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It was the yes that was my right. That I am reddish you all was. We was the shit. There was and it can read my she's my you know it was my Who was the. Kid you. Know I Was that right. There was a little bit up the street was
it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. There was a. Little. Bit a bit. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It was that we got was that. That. Was said it was a cashier I was reading it was you know it was my. It was my. Last. But it
was a bit I was pissed at it. Ah ok ok I was going to work with that very late. So you say. That. Would. Be a. Good match. We're going to have some more songs. We have. Something in the
way. But before we hear from the speakers I think we talked briefly about the history of International Women's Day and women's role in the labor history is something that we we always hear so little about you can actually go where a state or specifically out of an administration the $90 a female garment workers in New York City. But I got a long history of women's involvement in labor struggles not just for better working conditions higher wages and job security for themselves their their lives and their children. But to protest the injustices of America. Class aside. The earliest no strike over women hit factory workers took place in 18 24 but talked at Rhode Island and was followed shortly thereafter by others. Christ unknowing will tell. All from the 1830s and 40s women continue to press for shorter working day. With no way to cause. America to be in your response you get to offer it in
1848. Well you know I am getting better or worse to scatter the police out of a factory and wanted to know did Wal-Mart where the workers were beginning to organize to free yourself from being factory where slaves. Firing back yet still. Tired of it. So her interests were ex-slaves our whole lives against the slavery of black people here either way mostly in the middle and upper classes. Who try to keep people hired to help people realize the relationship and the similarities. Between white industrial exploitation and black tide of inflated the years of the 1850s 60s the 70s were spent in trying to organize women into laboring it's a job that continues today. All the winner took part in the labor struggles around the turn of the century the first really successful organizing took place and I'm sure you don't live near city. Hall the I'm right here 20000 It was a general strike of 20 to 30 that feeling
of hard workers began to strike into New York's shirtwaist factories. Within the next few years. The famous bread rolls the strike took place in Lawrence Massachusetts. Where 23 now were textile mills mostly women and children took to the streets demanding minimum wage for sure hours they were victorious and have been all over the country. Workers in general to see the need. For organizing to fight a tax on the working class. During the 1930s women supported their husbands in the record player since there are still serious general. We're going to work on not only supply and demand on the inside of the building but still referring to face a lot of attacks by police and hired to land it was going to be fixed in the International Women's Day to clear international working class all of it. For us not to forget all of this today is that these troubles are not nearly over. In fact the attacks on foreigners working people have intensified in the border forced overtime and to project legislation. The threat of welfare legislation and
more. We must see just a poultice the holiday to commemorate the struggles of working people and their experience and theory on which to build unity for the struggle. Peter is a woman. She doesn't speak any English but I won't be able to find out what she has to say anyway. She's. Come all the way here in Texas. And I know that. She works in the. HOUSE She works for our parish. Well. I think. Most of us know what's going to see him tell us more about it. I never said I want this is going to solve this. I know Mark's going to translate for. My mother. And I mean what we have for dinner. Thing what I
want. But I remember more than anybody that. I'm aware of I want to have him first thing. Brother It's interesting but I didn't tell you but thank you. I'm. Gives me much pleasure to be here with you and I'm going to make you the sole living of it having been a working woman in the fossil decks are. Led by well they're more. Than I don't need it more I don't know what I want to get I want to hang up or log out of. There by the world. We are called in 3000 working women that are that are fighting for the call. That me and I want to tell nobody without a mother thing I'm an. Overview but I don't want a letter yet I want to welcome the
army and. We're fighting for liberty and we're we're we're going to talk to you a little bit about the kind of things you can do to help us in order was very possible. And we're we're ready to hold your three. It i want it all and that will. Be a late show on top of the hour where you. Can't. Get off carbon. I'm on as far. As I want the world but then I told him. About my love. Will be well. Informed. When I.
Get. My. Reward. For a rock that is very very. Very very well. We. Caught my ear because we were very poor dear me. To. Get out of the Bible when I was well but I mean think of one really outgoing funny people and their evil than I will ever give them love you and I will get me to follow a little better about what they mean. Well that even if you have ever have felt that. You were everything in it's best for you this day the storm door for we're going all over the world and we're ready if you recall Jordan or women fighting for liberty and we're the cause. Both of you want to know more than I have you have any book I'm going to love forever. If you.
