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<unk> worthy <unk> says reviewers norton's guest today is couch and starts touring company of sugar babies is a review of colonial theater it's good to be back again for the twenty third season of elliot wharton reviews and particularly pleasant to begin with carol channing who is happily back again and boston the stylish little babies and by the way this is not the second company in sugar
babies this is another company on sugar babies and better along broadway just chatting time is almost unique in the theater today a star who is equally admired and loved and so lake city and on broadway everywhere from coast to coast are no i'm more than here where audiences are of course the most discriminating we've admired are here in hello dolly and as lyra rider the panama were admiring her in the show those changing her image from sweden dream euro and slightly sly to a body day this is a new count playing with barbie laws in what is essentially a glamorized burlesque show everybody is going to be delighted because it's very well done and very from maybe some online to be slightly shocked i know i was once in it and i
wanted out do you know mr norton i was in london at the jury lane theater at the time then a call came in and i was supposed to do media thompson who was the first burlesque queen jerry herman i were working on a musical jerry herman was and the staff of hello dolly an olive grove and at the time you know got our was a lifeguard but but wein it was it was to be the story of the first burlesque show in the united states which was around abraham lincoln's time but lydia thompson had a life that didn't have any particular drama to it she comes she chewing covered wagons with her burlesque show but it was the first of all so she was easily she was an american and eight but abraham lincoln used to love comes here shows but she had a beef trust and all that that was all that was exciting about the other exciting thing was that there was a critic of the chicago tribune issue to it and called her lady's ladies of ill repute
about religion one out as you went up to the second floor of the chicago tribune or worse with the credit so he brought with him and that was the days of horse not easy to shield horse whipping and then they brought him into court and why we have to send the end and the judge you know the jury was so sympathetically at the courthouse and he was very careful when he said about iraq today was a critic you know i go in eugene field sounds familiar with julie you don't remember eugene dr nigel but i've read all about like most of libya thompson i don't remember her and read about how she had the fresh air goes in tights yes and they were a little overweight though and that i understand is that a fashionable was perhaps so but as she got older she would get the girls were older than she was i got finished again goes with india than she was and so i knew she just changes sought to admit she is at her well i saw you about a little bit of slow as a mob dramas wasn't enough drama so but the
material was wonderful the burlesque material and so all of a sudden i got a call from the producers of sugar baby saying they had a smash hit on broadway what would it do they have to have somebody from the national company and so i said i'll listen to realize that's nothing but the burlesque material that we were so crazy about it that we don't have the food in his life so i got into a lot of solos duchess with senior their traditional their sketches us or everybody you have that note you wrote about that because that's different in our show one of the finest living <unk> uses it you don't know you're good to go and then say the line and then fast forward and that's the way you do and that's the way it's been done and interesting enough if you don't do it just that way doesn't get the laugh but there's a tradition to that the reason they don't write it down is
it's the timing of the attitude in the innocents i think of max if i was so pleased a new review that you mentioned the other comics billy linton jay stewart and chose to use because it seemed to stand trial great to work with them is really some quite well i mean that's exciting because they do they have a built in nature known that is american burlesque and it's our american rhythm it comes out of minstrel shows as an engrossing burlesque was out with a new ui historian bennett but first they were minstrel shows and then burlesque and then as breast bags in risky to kill you told me that the main cities killed the girls in an end if it were played a dereliction one of the aging vaudeville and then finally the great american musical comedy well it's an outgrowth of our own worries our heredity so burlesque was our stage at that time that's why i'm standing rim things like a
family member you now one sketch comedy where you have a secretary the police to try to find out why would i jump out the one of the last of that i think is a very funny idea to also not that the timing and it just felt about timing the timing and that isn't precise an extraordinary you have un every single line and does he have the same lines every time every single time you see if you get your lap that's god given you've got lightning in a bottle any real forward for will with with that once you get your lap hold it right there and don't ever change and how do you get that precise and if you change one word it seemed to me that statue of a robbery who do you notice that you know i've got it as good all day long and my little brain is just smoke out i go all day long to get it to go out just exactly the same age each show and endured quite rapidly it's a rapidly change to hold the media the tempo and i was at the director of hope maxi for
