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it's bad chase campaigns basically rear vision worth unions warned the song three blocks in new jersey and then the skin is this official buford he's already gotten have a
lifetime of experience and the evolution when he was the only black child in the school and babylonian work trying to be a missionary to liberia where he graduated from the school of age eighteen he decided that conversation blacks to africa state workers the poorest areas of new teenagers who rose from that position to join partnership of the bakery at the time of the civil war and then i asked to join the norm at the outbreak of the worst laughed and said no thank you we don't accept watson at this point they're making sixty three after the emancipation proclamation a white brand new york intervened for mark campbell
and getting placed with rufus saxton in south carolina and so it goes to be focusing on as a missionary a teacher a person involved in a condition that is fifty years old and he's interested in lifting these people to see colson to equality under it is the american dream is on this day writing for me is the cabinet minister correspondent with frederick douglass or when they were on stage in new york city to the biggest gatherings of african americans and abolitionists in the city's history with many times the meetings last two three days and was always one of the speakers on the first case with a wooden douglas feith he is offering parents were
accomplices different background and so he begins tomorrow you work free labor we're living in the north could mean two blocks outside the conditions appear on stage in new dating pool forties and early fifties he's involved in the euro convention in houston and this relationship with douglas last at least until he comes to you from when eason buford who meets a publicist songs of war will orbit fifty four massachusetts and so he's tied to the great machines printers
and the strike so he's rearing affected those rebel in an eighteen forty eight published in boston by one and sons a book entitled hotel keepers that waiters and housekeepers guide it's the first of a book written by an american about the management first class of tones and but it's also a primer for race relations it looks at the way later or interacts with capital on the way home will block wagers in this case and housekeepers interact with a political system that helps us understand kemp's philosophy on life in the very first sentence he begins talking about the domestic economy you were and how
were recent war but later only gets to do to challenge for example he writes that everything's in confusion and in what he's there to do is to step ashore the construction itself it is full of chaos and dislocation family reunions but in this book in nineteen forty eight already know how to manage the temple holds up the dignity of labor expresses the idea that once an equal moral right to be treated as human beings in a capitalist system in folks really pretty also talks about the importance of openness a wrecked bear and honesty he says in particular a point of passage i think that labor and capital need to understand that the relations are intertwined and that you need to pay workers for sour and if you
do they will be the world and watching and help your business and everything mr fisher yeah tesco arrived in view for an august eighteen sixty three he had just the mock previous experience the newark city draft riots american history in august when he arrives in buford very faint fifty fourth massachusetts infantry and it's just a tactile wire in charleston harbor and hospitals are fielding second time when he meets charlotte for being
a friend of the union shop foreman who is the daughter of a strong any child fourteen who is the niece of james ford and a friend of his in the abolitionist movement disappearing the tone and radical abolitionist rufus saxton who is the best friend the friedman friedman ever had he says when an activist government for the government and reconstruction is deciding how much to intervene and so already making sixty three million in south carolina this rehearsal for reconstruction and and it unites the missionary society's new freedom inside societies all types of teachers too a free
democracy freedom education for children education for the adults and a real chance to provide justice i think to people in two hundred years and slippery this church it is this is big
but because of his acquaintance with rufus saxton during the experiment before it wants china completed his march to the sea in the drew pretty wretched what ok ok ok you don't need to get the background okay with it trying to come with established new freedoms rule after fifteen had set aside a reservation for african americans between charleston jacksonville campbell found himself in the right position at the right time on his as lola chose military operations in view for a missionary operations game for
him a position as superintendent of financial giants the most important i don't see you know a group of five st catharines and a supple alive and one in liberty counting mcintosh county along with rice coast sexton says that the treatments do because if in june says operated by military leaders and the cost has become one of those leaders in buford he's known on monday his radical views are well known by this point his ability as a missionary and teacher has ties with frederick douglass says status before the world is bearing his way of dealing with african americans who'd just been freed his woes northern missionaries in northern
chaplains in the military are well known for all those reasons he's so poignant to the superintendent with the freedom and fueled by contrast in the know he's going to do what he says he would do and then so begins the governorship is superintendent susan here yes that's for news this year so broken the idea consolation to want you but now here's his chance again it in march and april of making sixty five there were sending their people need our help in establishing themselves in
establishing the land and education so as the scandal emerged buford he leaves although provided by the freedoms bureau loaded with about three hundred people who are brown from lives and hopes along the georgia coast is probably are not people who have been there before and so because there was a good working on issues close a reverend now to the scandal of the aftermath does this church missionary what is on the board you were on board the ship the organizers the people into groups oppose the world what can be expected picks leaders from among the group he finds out who they are what their names are now the defendants are their capabilities can be read and write or what skills to keep cheney instructed others indian
