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On Monday April 2nd Warm Springs tribal council candidates were given the opportunity to record statements regarding their nomination to the Warm Springs Tribal Council. On this program you will hear from the candidates that chose to make statements from the agency Seek-Seek walk and some national districts. My name is Thomas Oliver calamity and I'm running for Tribal Council when there exists a district. And I've got. Some. Questions I was asked me and I'm going to answer or answer them. Priorities. What are your main concerns with concrete or tribes and Warm Springs was the first question in my response to that was having an honest representation of travel. Members. And the second response was create more profitable revenue. And number three was create more employment. Second question I was asked on this questionnaire what are some of the ways to remedy these situations. In my response number one was tribal members
voting out a few tribal council men who do not honor the oath of office. The number two response created as soon as possible. Some Enterprise's on Highway 26. Motel 7 11 and manufacture a product. And the second item was Canada S.. According to your experience a live personal and professional. What will you bring to the council table. I have a construction mill working contracting and food service experience. I'll be honest in decisions. I expect immediate results. Fourth question was. What's it going to take the next Tribal Council to be effective. I have a do it Council and work with tribal members. It was my response. Number 5. Contemplating the future.
How do you propose to proceed with improving economic development promoting positive social change and morale of the membership. My response to this question was help create new jobs for tribal members. A large shopping store. Question number six after all this you may have only three years to make a dent in the many issues that face our nation. What is it going to take really to move your proposals forward with other members of council some of whom you may not have a good rapport to. I run for council again to improve our revenue. Making enterprises and enterprises improve on revenue making it make revenue making enterprises. Convince other tribal council have good ideas. Question Number Seven are you willing to place or writing strict rules you will follow in order to keep your
district informed. My promise to my dress district will be too. It will be my agreeing to the oath of office of travel of being a tribal council member. Number eight are you willing to write on the very principles that you intend to follow during your term of office. Examples honesty monthly updates answer inbox. Not practice negativism. Stand alone when it's the right thing to do. Seek it. Input from the people prior to spending their money. My response was yes I'm willing to do that. Are you also willing to withdraw from your CV if you cannot keep these moral promises to the people. My response was yes. But I don't intend to do anything wrong that would. That tribal members would want me to withdraw from the tribal council. Question Number 10. If the if the people call on you to justify your vote or
action how will you handle this. And so the question of why I voted yes or no. And having information on the subject. Question number 11. Excessive travel has been an issue with the people how do you propose to streamline this area. Travel when it is necessary and important to the future of our tribes. Traveling is very important at times through other areas leaving information or to receive information. It's important to Indian country. Traveling is part of the travel Council job at times. Question number 12. Do you feel the travel Council should be a full time paid position for the confederated tribes and Warm Springs. My answer to that question was yes. Tribal council tribal council have bills to pay. Who had to buy a house payments. So five minutes now. OK. My name is
Thomas Oliver calamity. Everybody calls me Tommy. Calamity. And I'm running for tribal council from the district. Thank you very much. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is grant clemency and here my Indian name is to thought I said I'm a law school Indian from the agency district I'm running for one of their district council seats from the agency district. And I just wanted to come to you today and talk on cable's hero and thank them for giving me the opportunity. And again I'm up people's man I'm going to run for their council seats because of some of the concerns of the people that they have brought up issues to me in a lot of times because of limited times as offered to us through the radio and the spirit I can we can address all those issues. So again some of the issues that I've been address in is accountability both through council members and through. Management System. Economic development on our reservation. We're going to have to
start bringing in more dollars the more dollars we spent in the last few years don't equal the number of dollars that we're putting back into the kitty. A lot of people don't understand that we're bringing money out of a fund that was created to be there at all times so that someday that when we go broke that we have money in a kitty so we get we can t could continue on. If we don't start developing economically that Katie's going to run dry. You shoes that some people don't talk to me is job related. Who are we going to find more jobs for our people. I think if we implement some of the procedures that have been implemented by council and that's tribal member preference policies we have adequate jobs for a lot of people. If we don't start doing that we're never ever going to have enough jobs for our people. And so we're going to have to start training and what do we do with how do we send our people up to be educated when they come back they're either not qualified or they're overqualified. And so we're going to have to start getting rid of that scenario because there are people who work in our system that haven't been educated to be what they
