohm and below most of the world and to the elite. But we who live within the better uses for a new medium with them as they all know. And I speak here today from the bay all that
shaped and molded him and made them what. Mack was all over almost all of his contemporaries mocked as they swayed despite his calm. But because. And he tells us today from the grave that the dogs live like that in the world in which we live. The darkness he reflects is about the only light we have that we say that here without reserve OP ology we say where there's a parable here. One hundred and twelve years ago a Black was born in this might by a going right back in the shadows to greet you. But back why. Born in a white car rose to the heart. By sheer top with the spear mat. Undefeated is not was
never a song that I'm well now and never got the difference. Manny three years later. That fired up and. Through was practically hounded out of America. He lapped me up fighting poverty injustice economic impact witness stupidity and greed. He looked back. And he returns today. With that understanding and that spirit of our words this is our big government listen to blub the BBB and the really of the day and I'm honestly sorry rapporteur the subject can be a patient with some trepidation but I am uncomfortably aware. That Dubois probably anticipated this day as he anticipated so
many other things. They say we started collecting an annotated newspapers for posterity at a major peer team. And I'm sure that there's a knot somewhere in these papers. The comments after what some people who would say on the day of Ricky. I hope you avoid that by speaking in so far as possible untoward his words and I want to began with the words he wrote in the get a black out word that should serve as a permanent warning. To anyone who harm or uses these you know the quotation. Listen to the awareness. Of God. The reader that way all across the whipcord stretched taut and broken human heart listen to the bone the bare
bones the slavey that line the reins the stubborn sleeve and beat eternal Tom-Tom in the bars of the lead when we listen listen to the blah. Who the blood spills it across the fields and flowers of the free listen to the so winning and real and weep and scream and sob and sing above all what these things mean. Oh God. The reader and the boy answered his own question. He said you know you. What that means I'm with one love. What do y tells us that there is a problem the grave is that you read these papers that you own words. You understand what I'm
saying or I'm saying on one level that the wire was a man and ripe and that he is dangerous and that. But he's still rather and still I'm the king. I'm saying on another level that challenges imperative acts the chances their chances in these papers and that no man no woman no child. Should be fine I don't care if he she is not willing to deal with those chaps with what Dr. Du Bois called an anticipation of his death. The dreams of the day. Now Now obviously many challenges in these papers too many to deal with in the time allotted here and I would like whip you up with a mission to do your work. Three general challenges. There was his dreams and his paper put on.
The first challenge. Is the challenge up a new lack. Of challenge of the new law. The challenge of creating a man beyond bridal greed and marvelous materials of land that belongs to all the people and is rude. The challenge of the new life. Challenge the doctor the why all of us here here and I'm through this paper is the challenge of fraud and democracy. Something that has never been tried. In the United States of a political democracy and economic democracy and home tomorrow. You're in a long and fruitful and creative life. This property of the new land carpark proportionate representation in physical and spiritual form.
And a new quality based on the idea of the greatest good of all not only all black but also all whites not only all men but also all women. The challenge she resents to us today is the challenge of creating the new land the new home. You know does this insulation dream behold the beautiful lab in which the Lord God has given me. When Doctor do walk water that why he was talking about the sour the words meaning far beyond the boundary of that region. Why is that in another place we must walk the walk of all we must get rid of. I fear the fascination explodes. And he went on to say remember in black reconstruction. What did I do you have one of each. It's realistic.
And this is why I am the richest fertility natural researches resources such as are seldom exhibited for. A population imprinted in its variety of unequal here burned in the pars of poverty and caste yearning toward the unknown god. What an odd idea what an age for its realism but it seemed to dock at the Y that the struggle of the realisation of this idea of the flag. Was the quote supreme and the last great battle of the world. The challenge of the new man. That's the first challenge and the second challenge is going work out of it is the challenge of a new vision. The challenge of a new vision. But you loudly in the area of scholarship which is be
sheeted in our time as it was in here to us by race and class biases against the poor the black and the driven against the world back to Dubai raised in his lifetime. And he raises in this paper was the fundamental question of the meaning of scholarship. What is what is scholarship bar and scholarships are of the many instead of the few kind of the brackets have to the problems are bread and peace and racism and militarism cannot serve the poor and the lonely as it does than to go on for Abba serving the rich and the wine and the powerful. These were his questions and they are now our question to me was answered them with the
understanding which was also his understanding that scholarship was not an end in itself but a me by which men and women address other men and women and assume responsibility for justice and truth. We set a lot of work the lower. The white of the lowest man. The plight of the black man. This hurts the parents. Asked in the light of the giants of industry. The line. From this dunk one. Is easy to see that the whole life of this exemplary Scala was a devastating practical critique of the shortcomings of American scholarship when almost all American scholars were around. When beard was grown and darting and held up and what we will do black scholars.
Two blocks down. To bar and card he would soon know it almost alone in the past. Backpack just the bar. You know it's a pretty got to go by. It calls us to a confrontation with the continuing veil of value of American scholarship and its appraisal of race class. And economic impact. And it's important to understand here that things have got more it's not that. This doctor who was as well as we all know about it is fashionable to tape of coulombs 100 young white scar to create elaborate defenses of slate and to openly question the idea of equality and public education. We should never have a science of history. Dr. Dubois said until we have in our colleges
men who regard the truth as more important than the white rate. We will not be liberally encourage students to gather pieces material in order to support a prejudice or two but there's a line. There's no point really in talking about the work people unless we are willing to do something within our lives. Within the context of our home we're about to continue in between his dream and his idea and let it be said here brother our that that idea was linked to the much maligned idea of black studies which doctor to work with see Gregg as a necessary corrective to the whites that is of American education and will be recalled in this connection.
