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This assembly line scene can't be seen in Janesville right now. We'll have a report on how the GM plant closing is affecting that town. If you're going to gamble this is the way I like to gamble the gamble is the Wyoming oil lottery and some Wisconsinites are trying to get rich quick. And it was customary that the door of the church would be left open but one can't do that today. Damage resulting from church crime totals 1.5 billion dollars each year. Hello I'm Dave Iverson Welcome to our season ending edition of a Wisconsin magazine also on our show this week will update a story about mining in northern Wisconsin and we'll also profile two very different Wisconsin personalities. One is retreated to the peace and quiet of the north woods and one marches forth loudly each morning on the airwaves of a small Wisconsin radio station. One out of every seven jobs in the United States is auto industry related. These days that adds up to a very big workload at the unemployment office. In auto industry
dependent towns like Janesville the community becomes a rumor mill a place of anxiety and speculation about what went wrong with the GM plant is closed temporarily Now the first shift was still operating when we visited there last week. And talk of the trouble kept filtering through the sounds of the assembly line up. I think over the years there has been some mystique. Not only in America but throughout the world now. About a foreign product. Of that. It's built in the Black Forest By else you know or. Something like that. By skilled Swiss watchmakers. So that when they they've purchased a foreign car they think they're getting something better because as for. Walter the indefinite layoff which has just recently hit us really bad here in
Janesville I think it's a quick answer to it would be to cut off the imports of foreign cars specifically the Japanese produced ones or restrict them. We're going to have to go back either sooner or later people are going to buy the biggest gas is going up. And I just and they're good and I got to go to the small car. Just a few years ago we were engaged in that highly touted love affair with the big car married to the idea that those cars meant status and prestige here at the transport lot in Janesville. Thousands of cars waited daily to be parked like anxious mail order brides. But then the price of gas went up and our fuel troubles began. And the big car was replaced by a smaller fuel efficient frequently Floren model. And as has been noted that love affair was over. But we wondered was GM the last to know. In view of the seductive small car. Why did the 71 hundred auto workers here in Janesville continue to turn out
only full size Chevrolets. The only GM plant in the country to do so. In a full 20 700 second shift workers were laid off indefinitely. On May 12. The plant closed down for two weeks or until they have some orders for new cars. So in every bar and restaurant and all over town rumors and anxiety surface everybody by and enforce because they're getting better mileage or lighter smaller engines economical. That's what they want are people. People are laughing talking smiling or are they pessimistic optimistic but they're optimistic they're whole. Direct something is not going to come unless I go to the small car. There is still very much a need for the size car that we build. We feel. You talk to a family with three and four children. You just don't get them well into a car the size of a show that Director of Public Relations Phil got shocked doesn't like to call the full size Chevrolet
a big car and points out that it's now 1000 pounds lighter and much more gas efficient than it was before 1976. We asked if as Henry Ford Jr. said about himself General Motors hadn't misread the demand for compact cars. Sadly it will be for you know what Henry Ford said I'm not going to speak for him. But there have been times Gunness GM has built small cars many times in the past. And the amount sold they have sold sporadically. Maybe for a one year period and then people went right back to the larger cars. You know I can give you many examples of that. People's memories are quite short in view of recent reports that imports have outsold American cars with their small subcompacts. Has there been in fact a kind of industrial lag. Yes. True there is a why. Only because that is all that the Japanese for example of ever made have been
small cars whereas we have been diversified. We've tried to cover the whole gamut from small cars and such as she led all the way up to Ghana black limousines a little something for everybody. Yes I think there's nothing at the local GM management done to prevent it but the corporate decisions that are made in Detroit long range planning probably could have been better by Monday morning quarterbacking doesn't do the job. Now we're at a point right now where something has to be done. And I'm sure they're working toward eventually meeting the competition of the foreign car. President of UAW Local ninety five Michael Bryan wants protection from imports and supports the union's long shot attempt to get the Japanese to build cars in the US. But he also objects to the GM dealers selling those Japanese cars. I know that GM always felt over the years that Ford and Chrysler are American
Motors was their competition. I cannot recall going to any GM dealer and seeing a Ford or Chrysler product or an American Motors product sitting on the floor. And I just can't understand how they're tolerating a GM dealer selling off on that or a Datsun or a tie out at the present time. Something's happened I don't know what it is but the corporation is allowing their competition to steal their customers. This of course could spell survival to some hard pressed car dealers who've been battered by high interest rates. But it doesn't fill up the plants empty parking lot here in Jamestown. And unemployment here is at 12 percent. Caterpillar and Simmons mattress are coming to town but one is too far down the line. The other said to be inappropriate for the auto worker. Auto workers might not get rich but the pay has been good enough to put that traditional American dream within reach 20 Snow and his wife have both been laid off. Both worked at the GM plant.
