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i gather it every day brian describe what it was like in the court and the union realize that this is the heart of the mississippi delta the country this is a fairly warm humid september day he was attacked while smith was occupied at all new seed says those from some like to wait to get roads are lined up around the back of the courtroom via circus atmosphere and the reason why you need for real because this area state judge who was a very dignified way and i
know if a state legislator or was from the side of the trial so consequently he didn't allow a lot of arson demonstrations in the courtroom only good that even the only a video the feeling oh that you know why confidence this is the most notable move from the very beginning this is what to help came out of it elite stay in progress and then the anticipation with the yellow which witnesses would show up and certain witnesses to work because some of the key witnesses were fellow numbers so low the fairway is another's
they were hardened located or maybe redo some of the candidates are trying to figure out you know the court rule is a scene it's almost there a replica of that scene and show of locking were great what is it walnut to both ceiling fans saw him starring human wall terribly warm air and the judge is setting up with ccs is so long and the early yeah
we use all these groups as a concession to the fact that there were so many reporters seventy reports nicholas bell us to be set for the child they let us sit on inside the bar up in the court room over to the opposite side where the jury would be its side in the lead would have sort of a free flow of the week well we'll salute someone that you'll file stories through whoa
east at attention we know it this is following it was only in the senate chose lower it showed up that process is so soon as the horses this autumn leaves is it sheriff well the two defendants with a force in this suit up to four losses it's but that was the sudanese government bailout to have a show room up there with them
they would i think it's to the lion was sobbing to back to work seriously use four months along about the only worth so this more men long and the reporters having me at times on some of the billions that cause so that we work for starring in shrubs take notes it was difficult to hear all the witnesses in you go back to when when umm umm entire year were first arrested because it
was there but you know this is kind of the reefs part of optimism that that you know aren't justice is going to be done and you know you know this terrible thing happened but will let these guys were arrested was our role was the feeling oh you mean like is in the sicilian joey you go although it's really not a great while reaction to tune in mississippi is one law they have they always focusing attention on us in particular when all his report showed up a bumper sticker former really had to know not that time today mississippi the most lied about state in the nation and that was that that saw the reaction on endless stories were circulated that to him the tools body
was taken from the area the song what's at yale he gets the audience putting the route but usually sepia some motivation to live in a dual enjoying still sell it looking back the very first day it isn't exactly a civil rights case because joe was not there to world their protests and so why is that truro racial more of the old says though mississippi you know and justice operating in the dual system of justice that they do everything
just you wait this is just this is brought to trial the people arrested so it was a lot of there was some surprise really i would say release date in the area around the guilt of not that there's some money where this happened it was the reactions but at obviously a real barred men with all the numbers or teletypes chilly fall into this series isn't to defend the
defense without shortz now the video you do a certain job that these people use it he was prosecuted messiness in that what's it all is just unload the killings say so he made certain things we're facing and we're
we really took over most of the prosecution of the chatham who was a local district attorney did some of the prosecution that i'm the one who was named by a dude it holds one was able to remember your reaction i mean did you feel ok this horrible murders they committed they've arrested these guys did you feel that you know maybe sometime to come from for won't remember well it's a very cautious optimism that simply ruin my experience the end of can teach to help these cases now the bill at a really want this the incidents
of whites going to live where there was a conviction in that was that happen if you turned thirty people who he was nice day circuit judges are recovering the case in his court nominees as well as one that delta is over and he says the city in where radio tommy lee catches whenever they were not going to go for the guys as africans but joe's yuki leo laporte ok you went there as a newsman new media coverage talk to me a little bit of doubt about the end of this this influx of media into sumner and if he
can in the context of the fact that somewhere was a small town in summer handled the media that was a no no no we was john who was then the new york times so it corresponds very porous southern foreign correspondent new york times that day and he had his you know one of the wounded so he'd sell how are you although the only other reporters and that the loan to reach love advice we receive all week long about that uses the notoriety the audience so low white suit at the presidents of war reporters and so it be nice to do very well
because he uses a great storyteller yeah it was we must go to the best moment as barbara city all of this is the most lied about stabilizing element that's because they an influx of one rock and national attention was the fact that in the tunes on it was displayed in chicago for years so what do you do congressman the best of this is a long struggle was one on the floor of the house of representatives and so there's a bill congress and in it we began to plan the archive became interested
in your character that you know was wired world is so it became the poster it is salty it attracted meantime we're i'm so the person who's the so the lookout for all beatrice we won't be so so so foreign fortune was written or something was yours yes it's three and no idea it has given that as a more of a statement is again my question is an enemy that's an interesting as there were three you're saying
