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Hello. Hello there. You are iron Douglas Mayfield you are not a headline than yours of the period. What's the good word up north. We're calling you you and your sister company O'Connell Winnebago. We want to reach across miles of the water to talk to your neighbors going visiting. Look up the pope to lower the nose of the piers and poke the cranberry crop up with the way. When we're getting ready for the spring thaw ahead went out on the ice early this month and then to the march to winter crops look good in my 50 acres in Marathon heavy snow. Good year for oat alfalfa and clover. All the talk around town is increasing production. Walking is basic and is climbing back to normal and you hear about Continental Karen coming in
I would say right things are looking better. I found some real pretty common good and some are for the children and granny gap in my perfect occasions since before the war. Bathroom muskies. Well I know a place up in northern with an amp that the new folks round here don't change much. Things do but folks stay about the same old busy of course but never too busy to stop and pass the time of day. The older I get the more it seems to me the best part of living is knowing people darken things over the neighborhood that you stop then come again. People of getting together. Keeping in touch you know spread the new lend a hand path along a recipe or a good idea. There are many ways of saying what we're talking about. The professor says that his way and living with other men must communicate by there is no community no society communication is
essential to our modern world. Then speech with his fellow man is the first link in the complex chain of our social economic and political existed what the professor means translated by 12 year old is Will how did I know the guy. I never even talked to him. Or simpler still any mother can tell you. Again my diphthong on the book and the book we can read about and we can. Do they deny your knowledge yes ma'am good knowledge of the
tribe. Wondering of. It Going back to the beginning the genitive of humanity. And I reckon we've come a long way up the line. That's what we're talking about here today. Another milestone a new note when he like you don't communicate with paper and something to talk up on the blackboard. A dream come true in part already. With the birth of the people who would have marked the body of nineteen hundred and forty seven. Of them. Looks like a radio radio not FM radio radio. With gone they radio.
Ya ya got a talking we heard it there over Devon way like that right. But you're getting the drama of the people up with guns. Look at the label carefully and read the name AM radio. Something you want to. Clear that up. THAT I
AM radio to know. Them is a new method of radio waves propagate. Let them stand the moderately and in this type of broadcasting the power of the transmitter remains constant rather than conventional broadcasting the power of the net of that old regularly that is amplitude modulation. You're right my boy they got to pick and the professor can tell how they did the thing but you and me ma'am. What if one day you and all of us. Fm means a new kind of radio means you can sit down and you in the program in. Come we'd improve the new becomes
clear. You'd think the violin where they're playing in your room. It's easy on the ear and clean the words get cruel. Note that it cuts in the interrupt the speaker. Fm radio means you're going to listen comfortably. That's good right good but tell me do I have to get a new one. If you did you keep burning gas like if you're elected. Doggone it I mean we all got to have them here that's right. Dawg county was going to come in clear over when I get interference on Highway 8. What about the vacant building out in Fond du Lac and we hear the end wall would war with Ghandi about Douglas l'Anglais. You'll hear boy it's all over with gun. Not today or next week. Not with just one nation but we're looking out for your boy. We're planning a statewide radio with the network of seven FM they can
keep in touch with you wherever you are. If the president did later give the go ahead and the money will have the first rate on FM network in the country. Yeah as with Johnson the pioneering again you'll remember I've heard radio pioneer. Remember the days when we were a bird to begin broadcasting to the people and I knew XM radio station dynamics and growing from the university would guide it. And I remember those beginning that ignite Hillary that the William H lady at the university extension to the big dance when the broadcast first began. Then prepare the paralytic and depth. Given that he is the one question above all we ought to remember the time like that. Yeah and I remember some of the early programs we put out over in the political that was in the days when I would go through stations on the air that you could hear WAGA
practically all over the country that Algol of one of the first radio listeners find of but I remember the first program with children and with a little schoolteacher from Dane County. I remember those first markedly boards and they used to put a Martin Telegraph code and then a fellow used to read them. I had an old radio that with their phones and them there is a farmer near Port it when we got in and 33 I remember listening to the College of the air the very first period began and I had been with me ever since and now I'm wondering what kind. And the more I guess I'm the one to tie all these rather together blokes that AP McCarty director of WAGA and executive director of the state radio company pick up the story that I want you back gladly and I wish I could share with you all the genuine thrill I felt when I first stepped into the story in 1929. The real start had been made years before by Professor Perry and the eager young student who worked with him. Young men like Malcolm Han and CM Johns get their names what a giant in
radio history in a few years but of course when Perry began his work they were only two by the time I ride better light he brayed vision is the radio promise for education. That vision was a growing reality an idea of the programs in agriculture and homemaking already Professor Hopkins had pioneered for that and countless others they had grasped the challenge of radio the little old studio in Sterling Hall was reaching out to serve the people and I came to the campus just in time to see it grow. I caught then and I think we all feel it still that remember the surge of an idea an idea I'd like to have a better life. Tell us in his own words. What was the spear that guided you in those pioneering days for the lady back in the early 90s when I was a student at Cornell University. I was what you read and replied still required to be on the campus the Hagana and its group here which is located for an
