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From a PR in the Alaska Public Radio now live and across the state you can hear from him talk to the people who make news in Alaska on Talk of Alaska. Today's program is underwritten in part by just sort of the way to go in Alaska for over 30 years at more than 150 locations statewide. Here's your hopes. Steve Hyman. Good morning and welcome to the program. We had some trepidation as to whether to even do a program today because of course everybody's mind is on the same thing which is the terroristic attack on at least the World Trade Center and perhaps other locations as well. But we decided to go ahead and do this and initially Governor Tony Knowles was about to. I had planned to do a news conference at this hour and that has been delayed but could happen at any time at which time we will switch over to that live that we thought we would provide Alaskans this communications opportunity a chance for Alaskans to talk about this situation and what it means.
The world will never be the same. On my talking now to Juliet storm of the Federal Aviation Administration because one thing that has changed which is very obvious and very clear is that the there is no flying right now Joe at your on your cell phone because there was a fire alarm at the federal building in Anchorage this morning and you're actually have been evacuated from the building. Yes I'm on the street now on and they're trying to determine whether to reopen the building. Or to send everyone home. Now I asked you to come on here because of the nature of this. What did they call it. A general stopped in air traffic and it is complete an absolute and I want you to explain that to Alaska's pilots of course is a state hugely dependent on air traffic. And I will briefly read you from a brief statement issued by our headquarters office at 9:25 a.m. Eastern daylight time the FAA imposed a national ground stop meaning that no civilian flights were allowed to take off at any U.S. airport.
This is the first time a national ground stop has been imposed. Military and law enforcement flights are not affected. The ground stop lights in the air were expected to continue to their destination or land at the most suitable airport. The captain and the airline made that decision at that time there were estimated to be 40 to 50 civilian flights aloft. This order affects all aviation. That includes general aviation air taxis charters all kinds of severe penalty for any pilot. Ignoring this ground stop. So basically this is anywhere in Alaska around where and we have no idea how long this is going to continue at this point. No. And from the standpoint of the Federal Aviation Administration is there anything more you can tell us. At this point because we are a have a building we're not even in contact with the rest of the FAA. So you know I'm if something has transpired in the last 10 minutes I would not know it. What I know is that
we have procedures in place for diverting aircraft and those will take place and so everybody is on the ground. OK. Yes. Well I think we'll leave you back to your a situation there and hopefully you you can get back into the office and we can get more communication going here Joe at but I really appreciate you joining us and putting out this information. Do we have any idea how we would know when it would be OK to fly again. And I think we might a lost your way at. Joining us now from Juneau is a PR and Dave Donaldson. Dave I understand you've been standing by for the governor's a news conference but it was postponed. It was postponed very suddenly about five minutes ago Steve. No explanation was given as to what it was was happening as a matter of fact. They had they had pretty much time didn't were aware that we were planning on taking this state wide. He was also going to be on state television and on a local Anchorage television station had planned a curio
to live there. No explanation as to say at this point I know a lot idea how long it's going to be. However the announcement came as there were is talk about evacuations as Jewett had experienced in downtown and yes we did have an evacuation of the federal building it was tied to that fire alarm and not to any. That's as much as we know about that right now. However there was also a rumor with regards to Korean Air international flight that might or might not have been hijacked and that there was there were there was an evacuation of downtown Anchorage or contemplated this all turns out to have been nothing but rumor at this point right. It did but it was happening at about the same time as a matter of fact the people standing by for the press conference in the governor's office in one ridge their own. What is it. Seventh street or something. Seventh I believe yes. They've actually closed down and left the building also in the state office building there. Yeah that would building. So
it's it's at least to the point that they were they were concerned about what was going on that that that building was also close to the governor's office was closed and that's the point at which we had the announcement that this was going to be delayed. The governor's press conference here. We do know that the governor has obviously been in touch with the National Guard has been in touch with all sorts of emergency services here and within the state. We're aware that security along the pipeline has been heightened we don't know the extent or exactly what that means. They have practiced with this sort of thing every once in a while just because we know that. Alyeska frequently gets alerts and they also do routine practices of possibilities of terrorist attacks I know that there have been actual threats that have been forwarded and have caused what are real alerts people actually doing them don't know whether they're real or not. But there have been some of threats in past years and during the Gulf War there was a very big concern of the pipeline security so
that that has been heightened. We have gotten confirmation of that from from Alyeska and we're not entirely sure what's going on with emergency services that this point or they may not be very sure either. Right it's so you know it it there's an awful lot of rumor that we've discovered not rumor even but speculation of things that that could have a things to watch for. You know this that the pipeline springs to mind immediately we are hearing unconfirmed reports that the Coast Guard is planning on step or stepping up their protection of these terminal for example. That's a primary concern I have not had. Again it's one of these stories that somebody you rely on tells you but you haven't had it confirmed from a second source. Actually puts things whether it's real or not because there are there's a lot of information that is secondary that's going on and a lot of information that is being passed around. We do know there are military bases all went on to full alert. There is virtually no air traffic there is only military traffic there. I guess
there might be an international flight moving and a few planes in the air as Joe had explained to us. In some places yet but the military bases went on full alert there was quite the traffic jam and over to government Hill and that has happened that that's just a fact and not sure where emergency services is working out but I would assume it would be in their in their headquarters there off of the glen highway in the Anchorage area and right right. They have a massive control room down there that it's actually yes it is always staffed and it does have people I have been in advance it's really a well-connected center down there at Fort rich. They they have access to all sorts of communications from all over all over the world anywhere else they need to have it and it is staffed and under certain circumstances and obviously something like this they bring outside outside staff into it and if they are they are well connected with all the sources of information around the state
and you have no one indication where you are Dave. As do when the gov is going to do his news conference. No no I have no information whatsoever on it. Well just stand by on that I guess. I guess that's all we can do. Stand by. OK we're going to move on to the calls and the other people we have here and thank you Dave. OK. If you aren't Dave Donaldson and you know where Governor Knowles as the news conference was called off it might relate to that a rumor of an evacuation in downtown Anchorage that did not happen. We talked to the state troopers a short time ago we've offered the venue of this program to the image of the services the governor and so forth of they need to call and use this program to communicate with the state of Alaska. They're very welcome. The telephone number here at Talk of Alaska is 1 800 4 7 8 talk 4 7 8 talk if you would like to join into our conversation APRA and Jessica Cochran went out to the Anchorage International Airport this morning to see what the situation
was out there and I think we'll call her in here now too. OK. And. Go ahead and have a seat there Jessica. You basically there's a lot of police and so forth at the airport and no flights. You know there were several police cars out where you drop off passengers at the airport. With police dogs and obviously they're pretty tense right now. Not many people were showing up at the airport and the airport inside looked very quiet. I was told that earlier there were a lot of people there. But when they found out the flights were canceled they left and the people that I saw were just kind of waiting to figure out what to do next and here when flights might resume. How did you get to talk to any of the security people at the airport. No they they weren't really willing to say much. They didn't know if the airport was going to be shut down entirely. They were just obviously very carefully patrolling the
drive up areas in front of the airport. So you spoke with some people who were at the airport. You want to tell us what we've got here. Yeah. One one party I spoke to was a group of men on their way to Kodiak to go fishing. They got up at 4:30 this morning and got on their flight at about 6:00 a.m. They hadn't heard anything about what had happened and they had to be pulled off of the flight before it took off from Anchorage. And you did do some interviews with people. Tell me about that. Yeah I did. I spoke to those two gentlemen from from that flight that fishing party to Kodiak. We can hear from one of them now I believe. We've got Pete Walsh the Dunkley Kevin wanted Bruce Dunkley. OK we're on the plane ready to take off and all a sudden I just said you have to be planes take all your belongings. We have to go through the
plate check again. We got off the plane and then they says Go get your bags. We're not going anywhere. Did they tell you why you're going there. Yeah they said that the World Trade Center had been bombed. And so that was one of the people they were about to go on a fishing trip right there sitting in the airport trying to figure out when they might be able to fly out and where to stay and that kind of thing. We're being told that it's likely to be 12 hours it could be longer. They were told 12 hours at least. But more likely 24 hours and that may be because of scheduling to Kodiak I don't know. Another gentleman Kevin waters he flew in from Newark Airport this morning where some of the flights that were involved in the acts took off from. He was on a FedEx flight and they found out while they were in the air on the way to Anchorage what had happened. And so you came out in New York this morning on Federal Express jumps it up and I'll get the word you know halfway across you know some things have
happened. So it's valuable you know. And we can't really tell people at this point you know where the flights are going to be had you had storm or short time ago and she said we just don't know yet that that's right and people at the airport don't know either. They're just waiting it out most people appear to have gone home because as I said it was very quiet in the main terminal at the airport. Indeed. You know the third person you talked to Pete Walsh he's from Montana he was heading out to I think a hunting camp that he has somewhere in southwestern Alaska and is also just waiting it out. I think we're going to see this page history turn here. After today we live in a new era now. Definitely we're no longer insulated and he has a lot of hunting clients who work on Wall Street so he was pretty worried.