use to tell it as a one man telling a story about two people a policeman the girl and the manager john godwin hundred people used to tell it and you and you know it is interesting he stammers something terrible on stage oh yes and on stages powerful new arrivals a long ago were you saying we just was so then i say please the eye when he gave it to me it's like gold that he gave me that's right he did eat he had this get in easily used to be stand out in one and tell stories and it was one of the stories he told and he said he racked his brains got a special college so he's thinking and thinking and he's got a funny skits for powder when you see women as you wrote this sunday before we came in fanny brice was the only female comic in burleson the
women were just so max he had to dig in because he said when i mean she couldn't she could be the girl maids you can lead a girl and standard be that girl what was only a story that was told by many burlesque old maxime given the decision well i was the first one to tell what a half years after all us from way back its traditional i mean i still from somebody is unwise was the wood from me said the author of dramatization i'm a whole five figured which one said which laws can actually en route talent together to know them to get to them together so i got that on paper you landed exactly as they were over the senator did you adjust some of the line oh well no because as i was saying it matters you know you got to get in there so i removed my dress you guys it so i took a one hundred dollars to live this and that but no max he got in there it was finally written down and that you looked at the papers and that's right they listen to it and as long
as up the way it was done here it any listen to me do any listened uneasily you gotta say how much beat repeat how much for the monday business and you say you've got to repeat it otherwise you don't get the math and i didn't get the lab provided repeated you see how much how much for the monkey business and in other words he's not only a great partition of unease that earlier four so he knows exactly where i was going with a beat now he's hillary another family was who uses only god and even god doesn't know whether what maxi know i mean i believe him and all those comics and now believe in june is the policeman and he is he's the same in the magic of the day is in the tiny hairs on that he builds it would mean yes i wait for the beep went to if he doesn't say yes we don't get the last two years precisely the sense is in any field and that we keep it right there but it is precisely timed its traditional it has been
done that way as i say since protests began and that's the only way to do it you feel about the war when adults that's an extraordinary thing and certainly i remember somebody having done that before was that done in juarez some yellow well you have a little dough as a legitimate on race was even really all that's right with us you don't remember i remember her from vaudeville fuel from vaudeville for rosy rice had these dead birds are now in new york company they just have them on one of the chorus girls the birds fly in a little bit but we all thought would be better of care or didn't so it took quite a bit of mercy and the birds are deer baking we have a rubber body stocking that i wear it's a turtle like it was always done in my feet like a ninety nine underneath that tell that we would often drop right in the laundromat every performance didn't get beyond our weight and the hat
on it is also what you going to watch that every night but i feel when i hear those last it's worth it it's absolutely how did you know that bill allen i know how you do the life so i know that because i've seen that that has to be imposed on that was untroubled so it's beautifully done after all it's a trick and it's a very funny tripoli and stumbling to that was i have no idea how you do the heavy morris was so brave in rehearsal the first time i did that i need right there we know where travelers who have this year as he did in the right place that but don't give away how we do it again you see from the front how we do well i have seen nothing done many ways times before i could say oh you can see i don't think that's a solidified you mean you're not doing it right i don't think so i think you're doing a beautiful you're covering up what you're doing but it seems to me that that they were not supposed to take it for granted that you were a brilliant night
so we we recognize that you're a comedian oh oh i mean you've got that i can go i know you didn't mean it just doesn't work that way it looks funny looks as though you're kidding the scheduled but that doesn't make a minibus falling it won't hear why i thought i thought one reason they were laughing with a riskier to get for bobby i still worry about him because those things do you said like a guilty in absentia if they do how much time you have on us consulate there back to quite a while because i really working with the stage and behind it you guys are going to get to the law and that took about a month yet of getting interest it but we also went to changing the spirit we need to you know the problem of letting something like that lover all these
years of working on these well i haven't stopped working you see that's the important thing for any human being i think they don't stop working if you just keep learning something all the time and something inside them and athletes' biceps and i have usury a religious icon was so you know done anything quite like this before you enjoyed rosa maria diaz george burns hadn't i got at routine and that is what we called it the i got routine george had his routine yet it would greatly needed to me see the honor of my life as a gracie in the last two years about like didn't know that she knew she was dying but she said that george has to work not that he needs the money is metabolism needs it and she said tell george told me that i could choose who we worked with and i'd like to choose you were do you know it's as if i were knighted in westminster abbey i mean for a convenient and gracie choose you to work with her george and she would sit in the first row and laugh and clap and all he was a lot for years in the last two years of george and i were to go with there was routinely i got it
