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Hello and welcome to dancing disco and Lisa Tyler and we have a show for you you're not going to be able to take sitting down to move your coffee table out of the way but you tell the other way and get up to get ready to dance. We're going to be showing you some basic dance steps. And I need to be introducing you people to operate behind the scenes may discuss the successes. But first I want to introduce you to a man that you really did. Absolutely not. We're going to do it along OK. OK you've already moved that way all you get is about four feet high for me. We're going to start without the music and just work with your left foot take a step to the side bring your feet together and touch like that as I step to your right. Such a love put beside it. So it's just a touch Step touch him without them bring the music up once I get together with the music I. Love. That. Guy. Such a scale. I like that. We're. Going to.
Step up step step step by step point step in place. We do that three or four times. And we have a coming out now Step touch Step touch down for a moment so we can talk about some of the things that we do with footwork. And such and such as getting the food started. So they were just picking up the rhythm the music getting everything moving together. What I want to do is a little bit on the news. Don't worry about your particular interpretation. Then we're going to the left I want you to put something like this forward in front of your body. And then if you point your left your right foot
back you're going to pull your elbows back so that they're in line with that you push them. Forward as you take a step back matching step step. How about the speed of the music what I'd like you to do is bring the music. Now we're going to go. Back to the. Place. And. The music down one more time so we can look at the tail end of it. And there's that pointing forward what we're going to do as you do the step and point forward so that your upper arms are about level with your shoulders and you want to do one finger wide
and his point your right foot forward towards me. You're going to twist the left side of your body or your whole body through that we step to the right and point your left foot on the right side of your body at the same time. Mark a true with may bring. That said as you bring your left foot bring the right side of the body as you bring your right foot bring your left side of your body. We're going to slowly twist twist twist twist step step step Crist's step what we're going to do is take very slowly a sequence through for you and we're going to start with your left foot and do step touch in place step touch Step touch We have four times like that four times with the elbows pulling back and forth times with the arms up pointing forward and twisting the body. All right let's bring the music up starting place. Touch with those.
Three arms out here just out. To Three place. Step three step. Why would one more time talk about what we're going to go back is that what I'd like you to do is bend the. Word forward. And then and then that's where you pick up the arms lifted up and we point forward. What I want you to do is act like you were going forward a foot above the floor and then take you down to the floor on the other side you lift the foot up and drop down and down and
left. And from touch. With the music. To. Get the. Feeling go down. One more time and place. Now let's just take the thing from here. I've told you it's often been done rather than holding the arms here. We'll take one last thing just for the fun of it. Up down up down up down up down up down. From the beginning I'm. Stuck. With the arms up. Now off and coming up and it's up.
To that gives you some of the basics of that. And what we're going to do is just take you back up to the balcony you know with. Some things worse. Than what you. Have accused. Me of. Mademoiselle magazine. And recently. That's. Really. I think just the fact. That this. Place. The fancy. Dress. The way that they would. Dress anywhere else. It's sort of the place where the. Big Story. And. The sort of. More dresses and skirts the. Disco has played a part. In a disco. At a party. Across the board. With a tight hand. AS.
Birds. You see everything. Disposable. Accessories a lot we have here. Well we have. Lots of. Star with this necklace. Now that. It is obvious that. The body and it actually looks sort of nice when you're wearing. Your hairstyle. Did. It have. Purpose. Or some. Sort of. Jewelry. In the disco this is the plastic. Liquid. With litter inside. We'll. Give you a lot of things. That I have to ask you about this little Valentine. Alan barks a lot of discussion. They.
Have boxes with the talent and it's just a. BOX. Thing. This. Morning When You Dance What are they doing. Here. This one pair tight. Very. Successful very affordable. And it's. Kind of close. To. The. Street. They like very very. Light. It's kind of. Gone. With. It. This is reminiscent. This is very. Stark. Or. Very.
Clear. About what we have over there. But this again. This is. Sort of the second. Part. It's very sexy and comfortable and. Very watchable which is important to. Us. And I think something like this. Just goes. Dressed. Like this. Here. This is the box. Cutters are wearing these. Like the. Sport and. They're wearing. Designer
satin box. Hand. Jacket it's a bunch of T-shirts here we have a little. Leopard print very. Very bare. Disco body. And you really have to be in pretty good condition. Form to wear this. Very. Clever. Very crazy sort of almost in bad taste and accessories. They're fun. What about I have to ask you that we all now. Have a pair of very reminiscent 50s. Sunglasses. Praise the sunglasses the. Colors and mirrored lenses and. The bright lights. Just go. With us fashion Mademoiselle forecasts and we will be seeing in discos in months ahead.
We will be sitting there. Getting. There in spirit the spirit towards. The cops and tight. And. Basically. Very sexy clothes. Just. Keep in mind that you have. Michael. Moore you have to. Be. In. This. Kind of time. Sure it's. Hard to have a. Dress. Dress here. This is like at a point with evening or nothing. To do. With your boyfriend. Having your money. And if you're not. Doing. Something with you don't have to worry about. Losing. Anything because. You know you're on your feet most of the time. Well as you can see obviously to live out your fantasies and we're going to go back down to the dance floor
time fantasies lived out for us. You're. Right.