Just hoping for the best but pretty worried about the U.S. is this this attack on the World Trade Center has attacked also the international the international banking nerve center. Basically a lot of communication and so forth. We want to also put out the notice that the blood bank is is open at 4000 Laurel Street there is obviously going to be a need for blood donations and they are there and ready to take blood donations at this point. And we are told now that we should be able to connect him to Juneau and the governor and the adjutant general will be conducting their news conference shortly. We'll join that when it when it happens. And we're standing by on that one our telephone number is 1 800 for someone to talk to 4 7 8 8 2 5 5. Jessica thank you very much it must be an eerie to
see the airport like that. It was very eerie. Yes our our expected guests today were a couple of historians from Appalachia and from Alaska our Alaskan historian is here in the studio. Professor Steve haycocks Welcome to the program. Thanks very much to you. Here you are in the middle of history this time. This is this is an important day. Someone on NPR a few minutes ago said we've crossed a threshold today that's certainly true. America and the world are changed. And what it what it what it means for Alaska. We couldn't say we don't we don't really even know what the. What is likely to be the next move out of the administration the Congress and so forth. It's difficult to even talk about it now because we don't even know if it's over. And we have no idea what its source was. We have no idea really. What sort of thinking may have prompted it.
Was it a reaction to globalization so-called. Was it a reaction to America's great fortune and great prosperity and American values. Was it a religious attack who knows. Nobody knows. All right I I'm not sure who we have connected up is that with us still. Chris. Christopher Clark. Hello. Oh you know we have some of these. Hello. Hello this is Krista Katie. Hi Krista. Hi Steve. Yes. Well I want to let you know what was happening down here and thank you I. Know the airport is quiet as you can imagine. And in speaking with Rebecca Cronkite the airport manager. She's still waiting for more direction from the FAA but she's expecting
things to be very quiet around there for the next day and a half. They're strictly enforcing their parking regulations. They don't want people leaving their cars overnight. That's something as air of being the only airline that takes people from the peninsula to Anchorage and back. It's a pretty as you said before Alaskans rely heavily on air travel. To get them around so it's something that the peninsula is feeling and I was speaking with someone this morning who mentioned that they had heard the first hijacking of a U.S. plane was a wheen Air flight from Bethel to Anchorage. First hijacking ever. And in speaking with the station manager for air Judy Erickson she said we may be far away from from where the things are happening today. But just a reminder that it can happen to anyone any time. When she worked for Mark air up on the slopes in Barrow actually she said they were
constantly having to keep in the back of their mind that they were working on a near the pipeline and that was something that was definitely a target. So. Yeah I'll give you our two cents down here from the peninsula. Oh this is yeah this is going to hit Alaskans in so many different ways we don't even know I mean the what's happening with the air traffic is just the beginning there are people all over the state who who may have lost someone they know we probably won't know the you know the toll and the casualties and so forth for some time. In this the military will probably be in a different situation now that transportation is going to be is going to change. And we don't really know we're told now that the governor's news conference will be happening at 10:30. So that'll be about 20 minutes from now and we'll bring that to you so you won't. You won't miss that. I'm
sure it's a difficult situation for anybody in a leadership position now to to to to know exactly how to direct things we want to try and be very very accurate and not not spread panic and rumors and so forth and it's I've been through a few things like this in my 40 years in broadcasting. And but nothing nobody's ever been through anything quite like this one. And I know that very often. Inaccurate information goes around at the start of things and we shouldn't really be surprised about that it's just simply the way it is Steve haycocks I know you must know that for sure. The most dangerous thing right now is to speculate carelessly too. To panic it's important to get accurate information. To put it into some kind of perspective we grieve terribly for those people who have been killed and maimed.
Those are our first concern and of course the security of the country and everybody else. The time for reflection on what it all might mean in the broader scheme of things is for later probably not so much now. It's difficult to react to this emotionally as well as as as functionally if you will mechanically. The U.S. senator commented this morning that this is a second Pearl Harbor I don't know what he meant. He may well simply have meant that it was a surprise. And there was there was no warning and certainly that whole intelligence and security apparatus of the country will be reviewed in in in light of what has happened. We are going to experience as as crisis always necessitates a loss of freedom. Flying an airplane will not be any
longer in the United States or in the world what it has been up to today. I have no idea what the nature of those changes will be but I think we can expect changes. Jefferson said the the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. It's also eternal vulnerability and we've experienced that today. Thank you Steve haycocks professor of history University of Alaska Anchorage. Vicki Jo joins the program from the Kodiak Vicki Jo I know you're a an avid campaigner against the missile defense this must this must really make you think you know a lot of money. I was on the phone talking to Colonel. Lieutenant Colonel Richland or between the bombing. The second one in those days was the bomb. These planes are bombs when they hit the Pentagon.
And we think things have changed they haven't. This this is exactly the way it needed to play out. I'm just going to read you something here real quick. It says We are committed to paying the price of vigilance because the price of complacency is too high to protect America's shoreline. Prevention must be our first line of defense. Now we've been telling people for eight weeks almost that they were going the wrong way. Is it that this was going to be the worst thing that could happen with terrorism from the inside of our country. I am very concerned. We probably lost a quarter of a million Americans today. I'm sitting on the island of Kodiak where we do have a rocket launch facility. And if you don't think we're scared then I guess the. The state has nothing to worry about. When I talked to Chris Nelson approximately 25 minutes ago
he's the man who called us a target he said you are a target you've always been a target. He told me how dare I even dispute his statements at this point. And you know what I totally dispute it Steve. And I think you know why we provoked this. I'm very very upset concerned about collateral damage that is going on in this country right now. And I could tell that Vicki Jo and I wanted to just stay calm and stay strong. Gather your families. This is our country and we will stand down. Thank you Vicki Jo. You bet. Vicki Jo's campaigning against the missile defense has been saying terrorism was was the real threat. That that fact is descended upon us and you know in a huge way at this point.
She called to join us on TALK OF ALASKA our phone number is 1 800 4 7 8 TALK 1 800 4 7 8 8 2 5 5 if you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity to speak with your fellow Alaskans. We have a heritage in in defense that goes back certainly to to the world to the Second World War and really to be for that as well. But we have so many people in the state who are veterans who have have seen action who are have a whole lot to think about right now as we all do. And you're welcome to call and share your thoughts as Vicki Jo did at 1 800 4 7 8 talk 4 7 8 8 2 5 5 we will go to the governor when that news conference begins at 10:30. The international president while he was in the
air leaving Florida on his way to Louisiana spoke with on number of international leaders at this point what little I've been able to find out. I know that Putin I know that a number of other international leaders are standing with the United States. And you know I know as a person that grew up with the Cold War that was the first thing that came to my mind. What next Steve haycocks and it must to you too. Indeed. What does this mean. What does it mean domestically what does it mean internationally. I think it was I think it was very important that a number of international leaders not just those that one would expect such as Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac but the leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan immediately denied that the Taliban had anything to do with this Yasser Arafat condemned it as a horrific act
with which the Palestine governing body had nothing to do he says. But terrorism has become the evil of our time. As Tony Blair said this morning. And we shall have to figure out how to deal with that evil and inevitably it means a loss of freedom. Crisis always means a loss of freedom war always means or curtailment of civil liberties in some area. Someone said Joe Biden this morning said that it's important that we not lose our character as a country. We're going to have to sort all of that out over the course of the next year to see where this falls down. But it is a threshold event in world history without a doubt. Well you know as a person that grew up with the threat of nuclear attack I'm just afraid of overreaction. You know I'm afraid of a.