are but now they're denying the same opportunity that was given them because now they're in a top position and they're denying our people. So if we're going to educate our people let's put them to work somewhere and use their education somehow or another health care. Even though we got a nice building 7 over there our health care has declined it we're going to put a nice building up. Let's also increase the health care that goes along with it and I understand that our health care is governed by dollars and by the federal government. But still there are things that can be done to upgrade our health care. And again because of the time constraints on I can address a lot of things that a lot of people have talked to me about. And again I express everybody to come out and vote for the people have to get the power back in how you get to part of Ag is to get to the polls and vote and vote for your candidate that's going to do you the most good it doesn't matter who are out of the agency district the school district or the Paiute history when you're in a council chambers. What we do in those council chambers impacts
all the people within the boundaries of the reservation. So we're going to have to learn to start working together for the betterment of all of our people. So that's what we have to do we have to quit acting like children in those chambers and start acting like business people and start doing business we all understand there are things that we have to work with that protects our treaty unpicked protects our sober and rights our water rights and all of these things. But somewhere along the line we're starting to miss what a lot of people in management and council call small business and that's the people. We need to start thinking about the small business into me it's important it's the people. Our people are suffering. We have to start making this organization do its job. And so we begin and that comes from guidance from the council people. And that's again reflecting back to accountability and being accountable for what you do. And so today I'm asking all the people within the agency to see to give me your vote. I'm a law school Indian and I've lived here all my life on the reservation so a vote for Glenn Clements
Sr. will be a vote for the people. I think you you were listening to statements by Warm Springs tribal council candidates recorded on Monday April 2nd exclusively on ninety one point nine FM. KW Wes L.. Hello my name is Garland Bruno and I am from the agency district. I am Wasco of the Dog River Band. My father was urban Bruno and my mother Mary Bruno. My grandfather was Jerry Bruno who is chairman of the Tribal Council when the constitution and bylaws of our people were established. My father served on tribal council in one thousand fifty six thousand nine hundred fifty nine. My wife's name is Susan. I was elected by the people to serve on the twenty first Tribal Council. May 1998 to the end of this month come on month May 2001. The twenty first Tribal Council selected me to serve as a vice chairman. During this period.
During the nominations Ralph Minnick nominated me at the Wasco agency nominations on March 16 and I accepted to be the candidate for the 22nd Council. I'm asking you today to ask for your vote your vote for me would mean you trust me to be your representative for the next three years. I would like to share with you some things I've learned as I've come to the end of my first term as vice chairman of the twenty first Tribal Council. It is the people that have the power to change our community our treaty and sovereignty must always be protected that our languages and culture must be preserved as that is who we were created to be. Our chiefs are to be the leaders. With the help of the other tribal council members. Our constitution and by laws guide the decisions of Tribal Council when necessary we are to work with other tribes federal state
county city and organizations with our treaty and sovereignty always in mind. It is the responsibility of the tribal council to find effective ways to inform the tribal members about what tribal council is doing. As we approach the next three years we are faced with a Republican Party that will need to be educated about Indian country. Our tribe has a decline in revenue with inflation operating costs. Population growth housing needs raise and health care costs. Education challenges court and public safety issues drug and alcohol along with gang problems job shortages infrastructure needs. We also are being faced and challenge by the state of Oregon in our desire to build a casino on the Columbia River. Our treaty fishing rights are continually being tested. The Indian Health Services and the self-governance
tribes are testing our health care fund and promised in our treaty. We are at a critical time in finalizing our agreement with PGE with the dams built on our waters. Today and in the future our people are not short of challenges ahead of us. We must always look for leaders that are honest and humble and hard workers are willing to serve. Today we need such leaders and those with experience in tribal council matters and that can work and be in unity. Again I encourage all eligible voters to take the time to review the candidates and vote. Keep in mind the challenges we face as a people. I thank you for allowing me to serve you in the 21st tribal council and I would be most humbled to serve the people in the 22nd Council. Again my name is Carolyn Bruno and I'm from the agency district. Tribal council elections are being held on Monday April the 9th.
