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Hail Hail Hail Hail to him who I believe can provide the leadership for our next president of United States.
Why do you want my sex life. It's wonderful to be in the city that first welcomed my dad to this country so many years ago on this. What should I say spectacularly one spring day. We got national network news why not just on the cameras even on our weather here in New England surrounded by so many friends introduced by Mary been such a strong values of whatever leader here is Grace today with the eyes of a nation of five some 27 years after another son of Massachusetts began a long quest for the White House. Today our marathon begins. And believe me with the help of the good people of New Hampshire and the women we're going to
cross that finish line on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was Daniel Webster a son in New Hampshire. While a congressman from Massachusetts who won the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill had this to say about our nation and about his future. Let us develop the resources of our land he said. Call for what its powers build up its institutions and see whether we all saw it in our day and generation may not perform something worthy to be remembered. Inspired by Webster's words in the office I see pledging not only want for school a lot also to bag a son of Greek immigrants named Mike Dukakis declares he's canvassing for the presidency of United.
I want to begin this campaign with the question and then with an answer. The question is why have we come together and what the Democrats have by one of the mansion on the side of the Democrats all across this country go out of their cars and their primaries to vote what will they really be voting off. The answer is not just about like the gutters or any of the other candidates. The answer is about America. I believe that each generation of Americans has an opportunity to vining and redefine the American dream from one generation to the next. America has been a couple of set of promises about the future which brings our people together. The pilgrims who sailed at the plight of three centuries ago defined that dream as religious liberty. The Patriots who dumped tea in the Boston Harbor two centuries ago to find that dream has political liberty.
The immigrants who come to the shore since then like my parents were drawn by the dream of a better life. Those who went to other shores to defend our freedom have as many did here and across this country were inspired by the dream of peace. Today we have our own chance. We have a golden moment to divine the dream that our children will call America. Because this campaign will decide what our children have a right to expect about them what about the right to expect of them above the law above the law. I believe our children have a right to live in a land with vibrant sustained economic growth and with genuine economic opportunity for every single American every part of this country.
Because in America good jobs and good schools and good skills should be the birthright of every one of us no matter who we are or where we come from or what the color of our skin. I believe our children have a right to live in a country that is Jerry and compassionate and concerned about all of the citizens of a country where the homeless are housed and the hungry are fed and where the dependent have the opportunity to achieve the best it has ever been to build in the fat self-sufficient lives and the country where we recognize aids for what it is the single most serious serious threat to the public health be faced in our lifetime. It is a disease that must be conquered. I believe our children have a right to live in an environment that is clean and safe and
healthy with clean air clean water and without a Nuclear Regulatory Commission that understands the lessons of Chernobyl and is committed above all else to protect the health and safety of our citizens of the people of this country. I believe our children have a right to a foreign policy that reflects American values. They don't deserve a shooting war in Iraq but they deserve a war against poverty and injustice and exploitation for what they don't deserve Secret Wars cooked up by armchair Rambos. They deserve to see our Constitution preserved and protected and defended.
They Officer Morse and space they deserve peace on earth. I believe our children have a right competent leaders they deserve a president who will have the best himself whether it is at the table with foreign leaders or with his own staff. They deserve a president who knows what's going on and knows what he's doing. They deserve a president who will stand shoulder to shoulder with heroes like are often seen Argentina. Cory Aquino of the Philippines who have put their lives on the line for democracy. I believe our children have a right to live in America where integrity is the watchword and they deserve better. The sight of Wall Street insiders being let out of jail in handcuffs for government officials to use public life maybe to make contacts for a private life
for the ministration of them seems to have its own set of special prosecutors. Two years from now the new president will have a life. We can't possibly predict all the problems of the challenges that will lead to his death. But we can't predict the chart or compass of the person who enters the Oval Office. I welcome those test Americans I have to measure our integrity you have a right to know our values you deserve the way our record and not just our rhetoric. So in this campaign I want to for us to judge me not only on my friends to fight apartheid in South Africa but also on my performance in fighting injustice here in America. I want my stand on national defense to be measured not just in hardware but also in the passion I feel for these resources which Welcome to the family of my own.
I want Americans to measure me not only by my commitment to fight terrorism but also what I have done to get tough on drug pushers attatched drug drivers and polluters. I want Americans not only do imagine the White House but also to study me in the state house because a sitting governor I tested every month every week every hour. So as you look each of us all up and ask more than what we are going to do ask what we have already done. Yes more than one we have new ideas as what we have already made your ideas work. Yes. More of what kind of president we will be asked what kind of people we are and what kind of people we have around those. Ask more of your candidates because the next president is going to be asking more of you to be producers not just consumers to be citizens not just back here to contribute your
best to America as Americans we are blessed with certain inalienable rights but we're also live by say responsibility. My mother and father summed up the American dream for me in just a little words. Much has been given to you and much is expected of you. That I believe has carried me to New Hampshire this day. With your help and your prayers. Oh Carol that will leave with me quite a lot of us. Over the next year in the high schools shopping malls and bars and factories
and kitchens and decisions on where squares the American people will be sizing up the candidates from both parties. It can be a noisy and frustrating process of the frustrations of the duties of leadership of the voices of musical freedom. When running you have a new day you're young and old from all walks of life from different backgrounds different heritages proud of your region proud of your stated heritage a real community. You believe as I do I'm fulfilling the promise of America for every citizen in every part of every state every region of this land. Let us never forget the promise of America. There's also problems between generations. From all the young from the present to the future drawing strength that is for Asian values as I begin this race I can't help recalling the first paragraph I was rubbish and Greece and the
other organizations I think concludes are always like these of life. That life that column is up at this time a days it was 2000 years ago. Let me paraphrase it for you know we will never bring disgrace to this our country by any act of dishonesty or of cowardice. We will fight for the ideals of this our country we will revere and obey the laws. We will strive to Vergon our sense of civic duty. Thus you have all these workers. We will transmit this country greater better stronger prouder and more beautiful. It was transmitted to us until today. This has been my pledge to the people of Massachusetts. From this day forward. It will be my pledge to the American people. Thank you.
For all. Thank you. Thank.
You. For. The world. Thank. You. The feet. Behind her. I have. A hint. On her. Own. Behavior. On her
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Press Conference of Michael Dukakis Announcing His Presidential Campaign
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Raw footage of Michael Dukakis's press conference announcing his presidential candidacy in New Hampshire. He talks about ensuring vibrant and equal economic opportunities for all Americans, recognizing the importance of conquering HIV, addressing pollution, establishing better nuclear regulation, and finding better foreign policy solutions.
At a converted mill building in Manchester, NH, Michael Dukakis, flanked by Kitty and Euterpe, says today the marathon begins declaring his presidential candidacy. Son of Greek immigrants Ends with Greek pledge of honor and duty. Son John behind him.Length: 17.29
Ten O'Clock News was a nightly news show, featuring reports, news stories, and interviews on current events in Boston and the world.
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