Massive anger in the American people and doing something. You know people demanding that something be done that could lead to bad consequences. I think it'll be handled carefully the leadership is fully aware of the potential for overreaction of the potential for making the situation even more tragic than it already is. The American people will want to know what happened. They'll want to know who's responsible. Let's go to Mike. Joining us from bruto. Mike welcome to TALK OF ALASKA. I just want to let people know I mean as bad as it is is tragic it is in everybody's heart a pier that is breaking and goes out to the the people that have been hurt and killed but I just talked to a friend of mine in Oklahoma to just show you how things can get so far out of control compared to where they already are. I said that there's rumor or it's actually on the news down there that the
Trans-Alaska pipeline has been shut down which currently It has not then. I mean I should know I work out there. Thanks Mike. And also the price of gasoline around Oklahoma City and Tulsa has jumped this just this morning is $5 a gallon. And there's cars lined up on every street at every gas station as far as the eye can see. So you know things like this is bad as it is that it creates just like I've heard some other people say it creates a panic in it. You know it affects a whole lot of other things that you know things. Yeah. The emotion is so deep that it can really provoke people to get a little crazy. And we're right we're all trying to handle that. Exactly. Yeah thanks for the call Mike thank you. Let's go to John now in Anchorage welcome to TALK OF ALASKA John. Thank you and we should take exception with the lady that is working against a missile defense system she made a statement to.
We brought this upon ourselves I don't think any country or any group of people brings terrorism upon themselves. Terrorism is a barbaric act. I would like to see world peace where everyone got along but as long as we had to individuals out there that commit acts like this then those people need to be eliminated. Point blank and simple we have no room for them in our society. Being nice and holding their hands is not going to solve the issue. Thank you John. Thank you so Vicky goes and answered our telephone number a talk of Alaska's 478 talk 4 7 8 8 2 5 5. We are standing by to switch over to Governor knows who had a news conference scheduled for 10:00 o'clock that was postponed until 10:30 that could be happening at any moment. We have our correspondents in the in the field we could go to just about anybody at any point as we continue with talk of Alaska. And we welcome your call
will incorporate the calls as we can. We're ready at any time. Yeah let's go ahead and try and take our break now. Talk of Alaska comes to you from APRA the Alaska Public Radio Network and is made possible with support from this eight member states. And is seeking an experienced audio production technician duties include recording processing and editing of audio feeds as well as preparation and mixing of programming and promotional materials for distribution center resume to East Ninth Avenue Anchorage 9 9 5 0 1. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
Thanks. To three. Hello this is Steve Hamel at talk of Alaska and our phone number is 1 800 4 7 8 8 2 5 5. We're doing this show live in a time of national crisis. The World Trade Center has been hit by a terrorist attack there are numerous casualties. There is no air traffic in the entire nation except incoming planes that are. Basically having the land and this will probably the situation will will continue for hours. Probably most of the day we've spoken with the Federal Aviation Administration this stop of all air traffic applies to all airports in the United States including all the world air strips and so forth and penalties. She also said are severe. The federal building was evacuated earlier today but is not necessarily related to this there was an alarm and
the people were pulled out of the building we don't know if they're back in there or not. The military bases are on full alert in Alaska and all across the country. A Division of Emergency Services. I'm sure we'll hear more about that from the governor as he begins his news conference at any moment. Just take your signal whenever you give it to me there guys. And we are basically just sitting here talking this over as best we can among ourselves as Alaskans. With me is historian Steve Cox of the University of Alaska Anchorage who had already been scheduled as a guest here are going to be talking about really interesting historical issues and suddenly this one showed up and he was it was good enough to come in here and be with us and I'm really glad the September 11th Here's the governor will be a terrible day of tragedy another day of infamy. For our nation that will be forever etched in the minds of
Americans and really. All around the world. Even as. We make this report. We don't know the magnitude of the tragedy and the suffering that has taken place and we're still on a state of heightened alert. To be prepared to respond to any other threats as they may materialize as we try and understand the magnitude of this tragedy. Our first responsibility is of course to the victims and the families our thoughts and prayers reach out to them. And I know all Alaskans will be prepared to do whatever is necessary to be a part of the recovery effort. The massive recovery effort that will be necessary to help bring their lives back together as best we can. And of course this is a time that Americans always will pull together and
we will pull together as we have always done. We will try to respond to the attacks has best we can to be prepared for any further threats that may materialize. And of course cooperate with authorities who are trying to respond. In Alaska I wanted to give you a briefing on the steps that have been taken to protect the security of Alaskans and others who may be in our state are headed this way. We do have on teleconference General Phil Oates the person who is the head of our emergency preparedness the also deputy commissioner Dale Smith from private to public safety. We as you know we're going to have this report at 10 o'clock this morning and it was delayed until 10:30. And in fact we had received a report just a few minutes before 10 o'clock that a KAL Flight did have an
emergency transponder signal that it was unknown whether it was a hijacking signal or a low fuel signal. We were advised by the military command that it was being. Escorted by fighter jets. It was some hundred and sixty miles from Anchorage. At that point and we had to take all of the steps based upon that information at that time to assure the security people that might be in harm's way in in Anchorage. We received shortly after that notice that indeed it was a low fuel signal that the plane was being escorted outside of Anchorage and I believe was headed toward jacketed. I would note in that light also we've received communication from. The Yukon government and they have said that they would be prepared to
take any flights that were necessary and offered their help. Let me run through just a few notes we did have a state cabinet meeting this morning and received a full briefing from all of the agencies the state emergency command center was activated at 6:30 this morning. And each state agency has an official at the center in Anchorage and the FBI is participating with them. The Alaska National Guard has been alerted and put on a state of readiness to help with any emergencies that might take place. We've been advised that military bases and outposts around the state are on a heightened level of security and of course our own Alaska State Troopers are on standby. The FAA has ordered the highest level of security level for in our best information to date. Is that all airplanes have been grounded. This of course is
a very serious matter for Alaskans particularly as we might be relating to any emergency situation such as medevacs. We're working out right now as best we can with the FAA ways that we can accommodate those those needs of course at the Anchorage and for banks airports. There is heightened security. There are reports that as many as 22 international flights are in the air destined for Alaska six to seven of those headed for fair banks. We're not sure at this point whether they're passenger or cargo. We're going to be working with local authorities and airlines to handle that load. Of course the federal agencies the customs agencies and those authorities are the. We had the primary responsibility for their security and and for handling that. The Fairbanks airport is preparing to accommodate the international flights. The Red Cross and I was an Air Force Base have been contacted and
requested if necessary to provide assistance to those planes. The Anchorage airport has been shut down. We're going to stand two of the flights were diverted to KENAI and King Salmon cruise ship companies have been advised not to deliver their passengers to the Anchorage airport. Of course one of the primary is of security concerns for the state and nationally is Trans-Alaska pipeline security has been increased all along the pipeline the State Fish and Wildlife patrol boat is Invalides patrolling the oil terminal there and Prieto Bay is also on a heightened level of security from its operator company BP and state business has obviously been interrupted and many state employees including those at the Atwood building in Anchorage which was in a state of evacuation based on the reports
vary and initial an early report have been sent home. We are though conducting state business and we realize that in fact many state departments will have a heightened workload because of the. Consequences of the alert and the other interruptions that this national tragedy is causing. We have been in touch with their D.C. office and they remain at work and they report though that their that the city is in a gridlock with most people walking home. Everyone I know all Alaskans will respond to the need to understand the necessity of heightened security which may well cause numerous inconveniences but the need for cooperation and understanding certainly is I know will be. Done by all old individuals.
We do need to work together. This is going to be an incredibly painful and difficult period for for Americans. We'll pull together can never be forgotten. It will affect our lives in ways I don't even think we understand right now. As our president said we will pass the test. Let me ask now if General Oates if you and deputy commissioner Bill Smith have any comments that you'd like to make you know your god. That's the governor's news conference. Little problem straightening out the communications. They use the various telecommunications bridges and so forth. Something. That.
