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This is news check channel 50s check on the news where Orange County residents here with the news is Bob Acosta. Good evening and welcome to News Jack. The Orange County Airport is in the news tonight for a number of reasons. Hughes or West has won preliminary approval to test a new larger 727 200 passenger jets there beginning December 15th. The two to five month trial period was approved Tuesday night by the Airport Commission final approval is up to the Board of Supervisors. The new bigger jets supposedly will not increase the noise level over surrounding residential areas but there will be more noise in the vicinity of the terminal noise and congestion are the reason that residents of the area and the city of Newport Beach have filed numerous lawsuits and a blocking expansion of the facility and reducing the noise level. Last month it was announced that the city and county had reached a truce but but as with many of the best laid plans of mice and men this one was not to be. Here's Tex Mike McKeown has more.
Proposed agreement was billed as a truce between the two major warring factions over operations at the Orange County Airport. The county which runs the facility and the city of Newport Beach which claims the airport is too noisy. The agreement would have allowed expansion of the criminal and parking facilities to meet the demand of the current two million passengers per year. As long as the noise level remained the same. The city of Newport Beach with the frame from filing suit to block the remodeling program. On Monday night the Newport Beach City Council ratified the agreement and yesterday the County Board of Supervisors were to hold a public hearing on the pact with an eye toward adopting it. So far so good. Enter the spoiler. County Council Adrian Kiper the board didn't have the power to enter into such agreement said it appears to contract away authority over the airport and they can't do that while so the county gets nothing of value from Newport Beach in return for concessions made to the city and certain aspects of the agreement may discriminate against some air carriers.
North said county council. The agreement was illegal. And that left the county right back where it started at odds over airport operations with the city of Newport Beach and the residents who live beneath the flight. Supervisor Thomas Riley has been working for four years to resolve the problems with the airport. I asked him if he was discouraged over the county council's ruling. Obviously I'm disappointed but not to the extent that we are ready not to try to solve that problem. As we discussed here and as was quite obvious today from the testimony we've had in the testimony we've had over the years there is the need for the airport and there is a need to relieve the impacting areas. And both from a noise point of view the impacted areas and the concern for the safety. There is also a need for those who are using the airport to have facilities which certainly treats them as first class citizens that are in County EMS are. So in about six weeks the county will begin a round of public hearings to gain more input into the
potential solutions to the problems of the Orange County Airport. According to board chairman Thomas Reilly the man most intensively concerned with this entire area. The reason we have not reached any solution in the past is that the parties involved have been too adamantly rooted in their own positions refusing to give little or any ground at all. What all this means for Orange County Airport at least for the time being is no expansion no reduction in noise and as one man here in the meeting today threatened perhaps more lawsuits for news Jack. This is Mike McKeown from Santa Ana. In a study released yesterday three orange county sites were listed among the top five potential locations for a new commercial jet airport in the southland. First in line is March Air Force Base near Riverside. That is followed immediately by the three county locations Toral Marine base Bella canyon in the southeast sector of the county and the Chino Airport. The fifth site is Camp Pendleton in North San Diego County. The list was prepared by the Southern California Association of governments known as skag. The top five sites will be
subjected to a three month $300000 study to determine the most appropriate location. I wanted to be teachers have sent their union leaders back to the negotiation table with the strike threat. The contract talks began last March and broke down Tuesday night with a demonstration at the school board. Deborah Manning has more on the story. Teachers gathered yesterday to hear the results of that morning strike vote. More than 75 percent of the 500 plus member union said they would strike if the district doesn't settle the contract. It was an informal meeting. Teachers quietly listen to President of the district Educators Association IRA Toyman. He explained that the strike vote was an ace in the teacher's hand to break the current deadlock. In the past three walkouts have worked well for the Huntington Beach teachers but there was some confusion over their right to strike. Under current collective bargaining laws the board says they can't. The union says they can strike one of the issues this time around as a 7 percent wage and fringe benefit increase. The district
