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Here and Now, TAPE of Governor Doyle appointing Louis Butler to Supreme Court,History was made as Governor Jim Doyle appointed Milwaukee County circuit court Judge Louis Butler to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. , Butler appointed to Wisconsin Supreme court, Milwaukee County circuit court Judge Louis Butler is not only the first African-American to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but the first appointee by a Democratic governor since 1976. Judge Butler joins us now from Milwaukee. , UW system board of regents budget request, Leaders of the University of Wisconsin System are asking for more money over the next two years to fund items including pay hikes, increases in benefits and expanded financial aid program. The U.W. Board of Regents approved a 2005-2007 budget proposal Thursday, a budget for the entire U.W. System, which includes U.W. Extension and Wisconsin Public Broadcasting. The budget request proposed requests a spending increase of more than $210 million. This includes $54 million which will go to three percent annual raises for faculty and staff and nearly $18 million for funding expanded financial aid for families who earn less than $46 thousand dollars. The regents are requesting an average tuition hike of 4.3% or about $225 a year here at U.W. Madison to help cover the costs. The Board wants to see a more than 7% increase per year in state funding to go toward the University System. The budget request will head to the Governor. We spoke with U.W. Board of Regent President Toby Marcovich just after the Board approved the request. , Tape of George Bush rally in Chippewa Falls,Tape of George Bush rally in Chippewa Falls at The Kell Container Corporation was among the stops President George W. Bush made in Wisconsin this week. , 527 group, campaign finance , Veteran supporting his opponents are supporting Kerry's war record. Kerry is starting to run ads in Wisconsin responding to the swift boat veterans for truth commercials that are critical of his war time service. The swift boat group is a so-called 527 group flying under the radar of campaign laws by pouring unlimited amounts of money into partisan ads. Democrats are doing it, too. Senator John McCain who authored campaign finance reform legislation is outraged by what he calls a violation of the law. And spoke with me about it earlier this week. , U.S. Senate Profiles - Robert Gerald Lorge, Personal profile reports on the candidates for U.S. Senate. As you'll see, these reports bring a look at the men who want to be Wisconsin's next senator from the people closest to them, but not the candidates themselves. Our third profile, Republican Robert Gerald Lorge, a Bear Creek attorney, married with no children. , wisconsin olympic athletes, Olympic athletes with ties to Wisconsin are having a very good week in Athens. Most everyone knows Paul and Morgan Hamm of Waukesha are part of the U.S. Men's Gymnastic Team that picked up a silver medal and Paul snagged the gold in the men's all around, the first gold medal won by an American in this event. But Paul Hamm and his twin brother, Morgan, aren't the only medal-winning olympians from the Dairy State. As of early Friday, six medals have been won by athletes either born or now live in our state. Carly Piper, a U.W. swimmer won a gold in the U.S. Women's 800 Meter Freestyle Relay team. Milwaukee native Dede Barry won a silver in the Women's Individual Cycling event. Verona native Neil Walker picked up a bronze as part of the Men's 400 Meter Freestyle Relay. And Rebecca Diddens, a Green Bay native, took a silver in the Kayak Slalom. She is no stranger to us here at Wisconsin Public Television. Eleven years ago we profiled her. She was known as Rebecca Bennett back then. While she was young she already had big dreams. (show stills of athletes and video of Rebecca Diddens training and competing)
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