They have three children a comfortable home in Beloit a swimming pool and three car and snow is not about to give it all up. I don't plan on going down hill and if it takes. Me going out getting another job. To hang on to what I have now I will I will. I'm not going give up just because we are out of work and I hope the rest of the UAW people feel the same way. Snow says he thinks the company isn't telling everything for instance that the second shift will never come back. So in the Janesville labor we've most of the people know what you know what their return date might be. And. I just don't think to tell them everything I don't really believe that they expect a second shift every time that there is a sad feeling. I really feel sorry for some of the other people too you know. I guess nobody likes to work but I'd rather have a steady income you know nowhere. Rather than the send back way no benefits to come through the mail and you never know when when you get it. I've talked to a lot of people who have been. Receiving
benefits men affect my next door neighbor was telling me this morning. That. He's 6 we spend right now and I just don't see how people can survive today with Les Aspin and Gary Johnson representatives you can't shake somebody up. Find out the reason why. Why have you called the police to hear what they see as Newman the 24th that I was going to be finalised one week benefit. Do you think GM could have done something to prepare for this crisis. I think they could have. Matter of fact I think they could have built a car to get better gas mileage. And I think GM played a big part in. What the failed government is for as let interest rates go so high I don't think they really consider if they was concerned about it why would they have all those cars imported cars and all their deals like this plant going to survive.
Oh absolutely no question about that. We have the capability of within a very short time span of building any car the GM designs. What's a short time span and that would depend on the car. I'd say anywhere from. All one month to four months. In virtually every GM plant is that way too. We have the capability of very rapidly changing. You know someone say in two or three months but I don't think so. Of course you know hindsight being 20 20. Sure but again you just you know in the. Organization as large as General Motors is in the automotive industry you just cannot take every car in line and immediately turn no. Can do. No. Good. The future of this GM plant is uncertain it may survive. A recent study suggests a possible conversion to the newly designed small J car with a three month shutdown in September 1981 to retool the plant.
Nationally. Labor and management join forces to fight that for gracious foreign competitor and spokesman Phil got shot continues to point out that people will tire of the small car and return to the scaled down but larger models. Meanwhile workers should not have to worry about their benefits running dry. The plant has been recertified for federal funds under JRA. The trade Readjustment Act of 1974 at which provides help for workers laid off due to foreign imports. Of Steel as one man said. Even without benefits it's not like a vacation. There's no job there. When you go back well from the time I started at GM I've heard a new rumor every week so I try not to subscribe to any I just play things as they go for now. Lot of rumors a lot of rumors. Yeah. You were you were a dispatcher before about that. Not much need for that job you say no I don't have any loads going out how late so they have. Given us work and let us out here.
What do they look like when you're busy. Well a lot a lot of trucks are out there all gone and it was empty. Strange now. But car owners and big car makers aren't the only ones who would delight in the discovery of new oil fields in the United States. In fact thousands of Wisconsinites are gambling on just that hope. Also people in our state don't get any closer to black gold than adding a can of 10 w 40 motor oil to their cars. But many Wisconsinites are quite legally gambling on oil. The game is called the Wyoming oil lottery you can play it on your own or with the assistance of so-called oil lottery leasing services. Art Hackett takes a look at the game the odds and the results. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY get over here I thought we're sekali this year then when Exxon hit
their big. Strike and guess over here then everybody wanted to purchase is my mistake we're selling it to the first to. Offer the lease and we were fortunate to win is in there where a colony in the state of Wyoming the bread sheet here indicates that there's no one oil deposits there and that's basically why I selected that leads. Money oil money the kind of money that made the Beverly Hillbillys plausible made JR Ewing mean to help Bunker Hunt get messed up in silver oil money from oil under state and federally owned land rights to which are literally raffled off the sand on the state of Wyoming. When the previous tenants for whatever reasons have given up on the chances of finding oil.