in and basically in biblical verses from the bible and other primary materials declaration of independence was some force i think it's difficult to put forth for children or adults that sosa best people were very raw of song the coast of chewing too many people are sick from born to talk already the islands have been abandoned since december nineteen sixty one pop star are overgrown many of the buildings have been burned by the naval forces campbell writes that to treatments bureau everything is in confusion especially with the death of lincoln in your career services to the agreements hinder peaceful what's going to happen next
that's right and a talking point for the ship at sea captain sun is driven from the bottom notes house nemesis on the preparations fifty four
tevye in log cabins only i'm completely abandon an overgrown campuses himself op headquarters for the island inside nick's house which friends backed him ideas of independence that the camp was a jeffersonian in land distribution he believes that people should live as educated form recently in with their own ideas of self sufficiency ahn individualists and the comb through rationing in some cases when he arrives at the house he's already houses to survey the island still find out what's to gather any slaves that may be hiding years and calls a meeting of the people to explain to them this is our home beginning next we come to find
out the land and forty acre stretch of you were going to vote for captains across the island will have control the borders so the frequent your own show fifteen along with sister titans must know that legal or not to allow any lights upon the island and how they're going to form a government and and so the task in front of him and media only upon arriving and assessing the situation there he writes to be american missionary association asking for seed asking for plows marriage licenses so for the people well prior service everything sweet potatoes to supplement the by the constitution for its abundance of wildlife fish everything so the problem
really the treatment medicine to syrian supplement that diet and in this idea of writing the missionary association for help campbell ties to government with private enterprise and he also expresses his hopes for the people education he
says you know and this is this can run on sing captain sun and suddenly people into waters of their own into character oh this is a new day this is it
no no no i see is just how severe news this could bring iran plus this is good and then trying to go through and figure out if what i'm saying is when i'm say making it up or five sources to to try to say anything
or can use this is not have to come back to me in the campaign knew what had to be done to say katherine solomon had been abandoned for years it was not bought but the problems of moving people into two houses scandal looked around us suggestions on he understood what must be done the people needed food to cheer even threw stuttering
fb it does catalans says that the young and so free labor o philosophy include education himself was except one
education could do well so sensitive if we want a king we won week too we find we sexiest other schools in the real world experiment are also one of his primary functions was educating children once here on st catherine since apple while we understood that schools the primary importance not only to the people and then and the children that he was intending to but also to the idea of community and the broader idea of the american dream up with philosophy is open up with them for the children was establishing schools
and certainly schools establishes attacks over buildings talk invites teachers shrunk the north is the first time since wife and sons in about two years he writes a letter to new york to harriet says brain science than one to establish the school's <unk> know why people here and we're going to have to lift children will bring all the primaries you haven't pleased to announce a very junior at harvard and younger daughter in the family and they began to sign children to different hours of schooling and different classrooms of course everyone the number of teachers and so they're not going to teach a hundred and two hundred twenty thousand students the end of the year some say children come to school for three hours of the time we even then another client come in and be able to think
but they need to read and write a swirling to understand concepts of education in terms of labor contracts thing to do with why he wore sequins and to do that i think they have to be mature and so the children first pupils some point and it finds the whole community driving cars actually driving and eighteen sixty sixty experiments a great success say catherine since a while there too to her spy union army officers they just listen and they talk about the progress that has been made that have different ideas of what should be done to better when their ideas conflict with campaigns christmas
day with all of that is going to scare was great communicator swerve his nine attributes blues and in sharing information and gain information susan could correspondent sunday he is writing everyday to american missionary groups that prevents a society's military anyone who were helping load supplying the materials that the free people need and he asked the overall region for the improvements necessary to establish formed in the courtroom to sustain families on their own the protections to its guns if he's going to especially know militia group he needs
paper if he's going to teach people to writing need shoes he needs medicine he needs everything your script everything isn't confusion as he as he looks around he understands that right away gets those people moaning and who did carpentry to put roots back on houses really vile brick masons to rebuild of fireplaces that have fallen down over the years he organizes a two hundred and seventy five men militia force asked for the island and and in that militia forces very effective noted that no antiquated weapons i have school consonants were rifles and coastal son and all kinds of things there certainly are so high and other things that in the infield will shrink or rifles or so people ahead
and soldiers in the union army and they were very well trained in using weaponry and some of them still going to mix the blue caps and they were determined to fight off people are trying to take it parishioners this this
kind of polaroid film the tears don't lose this is the woman our uses of punk kitchen the principles of democracy and republicans most of the people in his charge of suing power but the power relationships they understand her personal power relations fish our personal relationships coming from coal plants in a patriarchal system based upon what's prince so as to dispel those notions of power and say oh look that the emotions of power that we need to learn about our voting rights procedures whereby we let people who owe four walls and once those laws reforming those laws are what we buy