Think you have I would probably have about you wanted to. Get out of bed and I'm going to have. To. Offer is also a test. We're going to. Be. Fine. I'm glad we could and this means a lot as I'm sure investigators and we're hearing from you but we also would like you to have by one thing we would like for you to avoid telling any of us. The butchers tell the
sad boys in the class to start something with anything to help our child. We've been on strike the last 10 months. Things look really bad out of the Baath Party to destroy 100 of their Soyuz. That were fired by the same thing the people all over the country is fighting for. We're fighting for better wages just securing better working conditions it just drives us to be worth killing your viewing. We don't. Have it. And this is what we're fighting. Fiercely he said. Being too was good. Was. Good. And I love. The way.
The. Bit you. Know. You. It is true that it. Was. Clear that this. Was you. It. Was just that. Thank you for the outlying areas. My THE out to out you did was it
was me. Why are you getting. The hour was do you think that maybe you don't wonder if you get my back LOL you. Know next week I could be very wrong there are experiencing. Me. Well. They. Are. In the region. It is because I think that all the way would think that was a lose sight. Of what really caught. Horrible things like Jane you would think that it was you. Who was going into it it was the way to go.
Well. I wouldn't. Support a child under $44 for. I can't afford any medical care much less good that. I could be forwarding to my claims court after pointless to lose my grant. With this type of legislation. Now we can afford not to be aware of it. I'm not telling. You. I just was a little older women around here any awkward for this movie and very few of those have been aware of the type of repressive legislation that's being tested this time. Like how old I AM House Call 12 21. Most people don't know what they are or. How the lighting required at all well there are ways to get. Registering for welfare. I don't like the wife the
five they get their checks that there shouldn't they be forced to accept any type of job. The Welfare Department to sue them if you talk of. Why would this be only a receipt for any judge to take on this type of thing. Is this bridge now risky. So what it all might do with waiting. For you. Because they can't find anyone else to do it for no pay off. It's like a hole gets a hold of it. Look I mean I knew that last woman's fight for her for not being with me was for the women having a job and it freed from the Treasury that that in place apart within the society. But I suppose much. I struggle. For survival with you. Or share your struggle to survive. And at this point. Well let me go with what. We don't see anything having right now what we will directly affect. We don't fight become doctors. We don't fight because we don't fight the voice.
We fight if. We fight a fire a child. A job. Charges are coming. There are. Big International Women's Day was started by working women. I think it's time we got back to that. And forget about you know the government has got to you know. You have a radical way. To get order we get back to the basic issue of where people. Think. That we're all night. Let me know that it is hardly Yellow Springs where you said that it was to. Be on fire right here in my living. Solely. To allow for it. Arresting
officers here in Jail Free First of all their homes around town. With the names of six women and their telephone number they have information concerning that. I'll bet a fairly high missing a border collie. Straight. Out of a child. There are. Clashes where women and wife think temporarily. Well they're right legally. Crazily. The women eventually went to the bar and women they are words that when you hear some. Of the remarks. That. Terry carries. The main point is they are going to be doing a go of it because the word distance there was a range. Of Male aboard here and. I'll give you an idea what. Gives an existence. First of all we're. Dealing with. Women's Legal voters. Well they're right. Of course.
