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     Program about Anti-War Demonstration on President Richard Nixon 2nd
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While in the area here and I'm going to want to go to the Kennedy grave site it is time to see it as anything going on of the you know on the Kennedy burial site of the burial site of Robert Kennedy is a very simple and. To put it on because I attended the meeting the Quaker meeting and Antioch College of Yellow Springs for some years ago and it was an important spiritual experience for me which helped me realize that the Korean War was a mistake and the necessary thing something America shouldn't have been involved in and it's from that background that I cover this case. Now I was in one of their training story the first player
gradually. Becoming. Part of the uniform and stuff. OK. About a month ago Barry Rama who
works in national office. Got a chance to go to Hanoi and it's something that he's going to share with us right now. Very. Little last month. The Vietnamese invited myself and three other people to go to annoy the purpose of taking letters to tape while it's being held in a dorm and returning with letters from the pilots to their families. While we were in Illinois President Nixon started the heaviest bombing in history the Vietnam War the third day we were there until the day we left when there was a strike. As the plane was taking off to begin when we visited 13 years well they were well dead like the one question of when the UAW asked me really stands out in my mind now what in your pointing to the sky and saying what's happening here what's happening about the war were supposed to end in October. The only thing I could
say was a lot of people it's not that. They're not going to really dwell on NPR the fact we took 500 letters over the return of the 600 letters because those aren't really the important people in the Vietnam War. People are dropping the bombs aren't the main concern. The people are getting by our main concern and that means talking about the children the men and women and the old people of Vietnam. I mean study about their kindness their strength their political awareness their great humanity. In the 13 days that we spent in Vietnam we did receive one bad reaction from the Vietnamese people. And we work on guided tours. We were constantly led from this place to the next. The Vietnamese did take us to specific bombed out areas but when we were in with them in those specific areas we were allowed to wander the streets. We wanted to and we did. We run without interpreters or without guides taught you know the people waving to the people smiling with the people and in that time that 10 days of
intensive bombing not one bad reaction. As a matter of fact when we were running down the street a child on a bicycle saw maybe it up your back and when he saw it slammed on his brakes reached into his pocket pulled out of the BMW but smiled and drove off. I know back in the day. The first word came out of the Pentagon about a place called Rockabye. Was that a military target an airborne event head. When we visited that airport 12 hours after it hit. And prior to the Americans bombing it it was the largest medical facility and yet not. 900 20 beds. A building building to spread out over a couple of hundred meters. That area was totally destroyed. When we got there. Were others were trying to dig out people that were still buried machines were destroyed the buildings were completely wrecked. That was the second time it had been.
The precision of the bombing was so good. That the bombs were falling in the same craters the fall and in the rate prior to this. Even if the government wants to say that these two raids were a mistake they came back the next day and bombed. The people that were trying to dig out what was left of the survivors. During that time or Illinois we visited approximately four major civilian areas that were completely leveled. These places can't be considered military targets unless the government's going to say that they want to kill the kid so that they can grow up. They want to kill the men and women so they couldn't have children were going to factories. And they wanted to kill the old folks so they could watch the children. Because there was nothing around those areas except civilian areas just places where people lived and worked. Not factories. Small shops open market places. What it came down to was the Dixon. Tried to ride the Vietnamese people into giving up. Purposely bombing
civilian areas and really bombing those areas and really bombing those areas. Trying to break the will of the spirit of the Vietnamese people. All I have to say is the day we left. One of the Vietnamese came up and he said you know not since trying to pave the way to peace. With. Us. But if you keep it up we're going to pave the way to peace with down the fifty two years and that. That's what happened didn't stop the bomb it is a negotiating now. The goodness of his heart. Negotiating because no standard 30 due to another 30 there would have been anybody to write only one thing I have to say now is when we went to the hospital. The director of the hospital who was having a state of shock to see this whole institution destroyed was also healthy happy.
And he pointed out to us that not one single patient had been killed. The reason no patients had died because the professionalism of the medical attendants and nurses. At that time. There were six nurses and medical attendants yet with 20 very alive. As I said before they never got out because of renewed bombing. All I can say because I want to get on that today were marching marching just fully. And I hope. That after marching. With thinking about. Our relationship to the Vietnamese. We thinking about our support. For the Vietnamese. But thinking about our solidarity the Vietnamese keeping quiet and supporting the nine points. And supporting the struggle is yet to be. We're supporting 26 professional workers. Women and children are supporting the soldiers down. In order to write. Their own culture in. Their own
language and their own independent materialist United States. Thank you. Please let me in
because I am. Nothing but I am here today. I am and I came to. An end.
To talk to us I am. Afraid the writers editors said oh 75 75. That's at least I am God I am I am I am I am
because I am I am I am. We had to.
