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there's bees we have to learn this well what do you know a person from chicago so he would've been immaterial its own tension at a chance to observe the trial all interact in and i'm a car i was not access i was losing one with two three people with him at story that csu into the court room to own lawyer us was supposed to be intensifying and the sheriff of the county will claire shrout state
is the top of the courthouse stairs and say no you get away there's already say you know we don't like that is a hero in iowa that's true now as thousands at the courtroom but for whatever reason where travelers will stop going in and the less only people will examine the little tramp the previous sheriff whose land was very young say clerics began at that is that it is in the united states congress to be able to record massey is right going to court asked i'm not you don't let him in trouble with journalists now just wait till i get this mess or and say what they do with their sony taco news this year in the land actually when the order of our
lives and just some new episode in my drawer all right well yeah so while money sources what happened at the trial was the garrison days he was a black congressman from the law allow show that in a car with two three it made sense to observe what sort of justice was going to take place in this vote would pass and in mississippi and then sheriff clarence for a song and gunmen approaching the courthouse and stopped in supplement the toughest lessons at a un due to arrest
for suleyman always hear occasionally was very knowing all se clerics oh that's almost a gleaming an easy united states counts one inning as a righty to import gas and he'd been fussing about yemeni journalist unity in your writing that mississippi just wait till it and storing it he stopped a united states congressman from entering go out and you know a troll is so yigal met situation than an announcement did these feedback going to the courthouse to hear things differently oh wow i'm certain place our look at so it was totally expected that with the president we
strapped our military you know defenders will believe will unveil their lap so they're not going from one and all i don't like that was a great deal will enlighten courthouses force in my pleasure to remove a european debt did you notice that they have about how that was serious that it was so you know we know and i think that it is still it's an apple was what was killing them were well i don't really know what rick saw only think from you know
my first thought would be decided no name and i know that they let the cannon ball where they where that i don't know it all and i really don't know what happened to the first they are illinois and hatem activities when they so it's a ritual with that so back for the games you know just a little bit over a new law that i think is kind of murder in and plays out in the context of roundworms voinovich he was seventy eight and i'm trying to fight back to have one account then it's been such a long time ago from a hollow
and not easy and i know that the immediate reaction all inmate not just in summer over the ottoman in mississippi in most of these assets for eleven am you know say now we can keep this room we are going to expand they'll be wasted to legally bought it over the phone so i don't think there was a great deal will hear about their will and i may be more and i think that that's they idea is that it was a little later than this that joe people really get worried when they you know when they felt like we've got to do something we're going to have to change though yeah
so you think you know what people say later all of them and i you know we talk to limit know the other day or about though the players signed we have in this country and all we do here yeah i don't know very many people that know people like mullah omar and i don't know what was in them and i have a life in it all and obviously it was it was a lot different from the paper right now because they did this nearly them is trying to you know i'm sort of looking back at this from having gone through the whole civil rights a in the role and that we
know they sort of a remote land was before that it was always fun and that would give the senate will allow paulson fatally way if i can name was as a way to score and what that sounds like a news helicopter was that you didn't well my father was a young person very good night long he had a wonderful relations one for relationships which label with the black people who worked for him and he was totally paternalistic relationship he'd took care of them and know a nice eight the responsibility you know you want to be good to you want to take care of them but own but it was not a
relationship of a quality of one when they turn up on william ackman city and talk to a teacher because even even taught his life that they believe melissa selling that there was a basic on the courts which way whites here monkeys are that this might be somewhat inferior oh good new generation came only believe when they talk they are not where they go i suppose heavy arab long of the years of slavery oh well white people thought that that sort of us covert coach and we get here and all the problems that
when we first joined the bombing in there you'd be made by people were laws was there when our that the paternalistic system was a relationship what was not one cent it wasn't that that just white people expected that but because black people had been treated that way for so many generations and snap expected to sew through integrating into it to try to have more human person to person relationships between modern weapons fire because both sides were caught up in their you know their history that cockroaches are things that in asking home or less because it is this is how the call to how the sos star lawyers that obviously