Polls are open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Warm Springs community Wellness Center. The aerobics room. Thank you and good luck to all of the candidates. Good day to everybody my name is Marsha saw Elise. I'm running for agency tribal council representative and I'd like to share some really important information. On the local level many of the tribal members are feeling that they're not being represented and heard adequately. Many are concerned about the tribes financial stability yet others are concerned about the jobs housing the use the safety on the reservation. And they're expressing concerns that alcohol and drugs contribute to increasing incarceration and violence. Still others are frustrated with a lack of ethics and leadership. There are concerns about the water power and Fisheries also. Health issues are escalating in areas of diabetes cancer and heart disease. Those are basically the local level issues that people are have expressed to me.
Bigger level. We are appearing to be in the terminations era. I am concerned about this. Grants are going to be diminishing in the near future and it appears that the Bush administration is anti indian and that Indian Health Services will most likely be decreasing. These are things that I learned at the TNI down in Portland recently. I would like to represent you and all tribal members. I have worked for the tribe in several areas for twenty seven consecutive years now in areas of management community and recreation. Health and Social Services. Briefly in the education department court management and for the past 12 years workforce development I previously served on the National Indian justice center board of directors. Being the only tribal court administrator across the country and I served on the victims of crime board filling a
vacant term I also had the opportunity to assume the chief operating officer responsibility several times during a two year period when I was asked to be the acting coup and this was a very enlightening experience. Gaining even bigger vision of things that are happening in the tribe. I see a good leader as a person that gains vision and effective leadership through experience. Someone who listens to what others have to say about things and nourishes that vision consistently. This leader is willing to take necessary risks and stand alone if necessary to make a point or bring focus to something. I feel I'm able to advocate and represent all tribal members not just a certain district or group of people. Please exercise your right to vote. Your vote does count. Getting into the details of what people have shared with me so far. There are issues of concern appear to be children in youth financial
housing safety on the reservation court issues. Education enrollments. Generally people not working together and hires a lot of concern about the overall lack of accountability and effective leadership. My commitments to you. If you put me in Tribal Council I will represent all tribal members young to old and I will weigh out the things I will be a voice and a vehicle for the people and I'll grow bigger ears. I'll be reliable on time and organized. I'll be able to make tough but necessary decisions and we have to keep in mind that we aren't going to be able to please all people. But if we are going to make things better change and accountability throughout needs to happen. I commit to building an effective working relationship so we can get things done keep in mind we can't do everything in a three year period although it'll be a great start.
I will be honest and maintain integrity and keep tribal members informed as well as seek input of tribal members. I will help to the best of my abilities make things better to improve services and the economics of the tribe. I will help people to my ability to work better together all through the organization and tribe. My priorities are to support workable ideas that result in improved services. I will support realistic and honest and solid plans to generate revenue into the tribe with little or no negative consequences. I will expect accountability all the way through which includes Council management enterprises and employees. I will expect cost consciousness and cost savings throughout. I will seek listening sessions with tribal members to both update and receive information. And I really believe that we need to get back to the basics and we need to let the creator help us and lead us. Again my name is Marshall so Lisa and I'm running for Tribal
Council agency rep. Please vote. Hello my name is Jeannie Thomas and I'm from the agency district and I'd like to tell you some other. On matters of business that I'd like to represent her as a tribal council person elected. First I'd like to let you know that I do know something about the background of our tribes and from generation to generation our ancestors have taught us to take care of around where Norm along the Columbia River for 10000 years for our trading. And now we have to get busy and take care of our trading through exchanges of money in the form. Of trading has changed. We have most of our candidates have been talking about. Putting food on our
table and having paychecks in their hands. And all of this relates to natural resources although it may not meet the open. In taking care of them and I've listened to tribal members and of voters. And to try to learn on what they're talking about in regards to things that we need to do. The natural resources are the water. The fish the mountains. The salmon. The berries. And I wanted to say that the water is the most important of them all. But do we really want to sell our water. Do we want to let other people destroy our soil until it's useless to anybody. These are some of the most important things that we have to do with tribal council and avoid take care of the land than what's right.