Know I could let him. Know everything that was not angry. And. We. Were. Right. No we're going to begin to walk. Out of the war if we happen no. One. Will be much easier to get. But you have to be good you have got it. Out of the. Monument the Lincoln Memorial.
Represent the marker for. Our purpose here is the truth about the promise of. The right to defend. The right to free speech and. The right with the right number of opportunities. Richard Nixon. We want to expand. We would plan our nation. I want to fight one of the big. Problem in the land that we
buy what they will do for them sounds. Like we are going to hear some violent and I'm actually really happy. Without you know anything. At all. Yes and one of the founders and coordinator of the National Action combination. What many are going to take action comes from the demonstration today. Jerry had to run in it and today my God.
My God. This isn't going to. I'm trying to remember who it was. Who said to be American people. Don't you know anymore and that the NAM anti-war movement is that. There are more Americans here at the Washington Monument saying no to go one mile away at the inauguration saying yes and I join the next one. And that's the real magic of the way things stand today in this country. Now last Monday next and then the U.S. bombing of not. Not me Marquis thought only your brother's bombing. Not me not me have a newfound respect for a human why. Not. We can't even leave the demand for money. We had no means of any human.
Not economy realizing the destruction of their homes and schools as a model. No ma'am. What happened is the CIA and the up behind and the other you have my agency next. I don't know if he views the situation an awful lot of angry Americans were coming to Washington on January 20th not you my carnation but the broadcast they were on. He was the side of. The rack and the one eyed and looking around me. You know everyone is convinced. I'm here in Washington you know to go out the country
don't they son. I know you're on the run and I don't know. You was proud of me now. Oh oh oh oh oh oh. Was. Was was was was was was was was was was was was was was. Of course Nixon serves. You want the bank to get out. We say thing you believe in him. Her Nixon piece rumors not
always been a dime a dozen. He was supposedly out of money and before the November election. But what was really a man was the most murderous bombing in the history of warfare. We have not forgotten. And we will never forget. The start on our own not Little Russian raids on heavily populated city. Nor can we ever grace from our minds. The ghastly memory I'm shattered Vietnamese Bronte. The bomb on hospital in a room and the sickening God with nation of men the way into my bun. We will not be equal to. Or smaller was my phony promises that once again Peace is just around the corner. Send me a free fire agreement shortly. And then a final Peace Action Coalition. As the Mandan and we're
only welcoming a halt to the bombing which has been going on for eight years. We have demanded and would welcome the withdrawal of US troops from South Viet Nam. We would be glad to seek the order of yours on both sides returned home. But. But but the anti-war movement remembers the previous ceasefires in Viet Nam. Each time the ceasefire broke down the fighting resumed and the war raged on more viciously than ever. The latest drug. I agree ment will not end the US intervention in Southeast Asia or even in South Vietnam and the US will still be maintaining to dictatorship in power it will still be surprising the Saigon generals with warplanes and munitions. The US will still
see to it. That there are plenty of nams repressive police and military apparatus remains intact. Hundreds of thousands of political prisoners will still remain in South Viet Nam dungeons. Thousands of so-called US civilian advisors many of them West Point graduates. Will still be swanning all over South Viet Nam. The staggering military might of the United States will still be on the scene hundreds of U.S. warplanes will still be in Thailand and the seven planes will still be on the Viet-Nam Coast poised and ready to resume bombing operations at a moment's notice. None of the signing of the cease fire will not mean that the US has engaged from Southeast Asia. So what will the anti-war movement.
We managed for nearly a decade to end the world. Can we stop the only policies during the being the nice people. Can we stop while the US still imposes park regimes under peoples of wealth and Cambodia. Can we stand while U.S. 1 planes are still based in time. Can we stop while the Seventh Fleet still threatens me or can we stop while the US product regimes keep their jails filled with political prisoners. Can we stop. Will we ever stop while the US denies the peoples of Indochina the right to self-determination to Richard Nixon a cease fire agreement will be a scrap of paper to be discarded at will. If the two government is threatened Nixon have already said.
He's already pledged to save it. That is the reason for a continuing massive US military presence in Southeast Asia. So today we serve notice on Richard Nixon that our struggle for eternal U.S. withdrawal from Indochina will continue whether or not a cease fire agreement is signed. Our demand remains what it always has been. For the immediate and unconditional remold though all U.S. military forces. Were on planes ships military bases and advisors from Southeast Asia. This includes a car. Out of all funds for the two dictatorship and all other U.S. imposed regimes in Indochina. Nixon tried to tear or bomb the Vietnamese into submission but they would not give up. The Christmas season raids did not break their
spirit or in their struggle for self-determination. But the December bombing did trigger an international outcry on President proportions. People took to the streets throughout the world in massive numbers and Nixon was forced to back down. No one should ever underestimate the power of masses of people out in the streets. Nixon least of all. Nixon did not catch on the Cambodian invasion in 1970 because he wanted to but because masses of people in the streets. But I stand still. Nixon did not withdraw. I have a million G.I. from Viet Nam because he wanted to kill. But because M.. Those of Americans in the streets. Forced him so. And they still did not suspend the bombing of North Vietnam last Monday out of the sun.