inspiring view of Lake that the stone seat had been given by the eminent that great love with a golden snake and the parnate live in graves the where above the humanity is is humanity. The student does not forget the sentiment characteristic of his mouth on this campus like sentiment was expressed by President Job and hide. They need a plan. I have never rest content until the best methods and influences of the University of Wisconsin is made available in every home in the state. That spirit gave me inspiration and purpose. The radio broadcasting from this campus and supported our efforts through the year. The event had to break the day's brings us closer to a realisation of the van height the
night long learning and the promotion of universal enlightenment and not understanding this is indeed an important event in the happenings now by the As and we're mighty glad you're here to celebrate with us today Professor Light A. You remember back in 1999 when I first saw you in the face and was on the air only an hour and a half a day there and what it gave service to the farmers and the whole makers and it was good service. They'd come to count on it. Moreover there was a university radio committee devoted to the band highest ideal and eager to work at a bank with a committee chairman that he still is working with him were two staunch members Edward Bennett professor of electrical engineering and a double Hopkins head of the agricultural journalism department. We all pitched in to make the states they can grow and we grew right out of the Sterling Hall studio we remodeled the old heating plant here in Britain did Radio Hall and Diab into the dark days of the 1930s with very little money in
our pocket but the notion in our heads that folks needed good radio even more during a depression. It was in the fall of 1931 that we took our biggest step forward you'll remember the Wisconsin School of the air raid that that ride bell and 1931 we launched the Wisconsin School of the air and had the good fortune that earth opening week the brink of ever even Gordon and Mrs. Fanny to our microphones who still hold radio teachers who are with us still after 16 years of broadcasting and six being classes of with guns and young that have experienced an adventure and learning under their stimulating guidance. All those going in the cool of the idea and I guess you all know by now that the school of the area here to say the results they're pretty impressive really state school supervisors tell us that James while box drop programs have revolutionized our teaching in the elementary school. Ranger Mack has given thousands of children a knowledge of nature and that is to conserve
our natural blessings. Mrs. Moore he has opened the door for countless children of the beauties and satisfactions of me with a wide lead he has a big group of young experimenters. Though the story goes what I guess is the power over from the classroom to a life outside the school. The evidence that radio helped to promote school and home high up the rank them parent and child relationship is what I mean. Something that happened about a garden at a radio music that really conducted little Claire a couple years ago. A woman came up to him after the program and she wanted I just wanted to tell your professor Gooden about my on applying thought to thinking in the letter I got through. Do you remember the song from the journey. Well I've been talking to the other members of the crew and
there are plenty of examples of the outreach of the radio lessons. The school of the air life that was founded in 1931 then two years later we took another forward step. The Wisconsin College of the air presents riot water cool of it and the words College of the air came to mean adventures and learning for adults as school of the air did for young and old angle with a man who did the organizing job not just the matter of getting miscellaneous adult features on the air but offering well-planned courses of instruction on a continuing basis. Some of them special productions in our own studios others later on taken right from the classroom where our microphone gave the listener a free admission to a regular university lecture course. Right here we want to name it as Jenny M. Turner at the College of the air pioneer who originated the unique series following Congress and another veteran broadcaster read out that with his colorful stories out of with guns and bad right from the start Mr. Rangle
urged listeners to go to college at home by radio. The idea caught on and spread and now I don't I didn't listening back to 34 when we first came to with guns and never got to go to college when I was a girl. But I've had a first row seat of those college of the air program for 12 years now and I can tell you how much good I've got out of them. But Victor wasn't all rosy. Through the years of the School of the air in the college the air another program features expanded we had to face a hard tough fact w a J and w l b l even when linked together cannot cover all of this. Moreover they are daytime only. They are required to sign off at sundown each day. That's because there are other stations operating on the same frequencies and the end of air that might on regional channels is in operable. It often comes reception to 15 to 20 miles at 8 AM amplitude modulation we're talking about now. The kind of radio we've had up to
now all this with a discouraging prove we had the program service to offer the people but the people couldn't hear us in large areas of the state. And here is where FM enters the picture. Fm cups down in a fair the betweens they regard this guy waves are not with the FM gives good dependable coverage day and night FM provides a wide range of home and freedom from static. Plainly FM offered a solution to Wisconsin's problem of limited coverage and daytime operation. Other radio people throughout the country saw the promise. Educators marched on Washington and the Federal Communications Commission made a wise move in allocating frequencies for FM transmission. The FCC saw the importance of radio education and reserved 20 channels for educational noncommercial use and up channels for hundreds of stations. This was 1944 just three years ago when the opportunity loomed large.