he had no rules he didn't look to him as the only rules and i think of our interview they have you learned is it that's the question the more even have a pro tamil small parson used this on tuesday an early kinship that this is the way for well and i suppose so i'm late really well the thing is it mostly going in his coach in the
league about racial relationships about the difference between inmates in all excellent all so actually tall way it was all says it was something briefly in all i went when i made it sam tolman yeah maybe late jack week during the civil rights period we hadn't supported the monuments and maybe be there and this latest news oh we're so what was the story of a matzo ball is to turn was eerie in an hour on cnn's business off of the example we're working for us from so it was very logical one you
hear a lot of laws and cooke and he would babysit without power when we went out at night and all at an awe when your avatar was rousey all righty historical anomaly syria and usa and she said we're going to miss theory and she said no you know and it's all in santa rosa this area which normally here in the way you've always tell me and she will know what might what we hear and i believe this is more decide where auto plants like this or
write to change for there were where the kitchen duty in a story in the salt for the first time ms year unless there is curia while it was a was a thorn west it meant a lot i mean every family have been made for example when i grew up the black woman that it a lot of it that was fifteen or sixteen so maybe she would have done the same what was he actually he was they were just too strong oh it matters you know what i mean there is that you get out
and unload lesage he had been taught was they you know interestingly no white person my first time you always use some sort of iran and he carried this challenge notorious big you know the whole thing is over with today the south pacific portability eagle also have that in the end the race problem there's some sexual violence all unless youre understanding
the drachma when i met a whole lot of people white southern in a marvelous generation or what you most of right was that all a bit when william grant where they are trying to show a long cable writing and white right white women a lecture only sign won't what the heartland and white person marrying a lot of geneticists and totally on her up to that image you know the point of it was that you saw in iowa people of detroit is your studio obviously you're going to be you know it was interesting all day and all that has to lead to more
than just too much into these elite you know you know one of these days in your upper and medicine <unk> whole generation and maybe fear what was that yes but why let me know what we're not to testify quote to one one month all of that on the animated live at work and the employer plan and the man that i was very kind and michael that's only an accident of a shock to make and
when i went to his house to marvel us house say them anywhere but many work along with senator lois randy's back and he said he was these questions i was just so relaxed i think about it i just solomon but lingerie and then he pulled away from it any any kind that you mr hall yes it here and they went but he can say hey you know little show of affection love sharing rueful well my comedic not that point when the sport let go through them in a healthy strongest luck on with it it's bad come
on the caribbean the culture you are here someone's and i think there is i don't know that i don't know what you're getting a question that they really relate to because you know a lot of southern white privilege i'm sorry knew what the coffin once they're here with whether the new area close he is yes and see it family can hear that's the key to that or it you know it it would be surprising if you saw it is this is a mess
in nineteen fifty you know chicago and he was he grew up to stay lit new solutions and eating your rations know and it was only a hassle you know what their life was a lot oh what a little bit of balance was most classes i think that that's really important to understanding the story knows that it's not you know it's not just talking about goes oh look less of a certain class of meyer lemon pie along to that you know someone from from new parliament happen the same way and so has classically
well i think that though i think what this place into a lot less relationship with twain all message at why people might even more money and you've been for example perhaps a black servants all a lesson you were accustomed to a black people ran off all actually to a lot of you know all and i have been some very very close relationships know in terms of metal paternalistic no way but that was not allowed to retire it was that girl the white people obese black people in and don't think i am when you take it to with poor ones in passers we say at all when you think of economically the violin competition with black tape
four million jobs and half basically their relationship over playing different places of why people and so all through from there is no chance so there's a competition for thousands of innovative moral to do with why i'm now what we would probably say it would've happened in the fall it will likely get from chicago thin layer place and was a lead maybe when we reveal a day or we would have set him down and say this is due to the way they
were when they were just taking half a pickup truck and beat up front runner you know it is and it was you know it was my aunts and i think this is a crisis it not just in mississippi like it's in chicago and you know all the country places that make it seem that bad things that so fascinated me about class on a minute here here and here is that is it like in some ways phil way the hall where all black people live with very close you know the weather is very close except for why is this and this is the one i think that the new year's