bosso course we know we would stay at night at the hotel in farsi which is the nearest city where dell and one night we're all so you know i'm trained soon it would be in retail stores long haul and these two reporters dr ian a close all poor in this western reason why i'm michele norris they went into a beer joint air around the courthouse there is an insomnia which is if you're a black beer joint and so they walked into it into a solo lights inside it's even with these eight years there were a few were white ty guys outside saw in dade
county outside moon river horace and the reporters assigned to stay inside the place and they were chased away and they well that crawling through to you you pitch about this for nasa city hall and coffee of course came out today at the courthouse too he says this is all the country remains so they had a hole through to the audience woo hoo there's crack great do you remember what the defense's case was if you can give it to me in a nutshell what what the
defense case was a name mathilde that those slowly so so you're going to come around and more insecure that is that that was the extent of what they want with it gone to do nothing about this show there were male status may like the sheriff notorious stride use one humidity speculated about the
about the lien on lacey be being the one responsible for trying to bring them home christopher says that that's that if he can first tell me a little about strive to you know what was drying what was driving away well there is that these videos and advertising does share you know on television this big oversized solvent share on the sunglasses will look at with that and he said he's the lord in the air and the notorious for saying wearing faulkner and he even saw lewis' new elections led to legislation but yeah it
is it is for the beauty that is in summary of when to be thought but is prosecution but this is not at all it's the lacey he focused on the mountain he was trying to make the case that that the audience follows not necessarily latino in the quiet until the time he had this floating every opportunity through some are often more drone through all of your mission when his oldest shot two years and my understanding is that he also testified for the defense related prosecution was at the
survival of the right registration who would they be coleman i think he had a lot to do was really forcing striar and to rest my own mind i don't think he would ever arrested and the people need to apply pressure to do so mmm mmm yes there's a question then is is a segment was it wasn't strange i mean he's the chief investigating officer is it strange for him to do to be testifying for the defense it's going to these strains that he would justify a retinue of those viewing places on flexible that
the process they're the chief law enforcement officer of the valley would be on the inside of a defense when the whiskey technically rest of the year attends a thing on an illinois also he's responded this is the man that either the fence who's responsible for the gathering of the evidence for us the end result for wrestling though supposedly yeah yet the reunion says more homeless avid sea and so it had to have heeded that simple so no what is a more dry in his testimony can you describe for me and me why is that can distract from the mose wright's testimony
listen to move most dramatic highlight trials as a whole slew osborne terrifying two hosts this studio you said that because it was it was the most electrifying moment of the trial while because it it it was like the key piece of
evidence that brought those wild and brought it to the city and they could not the first and not the objective that that was safe and they said that they have nothing to be from there but that was most right that they came in the night of the blowout preventer and that to allow about it is i remember his their words sue forces and no one was thinking no everything that you could say the whole i think it's a paranoid with his life being invaded every that he said he knew his the his
life in that recently that he would not be able to as he has been a weekend the target the white citizens council is beginning now have to begin this is the first time to sort of limit the white citizens council says the games are problems that they would begin to be brought up in in fact you know i've heard that that you wrote about your near your articles are i think in the kind of looking back on the challenge is that what happened after the trout's into two to mose wright to what we read to people to the black people who testified at the trial was allegedly was then
where you can get to give that to me as a statin you ready they left only allen was in one day you know in fact was a left hand i've never came back through the tone it was a moment that various they used and do some work the atmosphere had left town to the prosecution like head so there were people who didn't testify because they're scared
like a person could feel this it recently the island they do they work is a situation like this is in the amount of tensions before laura knows what was being said limb website of the court ruled that people who sung use some remorse being made in the trial i think that one of the things is the amount of courage that it took for your most rightly remember people to testify and i think if you know anything to make we had to make us understand i think we would know it offered to understand you're looking back how much courage you know these people a year it was and he was he was courageous
well the trial in that moment is still with le carre and you could feel when i went to libya just ended up being the law which uses vodka for south pacific was realized home for the first time that will happen over over again in the civil rights movement but really that you're keeping as key to keeping on emmett till we can't want things that i think was really important was that that there is it wasn't a demonstration of the power of all of the press that to the kind of shine a light on mississippi the show live on on are not on things away and talk about how
it knew it was the first case to really bring the cities and the coolant system of justice focus nationally because of the presence of these somali reporters and the courage of a national union print journalism is that this this is one of the great you know the scene is a fact or so that journalism was where the words being spent so sewage it always use it's a city that i think are more back into until then some nice quiet lynching and the rest of the country would not care about it because there were not told that
