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Journeys in music class programme to develop ability in music designed for upper grade girls and boys in Wisconsin. I conducted the 24th consecutive year by Professor Gordon. And here's Professor Gordon Good afternoon boys and girls. Well there's a lovely day and we have a lovely group of children visiting us today. We have from the Wood Creek school down in Racine County the Dodgeville public schools the fourth and fifth grades and the wall of hollow School Blue Mountains. And I tell you they can see you just listen to them. They're going to help out a lot today. Now children we've been starting at the beginning of our songbook just having a kind of a good time singing. Suppose you start the last song in the book today. Bendemeer street blessing that was our first song. That's on page
22 and Miss Frost me and Miss Trudy will play an introduction of play that play the last phrase or two. All right everybody read it with that first word ready to sing.
Not lies though. That's fine so sing the last verse of the second verse. No over the rows of every go. Ready for the first word sake. Remember to call your attention to that before Listen. I remember that Alright ready.
The stronger. That was very lovely. That was very lovely. Now on Friday of this week I'm going to be up at Black River Falls we're going to have a big music festival up there and I tell all of you children that are going to attend that festival that I'm going to sing that song. Now
I've had a surprise today. These children that have come to the studio today tell me they can sing both parts and follow the leader. And so I want to take that today. And I'll be delighted if some of the rest of you who can sing this will just drop me a postcard to say I can sing the second part. To follow the leader how let's let's just try this thing through. We'll use the words play a little at Miss Ross Miss Miss Trudy. We. Never go out of the park. Divided your children children teachers into two groups. There's the first group ready six.
Children I would like to give me a present. What do you like to give me a present. Oh this is the present that you're going to give me when I come up the Black River Falls. If I ask you to sing that follow the leader. If you want to give me a nice present while I'd like to have three or four hundred Avia able to sing that second part. Now you you work on that to see if maybe you give me a present. I want to take that again. It was so nice I want to get this because don't you think that is fine. I missed because I was listening to that out in the control room and see just smiling. All right let's take that again. Everybody ready for the first word. Ready one. See.
Yes. A lot supported by his brother. I got already. Now let's go on the back to page 19 fund dime and leave some of these children tell me they worked out a dance for them after we go off they're either going to do that dance form. All right fun dive let's have some fun now you can sing this and and look like you've lost your best friend.
Everybody grin and I have a lot of fun little I don't care if I dance a little do it. All right let me go read it. They hurt. Like a bird right a stick.
A lot of pep on this crowd here today. All right. Like saw the village fiesta. And I've had every place I go this is one of the favorite songs. And so now let's just be ready for that first word and you keep your eye on me all the time and you children you keep your ears on me out there on the stage. All right introduction one. Won. War One. And I've told you long. I should have written that part of this and making a note out of that and arrest Tommy got a real short. Yes the S part. All right take it again after one count I'll say one.
Say what one. Guy. Here we go already worn. One. Look it up here. Want one. Quite good enough job sit up nice and straight all of you children all over the state of
Wisconsin. Get your feet on the floor and get ready after I say one then we bring this out here big old already won. Not enough from the studio group. Come on children I say it again. 1. Why not.
Say why. Not children that are going to sing for me on Friday and next week where you're going to sing for me you won't forget that would end up with luck. All you had to do and I wanted to hump. Then when it come to that that big big part I want you to all sit up straight put a lot of steam into it so as to make it thrilling. Tom I believe you have a very important announcement. Yes I have Professor garden hundreds of schools have been waiting for this announcement and today's the day for it. The information is for the school's planning to attend our big music festival here in Madison on Saturday May 7. Are you ready with those postcards or with paper and pencil to take down the information. We need six items of
information. Write them on a postcard and send them to the Wisconsin School of the Air Radio Hall Madison 6. Here are the six items. First Post Office address of your school. Second name of your school. Third your county. Fourth name of teacher in charge of your group. They have a number of pupils and teachers coming sixth. Number of adults drivers and or parents. If you get all of the items written down I'll repeat them for you just to be certain you have them. First Post Office address of your school. Second name of your school.
Third your county. Fourth name of teacher in charge of your group. The number of pupils and teachers coming and sixth number of adults drivers and or parents who may come to the Madison festival. Any class that has been participating in journeys in Musicland this year may attend the rehearsal begins at 10 45 sharp. So plan to be here with your own song books before that time. Registration is from 10 to 10 45 and remember bring a picnic lunch with you as there are very few restaurants in the area of the stock pavilion and we have only one hour for lunch. Will mail your school a pamphlet of directions and information and an admission card. Next week be sure to bring both with you on the festival day. Send your postcard with the six items of information to the Wisconsin School of the
Air Radio Hall Madison 6. And now back to Professor Gordon and Mr. Dean may I add to that please do not address any of those registrations to me. I have nothing to do with that and I might lose your registration so you better not take a chance on me. Send them to the Wisconsin School of the air. All right thank you Mr. Dean. OK. All right turn if you will to page 15 Shenandoah. Now children this is the thing I want to be careful of. Listen not like that but three little notes kind of hang together and play a lot of mystery to me.
All right. Here we go. Here we go. Now say. Is War Ready. All right that's all the time we take on that now let's turn back to our Largo on
page 12. Now when we have the music festival I always asked our accompanist to play this introduction and then we have to be right there for that long note to children who are in the studio how long we hold out first long note. Six counts six counts and I say one and then we start the tone and how do we start it just softly and it gets stronger all the time doesn't it. Let's just take that gives a c. Let me hear it. Just that that bird first note I'll say one and we'll all go one yeah I've done quite enough. Not all the children not in the state I'm expecting you do the same thing all right once more I say one was on top. Now we're going to have the introduction I think this through to play that introduction and you all
be ready now to do that. Note that first note exactly right. All right Mr. O'Day. Right it was.
One. Why. You're.
We have a. Here we go. How did. All that deny that it is not. Them that was there at night that was very nice. No Missy Lessing little David Page 5 children you know I've told this to many times and I just keep going keep going. At the end of one verse go right on to the next one player that mistrust me.
Don't forget the actual accent. All right I have five minutes ready. To take that. That the part there is little David right. I bring that out stronger already. I am.
Sure you all. Look. You see how it is. I just have to keep grinding it out just like turning a crank we don't stop at all. And when you come to that parking lot how about good strong that's all the time for on that. Now let me see. Oh you heave ho ho. How much time do I have Mr Mike. Three minutes all right. Introduction. Write a new thing.
What to tell the studio I don't want all children listening to me. I want that more staccato than that. All rights bite off little points until ready. The second version. Third verse reading.
Do we have time for one first down. All right I'm ready. I thought so. We're not thinking that beginning again. There was a silence there once more beginning already. We all know.
It. Was all right. Now children you won't forget that on Friday. I don't want I don't want a single soul until next week. Then good bye boys and girls. For upper grade Wisconsin girls and boys on another journey and music. PROFESSOR GORDON. Has until next Wednesday at 1:30. In music land now on its 24th year. It's a presentation of the Wisconsin School of the air.
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Wisconsin School of the Air went on the air in 1931 with programming aimed at used in primary and secondary schools, covering topics such as government, music, art, nature, and history.
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