the point in your last thing that's when amanda met by competitiveness and so laden though oh no it was it was so antagonistic you know you have to like people and poor black people would be more likely to be friendly but that one true the royal friendship said they want it in their war some woman to a black people in a more educated know you know more people who now know when what we don't have plans and celeste why i think it was in the top competitors were former foe i think that the legacy of the
violent places in india commandos how well how i wonder what you are it's been i was talking to some friends the other day and tell him that you were going to be and she has this failed enlisted the emmett till case that's all that was thirty years ago so is will her local of what guilt or less is still talk about a no i'm not sure exactly what i'm wearing it comes from i think it will replace it till trial one place to get made was that if it really made me angry that
it happened that way and then we get no justice was done you're more ready to do some positive signs a little bit lightly years later when we on during this isn't right men were trying to get people to vote next on the line inside a lot of black people you know maybe a ball low what we've got to do something else what we did and so on and work in the end so maybe it is meant to say i don't know one reason i do believe that nationally for police across his lap the emmett till trial in and the results of that trial some now spohr of the civil rights movement the city ends the montgomery bus strike all those lines seem to come very close and they associate this
was july astro or maybe it was the star you could look at the way that that sort of made people say we think we do we have to do something the whole thing as a citizen you know it's kind of life that is here is fun music playing here very very
well known films that then that that's about this and they thought oh absolutely absolutely i think they were all there don't waste what some say about the whole lane all right preston the major story that the ap says he gets a little shop at random and we grew up together in talks to mississippi and no he was trying to her you know so in almost every way except this one idea that was just overwhelming and yet i miss you want especially seen my ego a sudden the morrow you saying that maybe two or three jobs and they said activities for girls that manet mr liptak and the goodman's ran him and asked for to god that they would
never do to shoot with the problem is an animal actors are you believe it with all its horror they use went to go mainstream to all your it up to keep their aggression from then they owe money make the bill now and that's you know just premise of a lot of knowing where they're showing though it's worn i'm sure are your reasons are meeting in rome and having lived in that signing on the life of the fort sam in person to admit he's a relaxed than
they believe this of a percent and they're not only not embarrassed by it they were like this is the way mr hughes it was home why suits and it's all i was amazed that retailers but i can promise you was amazing things you know correlate less all went back to
the confederacy that they hold on magnolia you know living in a bit of a hassle thousand and four a cross it was that when it will put on pedestals and they will work social well it all is asian or what were amazed at the moment to be female is an assistant to come down the years and you know in terms of the way oh sunday in all about women that they can be a lesson in what we're about and know what man i'm talking about now because i don't know that much about the relationship between black men and black women and solve a threat to low till i command would be on the very young black man and he sort of
sexual issues with his wife with all of with any white well it was a it was the race ended in a generation local landmark abortion rights he was born and now ninety two so when they played it in nineteen ninety there was almost no irrational fear of mine oh as if every black man was ready to attack the right a white woman and you gave him a chance and not sure exactly where that came from it but it it when it was lighter it was that it was ben was definitely part of la are concerned that fear and so when you get to the point where you're talking about integrating scale well they were crying with issues often outgrow the election wasn't your
solution with black with white noise in europe's less than when the norm but what about when they get to be sixty or seventy years now all the deliberation of the screws eventually would lead to all more interracial marriages and we're not going to know they want to do everything a political ad one fall releases but also you were the satchel was so much more makes so that it works for them were many times was lucy oh oh you know what said he was afraid would happen if you know
enough forever when he was that was that was really very strong threat repercussions repercussions was really there was an idea about it oct eight was you know when you are in our minds that sort of absence of the threat was always there he says is this you know so we say oh oh i'm not the right person is that they really have liked me and would be the right person is that they were designed that's you unless you're our work it was oh yeah
they've been i'm sure hundreds of late he's been a matinee to my knowledge you're in multiple you know that personally experienced the mobile app and know i know we're not for example britain for flying anymore from him at all but what's so why are they it was it was liable for black to me and they need that they did not know such a white moon and we're all you can see is that it's also have wrestling at it was a supplement line you raised earlier you feel the moment our children are sexual and we learn lessons about you know the lessons of song wasted apply to any content that's part of her into that and you say that you know what the rules are with that we know in one of the rooms
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Betty Pearson interview (continued) about Emmett Till, an African-American teenager who was lynched in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.
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