this will focus this zero available the city and says the usual society from two days of slavery reconstruction and so forth the idea of having this dual system still existed in the eighties tommy idea is the system of justice without home too justified basis the solution as it goes the trial on the curb his crew in that's when the reason
warren's think people for the morning well you know one thing that i was we want to go over that if you are a voter we get the storm that we can fight within a lot of driving and the car backseat for one of those i was surprised that i guess i shouldn't have been a surprise a kind of the uk the nature of some of the local press the jackson daily news i think was was one of amanda and just the un and vitriolic nature of the press and the deal about the somewhat white southern press in their reaction and the year that yes and newspapers were really use this instrument so
her story so is it is it is whole response from the children and new years ms vitriolic and hate filled actually and terrible advice to her reason the comic editorial comments in recent instances when that was the phrase do you know see that to reduce the divorce they were the political of his feathers were stating that list of the biggest spenders in the state in turn were we used to
perpetuate a sense that system of segregation and move song into position because i was representing a new orleans this playground in the new orleans times picayune mississippi course for that you know long traditionally backed at night of having someone station in jackson different states and i have been here at that time more about ten years and was the us that another twenty years thirty years old so i was the role many times people who want to get an independent objective viewpoint what happened with the whole line
newspaper the commercial appeal to reduce those same way you know they cover them all use the sultan's you have another newspaper in northeast of the distress of the more liberal paper than the north korea being upended and off interstate galleries in red boots with the state's southern border state but people or would look for money and mai mai kai ryssdal so the associated press is one of many times pick up live coverage of all for me if you can of the virus itself the scene at at the end of the trial for the verdict well what happened is that as the jury goes after
the verdict it was write us just a flimsy wooden doors into this room right off of the court the jury and we're lacking in their rights says someone across coke's new tricks into it is he used those that are good news and actually voting the two it took one of our environments come back with authority which was not guilty
what are the big big three say they are hardened fighters away will show the one that walked him lessons with him when they came up in this family of shoes were up in new england it is stop that is to begin can get but he did finally get the simple reason was people were surrounding this is happy seeing among those who
were part of the new brian ferry crew i guess you'd say you want to sing this song with hustle in the books of all blacks who has read through visual art and it's not only a new ceo children with social and talk outside the courthouse the rescue again to civil war or less to just the jury comes back into their laughing going after an hour and five minutes they come back what happens then they come back
in the judge says are too ordinary a process how to find it in the very root for the jury gets up and says the defendants not guilty so the whole nation so tell me about that i think is without using new simulation broke loose fitting the lesson on to overdo the whites in the court ruled island was to be viewed differently surrounding the laws are gaining ground even in the tune
on a piano the whoa the decorum was to have been one in control but at a curve slammed over a welder in a trial this week for seven years broke loose in in that morning news and possible stock that went on for a certain group or is forty john doll states to speak to ruin they could speak to those tools bordering some of those new
laws i read an article of yours from that day you know as a trial and psalm and a soon to be some optimism and if you could tell me the story out with that optimism you know with or without the punchline but i seem to be some optimism that ok well there still is the kidnapping charge of movies there is a chance for kidnapping i think there were those that there was still is true that insurance and it was a county florida with this to it so there was a lawyer sheriff in that two point i think that the sheriff for those more likely
for porcelain conspiracy to equip the right so that was just a small amount of optimism not great deal at least there was still something hanging over them that they would they would still not be able to fly the area in the face and i think you say in one of your articles that this was in some ways the beginning of the change or that the beginning of it is to begin a social revolution could you put that they took place in a context but they don't really understand the years till case being a real civil rights cases being the beginning of the
end hindsight we could say that this was the beginning the zippo you know it was not purely a civil rights case in the context of the year recently yale sling civil rights workers in full force gen rock more a focus on mississippi by the national press and so this is based i think even bowling the black community in the state that they could get the attention and they could get some low haris why a national press for the first time this is really the first and says i'm in wisconsin what i now hear it all this
time low for months by newspaper the times picayune as you would say release all of the best views in gross they also wouldn't have the facility of having reporters that they could send him to do covers icy iowa one man covering all state pension it was politics and state government like what in the end it was the civil rights movement that
began to be my primary interest of them still at one of wednesday's national newspapers have the staff to facilitate so to send people into construct long before the television was a real fire if so in silence and so knowing what to individually cbs and a certain reporter that they would make their living on a tripod for a careless court well you're the end of the film that would make us through the car and driving to memphis which is loosely and include all or playing in memphis and fly to new york
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Bill Minor Interview about Emmett Till, an African-American teenager who was lynched in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.
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