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Jews I believe that women ought to have the rights to make their own decisions with their own moral and their own religious beliefs but to do that in privacy without the Massachusetts courts and without the legislature. This is Evelyn Murphy territory. A room full of politically active women celebrating the 17th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe versus Wade decision legalizing abortion. She was the only candidate for governor here. And to top things off the National Organization for Women went after her chief opponent Frank Bill Oddie a recent convert to abortion rights. And should the political winds shift again. We don't want the chameleons for choice changing their colors. So today was one of the good days for Murphy. One of the days that reminds people she is the candidate with real passion about abortion. Because I live here in the state before the Roe versus Wade opinion and I know what risk some of my friends went through and the dangers.
This is a terribly difficult awful decision that no woman ever likes to make. Murphy entered the governor's race with a big advantage. A solid base of women support and the abortion issue was clearly part of that last summer soon after the Supreme Court ruled that states can limit abortion rights. Murphy was the front runner in the governor's race 10 points ahead of Bill Oddie her closest competitor when abortion is hot. Murphy is hot. But since the summer there have been bad days the talk has turned to the budget and taxes and Murphy is suddenly 16 points behind Bill Oddie according to a Boston Herald Channel 5 poll. She still leads among women under 40 but women 40 and over support first bloddy Then undecided then John Silber then Murphy. Well I
think the issue right now is leadership and who provides a kind of leadership that the state will be comfortable with and proud of. And all I can do is to keep showing people that I live by stand by and act on my principles and that when the going gets tough and the polls change I'm still going to be there on the issue of choice for women no matter what being for abortion rights made the difference in several tough races around the country last year. But those victory margins were razor thin. And while Evelyn Murphy clearly has the strongest claim to the issue here it's beginning to look as though abortion alone won't be enough for her. But the 10 O'Clock News I'm Christy George. The choice for women in this country. Choice.
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Ten O'Clock News
Murphy and abortion issue
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Evelyn Murphy addresses women political activists on abortion rights at a celebration of the 17th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. She pledges to uphold pro-choice stance. National Organization of Women (NOW) goes after Frank Bellotti, claiming he only recently switched to the pro-choice position for political reasons. Also includes Interview with Murphy, and footage of Murphy at a campaign rally. B-roll follows of speakers and audience members at the anniversary celebration, and abortion rights picket line in front of Domino's Pizza in Cambridge.
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Ten O'Clock News was a nightly news show, featuring reports, news stories, and interviews on current events in Boston and the world.
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Murphy, Evelyn F.; Women political activists; Abortion; picketing; political campaigns; Speeches, addresses, etc.
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