He proposed many years ago a serious 100 year study of black America. 100 years Dr. Clark almost up with the exception of a new island. We have not begun to deal seriously with Dr. Drew was his insights on this question. There's another point here which we cannot ignore without this honor and also I was inducted to go on that point spoken to so eloquently by Dr. abducted last night is that Dr. Dubai brings Marx and Mao and the persons of the world into this war. You also bring the will of the world to these and the challenge she resents here is the challenge of believing in the people and using our minds and our moderate rappers and our computer
to imagine me. Particularly with people who have been excluded because of the law the brown and black and yellow peoples of the world we see now through a glass widely. We see now why the challenger back to do war is the challenge you see and with new our new heart and new self. The challenge of a new me. And that leads inevitably to the third challenge the challenge of a new world order. The challenge of opening the door to the war when the problems of our minds to apparate go Asia and the first. I almost said the challenge of creating a world without war a world without militarism and racism. A world in which the resources of this earth were distributed fairly equally among
all the peoples of Earth. But in order to deal with that challenge we've got to deal with two related questions the first is a reduction in a world wide reduction in military expenditure and the creation of a new world economic order. The second is the biggest challenge of rates not only in the first world but also in the first world are the A Massachusetts and other states of the EU. It has been 74 years now. Says that we do why walk backward it up a mountain with the Niagara move. It's been 71 years now since he helped found the NAACP. The world has turned on its axis many a time Massachusetts and America and the world are still crimes by the sin of Rhesus And if we have a loved doc to do
it we have a have them here and. We will do everything we possibly can do now to rid Massachusetts and I'm arm around the world of this dread disease. Most of the peoples of the hour got to do worse we had once a colored people I believe and humanity is a believer in common people. Dubai brings that challenge with him into these halls and that challenge the farm and us. And it was a pine happy one who used the phrase. That's one of the four and final challenge. The challenge of a new humanity. The challenge to get right down to me is up creating man. And woman. Now that sounds mad and will almost certainly be interpreted as madness.
Foremost everyone believes that man and woman. Have been created but it was the genius of the wire to understand. That the men and women we see walking on this earth are only half. Of what men and women can be and must be. When the possibilities of free will rob us will be back with the wise. When human possibilities of free when we discover each other. When the stranger is no longer the potential criminal and the SRD in you. We are called in and through these papers to the hard and dangerous path. Of that breathtaking. Our barons are not of our ignorance we talk of the Renaissance which should be called the White Rose Law but the real renaissance of the renaissance of all the peoples of the earth has not.
We do not know yet. What matters is what will matter is how could we know. When three fourths of the peoples of the world. Have been excluded from the definition of man. And woman. The task we raise now at this critical juncture in the history of the world is the task of joining hands with black brown yellow and white people everywhere in order to find for the first time. The full dimension and the full height. Of a man. And woman which on this deep love of. It within the context of concrete and personal responsibility. But the dreams of the assumed through me and it would perhaps be useful here at the end to allow doc to do what you know you have missed out. Of the dreams and the good of the day.
And so here apart we are two quotations. The first was from Talk water. Listen if we were not bare We would laugh and listen to the grass. We would hear the birds sing and see how the rain rises and blushes and burn and Pedro's and die and we would see the spring and summer and the Red Rider autumn and then and went to need the slow white snow sleet and read a dream but we know no Doctor Who was that being. Happening is the one that ten hundred thousand years we have law at rest on her in the court. But this was not by any me the last word on the subject.
And returned to the court in that remarkable prayer in his water bar. Zappos Mart is eternal the to the end this evil the evil of South Park or. The evil Mississippi the evil of evils which is what we hope to hold. In the south of the Americas islands of the seven seas revere how ancient of day the procrit on the pad and proper society and in the beginning. Bob Baer is here. Maybe you will work. This is a warmed up Almar which the common power the dream the bags are not drowned in the blood of slaves and be found in Greece. Our children must we be on their lap there and the
dreams of the bear that we built our. What here will be. And teach me on the what was white ribbon. Our must never be that which murder. Death must be there. Do you not have it that there is no dream but leave and there's no deed. But we have this was his prayer and now it is now. Do you know I was. Ten a hundred.
You've been listening to the keynote address delivered by Dr. Livre own Bennett Jr. senior editor of Ebony magazine. At the ceremony of the dedication of the W E B Dubois papers held on the weekend of September 19th 1980. You also heard remarks by author and historian Dr. Herbert Apgar who was introduced by Professor Janetta Cole. In addition to the speeches workshops were held on Dubois and his work in sociology the education of blacks Africa and African American history that a boy's papers are available on microfilm on the twenty fifth floor of the University of Massachusetts library. The result of many years of work carried out by former UMass Chancellor Randolph Brown Moree by Professor Michael fell well of the boys department of Afro-American Studies and the UMass library staff technical assistance for the program was provided by Jeffrey Silva and Gary Lee the producer for under the sun as Chari jury.
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