The governor is attempting to get the national system. Right. Once. A medivac operations here he thinks the danger is something you can have that right. Right now I would best try knowledge the FAA has shut down all air traffic all completely. So there is no air traffic right now. Any indication how long now that we are in constant communication with them and. This is coming out of Oklahoma City and national I think made ministration we need to know. They need to know. Course the dependence that over Haskins have on air traffic for places that dont have any ground transportation whatsoever so this is something that we hope to have worked out here within a matter of Hopefully hours but of course we we are
part of the FAA is taking the action as Ive been advised on the basis of direction from military command and that is our responsibility to take part in whatever direction national security demands. What what what role in that and carries that. You know there's been no change in the ferry schedule. They will have a heightened sense of security on those all state facilities that have security provisions will be on a heightened level of security we are not sending new security though to places that don't normally have any mark like what federal and U.S. military officials have been in contact with today. Well General Oates Would you please note there. Oh he's not on at all. I'm trying to. General Oates was in contact with the general Swartz
directly regarding the report of the Kal. We have with our Division of Emergency Services Plan contact and federal agencies that are a part of that so we are. And you know of the 11th air forces increase their their air patrols or of the AWACS wherever there is any increased sea surveillance going on with the Coast Guard as well. I know that there are at a heightened level of security that all of their personnel as I understand all the active person now are on a high state a high state of alert. And I assume that was the course they were the ones responsible for shadowing the KAL Flight. I understand the general is going to be on line. No no no no no no. Joel Oates and Bill Smith we've joined back up with you this time can you hear us all right. Yes we can. General two things one I'd like to ask you to give any additions to the information that I've put forward and also I just
answered a question in terms of the contact with the military officials at the national level and I discussed your conversation with General Swartz concerning the Kal incident and also the coordination that we have with our Division of Emergency Services our operation center with the federal officials. Yes sir I did stop local first I'll make a brief statement and be available for questions. As you commented the state emergency quote mission center is open. We've had contact with. Major communities in Alaska by telephone and you are first class system the state emergency coordination center has represented from both local the state the federal and the military levels will be open on a 24 hour a day basis and have a whole department of state government resident in the S.E.C. sea will give daily updates to the
press. Also public service announcements will go out to the communities and also to the press as appropriate. We've also got a member there in the center with us to keep us up to date on any increased threats to Alaska. We have contact with the crisis action center over at Elmendorf. I've been talking routinely with General Schwartz this morning especially with the situation that that you described earlier in the military perspective. The National Guard members are preparing contingencies and prepared. Saying increasing the readiness to call up the National Guard the gov so dictates he is not dictated We're also looking at our other resources such as aircraft to possibly for security missions were in communication with the national
command center and if they have been giving us information as to the military status of alert status it quarter sir. Let me see if Bill Smith has any comments he'd like to make. Thank you Governor I don't think I have anything to say at this point but you know the general covered it pretty well I'm certainly available for any specific question about actions or department public safety testing in the state that are facing any kind of problem because the air transportation I have not heard any contact that been any specific problems with we we have not got any indication yet of any specific problems. I would comment that it's very very early sensed and thinks oh goodness six hours old at this time. It'll be something we have to monitor because that is obviously our lifeline.
But no reports of any emergency because of the lack of air travel disruptions dependent as Alaskan communities are our first concern is any emergency situations primarily dealing with medical emergencies or carry assets on the ground along the route of the pipeline. You want to respond. I think we've been in touch with a security element and could give you no update on what that's going to be. They have a heightened state of security for security pipeline forces which that is generally provided by a private security company under contract to Alyeska pipeline of understanding and talking to their leadership but they are an item status of alert and we are standing by to ask the state troopers to provide whatever support they may need at this point in time we've not deployed any Alaska State Troopers on the
pipeline but they have a divide here in Iten state of security all along the pipeline and the North Slope and the valdés terminal and I might add to that governor that they have elements located all the critical points on the pipeline and the pump stations. They've got sensors and then increased patrols out and in every place that you would have a serious difficulty of restoring a pipeline or it might be a little area for any type of attack against it. And through national command authority or any other sources received in the Alaska specific threat warnings. I know in talking to the national command. Yeah To my knowledge I hadn't played as of last report but no specific threats directed toward a great age. And it also led to the recommendation that we not to mention a guard at this time.
The state of Alaska a person from the state were called up to help in the lower 48. Would they be able to go if the FAA has shut down all flights. Does that include the military for example. Well you know the military advised the FAA on the need to shut down all flights so the military and certainly the power of the president in terms of releasing needed elements to assist the national effort would overrule whatever standing orders that they that they had on hand so that would not interfere and go if need be. Doesn't Chris Governor have you been affected by this personally understand your daughter may be attending university in New York. Everybody is affected in some way or another. A friend a member of the family my daughter works in New York City she works in lower McNeer near Lower Manhattan. And I got a call at 6:30 this morning. From a
friend of the friend who she had contacted because the cell system was down couldn't make any long distance phone calls that she was that she was fine she was safe. I had no way to call her. She did call me and I did talk with her at about 7:30 this morning and she was in tears. She said that everybody had to have masks on at that location that she was there because of the dust of the debris in the air and I said well you know how close are you. And she was about 20 blocks away but it was she was programmed to murders. And I myself at that point had not fully comprehended. What put it was in the affect on it it is just the portions that are almost unimaginable. And that city right now is in a state of
crisis and people are trying to work their way through it off since tried to call her back several times since that time had not been able to get through. And she asked me what she should do. And she was from the workplace of a friend because they had backed away the building that she was in. And so I just said Hold tight. Don't don't go anywhere and just listen to the radio they didn't have a TV there just to listen to the radio and you can get a feel for how things are. But it was one of the it was the kind of advice that a father would give her daughter that she never expected she would have to give the advice I'm told from that. Don't don't move. You know that your daughter would ask you What should I do there. It was a tough job. Have you had contact with the delegation and if so is there been any preliminary
conversation about retaliation. No I've had no contact with the delegation I think that they have all been moved out in the leadership is and I'm sure at this point and some very close contact with the administration concerning the national crisis. So I don't know. No that's the best match and you might get a silly beast in states that are gaining speed. It's security or schedule changes like the railroading. I don't know of any changes in the railroad. Most of the critical facilities of the state have some level of security and what is happening is that everyone is being asked to heighten their level of security and to make whatever accommodations they can with personnel to to make that happen. We aren't expanding though that. Ring of security to facilities that don't normally have some
type of provisions for the night but certainly obviously airports Marine highway systems railroads and major office buildings get covered. Plans to evacuate the National Guard and I guess you know what one of the scenarios in which he went would activate the National Guard one of the emergency powers of the governor and it specifically deals the statute in the event of an actual enemy attack against the state the governor made to clear urgency I have an emergency cabinet it is headed by General Oates. Any provisions for declaring an emergency actively guard would come through those recommendations. And of course their contact with the federal government right now there is no reason for us to be calling up those resources at the present time. We always stand ready to do it and to provide whatever level security or assistance Alaskans need in the case of a federal situation.
They couldn't the phone call the president of the federal. National Guard units on the bases may be healthier than you can measure that you can see certainly no injuries have been considered. Well actually we have all of our active duty National Guard people are on alert and they are already on a standby basis. They haven't been activated for any particular mission in general as maybe you might want to go into that a little bit further. Yes sir the governor discussed with me this morning the possibilty to provide some of our resources such as such as our aircraft if it was needed for any emergency purposes and we've done that and as a governor so all of our members of the National Guard which is. 20 to 30 percent of our total structure are focusing on this emergency work as we speak reviewing that contingency plans are critical site protection areas and
just getting to work for our traditional Guard members to be ready to come in and there is an emergency situation. And I'm confident we could react very quickly if and when the governor calls us the emergency powers to seize or take property for the protection of the public or of course the president I would include all means of transportation and communication services. Mark and this for the genitive. You know on an individual level people no doubt are going to want to help. And as Alaskans what can we do. And through the vein of you talking to your daughter you're our father figure. So what can we do. Oh I think it's part of a national tragedy that this is that we need to stand ready to take heart in whatever recovery or assistance that we could be helpful and
and in a command situation that really does require those in charge assessing what the needs are in the most efficient way to bring those resources to bear on the on the situation. And so rather than initiate action we just stand ready for those who are in charge of the recovery and help effort. I know on an individual basis people are going to be asked things and it will be enormous. But there's nothing that we're initiating to talk about some place in the resource of 1 6 Airlift Wing in the 210 rescue squadron and we have done that in other areas whether for earthquakes or other situations around the world and Alaska may well be in a unique situation to be a help. But you you know you don't want to jump to it prior to being part of an overall coordinated effort.
