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Listen now as wy a sow takes you by recording to the link I'm a county fairgrounds in Dayton Ohio for this afternoon's address by President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Here is the president of the United States. On this Labor Day weekend I have thought the best free ride question that a president can get. That's by forwarding a way to Washington your favorite leaving the capital and coming out and visiting London for I am going to have country money. I have traveled to the beautiful state of West Virginia Pennsylvania Michigan and now Beautiful Ohio. I have talked about the problems with the people. The basic resources of our great beautiful America. About our health. About our economy. About our working men and women. About our cities about our
farm. About our rule communities. About the problem that we have in our relations with other nations and about supporting i fighting man. We're standing in Vietnam tonight protecting your freedom. And I remember Korea. But there are really bright young things that I am looking at now here in Dayton. I want to talk about another room story. Any word Chian an exhaustible and I are unpredictable in Florida. I want to talk about the young people of America. They rise and I am one. That you are valuable to be wasted on the young. But
God has shown a Higher Will. And in our country in this time. Even every man's right span lengthens we're getting a good deal younger by the year. Fifteen years ago arbitrary age and America were 30. Today I average age in America in 28. And another for you. The average age in America well being 27 and we get younger. I reach is growing. Making it possible for you today to live what other generations but only growing. With the moon and beyond to be conquered. Well to be checked at Avalon Perth one town. Where many women who were in the darkness of ignorance awaiting the light of learning
where the battle of civil rights only have begun. Young people today. Can still hold what Emerson said a century ago and I quote. We think our civilization is new community and. But we're yet only. Calling and the morning star. My generation was concerned with action and when I do here. But we are so very upset when material goods. We came out of a Great Depression and the Great Bear are determined to move and increase the number of things that each experienced had denied or. Read through often looked upon America. Man could be a spelling of plenty into the hand of the Buddha who would say that. So today the battle down. Rather than back to action.
We are producing more material comforts the less manual effort. And we have ever produced before. So this new generation born and an heir are awful. One. Rule book I trust and hope corrects the bounce and that I do it probably won't. And that is where I heard anything. Only a damn can a nation like ours. Have the inner strength which can have meaning to what its people harm. And how much they earn. And how much they produce. But success. Is the question this generation of American who must deal with. But Democracy cannot last without a philosophy. And democracy cannot continue without a purpose. And one more even handed committed people are
young. A democracy must ask if you. Want to hear your a philosophy. Democracy must educate you on. What is your purpose in life. Such questions are not as difficult to answer. In a time of much adversity and our young discovered in the day. Revolution. When James Madison a 20 fire granted a Virginia constitution. And Alexander Hamilton at 20 fire led the American attack at the Battle of Yorktown. And Thomas Jefferson at 33 wrote the Declaration of Independence. But one project there were two and not adversity and Campbell I've experienced. How do me wrong. Surely I do.
A father passed along to me recently. Three men are here. Anything I had said to him. Daddy no matter what I do or how hard I try. There's not much that I can shoot things far better or worse. He blushed a prostration That's all for you. When their society in stagnant. Already in the case of the very poor. And the very forgotten. Right in their cart in fact without us. Without education. It is true that few of them ever have the power. By a single act. Are in a single lifetime. To shape history to any serious degree. Even. Your president. Quickly realized.
That a crime is a single act might destroy the world. No one decision. No one. Can make riot suddenly better. Or can really turn history around. For the good. President Oren. Perhaps sooner than others. But I don't see a new fashion. By Iraq. Oh I'm going to do. It by the dude in the desires of each of our sort of. Ads run tiny drop of water after another. I don't remotely make a big grabber. Ramez throughout the period from that period coms either will provide one that carries a nation apart.
I will end up for. That slowly erode confidence in one another. And from the road. I regard for each other. So are good to America and that's our. Let ask guarantee to our young people. More than the right. You have to dissent. Let us give them not only an opportunity to declare again something. But let's give them a chance to declare they are something. You have just heard the president of the United States at ninety one point five mega cycles on him. This is wy also the radio voice of Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio. Louie
President Lyndon B. Johnson Speaks in Dayton, Ohio
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President Lyndon B. Johnson (August 27, 1908-January 22, 1973) spoke at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton, Ohio on September 5, 1966 as part of a local Labor Day Celebration. As part of a Presidential tour across the country, President Johnson came to Dayton to talk about the problems of the people and other issues facing the country, including the Vietnam War. He referred to young people of American as a rich and inexhaustible and unpredictable resource. President Johnson talked about how the youth will shape their ideals and philosophy. He voiced concern that willful violence or willful indifference can tear a country apart by slow eroding confidence and regard for each other. He suggested that the nation needed to give youth more than just a right to decent meaning not just give them an opportunity to declare against something but a chance to declare for something.
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