If I wanted out of the state of Wyoming oil lottery I'd send $15 to get on the mailing list for lists like this of the parcels that are going to be for the lottery each month. This one happens to have one hundred forty four on it. I go down the list and find a parcel that I thought had oil underneath it or perhaps just sounded lucky like one number 99 That sounds pretty good. Then I thought a little entry card like this one putting down my name and address and the parcel number ninety nine. And I'd sent off that card and a check for $15 to the state of Wyoming in a few weeks. I'd find out if I won or didn't win. But winning the lease is only the first step. You also have to sell it. The idea is that wildcatters who actually do drill for oil will pay you for that newly won lease. They would presumably try and drill for oil. The odds are strongly in favor of it being a dry hole. But if they do hit paydirt the winner would get a small share of the riches. So the lottery winner starts shopping for
his taxes state right. Well maybe while researching the story I talked to a dentist in upstate New York who had done pretty well. How much money have you sold those leases for how much of your scenes total would you estimate. But I also ran across an engineer from Kentucky who had won three leases but hadn't been able to sell any of them. There have no doubt been some big winners in Wisconsin and some big losers. We found several others somewhere in between. AL East today is the retired president of a paint company who lives just outside of Kenosha had 10. Winners that were slightly above marginal. Now you say you had 10 winners. That's out of how many injuries. Well I would have to guess but I would say probably out of
3000 or so entries. What's the most you've gotten from any one individual lease the most I've taken in fifty eight hundred there. But on a single lease but I have a 4 percent royalty on five hundred fifty eight acres and I got a chance for a 50 well that 4 percent of the yeah. So I think it gets a much better bet than going into well partnership. And you haven't. When you started making this money in the hole and I hope I live long enough to do it. But winning this many times it hasn't come cheap. Three thousand entries means over $30000 an entry fee. Although Easter Day knows that in his tax bracket that's not necessarily a problem watching all of the ad my expenses has been a hundred percent deductible and the IRS has not questioned the deductions there. So I go to Las Vegas. No deduction are there are like the park there's no deduction
for if you're going to gamble this is the way I like to gamble. If today's seeks out long shots since they are less likely to draw barrels of entries from so-called filing services you may have seen their ads from time to time. For a fee of $10 or so parental rate they claim to be able to guide you to the most desirable parcel of land. The operators of several of the larger firms refused to be interviewed. The owner of a smaller one land leasing service of accountable Locke did agree to an interview. He's Joe chancellor of a former ad agency owner and technical writer. Joe what is it that qualifies you to help people pick out these leases you started out in advertising what qualifies you to help people determine a parcel of land to put a foot an oil bid on. I played in long enough to. Take a little blitz course in geology. Get all maps records and everything else the winners and losers as they go into selling parcels and
those that don't sell are not just studying and learning what it is how to do it and everything. Then I watched my own progress in my selection that they were valuable you know and that they did sell you know a lot of people going for them. You say put it for a long enough how long was it was long enough. I would say a year and a half before I started. Joshua was rather outspoken about some of his competitors. He feels leasing services should be licensed. Why the Federal Oil lottery was shut down last year because of alleged abuses by leasing services when the federal lottery reopens. Probably the summer changes will have been made to curb potential abuses. But there are other problems. Linda price of the Milwaukee Better Business Bureau says most services drawn from points 1 reaction leasing service and hands from clients who. Have entered into long term contracts. Well
early last year and as of about six months ago I stopped receiving their entry cards back from the Bureau of Land Management via the filing service. They have been unable to contact the owner of the filing service does not return phone calls now his phone is disconnected. He doesn't respond to correspondence he hasn't answered the Better Business Bureau. We have just recently turned this matter over to no walking postal inspector for investigation. Price Some people are apparently out several hundred dollars. Wisconsin magazine went to the business address listed in action leasing hands. We found a beauty supply store would employee who had never heard of action leasing people with a dry cleaners next door were equally in the dark. We were looking for the actual leasing service where what happened to it and where did it go I had no idea it was to me and going where you find me doing my thing. What kind of
business was it. We decided. That. Our efforts to contact the operator of action leasing by phone were equally unsuccessful. Rice meanwhile was concerned that a lot more money may be at stake in connection with other rats that have run in Wisconsin recently. One day after you respond to their so-called Free Offer. Then you are sent a mailing offering to file cards 144 cards for $6000. So this is just common to enter into a long term expensive contract. You know Ed. The wording of some leasing service ads has troubled Milwaukee Postal Inspector John Hallberg but he took no action since there weren't fact winners land leasing structure What was your read say.