argues that money is tight after Proposition 13. There's no easy solution to this but I think birds cannot lose sight of the fact that teachers need some help. And we're hurting financially psychologically and we need some encouragement and we need some financial compensation we need it soon right. But binding arbitration and not money seems to be the real issue. Across town at school board headquarters Frank Abbott says binding arbitration may be a statewide trend but not in Huntington Beach. We're talking here about elected officials who have been given mandates by the public to make decisions for their children. And binding arbitration could take that out of the hands of those local elected officials and placed into the hands of a third party who really doesn't know the community of the kids the parents of that community who have stated their feelings through their elected officials. Negotiations are expected to resume on Monday at 10 o'clock. Both sides agree they're pretty far
from settlement. When you check I'm Deborah Manning in Huntington Beach. Uneaten beach teachers are not the only ones in contract talks. Teachers in Placentia are staging a work slowdown to protest the deadlock in their wage negotiations. The school board has rejected their request for a 2.5 percent cost of living pay raise and over the city of Garden Grove negotiations there are about to resume after an impasse was declared last month. After much haggling and negotiation a Soviet newsman was allowed inside Disneyland for three hours today known as the Walter Cronkite of the Soviet Union is filming a documentary on the United States. He might have got more done today if the press including a lot of Malone. Here's Jerry with his report from Anaheim. The sinister gentleman in the navy blue jacket might have bought his way into Disneyland as thousands of Russians have but wanted to bring a film crew that made a difference to the front office of Disney Studios which temporarily barred him from the
playground. The Soviet newsman had been forbidden to film Universal Studios and the Hollywood sign. And he said the influence of right wing conservative forces in Los Angeles were beginning to hedge him in. But today Disneyland in a documentary he's doing on the United States and he spoke of the landmarks place in the Russian heart. Family and it's not for America and for my people it's nothing. Mr. Are you still sensing that right wing and conservative influences that you spoke of a day or two ago. I don't want to discuss some politician problem because I think that
such discussion. You haven't thought of visiting Knott's Berry Farm. The Soviet journalists fuss with Disneyland it brought to mind Khrushchev's attempt to come here in 1959. Today's tour had become an event of global significance which brought in Channel 7 and WB. The broadcaster has developed a taste for Winston cigarettes and he says he's not the Walter Cronkite of the Soviet Union. Cronkite he says is the Valentine's Orin of the United States. He could have got more done today if we hadn't stopped him every 20 seconds for interviews and his film crew shot a lot less of Disneyland than we did of his film crews. If you were listening carefully you heard Mr. Zimmer in Disneyland the ultimate compliment. He said it was to Southern California what the Kremlin is to Moscow but they love that in the front office. At Disneyland for news check. I'm Jerry WOODER at Anaheim's convention center the military electronics
exhibition ended at sundown and so did the three day protest outside the four demonstrators who entered the convention lobby yesterday spent the night in jail. They pled guilty to trespass charges today and were released from custody. Meanwhile the protests continued against the subcontractors of military hardware that have been chilly. Many in the vigil had fasted and had never stopped Mr. Light to the drums get to you after a while. They've been good to me. Last night I even dream that I heard them and mostly How hungry are you. I'm not thinking about it this cause is more important. Not saying stop the military goods from being shown inside the convention center and nothing stop the Buddhist chant to end it together tonight. As incidental information we find that Buddhist traditionally break their fast with warm water and prunes. The chant they were playing has the imposing name of Namu Leo Ho Ren Ge Kyo. I got you that
and I'm impressed. This week marked the completion of phase one of the Chico marsh restoration project but it was anything but the completion of the controversies which surround those wetlands inland from the Pacific Ocean just south of Huntington Harbor. What it was or has been following this story and she's here to bring us this perspective. When we evolve ownership of the both the CICA wetlands with the tug of war between the state of California and the Cigna landmark company until 1973 when an agreement gave the state title the three hundred acres of marsh land with the promise that CIGNA would do it over an additional two hundred thirty acres if it was a big if the state constructed a marina reopening both of the to the Pacific Ocean and that proposed marina with its accompanying development is at the center of the controversy which surrounds the both the ecological reserve intended by the state to be a permanent haven for birds and hundreds of forms of marine life. But the marina is to be phase two of development. And yesterday both environmentalists and developers gathered with a variety of state and local officials.