Katie I don't have an international friend we are going to stay with the governor's news conference live from Juneau on the Alaska Public Radio Network. Trade back and forth any idea what this means financially at this point to to the state of Alaska as far as our our international trade links. I don't know what the ramifications of it will be I think it's a very good question particularly this attack on America was by air. We are the air cargo for international flights that the new increased level of security that's going to be demanded for that method of transportation is going to have some effect and they're going to be obviously some increased costs and. So it remains to be seen but I think you bring to a point that there may well be some just operational ramifications of it that will disrupt some of the things we usually don't know what these. Are going to be
called into a fact. Everybody understands during an emergency situation that there has to be a military command situation. But as we get back into regular life there's going to be some dramatic changes and that will be yet to evolve our communications I mean you know we're cut off from New York we are already isolated here. You know we're basically. Even more cut off. Now. Do do do we still have is there any public communication you know between authorities and in Washington for example and the state of Alaska is that going to be a problem communication right now that all the circuits are loaded. There's no question about that. And we do have the capacity at the emergency command level and that's an emergency response. It is fully responsible but I think also you bring up a good point. Right now physically
the nation is kind of frozen in place. Nobody is traveling it's not just so I ask. Nobody's traveling. They have pictures of course and around the Washington New York City area where there is just total gridlock. People walking around the George Washington Bridge and everyone's at a standstill. And that's going to have some enormous effect. True. Related question for the lieutenant governor because you're involved with I tell you we've had some disruptions this morning and dealing with the network and with Internet communications have you seen any problems or any spikes in use. Well at this point in time there is no indication that there is a problem with the state of Alaska's telecommunications system. We have not yet been in contact or heard from the private telecommunication companies that have in any way indicated to us that they're having difficulty or that they would like an assistance from the state of Alaska. Well question has there been any cautionary measures taken to prevent any
sort of information warfare attack on the information infrastructure of the state of Alaska and maybe even to go on further to think about weapons of mass destruction as well as their actions are being prepared. With regard to the general security which applies to the telecom system the information data management system in the state of Alaska is in force as it always is there is nothing special beyond that which has been undertaken this morning to the best of my knowledge. But I would again defer to either Phil or Dell if they have anything that they want to add to that specifically as it relates to potential terrorist attacks that may require additional action beyond our normal security procedures. I think one of the points in reference to represent weapons of mass destruction. I think today we've seen a whole new definition of such a weapon. People have thought
of some nuclear device in a suitcase would be the weapon of the future who would know that it's a normally scheduled air flight from Boston to Los Angeles turned by the terrorist act of one or a small group of individuals into a weapon of mass destruction. That picture of the plane diving into the World Trade Center is just an unbelievable tragedy. It's not just I mean that is the weapon that attraction so I mean everybody feels today more vulnerable today might make a comment. Along those same lines as far as our physical security with our Internet connections those connections are working normally. We got a very very good security posture and security procedures routinely because of those information attacks
happen more often than not these days. The other thing is we also have a capability in the National Guard our Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team A team of 22 individuals that we have that are available to rapidly assess identified to detect nuclear biological or chemical agents and to be able to give recommendations and advice on how to deal with those and sort of same communities and work with the first responders the firemen the police the medical authorities to make sure we identify what the attack is man and know how to deal with it. Obviously that would overload our health care system. Thing we do to any of CCC is it is when we stand that it is stupid to do an amatory all of our assets to deal with any type of emergencies so all of those actions are part of the ongoing actions that are taking place in emergency Cooperation Center.
Maybe just in closing. The president today called it a faceless act of cowardice and September 11th of 2001 will always be remembered for that. But that won't be the whole story. Just as the other day of infamy in American history there is going to be the story of Americans working together reaching out in preparedness and reaching out in help and assistance to the families and the victims of the tragedy. And we go to our strengths. And so I hope that that will be the closing chapters of this tragic event and not let the only story be that of the faceless coward cowards to perpetrate it. Thank you. Thank you. That's Alaska Governor Tony Knowles live from the state. His office is in Juneau talking about today's incredible news events with the hijacked
airplanes flying into and destroying the World Trade Center also crashing into the garden inside the Pentagon and somewhere in the mountains of Pennsylvania. There are numerous casualties. There are no air flights taking place at this point in Alaska except for medivac flights which according to the FAA are still authorized but all other air traffic is not happening at this point. The governor said that this everybody is going to feel more vulnerable now. But he stood with the president in saying Americans will pass the test. And that's where we sit now on this special edition of Talk about Alaska. Ellen LOCKYER A PR and reporter is with me in the studio you've been able to get through on the phone to a number of agencies and so forth can you give us a brief rundown of where things stand at this point. Let me add also the governor did say we are continuing
state business he is not calling out the National Guard. We do have the emergency coordination center operating 24 hours and they will be providing the communication needs. Steve yes I have spoken with Alyeska pipeline they are not shutting down the taps line although security is of course being heightened they will not go into detail as to exactly what they are doing I have spoken with our reporter Dan Ross down in case the Invalides. He also says there are measures being taken. There's very little confirmation right now as to what measures are being taken but he told me that the increased personnel are moving into the marine terminal and they are shutting. Taking over small businesses to provide additional security gates Elmendorf Air Force Base and report Richardson near Anchorage are again on heightened alert. They are not allowing any non military personnel through those gates. Their planes are not flying as far as I
know and there is a had we had basically a couple of fighters that went out to escort the KAL Flight. It's not entirely determined where it's going the governor mentioned yakka tat we've also heard white horse. There are a number of cargo flights in the air inbound to Alaska and they could be going to a number of places at this point. My information and it is again non-official indicates 49 flights in the air still Now as far as this Korean K.L.. Plane on hearing through the CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation through the RCMP that it is headed to White Horse. I have confirmed with the FBI right here in Anchorage that it is in truth that that plane is headed to Whitehorse it is low on fuel. The FBI will not confirm or deny anything else. And the FBI has taken a lot of the command in this the Pentagon had some communication capacity destroyed and there is an FBI person here in Alaska that is intimately involved with the state emergency command
center. And that's pretty much all we can say at this point. This is all we know the rumors about this hijacking of the KAL Flight are not true. There was not an evacuation of downtown there was an evacuation of the federal building that was a partial evacuation of the Atwood building. But. The building was. The workers have gone back to work and but a number of them went home which is perfectly understandable in the federal building I'm not sure if they're back in or not but that was basically because of a fire alarm and there are now we're getting a unconfirmed report that the KAL Flight has made it in they have got a beacon from from the flight and they thought it that there might have been some sort of a terrorism problem with it it turned out it was just a low on fuel. The governor said that their briefing is that there were 20 to inbound flights into Alaska international flights not sure which ones are cargo and so forth and they are sorting that out were
probably learn a lot more about that. Just one more thing I have also spoken with our reporter Brian Harris that came next in Kodiak and he described what the Coast Guard is going through Let's not forget them with Alaska is thousands of miles of shoreline. Yes. All right thank you very much Dave Donaldson historian Steve haycocks. Jennifer Summers our producer Ron disaster our engineer everybody. Jessica Cochran reporting. Allan LOCKYER reporting as we try and pull together as best we can what communication we have at this point and I'm sure there's going to be plenty more thank you very much for listening thank you to the listeners of the program and will sign off this edition of Talk of Alaska. Talk of Alaska is made possible by this member station of the Alaska Public Radio Network. The September 14th deadline for a PR and Song of the Year contest is approaching in Juneau entry forms are available at Capitol Records the string shop in Rosewood Giles music. This program is a production of a PR in which is solely responsible for its
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ways natives can stay fit Laskin natives making healthy choices. This message brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska Mark and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. This is NPR and the Alaska Public Radio Network. This is in a special report I'm Jeff Kennedy. All regular air traffic shut down in Alaska today after news of the four hijackings and terrorism at three locations in the lower 48. Storm of the Federal Aviation Administration calls the action a ground stop meaning that no civilian flights were allowed to take off at any U.S. airport. This is the first time a national ground stop has been imposed. Military and law enforcement flights are not affected by the ground stop. Authorities also called off searches including the one for the missing grandson a former state senator Jack
Coghill medivac flights are proceeding but with clearance from the FAA shortly after the crash of a hijacked airliner into one of the Twin Towers in New York. Rumors flew here in Alaska one of a total evacuation of Valdez was false but the Coast Guard did shut down the port at 10:20 this morning. Also the Canada-U.S. border did not shut down and cruise ships from Canada are proceeding as normal to the U.S. except for those headed the valleys. A rumor that a Korean passenger plane was being hijacked to Anchorage prompted authorities to start evacuating downtown Anchorage for a while. But the flight was diverted to Whitehorse and two F-15 jets escorted it there. The plane reportedly was low on fuel. All other Anchorage bound flights are now being diverted to Whitehorse military bases for restricted access to the public and went on alert. But baseball's opened with at least one exception the school that I was an Air Force Base south of Fairbanks the Alaska railroad shut down trains with routes through military bases and yack attached shut down its schools. Governor Knowles put emergency services on alert.