Yes it's true others say you CAN WE CAN'T WIN if you don't enter. Dare to be rich. Things like this. That's advertising I understand and designed to entice people into entering but does this get people's hopes up unduly. Are we attracting people who are. Gambling where they really shouldn't be gambling. I don't know if they'd be better off investing in something else that isn't that much but in advertising when I say yes it's true you two can win it's true you can father there every mother not bad there is odds when he compared to the Derby these are the stakes in England where there are millions of people involved for one horse. Here you have odds maybe run up to 5000 a month. One in 5000 to win that's not bad for that kind of money. But it's true you can win. There is no guarantee that they will win a lease or if they do win a lease that the lease will be of any value or if they'll get any offers from an oil or gas company too bad.
But at the same time this claim really isn't inaccurate. There is a chance there is money to be made in the lottery. And we have record of several lottery winners who have made anywhere from $10000 and up to over three hundred fifty thousand dollars. But you have no idea how many people do want a thing. Thought it was a monster. But despite the fact that thousands don't win and some who do win win nothing. People like Bill Copland keep trying at first with a leasing service and then on his own like the Copland kept picking parcels he finally won the Wyoming lottery last spring. Thirty seven applicants on their particular parcel and I was fortunate enough to win and I waited until November from May until November before I was able to sell it. In terms of your winnings your we're still behind you haven't covered what you've gambled yet. How much money did you get for this.
I only received five dollars an acre for it so I was $400. Now you've obviously spent a lot more than that on filing fees you haven't covered your losses yet yet yet you're still hopeful. I am. Yes I guess I'm kind of a cross between a realist and an optimist. I'm realistic enough to know that it's going to be pretty difficult to be lucky again. And I'm optimistic that the next time I hope to get something I'll be worth a bit more. What does your wife think of this does she encourage you or does she say when she play the horse is different but they both right I think she kind of looks at it as everyone having a hobby. When you found out there wasn't all that money did you lose you would you say to your husband I says See I told just so I said but like you said before it is a hobby with a man. If we are they where this might not that's ok too. There can be big money involved here. You can win thousands and more and you can lose thousands and more either through the luck of the draw or
through a fly by night filing service somewhere in the wilds of Wyoming. There may be a patch of prairie that is a monument to a Wisconsin wildcatter who lost big bucks gambling in the hopes of moving in next door to jr and his bunch. But we kind of got the feeling that most of the people involved here knew exactly what they were getting into and enjoyed that. I like to be the so-called master of my destiny. They're in other words I don't want anybody to guide me through it I don't make my own decisions. The leasing service that drew complaints in our report action leasing has now contacted the Milwaukee Better Business Bureau. But the bureau's Linda Price says that the firm still hasn't provided the information necessary for a thorough investigation. Several months ago we did a story called The mine next door. The report concerned the coming of Exxon to northern Wisconsin that mine isn't a reality yet. If and when it
happens it will be one of the largest copper and zinc mines in North America. But as we reported not everyone is pleased with that prospect. The mole like Indians whose reservation sits next door to the mine site are concerned about how the mine would potentially affect their land and their lives. A new twist to the mine debate prompted us to revisit the mine next door. If I was Exxon I'd I do just exactly like you and I know darn well that if they told me that I know if they were planning on your mining uranium mine I know darn well that. I would be up in arms. You're Rainey and the word itself seems almost radioactive. Damn polar heads the Molech tribes mining Committee. I think I'm like most people. I know that certain buy products are bad by products from copper and zinc mining cannot harm the health. Whenever you hear about radiation Agger you always think of a atomic bomb or not radiation illness and it's more of a. Smart thing in a minus psychological or.