USA. What a wonderfully exotic looking. But now. That. We're going to dinner you've got to wear the disco. For ever but it's got a T-shirt and so they can pull it up with a scarf or a leopard print scarf on earrings or
crazy jewelry or very very elegant very simple and wear pair of shoes or. Great pair. Of the earrings. Crazy bracelets and touch. Will kind of jazz it up and make it appropriate to be to live out your fantasy at the disco. Thank you for all the stuff. Now we do want to remind you that some discos have a dress code and you may not be able to get in your favorite old pair of jeans. And now it's time to start dancing again let's go back to the dance floor with Randy. We're going to take a look at the line I'd like to leave my partner Vicky. Yes. That's what we like to do is get as much space as you possibly can for this dance we're going to turn our backs on you so that we can walk through the dance you're going to do exactly as we do this thing called the line. Lot of teachers teach line dances. Not so much because they're done in the clubs with because they're very hopeful very easy going ways learn movements that you can use both with a partner and by yourself doing freestyle they
should have you get up close to this that we can start backwards with your right foot take four steps back. One. Two three in the fourth step merely close your feet together and then we walk forward the same way three steps. Right. Left. Right in the fourth step you close your feet together. OK let's do that little faster five six seven. Go back. To. The three. Together. Forward. Two. Three together as we walk back the arms are going to come and you're going to have the fourth count with your hands together like yes let's do that here we go. Yes back. Really arms are not from here we walk forward and as we go forward the arms come slowly down it's 6 7 and 8 we close here. Ready. Three. Go. Back. Two. Three arms up then forward to. Three in arms done now from this point we're going to bend the knees a little bit sticking these out to the right then point them out to the left then to the right again then to the left again. Now from here we come up right. Right and we stop pacing the south already.
Let's go from the beginning we walk back or forward Boris whittle down boy up or ready to go back to three arms up and down stairs. Stop Louis let's go at this point we're going to do notice that we're coming in groups of the day we've got four more groups they'd love to go take a little step with your right foot one. Foot on the side to put three point four steps five point six two steps seven to the side they would go over that section one more time with your right foot. We have three times one step point go. One point. Three point forty five point six steps seven steps. And from here we go into it with the left one and let's go back to the beginning and try that much from the get in their. Right. To. Carry arms up bend forward raise level down go down to three up or
go up to right foot forward go step point step point step two step step then step now kick now from here in this one can we can we take a step to the left pushing to his left. We were the right one and step right. Here and step up to now we push them to the right and to the left. Take a look just at that one section we have three times kick step and then push the next three times so it's ok. Step down care. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay that one's a little strange but you like it already. Let's take it just from the step point step point into the kick right foot forward. Ready to go. Step point. Step point step. Point two steps now OK. Love stuff right there. Heads go left then right down the line now from here we're going to do a thing called a great line that very simply starts with your right foot you cross it in front of take a step to the side with a loved one. Cross your right foot that take a step to the side with your
left foot. And from here we're going to do two things called Change is what I'd like you to do is very simply pick your right foot forward touch it back behind you. Pick. Such forward as you're touching back I want you to go from the show and push the ball in the right foot down into the ground and then just lift your left foot up and pluck it back down where it came from. So all you have is OK. Ball change can change we do a little bastard kick ball change kick ball change kick ball change but there's only two of them were going to go back to the great line into the to get ball changes this way just leave it with the right foot crossing and run. Ready go front side back to kick ball changes take ball change kick ball change that piece one more time with the right foot crossing in front we have to get ball changes ready to go. Plus side cross and kick ball change and kick that's OK and from here we're going to do our last piece which is the turns we step forward with the right foot. We make a half turn to our last
look over your shoulders at us put your weight on your left foot step forward with your right foot again do the same thing turn a half turn to your original position one more turn the same way forward right. Sure and a half turn to the left. You not take one more step to the right foot and you only turn a quarter of a turn to the left your feet are together you're facing the same way we are. We're going to start back with the right foot walk through the hole there one time. Slowly moving the music up a little bit so you can hear with us as it goes right back down to three arms up then forward to reasonable down go down to go up to the right foot go step. Two steps not OK. OK step can step. OK yes two great man plus side plus Now this can change. Let's read some other book son. Thank you above. So it's back to the bright.
Colored stuff towards the bright. Shining right now. About the ball changing thanks to. Bowling. The boy. While. I. Can't wait to try this in the future weeks when Randy diesel has
it. There. This person you're taking you behind the scenes and just getting discovered and lighting is. Next week. It's like. Magic. Larry Lindsey used to be a rock critic switched to the one in. The Disco. Now he's a record executive. Keep dancing.
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Instructor Randy Deats teaches viewers The New York. Host Lisa Karlin then interviews Mademoiselle magazine fashion editor Diane Smith, who talks about disco fashion, stressing that anything goes on the dance floor. She showcases some accessories by designer Betsey Johnson as well as a necklace made from bobby pins. After a dance segment featuring disco fashion, Randy Deats returns to teach viewers a line dance.
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