The State Emergency Command Center was activated at 6:30 this morning. And each state agency has an official at the center here in Anchorage and the FBI is participating with them. You ask the National Guard has been alerted and put on a state of readiness to help with any emergencies that it might take place. I'm Jeff Kennedy. This isn't a PR and SPECIAL REPORT I'm Jeff Kennedy. Multiple terrorist attacks in the lower 48 of touch the emotions of Alaskans today with only a couple of hours notice worshipers filled up more than half the space of the Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage at the same time Grace Community Church was serving lunch to about 350 people stranded in Anchorage because of the nationwide shutdown of airports.
A church spokeswoman told a PR in a short time ago the American Red Cross has brought in cots and we have blankets. We have food available. We're serving lunch. Currently we will be providing dinner and breakfast as well and then from there will make decisions based on how long these people will be in our facility. And Governor Knowles expressed solidarity with the victims in today's attacks. And of course this is a time that Americans have always will pull together. We will pull together as we have always done. We will try to respond to the tough attacks as best we can to be prepared for any further threats that may materialize. And of course cooperate with the authorities who are trying to respond. Authorities but the state troopers on alert shut the port about these calls the oil terminal their restricted access to the military bases including Alaska railroad trains that usually pass through the bases. The schools and yak a tad and also an Air Force Base shut down two Korean planes have landed safely in
Whitehorse in the Yukon the first earlier thought to be hijacked is being treated cautiously by Canadian authorities according to a CBC Whitehorse. We have landed safely and we really want to hijack a campaign under military escort at the airport right now. Schools in Whitehorse have been evacuated. I'm Jeff Kennedy. This isn't a PR and SPECIAL REPORT I'm Jeff Kennedy like many other Americans governor Knowles today compared today's terrorist attacks to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor almost 60 years ago. Just as the other day of infamy in American history there is going to be the story of Americans working together reaching out flights today were diverted from Anchorage including an incoming Korean Airlines jetliner when communications fail with the airliner the Anchorage Police started to evacuate the downtown area for a while to err on the side of safety.
The plane eventually was diverted to Whitehorse despite being low on fuel to a storm of the Federal Aviation Administration in coming for an international flight to Anchorage International are being diverted to Whitehorse ki l plate number eighty five point seven forty seven was diverted and landed safely on the ground at 10:35 a.m. as many as six flights were diverted to Fairbanks Alyeska pipeline service companies mobilizing extra security to cover the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline. The US Coast Guard has ordered the port of LDS closed and security reasons because Gerda has stopped all incoming and outgoing traffic in the port abilities. Petty Officer Chris Sofie Tim Alston Alyeska spokesman said the pipeline itself is not shutdown Alyeska has heightened security on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. I can't allow. Operate on what steps are being taken and the pipeline is still operating and there are no plans at this point to shut it down.
But the Coast Guard has ordered Alyeska to cease loading operations the valdés terminal all incoming ship traffic to the port of LDS has been halted. The order affects commercial fishing boats and pleasure craft incoming oil tankers have been instructed to anchor in Prince William Sound till further notice and bridge long distance telephone company said no major problems. But customers face jammed phones on the East Coast. I'm Jeff Kennedy. This isn't a PR and SPECIAL REPORT I'm Jeff Kennedy. There were no reports of terrorism in Alaska but the attacks three time zones away more than half filled the Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage for a special memorial mass at noon. Meanwhile the Grace Christian church opened its doors to passengers stranded in Anchorage by the shutdown of the nation's airports. A spokeswoman for the church expected about 350 but said the church could handle more.
The American Red Cross has brought in cots and we have blankets. We have food available. We are serving lunch. Currently we will be providing dinner and breakfast as well and then from there will make decisions based on how long these people will be in our facility searches are on hold including one for the missing grandson a former state senator Jack Coghill medevacs are proceeding on a case by case basis within the state one patient is reported trying to get to Portland and if necessary may ask for military assistance. Also a human heart is in waiting to be sent to Seattle for transplant. A Korean airliner bound for Anchorage was diverted to Whitehorse after communications broke down with the incoming jet. Anchorage Police evacuated the downtown area for a while as a precaution. The Federal Aviation Administration is tentatively limited scheduled air traffic to begin tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Alaska time. Alaska Airlines spokesman Jack Walsh said the airline is reworking its whole
schedule within the state of Alaska. 37 200. Well that will probably have minimal impact on some of the early morning flights being canceled throughout much of our system of other plants or will be a significant impact and perhaps as much as only about 50 percent of our flights might be operating at all. I'm Jeff Kennedy. She asked me what she should do it was to Alaska reels of word of an incredible series of fatal terrorist attacks and tries to bear up. This is Alaska news nightly for Tuesday the 11th of September
21. Good evening. I'm Steve Hyman. Also tonight air traffic remains grounded until tomorrow morning at least and the FBI steps in at the State Emergency Center will be open on a 24 hour a day basis and have all departments of state government. A resident there in the CCC. Today's broadcast of Alaska news nightly is presented in part by your local public radio station. Alaskans reacted with horror as they learned early this morning that unprecedented terrorist attacks had demolished the World Trade Center building in New York City and damaged the Pentagon. The attacks were conducted with hijacked passenger aircraft with the passengers and crew still aboard. These four airplanes were flown into places targeted by the terrorists. Two slammed into the World Trade Center buildings towers another crashed into the helicopter pad at the Pentagon nerve center of the military and Washington DC. A fourth was apparently headed for Camp David in the mountains
west of Washington it crashed to the ground outside Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. At this hour the president is announcing our nation's response to the terrorist attacks. Alaska's military bases like those in the rest of the nation went on full alert shortly after the attack. And Alaska governor told me Knowles quickly put the state's emergency coordination center report Richardson in Anchorage into operation. The State Emergency Command Center was activated at 6:30 this morning. And each state agency has an official at this center in Anchorage and the FBI is participating with them. The Alaskan National Guard has been alerted and put on a state of readiness to help with any emergencies that it might take place. And General fill out said the Senator. The center is coordinating the state's efforts with the help of the FBI which stepped into the coordination role when the Pentagon was attacked. We've had contact with all major communities in Alaska. But telephone and you are first class system the state emergency coordination center has represented from both
the local the state the federal and the military levels will be open on a 24 hour a day basis and have all departments of state government resident there in the S.E.C. sea air traffic was shut down for at least 24 hours by the Federal Aviation Administration. The only exceptions are law enforcement military and metal backed flights which have to clear their flights with air traffic control. This nationwide ground stop includes all airports and air strips according to FAA is Joe at storm meaning that no civilian flights were allowed to take off at any U.S. airport. If it's the first time a national ground stop has been imposed military and law enforcement flight are not. Affected by the ground stop the city of Anchorage got a scare in mid morning when word came that a Korean Airlines flight bound for Anchorage might also have been hijacked. Some downtown buildings in Anchorage were evacuated before it was realized that the plane's beacon had gone off because of low fuel. And there was more confusion when the fire alarm in the federal building
went off and all federal employees had to leave that building as well. The international cargo and passenger planes that were bound for Anchorage and Fairbanks were diverted to elsewhere mostly white horse in the Yukon Territory. The Kal passenger flight sat on the ground with all passengers aboard and two U.S. Air Force F 17 circling overhead for two hours before the world Canadian Mounted Police would let them out. Marty derby of the CBC reports the drama began early this morning of the Korean jet and heard Alaska Air space. The plane was in trouble but officials didn't know whether it was running or when fuel or had been hijacked. Alaska Governor Tony Knowles says steps were taken to ensure the safety of the people in Anchorage. We were advised by the military command that it was being escorted by fighter jets. It was under 60 miles from us. Anchorage at that point we received shortly after that I noticed that indeed it was a low signal signal. I would