Psychological thing IMO. I'm afraid of radiation. Exxon officials have consistently denied that they have any interest whatsoever in your raining mining here at the Crandon deposit or anywhere else in Wisconsin for that matter. But Exxon opponents offered these leases as evidence that Exxon really does want to enter the uranium business. Leases spell out royalties Exxon would pay the Chicago Northwestern transportation company for uranium bearing ores as well as other minerals. The land included in the lease coincides with part of Exxon's proposed copper zinc mine near Crandall the fact of the issue is we are not exploring for uranium in Wisconsin. Period. Period. That was Exxon spokesman Paul Jason three months ago. So what do the leases really mean. Do they indicate Exxon's interest in uranium after all. Or are they simply a reflection of a common business practice that is including all minerals even ones you're not interested in in a mineral lease statement rolls
expert Tom Evans. Again I guess my question would be Tom why would Exxon say consistently to you to me to other people that they're not interested in your opinion and go ahead and be in the process of securing uranium leases. Isn't there some inconsistency there. One of the things we we see in mining companies. It is a tendency to do things because they are traditional. I know that sounds like a trite answer in a paddy answer but leasing instruments are legal instruments obviously. They are documents that company lawyers don't like to see or messed with if at all possible and they are therefore standardized. The fact that. Two worldly bases would be in there. You know the self again does not suggest to me that they are interested in uranium. It is a it is a standard lease a typical leasing instrument.
If you had Exxon on the on the phone right now would you have some questions to ask them. Yeah I think I'd ask them. What they're interested in and. Tell them I guess discuss with them what what our understanding of the geology in that area shows and try to seek further information with their understanding of the geology in the area shows we are dealing with a part of the state where a lot of information is not available. So back to Exxon we went to find out just what the company's interests were. Spokesman Paul Jackson. You have said to me before and said to other people that Exxon does not have an interest in uranium. If I if I may quote you. The fact of the issue is we are not exploring for uranium in Wisconsin period. So I still hold that it's precisely right. As I recall it and that still holds true. Oh yes indeed yes. Let me show you these these leases which spell out
the lease arrangements for uranium that Exxon has if in fact Exxon has no interest in exploring for uranium. Then why go to the trouble of securing the mineral rights or uranium that doesn't. That seems contradictory to me. This is a follow up to a lease option agreement we signed with CNN Bellevue back in 1976. It was a three year lease option for base metals exploration. It expired if I recall correctly December 2 1979 by the summer 1 of 1979 we had to make a decision hey do we want to let this lease option go or do we want to pick it up just so that we have additional protection for the area of the Crandon deposit. We we elected to. Signed the lease to initiate the lease which we were allowed to do under the lease option agreement back in 1976.
And the word uranium appears in the lease along with all other minerals and typically a lease arrangement says that you want to lease all of the minerals all of the minerals not just one mineral at a time not just for say titanium and then you go and explore and found while there's copper there so then you've got to truck back and negotiate another lease for type for copper and drop the titanium. Well you don't do that. What you really do as a matter of course anywhere you explore is encompass as many minerals as you possibly can in your exploration agreement is a fair way to interpret that then. Did Exxon is not looking for uranium has no intent to drill for uranium but if something happens that you would find some you want to make sure that it's yours. That's that's the assessment yes. Then it seems to me that's a little bit different than saying you have no interest in it. If you had no interest in it then why bother to secure the rights for the the quote from your record.
The fact of the issue is Exxon has no uranium exploration activity in Wisconsin and that remains true. We do not have a uranium exploration activity it is a base metal exploration activity. It is a fair way to simplify this than to say simply that this is Exxon's way of keeping your options open in the future. And one of those options just might be uranium. That's right not closing a door. In those options would include perhaps perhaps your rain. Well the this option obviously does. It all seems to boil down to is this. Exxon is not exploring for uranium in Wisconsin right now. It's also true that the company has no current plans to do so. Exxon is simply holding on to the uranium option that this question could even come up. Those signify something more that uranium is becoming a kind of state
wide buzz word. In a separate development a legislative subcommittee is now looking into questions of uranium exploration safety in Wisconsin. That group will be holding public hearings this summer. What they hear and what they report will have significance far beyond the mine next door. Coming up now in our second half hour we'll have a report on church crime arson and vandalism are growing problems for Wisconsin churches. We'll also profile a quiet man who seeks solitude in the north woods. And we'll conclude with a look at a small town radio personality whose voice is anything but quiet. Those stories in just a moment. Governor Davis is never at a loss for words and neither are his critics. So get your questions ready for our Red governor and his Democratic opposition the May 22nd edition of target at 8:00 p.m. public television station. A conversation with your local minister on church building needs might include discussion of
carpets or light fixtures but you might also wind up talking about locks on alarm systems. More and more churches and synagogues have become targets for vandalism robbery and even arson. Mark Weller reports on the rise in crime against religion. An. Nt. Eat. Throughout history churches have been viewed as a monument to the virtues of goodness and kindness.