Celebrate the completion of phase one activity with the people of the state of California so that this generation may continue after you do enjoy the price was good for life or sources of water for ecological Reserve. He's here I gotta keep a record. Of. That mighty show of open the title gates to let seawater flow into the inner bowls a bay for the first time in seventy nine years. The renewed tidal action is expected to restore about 150 acres of former marsh area and action lauded by everyone present. But these were not the only undercurrents at the celebration because a feud continues between those who would like to see surrounding acres of marsh land develop into a marina and those who advocate total preservation of the marsh land. Well I I think that that this project could be on the magnitude if it was
desired. I personally would like to see it happen of Marina Del Rey which has been the best revenue earner I understand that this city of Los Angeles has ever been involved in. So I think that the benefits on a balanced program where you do some develop in the back area and the boating interests as represented would be the best interest of the public and I think that it would be a paying project I think it would be a revenue producer instead of a negative Amigos is committed that these lowlands have been historically the public's and that we've got to stop the illegal dumping as shown in the letter for U.S. Fish and Wildlife to the Corps of Engineers. And they've got to have permits and they've and they've got to stop draining the rest of the wetlands. This is a token. If they get their Marina and the rest of their homes in it will be lost to the public forever. Mr. Martin also made reference today about illegal dumping. On the other side of the marsh would you have a response to that. A parrot is a very small item was not even brought to my attention and I understand it's been cleared up since then it was done by the oil
company. There was some dispute as to whether was actually title area. And I think that probably been totally corrected to the satisfaction of the county. Now signal landmark says that the dumping was simply one situation that's been cleared up. No absolutely untrue. My wife will give you a copy of the letter for US Fish and Wildlife you have a copy and that's absolutely untrue. They are continuing the dumping. When they took care of the one nuisance dump all they did was spread the major material to raise the level of the land so what was below sea level is now above. So they can further proof that it's not wetlands and embrace the letter that Martin we distributed to the press is from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the Army Corps of Engineer and it charges signal with continuous and significant filling of the wetlands I've been to both a chica and violating the letter and intent of the law. A spokesperson from CIGNA responds that nothing illegal is being done from signals down point and so the wrangling continues and is expected to continue because Kenneth Martin says that amigo if they both the CICA will challenge development of that marshland every step of the way.
Thank you Wendy. The Great American Smokeout is taking place today sponsored by the American Cancer Society. It's a light hearted approach to encourage some of the 50 million cigarette smokers in the United States to kick the habit at least for this one day. But while the Cancer Society is urging people to stop smoking it helps set up a smoking area at Troy High School in the city of Fullerton. The districts are doing Radio explains that puzzling situation. Students told me they were sick and tired of the cigarette smells in the school's bathrooms where the smokers would congregate. That's why the nonsmokers pushed for an open smoking area and in cooperation with the American Cancer Society the pilot program at this high school was launched a little over a year ago. The smoking area is located away from classrooms where no one can be offended. This program is designed to help students stop smoking with the problem out in the open. Officials can't treat smoking as a health problem and not a discipline problem. Well I suspect it is because of the the need to do something about the typical
problem of high schools have I think of students smoking on campus in the restrooms particularly. Ours were pretty bad and we want to do something about it. So we got permission from our board of education working with the American Cancer Society to try a stop smoking program and to allow students to smoke on campus in a designated area. We started this last year and so far we are reasonably happy with it we think it's really successful because we have had some students stop smoking and we certainly cleaned up the campus. How about the students how did they react when they first learned that they were going to be allowed to smoke on campus. Oh I think they were genuinely happy and certainly the nonsmokers were happy that the nonsmokers are the ones that were leading Actually the push to get a smoking area because they were being offended by the smokers in the restrooms. I think it's great because like the past few years I've been here I'm a senior and I've been here in
the past two years they've had a smoking in the bathrooms and everything in it. It keeps the travel away from the school because. People instead of they're always the best of the people all the time the busing the kids who smoke and now they have a place of legal and instead of having a bunch of trouble a bunch of houses in the office basically going to come out to smoke you have to go and hide in the bathrooms. You don't have to run around and you know like some kind of fool just have a cigarette. And. I just think it's better. Why do the parents react when they find out that their children are going to be allowed to smoke in the schools because they think school is supposed to just be for learning not to come here to smoke and stuff like that. But as a result of this program the school has reduced vandalism in restrooms out approximately one third of the smokers have either quit or decrease their habit appreciably. I asked what caused this decrease and one student told me a lot of the smoking was for attention. But now that it's legal it's no longer a big thing.