and that's what ruined me that's why i have no taste left our lowest tide of comical because you know not once in all of the judges i see it all the one the year the judge judge yet whether what was a big star lot for me and i do a little bill nikki rowling as joe you mean that's where i say oh judge it was just like this is that we do it too much i just did it on the show but the thing is you know it's a way he does and i like a lot like his performance very much like he's very very good at getting your reviewers and most employers i don't think he was her father was killed our road wiped out all local leaders because of his own willie oh yeah i just loved it and thought that new york and i went to it
and wrap my heaven you know where i fit either have a long list of top soul so i did i did at an end and they said to me well know you see we have access to so many of the sketches really it is you have to show it is less than half the same issue you know are drawn into a sophie tucker the announcements they need it and make you do it and i thought they were fabulous didn't you think it was like santa claus' i thought it was terribly funny but i don't think he was like santa claus mr heaton is a duo made after carnegie thought he felt like a son the senate he's very funny i haven't never had any idea was that funny extremely funny about it like a little logo why don't think probably was conveys a body was it has occurred you spoke about some of the analysts and i have a feeling by the losses of a sense of being in a seizure noise that's rosa delauro is now during all the day at and energy even gets the job hop what he isn't thank you
were holes tomorrow is that and bobby is from newton massachusetts it just got in massachusetts kept a major eric darr he's the backbone of the country comes from the east where they're holding the united states of america together soviet war was still going on only double what the temperature said something when your tap dancing help elmo yourself something miller well my gosh i know yes i know tap dancer i mean what could i do so i'd never tapped before nine i danced a lot of their drumming or dancing ballet to get at one point did you know that you know we're still just doesn't like the bride of frankenstein coming up to size ten feet ten inches taller than i am which is sixty jobs and he's had these huge low incomes looming actually said it's finally start to have it so that it's a terrible to see new title we
know we will putting the ongoing as the statue of liberty and owner of tap but it didn't project and those huge theaters to play music to get out i thought the ten thousand was quite a child did you just say gee you knew that i was in the tap dancer and uk germany does the deputies say well what has that done all that that was one mobile video signal is still round and cute thing when i mean you're speaking as a person not built that way they're so very sweet to millions still idea to have a robust closure of all those girls will hobble are working all day and what these girls i'd only twenty two years old out there chanting mia this is not so much of the us chosen as a kind of movie you are eu leaders are smarter in your introduction to me just now you left an engineer charles vane is lending it
was it opened at the wilbur we try out here that wilbur before it was a smash hit me again you reviewed it and you were the first word only voice you were the first one to beat me at a new job work them out sketches of the last review that i worked in the us reviews went out of style it seems that everybody said no they're doing on television and so they don't need them on broadway they're done to death on television and reviews you get this the first one is doing radio now they're all that people are hungry for that but they have this theory among broadway people that they they were dunder death on television isn't that ridiculous so this is why sugar babies is such a turning point during the whole tie you ever has when you ran for his son the one in dallas was the opening night was we were reprehensible were you comfortable with that you were comfortable with that material i was surprised that they did that that baptist ministers were sitting there with airpower and that was an out and they
left there when i was a bad idea of course a line in here about the chicken soup and pizza or should i wait and say well i'm a waitress and an idea is that wonderful timing of nancy's a jay stewart has great time he's a straight man and he's driven he says he sees em i mean i like a bowl so it was like a bosso we like she also and do you still see that's me that be likable so we actually goes out and they sue i have chickens and one my knowledge is a minor want the sale she teach warehouse the house came down it was sunday matinee that we and the ministers were there and their children and they just howled so then all of a sudden i was so surprised that it made the lead bigger because i they told me that the surprised look on my face made a level
more so than i realize suddenly what i really had stayed so then added but nobody seems to unseat american i guess it's a part of our frontiers it's our own history and i think part of it is that in that sketch and there's another one you do and what you tell jokes that are calling on a chicken on the piece so there's about seven hundred years old they were telling natural born and he sure all you were there when i was a little i was a little boy but i mean i get the idea you know that in the eyes of a new job is that you go to that high school lee's or somebody wrote that as it was as you think they are and your reaction to the joke for you tell what a lowe's or call me once and then you look at a boy watches saying that i actually save you consciously doing that with two of her loans auto leases while things in my life having heard this about seven