Organized religion stands as a pillar against evil and hatred and people who go to church to find peace of mind as church acted as a sanctuary to help them cope. With their day to day problems. I can remember the days when church doors were constantly left open and nobody worried about it that. People could walk in and out as they pleased and and it was customary that the door of the church would be left open. But one can do that today. The reason for that is crime. In the past five years or has been a significant increase in arson theft and vandalism against churches. The National Fire Protection Association says the leading cause of church fires is arson. Some church related insurance companies report losses are up 300 percent. Insurance underwriters estimate church related
crime cost one point five billion dollars annually. Reverend George or Vic is the pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Madison is a victim to this new wave of church crime. His story is no different from that of dozens of other Wisconsin churches. It was New Year's Eve. In 1977 and we were at home when the telephone rang about 3:00 o'clock in the morning and the police were at our church and told me that something serious had happened and that I better come over. And so I came over to the church and. Found. A very sad condition some kids had broken into the church and school and vandalized it. By the time they left they had done over $10000 worth of damage. When I came into the church in the classrooms I could see were all pretty well torn apart. The bulletin boards were torn off the walls the bookcases were tipped over and the tape recorders
and various printing machines were smashed and lying on the floor and and the place was in the general mess and the offices were likewise devastated and the interior of the church the Christmas trees were tipped over in the commune where was lying on the floor. So it was a pretty sad day. Churches everywhere are protection targets for vandals. Church Mutual of Merrill an insurance company that deals exclusively with church properties indicates vandalism is a growing trend. Spokesman John Cleary we have noticed an increase in vandalism against churches. And it has become a rather expensive thing for the insurance companies involved and for the churches. Why do you think someone would want to commit a crime against the church. That's a question that's faced me. For the five years I have
been in the insurance industry. Some of the claims are. I would say. Unusual. And perhaps extraordinary. And you have to wonder why somebody would do that. And I don't have the answers. Many people might suspect church vandalism is a problem associated with large cities like Milwaukee or Madison. But smaller towns have had problems too. Holy Ghost as a Catholic church in Dickie Ville along with the school the parish also built a shrine. In a few years ago a teenager tried to tear it down. Police Chief Roger Reed. It was a disgrace to the community. People cannot believe that that would happen here. Lot of times you hear of it away from your home but when it comes to your own community it's a different story. People didn't take kindly to it. Damage was estimated between 5000 and thirty thousand dollars.
I walked in and it was it was a complete mess everything was torn from the walls from the shelves everything laid on the floor. I guess the same would go with the school. Everything in sight was no longer on the walls or us standing up. Everything was thrown in the center of the floor completely in a mass. It would be the worst thing Dicky Phil has seen in vandalism probably ever. I doubt if they'll ever see this much vandalism one place again. I would say in the past few years crimes of vandalism and arson. Have increased substantially and it appears right now that in excess of 50 percent of our fire claims involving churches are arson related.
One of the most hideous crimes churches have to contend with is arson. Five months ago this church in West Bend the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall was nearly destroyed by fire damage was estimated at over $100000. Police and church leaders suspect arson. They theorize someone broke a window to get inside the church to light it on fire. Almost everything inside was turned into a charred mess and weekends members gather to rebuild their church. It will be a long expensive project. They have no idea why somebody wanted to destroy something that was so important to them. Police have made no arrests. This Christian Science Church in Hartford also fell victim to arson. It was totally destroyed in 1077 and a congregation eventually built a new church on the same location. Strangely enough the church across the street is yet another example of arson. But these two churches share something more in common than just being neighbors the same person started both fires court records revealed in both cases a 27 year
old man broke a window and started the fire with a cigarette lighter. He pleaded not guilty by reason of mental defect and was placed in a mental institution for three years. The advice that we're giving searches. In areas where the there might be an increase susceptibility is to improve security measures. Keep the doors locked. We. Will advise them in certain instances to look into the possibility of obtaining alarm systems. Aside from those basic steps and just the usual diligence that any person. Exercises over his own property is all that we can advise. While I think in the age in which we live that. Every church needs. Security measures and that some type of warning system. Really helps to detour deter this type of thing from happening. And so I would encourage every church not to be
careless in protecting. Their property. But once a church falls victim to crime it becomes more than a statistic on a police blotter. It's of war and it takes a long time to heal. Well I've never had an experience like that in the 26 years that I've been here and this would surely be one of the worst things that has happened to us. Thanks. To our at. The co-op. Our last story had a question mark at the end of it. Is nothing sacred. The person you're about to meet found an answer in the stillness of the North Woods. Now courier is a former college chaplain who moved away from society not necessarily to escape from
people but to establish refuge for himself and others. Currier built his hermitage in northwestern Wisconsin. There he leads an ascetic life offering his hideaway as a kind of way station for those who want to reassess their lives. And I many producer visited the Hermitage and came away with this impression. In the noisy world there's a need for a quiet dinner. Complex where there's a need for simplicity in a mobile world where if a buddy is running around calling to things in meetings there's a need for stability there's a need for somebody to stay home. There's a need for somebody to be the place that everybody else goes to because if it is going then nobody is home for them to go. And there's this whole contrast. Of our culture
is part of what I'm struggling to do out here and embody. I find that the outside world wears down the sideline. You can live the creative self directed life see in the mechanical or in an urban environment but it's 10 times higher. It's much easier here where the whole rhythm is natural and slow and the rhythm is quiet and dark. It's much easier to come to your aid to come to your inner quiet in your inner peace. For me everyone who comes up to heal is Christ. I know there was one.