The same as taking care of our people our people are asking they're saying that they want to have. A job so that they can earn their keep. This is the practice that we've had for a time or eternity. They want to see honor among their leadership as well as among themselves they want to see people being responsible and helping one another. I believe in these ways and think that they can be done even though we don't have the same kinds of occupations that we had that our ancestors perform. We do have a combination of traditional teachers that are still available to us and it's very urgent that we learn as much as we can from them to put these practices into use. To gain our mental health. But we also have people that we have sent away to be educated. They bring them back with them the modern technology that could be used in our workforces
to help each other to combine their traditions with a modern so that as we conduct our business it's done using the best tools from both sources. I think that these are really important to our future. I'm not trying to. Overlook the specifics of what is taking place now such as the layoffs. Or the crime or the law and order what I'm trying to emphasize is that there's a lot of people out there that have the skills to combine with answering the questions on how to get this work done. Our tribal councils and our leaders before. The year 2001 have invested. A lot of their knowledge into getting us to the point of where we are now where we do have a clinic we do have early childhood education. We have a scholarship Department. We have our own police
force. These are many things that we're going to thank the leaders before us. For I believe that we can. Get more money into our economy if we go into things like real estate. Which is built on top stop destroying our natural resources and recover of our losses that we have been assuming. My name is Jane Thomas. Check one vault for me in the agency district place. You are listening to statements by Warm Springs tribal council candidates exclusively on ninety one point nine FM K. ws SOL. We also have this message from an agency district candidate. He would like this read so that the agency district voters would like to know his wishes to the agency district members. I would like to inform you that I have to decline my nomination as a tribal council candidate at this time. I would like to thank the
individuals that considered me for this honor but I am currently in the process of attaining 2000 hours of on the job training to become a certified Oregon electrical journeymen. This priority would not allow me to devote the necessary time and thought to protect and preserve our reservation to the best of my abilities. I have listened to the remaining candidates acceptance speeches and feel that you have a very good cross-section of agency district nominees to vote for. They share similar if not all of my many concerns regarding the changes that have to take place to preserve our unique status. Thank you for your nomination and vote of confidence. Randy Smith once again Randy Smith wanted this message to be read that he is declining his nomination to the agency district representation for Tribal Council. You are listening to statements by Warm Springs tribal council candidates that were recorded on Monday April 2nd. Next we'll hear
from tribal council candidates from the Sikh Sikh wood district. Good day everybody this is my show away I'm a write in candidate from the 60 acre district and I'm real pleased to be able to make a statement in regards to how I feel about Tribal Council. And I can't promise things that I can do and that sort of thing because I really feel like that that's up to the people. If they feel I'm appropriate to be in council I encourage those to vote. As such I my concern is mostly the fact that our people have not said very much in most of the time they say anything is usually after a processor and or after an issue has been spoken about so I'm real concerned about this thing called silent approval. And I feel like sometimes our people does that in a way that we aren't getting what our people are wanting to say
heard. We talk we listen we don't say anything. And so as a result most people think that this is an approval of whatever is being done. But I so I'm here to encourage those people who who have taken that kind of a sit back attitude of trying to step forward and speak about some of the issues and talk to who ever is going to be elected at this this tribal council. There are 20 second council seating. I'd like to speak more about myself I'm from as most people know I'm four fourths from this tribe. My mother being from the north end and my father being from the south and I'm doing my best to learn our language. But I'm real fortunate because I feel like I have the opportunity to learn the three languages. And I'd like to be able to encourage all of those who have the ability and opportunity to learn the languages because I think we need to provide a
legacy for our children our grandchildren for the generations to come. And I just want to encourage all of the people out there to step forward and vote if you. Need If this is a good a great time to show your support for if you desired change or if you desire something new or if you desire new faces or if you desire. To just be supportive of your district. Because when people are put into council there's. It's a great honor a great honor to be able to represent our people. I have the good fortune of the having the ability to speak with senators to speak with other people in governments outside of the state or outside of our tribal organization. And I feel I have the the report or the courage