hundred and you look up as much as assertive actually say that that's what makes it funny about mr norton we've noticed that when everybody in the company and the old adage you know the more the bigger the author in a very big church as an enemy and they'd say get nasty those old fashioned you know are old fashioned jobs there just thought what would you see it's because chance chaser such a baby and end up billions in an impure of earhart they're really sweet people that they have not there's nothing there's no dirty own anonymity when i know them they're actually innocent people and they were differences they hover around the doves we have does it very sweet little junette sheen ends here only in june it's here and now he was an employee hallway the hallway and fred ghost in missouri
and then we have a sugar very sugar goes to virginia lands here and ann wilson is on my head you know so you know that backs up with one feather right over my right eye and that that makes this scene he's feeling is laugh i can sense it nelson is sensing his laugh is felix but but they call and they talk to the bridge and you know that little junior at the nelson collins caught in that joe why are we had to dig into the veterinarian and john cores so those years when they have a plea they will lose in a cage because the verge of going away and they've so i was in a case either side show with the bird as it was outdoors and at the ben nelson got his caucus we're getting to the vet to have is a cortisone put in june yet wouldn't let anybody touch nelson they'd been in love scenes we started this tour she wouldn't let the vat tax or anyone had finally talked her into it that was only for nelson's good and you know that those for comics and we were all they were rounded up sweet people's internet it's for his good met him having one of the talking to the internet so that we can have that
court is on to the sweet comics they just that's the way they are they just we live in their dear dear people and we got the corps and internet finally allowed it i think she could understand and now he's well i'm fine are those roads from rosie perez no pigeon sat there in that day to day and they aren't two years old probably but we don't want it because oh sure just talking into it we just near soon and finally know i mean what if the us with the responses to be replaced and usually you see all the ones there's their aid on which each only trying to imitate another spot it takes a while you sing when they would be i had to be there when they were being trained and then when they do take they have to admit that they have to have a girl put a blonde wig on and as she's about my size or else they don't and they do all this as a human for rehearsal yes vote to try it had they ever the use of anything like this before all these dogs of pigeons a level the news before oh no they did their changes for our show
just literally yes but they are trying to win with a trainer and they have in new york too so he trained those birds and more of them and he leaves the show and these personal to him but he was another whole set of birds all see the tremor then he goes away with the birds on the law's words aware that will have also always treated here you also went which we view did they make mistakes sometimes and every single time the main stage you never know what they're gonna do you just don't know what sometimes nelson that's right down over my nose sometimes french fries between my legs i mean sometimes you just don't know how to do you keep on singing palsy as well and it's much to the amusement of the audience thank goodness i mean i'm an environmentalist it if they make a mistake will sometimes you may forget themselves they had to have all over the place but yes and so then there there that does to the great delight of the audience the audience's nerves their hardware all
starts with what i know is except that if it gets that much of a lavish it's worth it at a college time you have to spend and you have people that between shows as a knowledge mr mills nah i know which ones we rehearsed every known than cc should she gets out of hand sometimes jeanette she crawls up the names on up here somewhere and she's got just a daily tv covers of the show is still a decent weather email us hi robert they don't know their norris host of continuing to say what is a song that's a german jew simon and right there is a business i'm so red you like the show i just loved the show use the cheapest nosedive job is i never and i just adore it and know that many more than what alfred lunt told me that burlesque is a great art and a science
he is a science it's any of the sailboats cabal he was even there left to do our web where his daughter marilyn russell square he did when he was vaudeville wasn't now that was stuck he wasn't stopped i don't ever remember ending and what those methodically while a grad says he was invited <unk> i mean it sounds like sacrilege but that's what you want me to cancel out of my friendship i talked to her just before coming here and using the state nor did i read your review to her and she said i am most stuart and penetrating nine a fine critic yes and so apparently you gave them a total re a good woman a good what was the most ardent i heard somewhere us all my savvy about where you belong yes i feel that we only show i think i've done six of these shows and i feel on every was filed for us from the da's he just enjoyed it seems to normalize the new design graduate angela we dedicated their services or
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