We had guns and turned to lamp Taylor associate professor of electrical engineering at the university. For years he observed us they'd stations of technical consultants and now we ask them to draw up a plan for a statewide FM radio system. We proposed a network of seven states with interconnecting relay and booth that they were wrong and likeable system of educator planned well for his proposal has met the challenges and won the approval of outstanding engineers and expert in Brigham demodulation next game a most important step. By the laws of 1945 the people of the state of Wisconsin represented in the Senate in Assembly do enact. I've followed the present and coordinated with the broadcasting channels and to give educational radio that is throughout this year by a
radio and to the state radio council there is appropriate from the general fund from July 1st 1945 sixty thousand five hundred ninety five dollars for constructing and equipping initial units of a state radio system. On July 1st 1945 $2000 and on July 1st 1946 nine thousand dollars for the operation of the broad getting to in November 1946 work on the first FM radio tower began. But saw it going up in Madison was gone. Location on bottom Hill two hundred seventy feet above average. The rain shower at 300 feet high by antenna transmitter located in Radio Hall 200 driver watt amplifier in line 1 and 5 running from front middle to antenna frequency range from 15 second hour.
Boy boy big feet what with him being a big unlighted with the fall of the water like the beacon when on the job. We're looking forward to more power than they complete the network throughout the day. And what's driving for new high levels in public service through radio. All the people have with on when you talk about the entire day about serving all the people with guns and you naturally think about the chief executive officer and the new acting governor the Runnable as though my ideas about service would fit in here. He's unable to be present in Britain but here are the methods of Governor Rendell. He penned a book. Surveys show that the American people today been more time listening to
their radios than they devote to anything the activity other than working and sleeping under these circumstances with radio playing folk prominent a part in American life. It is important that the state of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin give Congress and to the great modern medium of communication. The radio station WAGA the stage station that Cognizant has been given. Wisconsin has been a leader the leader in radio education station WAGA has served longer than any other station now on the air. It is one in numerable award for meritorious achievement. And now comes at them new high fidelity radio and again Wisconsin pointed the way. I am glad to give my hearty support to the development of Wisconsin radio facilities because they tend to bring all our state supported educational institutions closer to the people of the state. The entire state becomes the campus Housewives
become students and better homemakers. The Department of Agriculture and the College of Agriculture enter the living room of the thousands of farm homes a greater interest in public problems than in government is engendered. And nothing is more important to the preservation of Wisconsin's reputation for good government. There is no greater guarantee of sound government than an enlightened electorate that is both active and articulate. As acting governor of Wisconsin I congratulate the state radio Council and the Wisconsin legislature which created for the foresight and planning which make this occasion possible. I have to bream confidence in the fact that just this station WAGA has been used for the entertainment and education of Wisconsin citizens. So these modern facilities of WAGA FM and the other stations in the state FM network with are to follow will be employed not for any selfish personal aggrandizement but solely in behalf of the welfare of the people of Wisconsin. My
congratulations and best wishes. Music the office is playing that's the parent from be they number one. Great and good music. One of the many in Richmond that radio give the people of with God. Like of course I do but I'm a businessman. I can't listen to you when you're broadcast only in the daytime. I'm busy. Then FM will bring you'll be able to get Night data on FM stations will broadcast into the night hours. Busy people like you can enjoy educational programs and you know evening Leisure Family they're going to like that. We've been needin it too. Well what about our kids we want in the country schools name of the kids that live in the city. Radio can help us get in touch with the children in the house work all day long I want radio to help me with my job. What are you going
to do. That they tell you a bank professor of speech chairman of the state radio Council seated around the table with him. Several members of the council representing the various state educational agencies is that the Eubank presiding over this involve the session or meeting of are they radio down. We are meant to dedicate the birth death and station of our faith network and the previous debate in the Virgin Radio can we broadcast. If your government or we were directed by the 1945 legislature to construct and develop a state network to provide educational informational and Public Service programme we were also instructed to formulate policies regulating the operations of the network. We've made I'm sure a good technical plan and we are met here today to consider the