note in that line also we received communications from the Yukon government and I have said that they would be prepared to take any flights that were necessary and offered their help. But the military and Canadian officials weren't taking any chances. The fighters circled over a white horse for an hour after the Korean jet landed. Meanwhile schools and government buildings were evacuated. Many small businesses closed for the day. The airport in the Alaska Highway were shut down. Here is a spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He says a thorough inspection was necessary before passengers could leave the plane. Once we get a full briefing of the individuals particularly the crew on board and are convinced through proper translation exciter and with these individuals that it isn't a situation there and then everybody is removed from the aircraft. And following that nothing appearing now
questionable and then the situation will be determined. The passengers were kept on board for more than two hours before they were permitted to disembark in clear customs. The green 747 is one of a number of wide bodied aircraft expected to be diverted to Whitehorse today. Marty Derby CBC News White Horse the scare about that Kal plane provoked authorities in Valdez to shut down the port there while does continue to flow through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline however. Ellen Lockyer has a report around Alaska reports of the terrorist attacks have spurred action Alyeska pipeline service company is mobilizing extra security to cover the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline. And at this time the security of TAPS is a federal and state priority. The U.S. Coast Guard has ordered the port of Valdez closed and security reasons to scurry to stop all incoming and outgoing traffic in the port of LV.
Petty Officer Chris Chris offi Tim Walston Alyeska spokesman says the pipeline itself has not been shutdown Alyeska has heightened security on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. I can't elaborate on what steps are being used. A can of the pipeline is still operating and there are no plans at this point to shut it down. But the Coast Guard has ordered Alyeska to cease loading operations at the valley's marine terminal. All incoming ship traffic to the port of Valdez has been halted. The order affects commercial fishing boats and pleasure craft incoming oil tankers have been instructed to anchor in Prince William Sound until further notice that is under way out of the sound before the closure was announced are allowed to proceed. The Coast Guard is taking heightened precautions in Kodiak as well. Kodiak reporter Brian Harris says the satellite launch facility there is in limbo. We will be contacting them us throughout the day to find out what their terminations. As to whether or not they will be postponing next week's launch.
Meanwhile all military bases in Alaska are on high alert but just watch that alert entails is a matter of tight security. Chuck Canterbury at Fort Richardson in Anchorage. If you really if you don't work here or live here we would ask that maybe you don't come here to Fort Richardson to prison. Things are pretty congested and it just aggravates the situation. Schools on Fort Richardson remained open today but all but the main gate to the port stayed closed at Elmendorf Air Force base spokesman Sergeant John Scudder says security is tight. Well we are in a higher state of alert because today's events are people are trained to use force protection measures when it. Repeat it only government employees are being admitted to bases in Anchorage and Fairbanks. I'm Ellen LOCKYER a PR in Anchorage. The aviation shutdown quieted every airstrip in the state. It turned the Anchorage airport into a wasteland.
The one that was heavily guarded Jessica Cochrane reports outside the Anchorage airport only a few cars pulled up to the curb. Passengers were met by a police dog and full security force and the news that their flights were canceled. Workers headed for the North Slope were turned away early messages instructed employees to report to the airport for flights as normal but by the time they arrived the flights were all cancelled. Kevin waters from Maine flew on a Federal Express jet from Newark this morning. He was headed to visit friends in Dillingham and saw him I north this morning on Federal Express jumpseat it up and we get the word halfway across that you know some things have happened. So it's some of the rubble you know from Alaska Airlines staff were reportedly offering space in their homes for stranded travelers. But no one had offered to help. Bruce and William Dunkley of Boise Idaho they were headed to Kodiak to go fishing. William Dunkley sat next to a huge pile of luggage in the lobby.
They have not done a thing. They have. Said everything shut down and they didn't offer say anything. So they have been given essentially encouraged by the timeframe for what they're going to do and in fact we understand we have to make reservations again. His son Bruce Dunkley says they got up at 4:30 a.m. to make their flight and didn't hear about the attacks until they were on board. We were on the plane ready to take off and all of sudden I just said you have to be planes take all your belongings residue you have to go through the plate check again. We got off the plane and then they says Go get your bags. We're not going anywhere. Did they tell you why you going there. Yeah they said that the World Trade Center had been bombed by afternoon groups had organized to help travelers the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau compiled a list of available hotel rooms. The Alaska Travel Industry Association posted information on its website. Airlines reportedly started booking blocks of rooms for passengers and Grace Christian church turned
its building into a shelter. The American Red Cross has brought in cots and we have blankets. We have food available. We're serving lunch. Currently we will be providing dinner and breakfast as well and then from there will make decisions based on how long these people will be in our facility. Alaska Railroad canceled northbound passenger service because of concerns about crossing through military land. But cruise companies plan to continue trips as normal with heightened security measures in place. The flight restriction does allow exceptions for medivac but only within the state lifeguard Alaska Air Ambulance says one patient is waiting for a transfer out of state. If they're not allowed to fly within 24 hours they'll ask for military assistance. I'm Jessica Cochrane in Anchorage. At this point it's unclear when and in what fashion air traffic will resume. Right now it's just certain medivac military and
the. That's pretty much it that is flying emergency and. Law enforcement the North American Air Defense Command put an order in effect to keep the planes on the ground on til 8 o'clock tomorrow morning Alaska time at least. And it's just not clear what will happen at that time. In what manner the Federal Aviation Administration will lift what it imposed this morning in response to the terrorist bombings. They called it a ground stop and it was unprecedented. The American Red Cross was quick to respond to the emergency in New York with disaster assistance and with blood for victims and emergency workers. The National Red Cross is ready now to send 50000 units of blood to the effort here in Alaska. The South Central Red Cross works with the blood bank of Alaska on blood donations. The blood bank is receiving donations now at locations and muscle data and Anchorage Greg shoemaker says six donation locations have all been operating at full capacity as people step forward to donate blood that
they know will be needed. He says that although New York has not yet put out the call for more blood the need will be ongoing for the next several weeks. We do have some phone calls to some phone numbers at which you can make your offers of assistance to victims of today's terrorist attacks they are the American Red Cross for blood donations an 800 4 4 8 3 5 4 3 4 cash donations it's 1 800 HELP NOW. So you just spell out the letters H E L P N O W and for cash donations to the Salvation Army. It's 800 s a l army a r m y. Medical personnel who wish to donate their services should contact their local Red Cross office the Federal Emergency Management Agency does not accept donations but coordinates volunteer agencies at disaster sites. And if you are. Seeking to know the fate of a loved one who
was working in the Pentagon there is a special hotline now that the Pentagon the Army has set up to ensure 100 percent accountability as they term it for Department of Army civilians and contractors who work at the Pentagon regardless of where assigned those numbers again are. 1 800 that number is 1 800 900 4 8 5 2 3 or 7 0 3 4 2 8 0 0 0 0 2 Those numbers are for Army individuals who are assigned to the Pentagon. The hotline is also however for use by family members seeking information about their loved ones who work for the Department of the army in the Pentagon. So this is Army only and the number is 1 800 900 4 8 5 2 3 or 7 0 3 4 2 8 0 0 0 2. Still to come on Alaska NEWSNIGHT leave the church a step to the fore and caution us. But will that anger produce ultimately. More pain more bloodshed.