He did so out of fear fear of you and me and all of us here will let him know we were coming to Washington to turn the man down. U.S. mass culture masses the people in the streets that is the power the government fears and that is the way to end the US war against the peoples of Indochina. But if the pressure on the peace movement subsides the world will go on with new attacks on Hanoi and I found a new devastation. Now the National Peace Action Coalition urges all who opposes the war to go back to the streets on Friday night. February 23rd for our march on the capital city man out now I'm really at the Capitol it will be the opening session of the sixth national any one convention called by the National Peace Action
Coalition. The convention will be held in Washington D.C. seeing that we were a 23rd 24th and will decide major new actions for the U.S. in any war movement. All of you here are going to sanctions an individuals are urged to attend this convention and submit resolutions containing your ideas for what next. Every person attending the convention will have voice and vote. Finally let me announce that the student Mobilization Committee will have a conference the next day Sunday February 25th. Since he's been battling for years to end this war they're not stopping now. Every student strongly urged to attend this conference. Above all let us make sure that any work groundswell in this country continues to gather steam. Let us resolve we're going to use the power we have to end the slaughter we detest. Let us agree we're going to organize a mass movement in this country to end this war the likes of which Nixon has never seen and not just inauguration day let us tell Nixon in one united voice.
We at this demonstration represent the aspirations and demands of the American people. We will not permit you to continue this bloody war and not bombing us out of Southeast Asia. No. I mean you were going to say and we only say it together going to. Common sense. How I am. I i i i i
i i think I'm going to have to. I think the White House heard that this time. Right. Now there is just one little problem those of you who are near the monument. Now minds are being confiscated I don't like you that camp. I think the pressure of the crowd Haqqani phone. You got me. Would you kindly see to it that they're on replace. Any flags that have been moved house finally with them with the police department can't find them. So that there will be no trouble about my son and I stand behind it. I can present. To students. Out here I don't pronounce these names correctly they in turn will give you the correct pronunciation. So cock up to back up. I think that's the best I could do with it. From something university students United from Louisiana
need Howard from Southern University. Fish. In the struggle for sometime a nation awakes. I mean the vision. Imperialism and capitalism of which. I want you. To see that number one university where all you used to be then the concentration camp of black people. Then a line number of police on campus. They were not allowing any expressions of opposition to capitalism I was coming to the camera in the face openly things in Coventry. Yeah. Student Why can't I do cation cause I'm always written about required to be subject to
dismissal from a action number six feet two brothers look Douglas Brown and then Will Smith receive disciplinary action. Don't you know they don't people they would leave. And could find a real restraining order so they would not be able to voice their face right away from him with right. On my way here I'm a. Vice President Spiro Agnew recite the oath of office the first thing you say when you were trying to write out the constitution we do not have those right. We all love addition to oppression of any people. We find our position to the oppression of the people in South Africa and Vietnam in all of Southeast Asia. You want to know why we listen to all people. We got to leave. Oh yes the Saudi regime which you know they. Shall be beloved gun may
not kill to be to do the same thing. And tonight agree with me to you. And I. And you know the only thing I mean I know probably be on to you because like you and me. We. Really Think. We. Know. What we know now do you know. I never.
Doubted me but what
I don't know. Right. Think.
Anyway. Then we want to hear. I hope this is the
last time that any group of Americans will have to come together this way. There's a spanner and outrage. Over the continued military violence against the people and the land of a small and distant nation. If I'm not overly optimistic Let me with you beyond. A cease fire. When that moment comes. The energies of those who have sought peace in Vietnam should not be retiring from the scene. Rather you should become as concerned about ending.
Violence at home is right as we have been about ending destruction hunger violence to the body and the mind and hunger exists in this land of ours. Poverty can't kill the spirit and God because harmony exists in this white man prejudice intolerance. They damage self-respect and prejudice and fear to walk the streets of one's own neighborhood is no less real than fear generated by bombing pollution no less than bombs can mainly those who have so correctly expressed if May dismay over and opposition to the violence we've inflicted on the people and land of Southeast Asia should not watch
that warriors and retire retire to the campus. All right. It is the suburbs around retire any place else. You shouldn't really yourselves in the same street demonstration in protest against the violence and hatred you have over the years a lot of weight in. Your interview. I needed to help make this land a peace through free society. Only then freedom finally and only in freedom can a man or woman become only capable of becoming. Thank you for coming. Stay with me now to introduce one of the sting was Congressman of the United States congressman.