just I guess the tenacity to stick to a subject and to follow through. So I want to encourage all of those of voting age to come out on April 9 Monday between 8:00 and 8:00 p.m. A Warm Springs community wellness center and vote vote for who you think is going to be our best representative. I like I say I'm a write in I'm not I haven't been nominated but I do the encouragement of elders and through the encouragement of district people I felt compelled to write to write in. So for those of you who do are going to be voting next Monday. Consider me as a write in. I would really appreciate that. Historically my family has been involved. With the tribal council from the first Tribal Council with James Johnson being in there and then all of the following family
members. Many of you are well aware of from my father to my aunt Karen will it him and others so I'm asking for an opportunity for myself to be in there and to do the best job that I would know how to do and address issues possibly with new ideas and to offer new options for our people. So with that I want to thank you for this opportunity I was not part of the forums so this was my next opportunity to have my voice and my say thank you under says my iris thanking KW So for this opportunity. And once again my name is Myra show away. I am a write in candidate from the CBC good district and I want to wish you well to all the other candidates and hopefully the best will come of this process. Thank you. How are your friends and relatives. My name is Carolyn we I'm from the six equal district and I'm a write in candidate for tribal council the
direction of our tribal government has been a concern for the people for many many years. As a community person. I felt the same concerns as our leadership has evolved and changed. And in the community as a community people talk together. I really understand the need that there needs to be more communication somehow with the people to keep everyone informed of the change in situations in government. Today tribes are faced with many changing situations nationwide not only within our reservation and good leadership requires the the ability to understand the changes as well as the responsibility to keep abreast of them. At one time the council truly carried in their hearts the desire to make decisions that were best for all people. In in my experience as I grew up listening to different
people speak and having the opportunity to have heard some of our old past council members talk. It really gave me a sense that that's where it was in their hearts. There was a true desire for the leadership to maintain that contact with the people. But in recent years there seem to be a lack of response to questions put forth by the membership many times we don't get answers back or or the messages or never delivered clearly and the and the needs to be something improved in that area as a candidate I would do my best to offer our people a way to challenge the current status quo. I think some things need to be changed but I know that one person can't make changes happen all by themselves but one person can contribute to positive ways to decision making by using the skills of good
communication. And I believe that I have those skills. As a tribe we need to reflect on the good things on the strengths of our people as well as our government rather than the negative aspects that tend to tear down all that has been put in place before us. And we often are better at looking at the bad things or the negative things rather than looking at the successes that our tribe has had. Leadership has often the responsibility to be an example to others. I believe that I have qualities that would contribute to a more positive role model. We also need to celebrate small victories that happen in our community by becoming more involved with community events and being out there with our people to hear what they have to say. I would like to. Mention just a little bit about education I believe that this is has been a
real primary focus in. Well it's always been their prime or primary focus but recently with the building of a new school here in Warm Springs it's even coming up more. And there has to be a positive way to bring that to the community and deliver the referendum whenever that comes up or the building of the school to the community in a good way and that we our people will support it better and have and have many mediums to discuss it. The location and everything health concerns I'm I'm really high on health. I believe that's the. For me that's a priority because without our health we aren't anything and we need to take better care of ourselves in order for us to be there for our children and for the other people. I would like to think everyone in the community who support me as a candidate and who have shared their concerns and given me confirmation that there is a need that's not being delivered to the
people. I know I cannot fulfill that need by myself but I would like the chance to contribute to a more collaborative effort to do so. Good luck to everyone vying for the positions on council. My prayers are with each and everyone during this important time. Again I would like to remind everyone that I am a write in candidate for the 60 quid district. My name will not be on our ballot. So six equal members I ask for your support and encourage you to remember to write in. Carolyn we were on your ballot. Thank you. You were listening to statements by Warm Springs tribal council candidates recorded on Monday April 2nd when a Victor Moses wrote for the 6 equal District Council. And I like to say that there need to be a lot of changes going on around here because of the nepotism and the few people in control of the council. They're only run by a whole