informational and educational aspects of that plan. The main question got a little bit. All our big network that is in Irving was gone from the earth shall we book White virus briber director of the state board of vocational and adult education the state board of vocational and a delegation in the hopes for the complete development of the network of FM radio broadcasting stations at the earliest that the bait to the local school of the vocational and adult education that we provide education and training opportunities a lot of good youth and adults thought of the room attend classes during the evening hours with adults who are interested in improving themselves so that they may better be prepared that they were in the living and more adequately for fill the responsibilities of their citizenship. The 30 that provided that to the network of FM
stations they when completed and will make available to our vocational students and other adults worthwhile advocates for broadcast during both day and evening hours which would supplement the introduction which is made available locally and the educational broadcast during the evening hours will be of the special is that you two are thousands of evenings. There's no question but that the bread and butter for purposes of educational broadcasting are inadequate and it's extremely important that aren't pirates they have FM network and even played the tune the possibility that an adequate educational broadcasting there with there may be available to all people of life. Thank you brother. Knowing that the Milton Bocking director of the State Department of Agriculture and vice president of our radio Council and then lead development of our network the impression that agriculture in radio demonstrated by the fact that we have been operating that there will
be Al in Stevens Point since 1922 the need British special radio service for farmers has been felt from the earliest days of broadcast. But all through the years that have been necessary to operate the LDL with limitation on the hour to broadcasting without complete coverage of all the agricultural areas of the state. As we see it now this fam network that we have been planning will make profitable I complete radio service do agricultural fall to the bottom and do it bam all day and night. We recently had a little experience which gets how much people depend B-L throughout the day. Our tower collapse you know we were all fair for about three weeks. We got plenty of evidence that food and light dark you rely on the depth there will be markedly. That there are a lot of school children who get their radio Latin through debit LBO and that
listener generally appreciate it there. After the temporary car was completed I'll be I'll be going on the air without any advance you know during the first week we received nearly 700 Kargil the residents of 44 telling us how glad they were to have Debbie Albiol back on the air. Our experience in that particular bit your way through and through the years as. Convinced that Wisconsin farm people needed a lot the kind of radiotherapy that can be provided when we can reach all of the people all of the time that both Milton bottom director of the State Department of Agriculture and now we have what contribution will as state radio station a big radio network make in elementary and secondary education. We put that question to John Callahan Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Well we've had a good lesson in what radio and Google supplement and rich regulars who were there were companies who have been broadcasting or 16 years of school children would have been better at that there are Reddit could go more than 300 listeners each week. And even though even with the school of the air broadcast by both Kerry and up we are not reaching all the schoolchildren of Wisconsin not by a long way. Only about one third of all who are in the road a little more than one half of the graded school they've been from that or WBL letter to the school of the air broadcast that killed her children and though did they shouldn't be deprived of the advantages of where
they are entitled to the best educational opportunity that they can provide regardless of whether they had we in the Department of Public Instruction look at the project the equalizing educational opportunity. And furthermore young people take up the study of radio programming in high school and we develop a number of outstanding radio workshops who will be able to make the broadcast think that over there in general radio only measured up to it apart the ability or responsibility and I believe it likely to leg pulling the radio will become the accepted part of life. Thank you to cower and a little bit conservative on the enrollment
of the era that was 300000 rather than 300 per week. That amount for a double headed graph. I always think the FM networks are the teachers of God and how will that enable the peak you'd call it used to be regular to the state. Do you like the care of the board of Mormons who read a group out in a well that they could call I could have been too restricted in their study and mute the radio. They couldn't afford bacon that in them money enough to build them and several of the color bitter outside of the range of the care that they will be Ellen up to depend entirely upon commercial better broadcasting coverage of certainly make it possible to utilize radio better. It will give a more widely varied application of what we've already learned a great deal of opportunity for experimentation for after all we haven't solved radio as an educational medium. If they can then prove what can be done. Increased youth of radio in teacher training will make for