Currently. Sell the hell out of self-defense. I love having. Women and we're. Proud. Quite agree. With. You More. So maybe we just want you to know that we're here and we can't stand the war with getting ready you want more information or want to become our thank you. Final speakers need to go to what she said anyway and over half the song. But first I'd like to say things about what the kind of things are happening on International Women's Day at 2 o'clock because I was doing this ministerial council meeting. At which time women started the call and it will come off various women's jobs and I and all of the future of the medical studies Institute which which funds the women's center among other things. Tonight at 7:30 the women from the fire strike are going to be spent getting it's going to be a
forgery. Holmes former student at war Force Two boys from Cairo Illinois where they've had a long history of struggle against repression and every really going to fight me but it could come tomorrow night we're having. At 8:00 o'clock we're having a discussion on the on the pros and cons of the rights amendment and wonderful really mean equal rights groups for working people in America. Going to the. Private Eye all this to get it right. We have landed at an International Women's Day. I went to a. Party. For the working class women who have struggled throughout the years for better living and working conditions. And for starters. We have also learned today that many of the rest of the ways women have for sometime that are earning half the women it is these attacks as well as skyrocketing
inflation are off him so the basic fact is America the American economy is serious trouble. In order to understand the premise and you just got all the women I think a. Lot of stores of the American are right. Because they are having a better writer for the corporation. They are battling this fire I'll. Have an issue that they think that he or she let. The market. Sort. Of thing that. I better have a good idea for a system I've heard of that medication and I'm glad people did they do it. Protecting American investment. I hear you military might being a daddy car. Around the world. But the scribing. Military spending. The balance of insuring and especially in the US economy US military and our
nation is being shallow to me. Yet it. Did anything people have succeeded in winning a victory for. Them that. They did with. The larrikin to Cambodian people earn a profit and they were like were. Inspired I don't think many people out of the world have the right to marry to rid their country of a marriage material. The American government and the American Revolution and by. The right granted my back right now I see where labor is cheap but I'd already have a huge military writer which I doubt about the fray. That American imperialism begging not only during the Third World people but all that habitation rather proud of the fact that. When. I married into that Irish creating pressure to make American banks more profitable and the imperative to squeeze more private than any American. American the banking activating the attacks and
for every working American people. They didn't act directly and immediately you get a lot of American women. To Latin American women in the following way. And to have a minor crowded in there and have a meeting after a doctor has an element that exists there right away but I want to thank you Diana for our I mean by while it is she really is equated more productive and I don't think a word of it. Relatives who were there in front of the underbred of ready to hire and fire women feel the brunt of course we're proud of it. Women have their own flavor. When the economy they are hurting I don't work and Rosie the Riveter Now here are my family as they are today women are. Out of the way or women who are not of interest that are there although the rhetoric and if I was pregnant were really good
and really not a form of government power. They're never getting away from their families and all the rest. Bill It isn't home and Shaka aren't aware they're in private welfare. That. Fact women anyway and have was getting. Very proud of what it might have felt welcome anyone of the talent to mess with foreign people that take any job offer. They're just been there well there are a little bit more. Monsters to attack. Well I am a standard of living of the entire working class welfare labor can be higher than what I read it would when I want to compete against women working for their welfare. All were as it were European women working for their welfare in order. TO was getting them and didn't perform live for women are under pressure to accept employment even all the way to mineral. Wealth and it was never my way to create a record of it. I mean I let it go all the better. Manny I don't light up the
women especially right before I read the words of the mom at the bar if I'm going to live an opportunity. Finally know what I did and and it never did I think I'm more had let go that way inflated economy. Did I do that if you didn't why didn't he down where you are out of the four and born working women acted recently for that matter to me and how their family when I had it handed to think I wanted a lot of labor market. That when I don't have too much of it. Oh well there have been or are imbedded. Family live. That's not on the right and they are returning who were held back to meet only I would get the facts here in harmony in all their job and I did a lot thank you and I think I think in fact I'm alive living women in this country and we might join together and to fight back. We might join or support the struggle of all of the people who are insisting the oppression and sparing their. Form words. But if I were a Native American and want
to have already if you wanted this coming right for writing to read it. Remember that it was. Through. Our military that are going to our military that in fact that after that there are enough originally war. In order to protect her family. Getting a market. We might all you know for a working class anymore and your own inner struggle against very matter for living and working. We're going to do another Sutter song she's the struggle for years to do so. They all. Really should. Read. It. To you yet to get it to
be extra good that it would. Be a Good Thing that. It is I should be able to see things that we're not taking this seriously. Hours at a. Restaurant that angry. Well we're a little slow so wait to go big. Oh you got to say. This to you. Love days is getting slowly. Instead of fish it is to stretch to get. A baby. Ok seriously. I'd like to thank you very much for coming in to say I was part of that is an International Women's Day was for us. What's it take for us. To our
experience. Preparing us for the face of this.
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This program presents raw audio of a rally held to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) in Yellow Springs, Ohio on March 8, 1973. This rally was part of an annual worldwide celebration to recognize the achievements of women and to call for the end of sexism in the work force. During the rally, women sang feminist songs and gave impassioned speeches against labor injustices, welfare regulations, and sexism. Several workers from the Farah Manufacturing Company in Texas urged the audience to boycott the clothing company, speaking about the right to unionize and sweatshop conditions. During 1972, the company refused to meet the workers demands or allow representation by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Union, resulting a nationwide boycott against the company. A member from the Yellow Springs Women's Center also speaks about the services of the local center and encourages audience members to become involved in the women's movement. A conclusion speech protests American capitalism, the Vietnam war, and sexism against women in the labor force.
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