reservation seem to be run by just a couple people. Along with management and they're beginning to get in to see the council as you go see the secretary treasurer and seeing where they've manipulated the courts. Court cases just to satisfy just a few people that aren't even involved with these things. And you've got all these nepotism like take credit for instance a lot of people talk about being foreclosed on by another point that person really. You hear him walking around bragging about foreclosing on Indian property and where they're supposed to be helping the Indians and they get to see that. Police department the mill everything is gone downhill and it is management really that is
manipulating the tribal council. There's a lot of good people running for each district. Hopefully they have enough on there that they can take control of the Council and put the right people back in there. So the same think is just getting worse and worse. That's about all I got to say is just everybody take a good look at who the people are that. Put us in this situation they're still there and they're still. Lying to everybody. So that's all I have to say. Hey Victor Moses six secret history. Hi my name is Martha when I shop. I am running for the 60 quid District Council. I have lived in Warm Springs for the past 10 years and I've noticed a lot of things that have been going on around here and I believe it is time for a change. It's time for unity
within our tribe. We have three types of in on this one reservation. We need to learn how to get along. I love my reservation. This is where home is to me and this is where I want to raise my children my grandchildren. And we have a beautiful place here and it is time for all of us as one people to look to God for the answers to come together. This is what I believe strongly in and I believe all of our people need to get along. And I see unity in our future and we need to teach our children this. Our children learn from us and we need to educate them. Our children are watching all our works how we talk and listen to what we say and they're hearing what we
say. And it goes from us to them and they repeat what they say or what they hear. And I don't want to hear. And they get of things. And that's what I see is us coming together as one. And that's one of my things is teaching our children our ways and to educate them to put them in places to make our reservation grow. And like I've stated it in my letters to to to our people. This is our reservation and we need to teach our children to take care of our reservation for the reservation to take care of them. My name is Martha wineshop. I'm running for 60 quid District Council. Thank you.
You were listening to statements by Warm Springs tribal council candidates recorded on Monday April 2nd. Next up you will hear from candidates from the same national district exclusively on ninety one point nine FM kid WSO. Good afternoon my people. My name is Barbara Jim. My minded name is so not. I am running for Tribal Council for the same national district. One of my main one of my main concerns for the tribe. I've elected four Council will be employment. I believe that everybody has a right to be employed with the tribe. And the other concerns I have is the economic economic stability of the tribe. But most of all I still
believe in our traditional values and our beliefs and they should come first at all times. There are many issues right now facing the tribe. One of the main concerns is the legging economic stability of the tripe and the protection of our natural resources. Right now it's a very difficult time and a task to blend all of these issues together in order to maintain our individual tribal sovereignty. But also with that to expand and improve our economic situation. Another issue that I believe in is our education of our children. Not only are the young children went clear up to the higher
education. We should do the best we can to get our children to school and keep them in school and after they've finished then find some kind of employment with them. I believe in the younger generation because they are our future and we should protect them. We should be trying to get the children or the younger people into management positions in teaching them. Listening to them asking them what they want and also talking to our elders. Asking our elders what do they want. What do they believe in. We get our strength from the elders on the reservation not only in our traditional beliefs and our values but they have ideas that they can. Give to us that we can follow up on.
It's time to make your decision because it does belong to the people who you select for Tribal Council will be the person that will represent you. If you want people to be accounted for have accountability trust honesty integrity and it's time to make your vote count. Don't sit back and wait because now it is a difficult time for our people. Now's the time to make a choice. And I want to wish all the candidates well and their endeavor for Tribal Council. Once again my name is Barbara Jim. My Indian name is son and I'm running for a tribal council for the same national district.
