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Look this is the evening exchange promo for Wednesday July 29 1992. Tonight on evening exchange Why are so many women tired all the time. Could their chronic fatigue be helped by a simple change in diet. Hi I'm coach. Join me tonight at 7:00 on evening a change when we talk about women's health. We'll explore why black women often find themselves at the margins of the problems that may have been prevented had they been able to get regular checkups. It's all about women's health. All tonight at 7:00 even exchange right here on whl let me tell you.
But that's part of it. And maybe that's the topic. I don't know. But it's there.
Thank you for your. Excellent. Thank you for your patience. Let's start.
It's. Just it's just. It's. Just it's. Just. Think
of. It.
It's just it's. It's it's. It's. Just it's just.
Let's. Look at it. Now. And just.
Because I like it.
Just. Because. It's got. To. And because sometimes I mean the women are you and me. Well part of. It. Is. That's right.
All of them. All right thanks for the ride again because someone comes in that's what it is. Just too different. That's just because a person reading part of. It. Oh it's a fact that at the time
just having a dick. But just. One. And that's. What
it. Is. What in the hell has. To learn.
But changing and changing too. Again thank you. It's. Let it go. It's your time. Don't be just part time. And what to do. Because it's just a suggestion as a part of it not just drop your body out of that. So people here tell them differently. When changing to something because of
the tons of them. Some people just because it's sexual it's because they're just you. There it is. Yes. That's the same thing. First thing because I want to see what they're like. As for. The documents.
It's OK. It lets you talk. How much is that. Is he acting as that.
We have to acknowledge it. Get. It.
At the top of the top notch. If it is up for.
It. Right now and one of the things that I think this is. Not from.
Oh all right.
What about talking about. All sides. It's just that once.
And it's not. That.
Yes. Always argue about one of the people right. This just looks to be an economic redistribution. But then there are things that can help you if you're a boy and then back it up for starting us. And part of it is. And it's just like the rest of it. I'm.
Talking. To you. But it's
not. All that different. But I'm not saying just the first. It's one of the first is that and it's going to. But we. Just learned that it is not working. Oh.
Right. It's just there for. People to. Make it and people are trying to work with them and the people that can take up to them. But it's so i talking about.
It didn't look too. Big. That's. Right.
And. That's what it's. Like. And I don't. It's. Just too
You need to know you're going in different places and it can cause. But what if anything it was the best.
The top of. The side effects which you can think of things like hypertension but you can be there for the rest. That's right. How
much. And to be fair I think that because it's not just their heart.
It's not just Vice President Cheney it's looking good. But. What. We. Should do it. Is. What was.
It. I said. IT'S IT'S IT'S IT'S IT'S IT'S IT'S IT'S IT'S ONLY. It's. So let's get it here because of your family. It's always a comparable thing to health care providers are comfortable with. It. It's not just. But. It is
important for the difficult. It's possible to get it. Right. It's a lung cancer heart. I think it's it's the people on
it. But no one is approaching women who are long time. They're not at risk. But if you look at it because studies. It's it. What is. It. I think it's dumb because that's what
I mean. And I think that's very difficult to talk to about your particular and just because empathy sympathy that it's just that.
That's just it. Why is that. It's just. Yes. That's what. It's. About.
But that isn't. What. It is for our specific health care. But. Stick to facts. First. It's a import I discussed with that artist talking about. It but
it's. Just sometimes the bottom of the female. But to me.
And that's it. It's just that we're taking the power from lots and lots of it because not all of the good. What is. That. Well it's not it's it's a
whole. It's just that. You don't necessarily have to be just that we're just that way. But there are things that I go into a doctor a. Lot. Yes just what. Do I get questioned about practicing sex. I mean it needs to be. It is but. And that's that. Absolutely everything. And obviously it's just absolutely.
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Women's health issues discussed, including family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, hysterectomy, breast cancer, yeast infection, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and diet both from a conventional medical perspectives as well as homeopathic approaches. In addition to comparing men's and women's health issues, the program also looks at the challenges black and minority women face with healthcare. Access, education, and the behavioral impact that racism imposes may explain the differences between the health of white and black women. The episode devotes a segment discussing lesbian health issues.
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