Very dogmatic young man who was up there once and was very worried about a divorced woman that came up here and spoke of hers in adultery. And I said no no the only people that come up that hail. Christ. And if you can't see Christ you have to put a label homosexual adult. Martin this or that. Then. Then you won't be comfortable here because you will be living in the kitchen with the big thumbs. I'm really a homemaker. I try putting down. For homemaker. Come on. You couldn't do it. And yet still the food is very much. People come out here from the city. Tend to diesel when they
get out here is so distorted and spot like in the old ford where you shook me off but still fires for a half hour and they me sit up for the late show even though there's no electricity or television just because they're programmed to get it and so this is the quiet that is comparable to the calm at the center of a storm that the quiet in the center of the tornado and its people cannot realize how wild in the wind driven their lives are and tell the step into a contrast and once they are in the contrast then you can see amazing things happen. If your table has been blessed with a warm meal and fresh food you accept what is given and even in saying
that there is an openness to the flow of it and this is the day the Lord God has given I will rejoice in it and be glad there is no match. I cannot publish a brochure and advertise that I give you a religious experience. All I can do is as God enables me is give you a context a place and environment and be in some middle you where if the time is right for you you may feel the power. When I first came out here I felt the need for prayer. And I really wanted to make
the place a place of prayer. The original idea was the chapel. Because I felt a real need for holy space. Of the east side of the old guy. Then he'd told me.
You pray at the end of this service the piss into a mess of Indian food through the dark and silent hours that this night so that we who are weary the chances and changes of this fleeting world the repose of pond eternal change should us notice. From stillness to sound our final story this week is literally on a different wavelength. In most communities radio stations play things pretty much by the same book using well-tested formats that play you quickly well in Madison or Milwaukee or for that matter on the east or west coast but in small towns radio personalities are sometimes different characters reflecting only that community. Nothing more or less. Producer art Hackett and cinematographer Chuck France found such a personality and station in Berlin Wisconsin. Time now for the area school lunch menu sponsored by Happy Birthday cheer not happy furniture they got a bunch of
young fellas up there that are really putting out the waterbeds Have you had a flop down on a waterbed. I thought you guys in the vinyl you know. You're up there on Ophelia backaches you go oh you know coming at night it's just it's just one of days you know what really hurts. OK go up there. Lie down in one of those water beds they're warm they touch every part of your back. You can relax and get a good night's sleep and be ready for tomorrow. There's a lot of big days coming up for farmers now. Long hard days. Get yourself a waterbed from happy furniture. Highway 21. Phenomenal and I'm Scottish now wy it says am in Berlin joins w why is this epic fail me in another day of broadcasting. I want to do at 6:15 in the morning we say St. Joe saying what Joe did you know that listening to all political speech is a lot like shoot at a target and all you have to make allowance for the wind. Oh yeah. It's time now for our secret sound contest sponsored by the union state banks and we
will have our clue for today right after this message. Not every farmer out there. Now listen up to me because this is important. The regret me branch now in their 20th year just think about that for 20 years these people have been serving you and taking care of what you did stock out there. Now they are facing many a pumper counseling over £500. Grace did time to save days flew is your automobile has one called The Morning News Good Morning and welcome to the Old MacDonald secrets. I'm going to smile and say I work in the stock yard and I would definitely number years of a secret. One day I was advertising on a local station. I want what I want and I say I think I'm watching a farm show who said what he said when I asked if you would do 15 minutes of markets for us in the morning. I said Nothing doing I said all the one hour I want the one I think when he said you can't do an hour I said that your radio station I kind of walked out of before I got back to the stockyard he was on the telephone and I started next Monday.