And that's on April 9th the tribal elections and the polls are open from 8:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Warm Springs community Wellness Center. And I thank you for your time. My name is Floyd clique. I'm with the same national district you know running for Tribal Council this year and I like to encourage everyone to come out and vote. On Monday April 9th 2000 and one of the polls will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and the Warm Springs community wellness center and the aerobics room. I believe that's commonly not referred to as the community center. And I encourage everyone to come out and vote. This year I was approached to run to the tribal council and a few people approached me and I decided to
accept a nomination this year. I believe I bring a very unique quality to the council and that qualities being the youngest nominee of all three districts. I'm 26 years old and I'm married to my wife one NIDA and we have a 4 year old son named Joseph. I live here more friends all my life and I consider this my home. I've been alcohol. And drug free and smoke free entire in my entire life. I believe that is a very fine quality and I can say that with my head high. The qualities I want to bring into the council is. Leadership by example. I believe the council should set the example that everyone else has the leaders accountability needs to go back into effect.
And to me accountability starts from the top down to the council management and branch managers directors and then on down to the employees. If you VERY LAST because as a frontline employee they look at their supervisor and then on up the chain there and if they don't see what's being enforced upon them there's going to be no respect there there's going to be friction and quite frankly you know accountability is just not going to be there. Communication needs to be improved with the membership. I'm committed to having at least one public meeting a month with the people to hear them and give them reports. That's much needed
especially on travelling. They give a report back to the people of what happened and what issues are out there. You know anything to bring back to the people that need to know. I also believe that there should be a daily on the daily agenda there should be a time block set aside for any tribal member to come in and talk to the council. It shouldn't matter how old you are. Anyone should be able to come in and talk with the council. They used to be that way and all nice and I like to see that come back. On the daily operations and enterprises of the tribes I believe we should look at frontline employees first to run things the best. I don't think the tribe should continue to rely on outside resources and consultant Spenny price. Our own people our own local tribal members have been working here for years and I'm confident they know how to run things to best. So I think we should start
tapping into our own people. And promoting them into the supervisory manager positions our tribal members I believe have been long overlooked in employment promotion and training. That's about all I have to say for now. I just want to encourage everyone to come out and vote on the 9th and we have many good candidates this year and I encourage everyone to vote for the candidate of your choice. Thank you for this time. Floyd clique. From the same national district candidate see. My name is Kirby he so you're my Indian name is stuck with bae. I'm going to assume that I should be strict. My parents are Walter Heath and Ellen Heath and my Indian name is very popular there's two other people that I had my Indian name so I
better explain that. I got my Indian name in 1953. It's survival of the elites. Describe the lawn House Chief Tommy Thompson and Henry Thompson were the ones that bestowed that name along with Charlie quick Tuscon who at that time wished he shoots cheap. And that's how I got that Indian name. But I look at that name as a strong name and I'm glad there's two other people that has the name I'm not taking anything away from them. I wish them well with that name. And I'm a Vietnam veteran. I served the United States Army between one thousand sixty seven thousand nine hundred seventy. I was in Vietnam in 67 and 68. Command of qualia Palmer Post Number 4 2 1 7. As you all know I'm always affiliated with every veteran. Going down to the tribes has. Weatherby the tribe that wants it. The people that want it
for families that want it or even region am well read known in the region for veteran issues. And that happens to be wanted. Paul and objects I want to talk about. And that's Thunder veterans memorial stone. We're going on three years trying to get that veteran stone and. We have a right against a lot of red tape legislative language policy. But every you know we've been through a lot of Lupo's and hopefully I sat down with Estee Charles Jackson and his son like he's going to get ready to play and get on it. So I congratulate him on it even though it took him a little bit longer than I anticipated. So out of people out there kind of cross your fingers and hope we will have that stone going and set up by the U.S. in late fall hopefully. Cross my fingers again on that. And the