This is a gift from the president within his own party. I think this man has guts. And it may be interesting where you reside in the United States coming from. I like you. I know everybody would like to talk to. I'd like to give the congressman one minute to say no. Thank you for coming. There's one thing this particular end of Pennsylvania Avenue
and that is that everyone here is a person of good will and what we honor and celebrate is something that I think all of us can take some pride in person across the United States who is spoken out in the last several years. Each individual who tried to get his neighbors to read the Geneva Accords are going to learn the history and the culture and the beauty of the Vietnamese people has made a small contribution to the process. But hopefully my Shortly the final victory of conscience of the American people by now both the people and the Congress. Have a majority which demands an end to American bombs and firepower in Indochina.
The final victory if we can call it is not just of the well known public speakers who have spoken out. Senators white person are just greeting who voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Ritenour who forced out the truth. The Berrigan brothers. Danielle Berger said I will go to jail so that this country may know the truth. Loewenstein. And. Clifford. Top Tip O'Neill tried to persuade him finally perhaps to persuade Lyndon Johnson that this war was wrong. The mothers repeat the BRW wives to a friend. But the final victory. Of the American conscience really millions of small individual Americans whose voices finally risen to an
unmistakable cry to their individual representatives in Congress stand up and stop it. And finally I think we have a vote in the House of Representatives to end the bombing. Keep our heads in shame that it took a single man tragic decision. The 12 day Christmas carpet bombing to finally awaken the conscience of a nation. But it happened. We need to make a fire thing we need to exercise a constitutional right and I think a constitutional duty for the privilege of being an American to peaceably assemble and for petition for a redress of grievance. We meet at a time of reflection on past insensitivity. Regret over the time it has taken us to change national policy. Shame over the ways that our science and technology and industry have been translated into killing and destruction but also a quiet private what is best in each of us think that love and
compassion may at long last to become the policy of a nation as we rededicate ourselves today to a rebirth of conscience. Why does not do so nor be led into anger against others but with a reason not to continue a commitment until the Congress has acted to remove the bombing. You cannot really know what you want. Once the continuing discrimination and problems here in America we run during what is when we are not your president. But there is a higher purpose for it and the words we will not be humiliated or defeated or that we require peace with honor in an attic with a long monument behind. The flag.
She. Used to meet you. And. Prices. Fell For You. Know more so. We. Don't wait. For an executive. Domination. Of the. Morning. You know. Crisis will come with. Some of. Your woman. Facing. Green on. You and. Your. Feet.
We. Can. Meet any human being in the presidency. And. Especially my. Children. I think nice. Because. You. Like. Them. From. 3 miles a. Week we may meet you. I. Was. Pretty sure. You will agree. That you were. Going to you know you never see anything in my living up to the my commitment which is. Another chance. Maybe. I'm running into a contest coming up. Just because I
think you have. To present. Yourself. Have peace activist. And a great man. He tells a little story. Which I think might be of use to us on. The move down. With the great king. And this king and his people. Based on approaching Everest today. As we were it. Really stressed. People really really crazy. The killing Reds are delusional with his counselors and they came up with this answer.
He wanted just to gather together and that of a dozen people he pointed out at or near retirement. Because as he pointed out. What the rooster was going to say. These good people will be around to remind us. That. We are insane. Now Dixon you're not going to approach you and ask you to remind him that he's a saint. Feeling. The love.
That we have. Thank you.
Program about Anti-War Demonstration on President Richard Nixon 2nd Inauguration
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This program covers the anti-war demonstration that took place in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 1973 to protest President Richard Nixon's second inauguration and the Vietnam War. The demonstration was titled a "March Against Death and for Peace." This program included commentaries from the following activists: Philip Aloysius Hart (December 10, 1912-December 26, 1976), a Democrat from Michigan elected in 1959 to serve in the U.S. Senate; Paul Norton Pete McCloskey, Jr. (b. September 29, 1927), a Republican from California elected in 1967 to serve in the U.S House of Representatives; and Philip Francis Berrigan (October 5, 1923-December 6, 2002), a peace activist involved in a number of high profile anti-war protests. Berrigan served several prison sentences for his civil disobedience. Also includes Barbara Roberts, M.D. (b. 1944), an activist in the women's movement who co-founded the Women's National Abortion Action Coalition and completed her residency at Yale New Haven Hospital; Barry Romo, a member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War; Jerry Gordon, Cleveland lawyer, anti-war activist, and member of the National Peace Action Coalition (NPAC); and Bella Savitsky Abzug (July 24, 1920-March 31, 1998), a lawyer from New York elected in 1971 to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. As a social activist, Savitsky co-founded the National Women's Political Caucus.
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