Now here's today's secret distorted sound. What if you guys asked write you a muffler with all at it no but you're on the right track it's part of a car OK. Right thanks for calling. Now on the mark as the walking dead 75 Cally's choice year 62 to 64 the half or a 60 to 62 in the Holstein stairs 54 to 59. Now don't send steers in there can you not in the northern undocking a buck a buck and a half on. A clean up before I send him down. It's only cost forty seven to forty nine a counterpart to call the 44 to 47. Along it goes 58 to 61. I think where we're strong farm station I believe that the backbone to any community is farmers. Without them I don't think we could survive. I don't think any any business in the world can survive fine. Leo
we don't like to see him abused. You see that if you want to look at it and just long standpoint. For the history of farming. Farmers have been the first one to take the cut in the last one to get the raise. And of course I think this is fair. So I well I'll scrap Farm You bet. Any chance I get but I know that's not it. But you're out you're on the right track OK. Anybody out there that's looking for tires. I don't care what you have tractor you're trouble I think you have to sell the car I don't think himself bought it in the morning that I do a commercial for any one of my clients out there on a field I'm talking to one man. I want to sell that one now that day and I do already have gas on Tuesday night. No that's not easy. Thank you will probably have another TV star was unharmed however. Oh yeah I want now you're going to you know you knew you were going to be on top and you could address a little bit. What's the matter with this I mean you know you know nationally I'm just around there I thought sure you'd have a green shirt on this morning.
Well I know I mean I'm not you kid your sponsors around a lot. I guess they expect that from a radio was a radio you have to be an entertainer and radio like you do in your business or anybody else's. I think you're going to get yours today. Strict now and I don't want you to be nervous at all. Why. Because I saw you. You blew one line and now with the International House of 14 foot and then 10 inch nine foot they're dead. Yeah so you want to call it a ten foot nine and that's their resentments which are many I you know I don't want to pay to play and the kids toys here we want to sell big stuff OK well I wasn't 18 today you know around. I know he's not 18 IT WILL MAKE ME TIENE OK all right thanks for calling. Bye bye. Warning to you guys ask what's this free time that you talk about 75 some odd to come and talk on free times gratefully just so heavy and come and talk about you got some you want to sell you know you want to sell a w w w ha. Well Sal I'm sitting here on free time will get you more dang listers and more watching checks ticket. What can I do
for you here. Yes this is what's your guess 3. He went out last night it will have another coffee on Wednesday OK. How do you recreate Joe on the dam and on the way down to the bridge and past the bridge there catches a nice walleyes up they're the lucky ones either. A lot of them are gone home with nothing to do so everybody goes up there doesn't get him. Another thing I think I think the government has too much government. I think we've got too many government people. I think that if we cut down now now they're talking and this is strictly thought OK. They're talking now about taking and cutting down on Farmer prices corn and wheat and so forth and the support prices. OK let's cut Congress in half. Let's only have half the congressman up there we don't need him anyway. Jump in any poker here is Jerry Volcker and we have a happy birthday it's Ed keels but they overestimate was at 79 Salander 8 years old all my life so if you're young and Yon's not old oh no it looks like a swad says young wife I think keeps him young.
I don't think there's anybody out there. I mean a doctor found all young people honestly got tremendous amount of energy and Zepp want to get ahead in this world. I'm going to go into being a farm broadcast on broadcasters they used to be 10 cents a dozen. How the man was left. This is our last Wisconsin magazine for the season but we didn't want to leave you in suspense all summary wondering what Mack McDonald secret sound really was. So if you haven't figured it out yet it was the sound of a distorted car horn. So this is our last show will keep right on filming all summer long and we'd appreciate your story suggestions. You can write us at the Wisconsin magazine a 21 University Avenue Madison Wisconsin 5 3 7 0 6. Next week on target John Powell will have as his guests Governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus and the loyal opposition. We'll be back in the fall. But we thought we'd leave you with one final look at spring as captured by cinematographer Everett suiting. Have a good summer.
He. Told. Me to be a little
little old. The rules mean a little.
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