port you know I'm always question about how I feel about our house and our downsizing. You know I'm always one to stand up for the little guy. I always see the little guys are the prettiest ones to go but I'm always look at the higher ones you know seem like we should address the higher people that should be let go. You know we're talking about saving money. You know to hire the people who are under position to Mordor salaries are you know it takes probably about seven or eight tribal members just to meet one salary of one of our GMC or one of our consultants. And I feel you know we have to look at that area you know you have those consultants games where you know we wouldn't have been in a predicament we are now. But since we're going to predict the minute that we're in now maybe some of our bosses had something to do with how we got there. That's how I look at it. That's my own personal perspective. I'm not taking anything away from leadership
or anything that that make me do it is just me as a travel member looking from the outside looking in and seeing what's happening and I just wanted to point that out so nobody should be insulted by me stepping on anybody's toe. That's just my perspective and I think you on that. And on the education you know I always feel strong about our education. You know I see our downfall in our down down downward trend in our education because the drugs and alcohol truancy. And now as people you know we we need to refocus on education. You know look at our education people you know they're always traveling in to go in places. But here you know we had to be into the down Route area why we're 90 and we have to figure out how to work closer into that area. You know the National is good you know we're deployed in appropriation but I got to look at that deep roots the roots of the problem and that's here at
home. And I feel that we have to really address education here in the home front person before we go elsewhere. And there are other areas you know I would really like to talk about in one of them. You know I'm always concerned about our treaty you know our treaty is being punctured left and right you know by 638 self-governance you know and by people that don't really know how to interpret or talk about the treaty. And sometimes I feel you know we're setting ourselves up for putting our put in our mouth but our treaty rights you know I I really respect our technical staff and our. Legal staff and our scientific staff and by biologists but yet you know they really don't know the true pacts of treaty rights in this cell. And I'm pretty pretty scared that some day you know going to. Put definitions on what our treaties are about. You know the treaties they
come from my old people and how us feel that way. They taught us to their sounds in our prayers of what our treaty rights were all about. And best in language there are treaty rights stands on. End when we step foot in a scientific definition. Biologist technician Nico technicians on it to define peace treaties treaty words you know were streamlined in it and were taken away the strength of our treaty. So I'm very precautious that we need to safeguard against our treaty rights and these professional people interpret our treaty porous. You know we are the only ones that should be able to do that. Not the profession of people. And you know the other structures to infrastructure of the tribe you know like for instance our housing or housing isn't in real need of high. Quality you know due diligence. You know it needs to be done and
that my house and board commissioner. But we again we have run up against roadblocks. It's not the commissioners that are you know we just inherit problems that's been festering for years and it takes a long time to correct those measures whether it's from our staff or people who are past decision from past commissioners. But we have a big big obstacle and a big challenge and we're working at area to get those corrected. So I I really could elaborate a little bit more traditional areas everybody talks about our seated area you know we've got to be very careful how we handle our seated area and who could be allowed to speak on behalf of our city to the area you know as states. Oh ok thank you very much. I'm sorry I couldn't go if any president did that.
I. Remind you that travel conscious elections will be on April 9th in the PO's will be open between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the Warner Spitz community Wellness Center at their aerobics room. I I I really stress and I really asked the people to come out and vote for you. The People's Power is the people's vote in order for anything to happen that people need to vote. Thank you very much for your time. OK. And once again my my name is Kirby he senior. From the same Nashua district. And my Indian name Mr. Guy and I'm a fisherman. Tradition of push men and then I will give you that. Thank you. We hope you enjoyed today's presentation of statements made by Warm Springs tribal council candidates from the agency's Seek-Seek watch and some national district statements were recorded on April 2nd. Voting for the twenty second
Warm Springs tribal council will be held on Monday April 9th. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Warm Springs community wellness center aerobics room. This special presentation on tribal council candidates is brought to you exclusively from your station on the reservation. Ninety one point nine FM. KW Why so.
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