greater appreciation and wider use of it in the school. Certainly music that you've heard over the air the afternoon on up their families but the other thing we haven't been able to do in the other field when we had static interference radio. It's expected we would be able to contribute to the program if there were good looks by outstanding teachers and there are many in that they could call it there. Up to go this base will be overcome by unifying the moon and the pollution from the new network will provide means of drawing that digit goal a bit more closer together the family and above all it will make great corporation that we need and among all of the 3 million people of what's going to both our review of minaret review down knowing including our report we have one more question quietly University and rooted in the development of the state radio network we have to be bred out of them to the university it was gone over there with God and welcomed that
opportunity to join forces with other state agencies and this project to extend with constant informational educational set the radio effective medium for reaching many people at the university. Happy to see that the possibilities are to be even greater to make education our broadcast available to all the citizens of the radio education is not a new idea. Knowledge with constant heute the radio new point will be remembered that we have that first patient in the nation. So with Congress have long recognized that radio is an important instrument in making a Thank You can't help but that it is available to present living and working from the cameras. University faculty members have appeared regularly on a program with props and discussions on about every subject but with the education deal. There have however been the constant
regret of many that had limited the daytime broadcast we are happy indeed that the universe and other agencies can now be carried into the evening out in the Madison area and when they have found that work is completed or where they are thanks today every new development and broadcasting we would fail in our duty if we did not pay tribute to our early radio pioneer among these we should let the E-M carry the amp death in your mouth from a prophetic double life. Without reading development on the foundation and out of the pioneer the university will be able to horn at it for fun observing all the people like Khan. Thank you President Brad dream of the state radio Council. We
stand adjourned. There work to be done that without the aid agencies but there to provide a more complete service to our people through this new informational medium from the country overcome messages of congratulations. Wisconsin lead the way toward the first educational FM network and other radio leaders look to us for big things to come from Washington D.C. a native son of Wisconsin joins and I celebrate. CM Dembski once a student builder of w a J now a top consulting engineer and member of the executive board of the FM Association the death he writes I'm proud to have had a part in the university's first station and equally proud of its record in inaugurating the new FM service and planning for state wide coverage. You are maintaining your position of leadership not only for the progress of scientific research but for pioneering for human needs and another native Wisconsinite called involved a man who communicates with millions the other microphone and gratulation for
the vision and enterprise in placing a frequency modulation program at the service of the people of my native state. Your station has long been a leader in promoting sound education for good citizenship by extending the service to the important FM Radio Band. It will enlarge both your opportunity and your audio from John W. Studebaker us Commissioner of Education in Washington DC in radio. We have the most effective instrument of human communication by using it wisely as a means of educational possibilities limitless. I congratulate you in Wisconsin on your acceptance of radio's growing responsibility as an educational medium. I extend every good wish for a bright future. When the school broadcasting coordinator for the city of New York and wed like Earthlink in the chain of educational service not only bought with Johnson but for the United States the whole Detroit Michigan forerunner of Detroit another example from Denver Colorado
to the Rocky Mountain radio Campobello Homa hope to learn from your experience with D.A. take a look. Nobody would say at them California governor by Richmond Virginia Connecticut Washington Florida in the end a message of the Oregon for you listeners of Wisconsin. The applause of the hearty greeting for you the services of FM for all of you getting together to talk things over to communicate. Day we mark the mile the new milestone of this new boy with an idea. A new radio voice. Coming from the FM power and matter one way or the network or all the people.
Make it for you. This special broadcast of the inaugural ceremonies for Wisconsin's new F AM radio service was narrated and produced by Jerry Bartell dramatic episode written by Helen Stanley and acted by the w AJ players including Franklin quote Richard Grossman Bach Marie Heffernan clipper or one James on the Dell Resnick Philips Abba broke monster market share when Abrams Marilyn and Eddie. Original music composed and conducted by Don vaguely and played by the University Radio Orchestra technical operation by Robert Wickham there is your new state radio worth of it.
W H A M. The oldest station in the nation w h a ave a state in the nation w 8 am in Madison.
Inaugural FM Program
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