Thank you darling. If you like Ross you'll love this next story. Orange County will have two million seven hundred sixty thousand people by the year 2000. That's a 60 percent increase over nine hundred seventy six figures. Those projections come from the Southern California Association of governments in a report released this week Skaggs says South Orange County will be the urban growth center over the next 22 years. The board of supervisors has adopted a plan to streamline Property Assessment appeals. Supervisor Ralph Clark wants to spend up to $100000 to clear up the backlog as of last week 35000 appeals had been filed. That's a nine hundred fifty percent increase over last year. The record number as a result of confusion over assessment practices changed by Proposition 13. The supervisors have agreed to create a third assessment appeals board and possibly hire more people to process the protests. The public broadcasting system has a new board chairman. Former Federal Communications Commission Head Newton Minow Leno
is probably best remembered for calling television of vast the wasteland when he took over at PBS in June and then oh promised a reorganization of the system and some new ideas in programming. But the man charged with making those changes work as President and Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Grossman Grossman was in the Hunton beach today to help celebrate its upcoming sixth birthday is Texan Mike McCue and talked with Grossman about PBS and some of its problems. Two years ago when Larry Grossman took over as president of the public broadcasting system he said that the operations chief emphasis would be on programming. In the two Grossman years PBS audiences have grown by 50 percent. I asked Grossman IF programming was the reason why. As I do that for 30 years that I've been president I think what yes it is accurate that the audiences are a very substantially. The preliminary indication we have for the new season for example is that our audience is up at least 30 percent. Just since October 1st or over a year ago. I think it has to do with the fact that people are awakening to public
television and they're. Realizing that the quality programming that's on there finding a good alternative is from what the commercial folks are have to offer. And the fact that our funding is increased has made it possible for us to provide programs and promote the programs as well. Ralph Nader was in the county a couple of weeks ago and he said that PBS public affairs programming isn't tough enough. Is that a fair criticism. Well I think that was a legitimate criticism of us in the past. I think coming off the Nixon administration had a chilling effect on public affairs programming. We ourselves commissioned a study by Richard Wald the former president of NBC News who. Who said this is public affairs programming on PBS but it's mild. Certainly the season. With programs like California right in the new Clinton word is out about homosexuality. The three part series on hunger. The. Credible. Hope incredible. Series coming up on the energy crisis. There's no question that we have. Started to show documentaries and public affairs
programs would bite the probe dig deeply create controversy with that are responsible. Another persistent criticism of PBS is that it's too dependent on corporate dollars. Isn't there a danger that that PBS might go soft on its large contributors such as mobile oil. That's always a danger. But we have many protections against that. Number one as I say the guidelines number to the very decentralized aspect of our system. If mobile is underwriting a program that Boston is producing their public affairs programs being produced in New York and Los Angeles even Huntington Beach. And all over the country. That have no. Bearing on the influence of a possible concern about mobile. I think that the centralization the diversity of the system was probably a single greatest protection as well as our own well known. The terminations to resist any undue influence or pressure. When you look at it really every source of money has take
that isn't it. I mean if we get federal money was said to be tainted by you the danger of government intrusion. If we get corporate money was to be painted by the danger of over corporate influence if we go out to lead for membership money we know that the people who are most likely to contribute to the stations will be the upper middle class. The culturally cultured elite. And yet we can't address all of our programs to that group. In the end the one best way to be totally independent. And completely untainted is to have no source of funds. And that of course is totally self-defeating. The symbol of growth for the Public Broadcasting System is this towering satellite receiver dish located in Huntington Beach. All 279 of the system's noncommercial stations are connected by satellite. It is this flexibility of new programming and new technology which will allow the public broadcasting system to continue its growth in the years to come. This is Michael Cohen from Huntington Beach. There have been no reported sightings of the now famous Newport Harbor Osprey since Sunday