Several Alaskans who were in New York had a close call. Officials of the North Slope Borough including the mayor were on their way to a financing meeting at the World Trade Center building this morning. They had not arrived yet. When the terrorist commandeered Jets did they and I guess reports from Barrow North Attleboro Mayor George Amalek his wife Maggie and if you caught that members were in Manhattan this morning to participate in a bond sale and they were probably about three or four miles from the Trade Center itself or they were scheduled within probably 30 minutes of this protégée of a business meeting near the Trade Center. But they're presently safe. I've talked to the mare all the staff are safe and they're now trying to figure out what their next step is in terms of trying to get back to their old good home.
That was the bureau's chief administrative officer Dennis Packer who stayed behind in Barrow. The man was accompanied by admin and finance director John Ames. Deputy director Paula Bush the IPN director Frank Brown and former finance director Jim Sharpe the members in the group had just had breakfast and were preparing to leave for meetings when disaster struck. As I understand it. Are confined into the the world or fair story a hotel that they're staying they can currently call out occasionally but of course the Lions are so tied up in the New York state itself were unable to call into their reporting for Barrow. I'm Diana gets one member of Governor Tony Knowles family also had a close call this morning. The governor's daughter works in lower Manhattan. Knowles says she is OK and did manage to get a call through this morning from an office about 10 blocks from the collapsed World Trade Center towers. She asked me what she should do when she was at the workplace of a friend because they had backed away the building that she was in.
And so I just said Hold tight. Don't don't go anywhere and just listen to the radio they didn't have a TV there just to listen to the radio until you can get a feel for how things are. But it was one of the it was the kind of advice that a father would give her daughter that she never expected she would have to give the advice home tell them that don't don't move any of that that your daughter would ask you What should I do there. It was. And Alaskans are sure to see many more tough moments before this is over. In many communities in Alaska they chose to keep schools open today though the formal learning today was no doubt very different and probably unforgettable one in the town of Craig school superintendent Darryl Johnson said. In spite of the deaths from the terrorist attacks he deliberately let the flag fly high today. We'll wait to the president or the governor declares a proclamation to lower him to half mast for the
tragedy. Right now our flags are remaining high and in defiance in rural Alaska that says our country is strong and that we are still you know we're still there. And out on the Aleutians Jim pollen reports from Alaska that they're holding their own through this crisis so far. Life goes on for the much is normal in this Aleutian Islands community. Some precautions are in effect. The airport is closed as part of a nationwide shutdown ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration. But given today's rainy windy and foggy weather conditions it's doubtful anyone would have been flying anyways. Still the terrible tragedy on the East Coast is very much on everybody's mind here. School remains open although school superintendent Darryl Sanborn has issued a statement saying attendance is optional during this time of crisis. The U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety detachment in Alaska a sign in the locked office door says please knock informs visitors that they and their baggage a subject to search. Members of the Unalaska. Public safety held an emergency planning meeting this morning according to a tenant John Locke and I don't have to depend
almost entirely on airplanes and ocean going vessels for food and other supplies. And I know after the harbor this is Jim Paul and the story was much the same on the island of Kodiak there was a clamp down on access at the Coast Guard is Brian Harris reports. I don't I have not used the term alert there. What is happening there at the Coast Guard this morning is a ID card check is proceeding at the front gate and the front gate today is the only one open at Coast Guard base Kodiak. All civilian contractors are being turned away today they're being asked to remain at home the only ones allowed onto the base at this time are uniformed personnel or civilian workers at the at the base a lot of Alaska's workers went home today. The Interior Department sent all its nonessential personnel home. They're supposed to check with the office tomorrow morning to see what to do then. In southeast the U.S. Forest Service decided most of its personnel leave and just keep a skeleton staff on hand according to district ranger Patty
grant him in Petersburg. We're going to going to be closing down. A skeleton group of people that are still at work that will be supporting our crews that are still in the field at this time. As you know all off all flight activities in the nation have been suspended for today so we do have folks in the field that are easily recall and will believe them out of the forest service shut down its visitor centers at the Portage glacier Ketchikan Discovery Center in the Mendenhall Glacier. Many state workers were also sent home but by no means all of them. At a news conference this morning Governor Knowles said the state continues to conduct its business state business is obviously been interrupted. Many state employees including those at the end would building in Anchorage which was in a state of back to action based on the reports the variant the initial And early reports have been sent.
We are. Conducting state business and we realize that in fact many state departments will have a heightened workload because of the consequences of the alert and other interruptions that this national tragedy is causing. While planes were not flying state ferries continued on their routes today according to the Alaska Marine Highway. The casualties from these terrorist attacks will be immense and Alaskans like other
Americans are looking to help and express their sympathy. Any. Dozens of churches scheduled special services for today and for this evening what you're hearing now is a mass at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage that happened this afternoon in Juneau as well there was a service at the Cathedral of the Nativity father Michael Nash told a full congregation this afternoon. But the magnitude of the event was almost inconceivable. Are people who are suffering a great shock a great on the ease and a great sadness. Nash urged the congregation to respond to the attack with a prayer for peace.
How we as a people respond I think will speak to the integrity of us as a people. Oh there's something after the sadness or some impulse toward anger but we have to ask the question will that anger what will that anger produce ultimately more pain more bloodshed. Father Nash said he feared for Americans of Arab descent and he hoped they would not be treated as Japanese Americans were during the Second World War. Here in Alaska much of the pain from these catastrophic events has not really hit yet.
But today given all said he was confident that Alaskans will be able to do their part as this crisis unfolds. I know Alaskans will respond to the need to understand the necessity of heightened security which may well cause numerous inconveniences but the need for cooperation and understanding certainly is I know will be done by all older individuals. We do need to work together. This is going to be an incredibly painful and difficult period for Americans. We'll pull together can never be forgotten. It will affect our lives in ways I don't even think we understand right now. But as our president said the first test and that's all the news we have we have a few updates of things that have happened here in the last
few minutes we can report to you. The Federal Aviation Administration is tentatively said that limited air traffic may be able to begin tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning Alaska time. Alaska Airlines spokesman Jack Walsh says the airline is reworking its whole schedule. This is within the state of Alaska. Our 737 200 will have will probably have minimal impact other than some of the early morning flights being canceled throughout much of our system rather points or will be a significant impact and perhaps as much is only about 50 percent of our flights. Only a handful of Alaska flights were in midair when flights were canceled most were sent back to their departure cities. And we have those phone numbers for you. If you want to offer assistance to the American Red Cross with blood donations it's 1 800 4 4 8 3 5 4 3.
Cash donations the American Red Cross can be made at 1 800 HELP NOW. And to the Salvation Army cash donations at 800 S A L A R M Y Sal Army medical personnel who wish to donate their services should contact their local American Red Cross office the Federal Emergency Management Agency does not accept donations but coordinates volunteer agencies at the disaster sites and the army has established a hotline for people who are seeking the fate of their relatives who worked for the army in the Pentagon in that hotline number is 1 800 9 8 4 8 5 2 3 or 7 0 3 4 2 8 1 0 0 2. And we also heard that the donors have flooded the blood bank of Alaska and while blood is not moving yet they do expect to get a request later on and we would then I think the blood
donations are being encouraged and I know the type o is in need in New York so we simply hope that we'll be able to. Report that air traffic. Has begun again. When we get back together tomorrow morning the news nightly was produced by me Steve with a whole lot of help. More names that I could possibly give you here. I'll probably miss a few. Had Diana Beryl and Brian Harris in Kodiak Jim Paul in an Alaska coastal Aska in Southeast and Juno Matt Lichtenstein in Petersburg Marty derby of the CBC dug up in Juneau an anchorage Jessica Cochran and Jeff Kennedy in Anchorage helped by Dale Harrison a veteran Ron Zastrow was an engineer. Thank you for listening.
I'm Steve This is NPR and the Alaska Public Radio Network.
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