that's the day before a number of government agencies joined forces to move the Ospreys nest from its perch on top of a schooner's mast to a more appropriate location. The top of a pile and install just for the precious nest. Well wildlife biologists hope the Osprey will become the first in 66 years to mate and raise a brood in this area. But with her apparent disappearance the signs are not encouraging. It's now time to take a look at Orange County sports with Marshall Klein. Marcia do we have a designated spot a smoking area here I believe yes. Back really. It's like flying through Pittsburgh when it came in here Bob Bob 69 of the world's best auto racing stars will converge on Ontario Motor Speedway Sunday for the running of the Fifth Annual Los Angeles Times 500 NASCAR race. Defending champion Neil Bonnett of Huey town Alabama and three time Winston Cup Series champion kill Yarbrough of Timmons Hill South Carolina had the field of drivers who will vying for the lion's share of the one hundred seventy nine thousand dollar purse. Other household names in racing include the king of stock car racing as Richard Petty Bobby Allison Parsons David Pierce and Darrell Waltrip
and Janet Guthrie. The 69 drivers are pretty well divided among the good old boys in the grand national circuit with 35 and West Coast drivers who participate in the Winston West series with 29. We talked with defending champion Neil Bonnett and ask him what he thinks about the upcoming times Grand National. Well you know last year here I was a rookie at the race and it was really an odd set of circumstances and up the car was really good we had a good day. We pulled off a victory last lap win over Richard Petty which was just a picture but finish for me it was really the cake in the season. We come back with a year behind us I've got a great deal more experience behind me and I'm really looking forward to it on quite a racetrack to race and the fans out here been super to me and I like to come back try to do it again. See when you guys drive those cars on that track you're right on the bumpers aren't you I mean you know there's not enough three car lengths between isn't it. Well you know I won the race and pull in Victory Circle and hadn't been a wreck all day alone and had solid wheel marks that meant a left side and I had the bumper knocked and I went in the back bumper band contact is part of our sport. I thought you guys liked each other I thought you were good old boys. Well
we do but they took the horns out of the car and on the news for horns and a chrome bumper on the front so if I want to let Betty or somebody know I'm there you just blow the horn at him and it just happens to be the only thing that works at that particular time so you know that's just part of the game is a lot of fun and it's doing just boarding in extent not dangerous part. Thank you my pleasure. Pageantry begins Sunday at 11:00 a.m. That's 10:00 rather with the times 500 scheduled to start at 11:00. Just leave the Solow of the Mission Viejo now the doors has been a male swim of the year by Swimming World magazine. The Sala was selected over a field of top performers for his overall efforts during 978. He becomes the third matador in the past four years to be selected as the number one swimmer in the world. Dave Garcia who manages the angels through part of the nine thousand seventy seven and seventy eight seasons has been hired as a coach by the Cleveland Indians. Garcia who's 58 succeeded norm sherry at the helm of the angels in July of 77 and was replaced by Jim for go see May of this year. And Greg bunch who led Cal State Fullerton basketball team to the NCAA to a West Regional Finals last
season and it was the number two draft choice of the New York Knicks was cut by the NBA squad bunch was released to make room for the next star guard Earl the Pearl Monroe. That's the sports very quickly he got cut. Do you have anybody any other bids a good future. Well I figure you can do two things number one and go to work. Number two we could start dating Deb Manning because she's 61 he's six seven and I pay $5 to see that. Thank you for a very straight answer right to the point. A famous figure was honored this week by the Orange County Board of Supervisors our news crew was there to record the occasion. Now therefore be it resolved with the Orange County Board of Supervisors. As for the posting about it to see is fostered in young people and being further reason I happy with 50 birthday and I will move this resolution. Second it. Now do you think that we might be able to do see if there's anything here if. Parka. OK.
OK. Happy Birthday Mike. OK very. OK. You're happy birthday. OK are you. Yeah your birthday. Yeah sure a few are. It was one of the supervisors pointed out enviously. Mickey has no gray hair and he will be 50 years old on Saturday. It was on November 18th one thousand twenty eight and Mickey Mouse and costar many made their cartoon debut and at that rate it looks like they're going to be around for quite some time. Well looks like the going to be with us forever and on that note of Mickey Mouse and wishing him a happy birthday That concludes our broadcast news tech will return with a live broadcast next Tuesday evening at 7:30 our repeat broadcast continue each Tuesday and Thursday night at 10:30. I'm Bob Acosta for the entire news take step Wishing you a very pleasant evening.
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