and to do that we use that are going to establish a model of the us government in miniature and in their houses president of the island in a supreme court justice to get this timeline school was small three miles wide and the government set up to to resemble the united states supreme court in the top six i want to walk you know audie experiment in and democracy and down and people took to it very well they like the idea of having the power to select the leaders and removed them oh only other hand nobody's going to move to a scandal or whether or not it does something that offends them or not use in charge of the island he is the president of the oceans could
see as it were that it was silly thomas campbell is this a patriarch and over prayer in this case yesterday what's the jewels is dealing with the us military believes that he is the spokesman for it police in higher overall philosophy used by jefferson's cushion the resistance to unjust laws forms a militia force he's the commander in chief as well only he believes in domestic economy where families are very girly there is a husband there is a life the sewers
impression for his own ideas about the way things should the yalta incident well i present my viewers and people can take them or leave them or should be in great trouble doing so oh yes of course this is an enormous amount of power to give one man and the best that can be said about him is he's the right man to keep how to see you i believe strongly in the people and believes in october and he understands freedom as the quality that's right he believes
christina the house directing the phone is open its polluted by naval forces sea grasses high their rattle snakes and alligators there at that first season that he hasn't seen before in buford on their agency the slave cabins there are twelve and
fifteen penny cabins there are also a great dish repair people are moaning in some ways about where they call to make a difference in nice souvenirs says while vehicle navy and plenty of food and protection when they arrived in st catharines island sekulow it's the ghost of the confederacy all all over the plantations and the sugar we're going to do the people we're asking them is trying to say that worrying everything will be fine and everything is the confusion that's disorder and chaos now but trust in ourselves we've got the government behind this but i'll do what i can meet you upon entering the one that houses most likely campbell took up stationary in pen and wrote to the north asking for supplies we got here and you can't believe what
we see here it's dangerous here and we need to protect ourselves better that we have we need more food and we need these sorts of supplies and don't lose hope everything's under control but please help us what has been is the idea to self sufficiency or restricted to campbell it is a self sufficiency a part of american mythology american dream and so at the meeting in savannah all yours inspiration spokesman for black ministers meeting sherman says you know if you will help us will need is land of our own and we need to be let
alone and we can assist the government in helping us to recruit well if you just give us just can't believe there's three people believed that they have a stake in the land it was moved to connect with the two hundred years for unpaid will abuse is unimaginable i think we do it is it's self sufficiency when you could finally get outside the gaze of the master outside the eye everything's being under the control of the mistress of the plantation can i just be left alone for a while can i make it myself so so cam wants to push the human capital in a sense so your education in this sense of people having fun the knowledge that they can do
that the plantation system is dead and now what we need to do is turn savage ourselves and the uk in the center and is in the minds of the amount that's the same thing to do but has longed for the people involved haitian national and so essential so sorry i think that can do that that he wants to do the new government's action the freedoms to amsterdam in the ocean can require new white salon mexico
and the danger for campbell and others and trying to divide the land along for free people is that times are issued in many ways things changed according to the military commanders in charge things change according to which president used during reconstruction or how radicals in congress will react to the problems that we face is alton is campbell knows is that we haven't shown and authorizes the street titans be given to the treatment and lost forty acres there was also a promise of them you'll find some cases that the new mobile but forty acre plots to each written pieces of street titan summit in the face of a plan or assistance resurgent planners are holding up these to the islands over two hundred years or one hundred and fifty years
old this is a nation of walls and sing like regret it had the speed this is true so how does that affect my promise of property rights under the constitution means that it is well versed in in property rights is well versed in the constitution he knows there's a conundrum between possessor the title given to an equity for people who worked in land for two hundred years whose grandparents are buried there and the deed paid for in cash
starting in making sixty five andrew johnson began supporting players end up harming the planners is intimately tied to the usually proper plan only chlorine so that they had their land back and so are andrew johnson compliance with their wishes heartening fifteen twenty thousand planners hundreds of them think for every day our charmed for treason basically concealment states punish the confederacy during the war they return to their islands and to their acreage is all over the south and they want the people who have been living there remove the hard and signed by the press and the united states and the authorities of the local what's also backing them in the repossession of that
it's b that's code for the free people have to believe in what the government's telling the police went to his camp they have to believe that the government would do much lived in the aftermath of so everybody's trying to understand reconstructions and what are the civil war means that black people get the chance to equality to african americans are all over the united states has meant that the government would do what types of they trusted the land redistribution scheme state trusted that when shown in the mind of the union a party in an african americans
superintendents of constant and this gets to the scandal heavy according to give them the land and so they turn to the plants in the letter showed up today to take the land there was a great disappointment to people all day deadline to get them live to be two hundred years and now here's the us government mississippi people it a scandal i have to say i've kept his faith that the government would eventually do was write things were wrong interstellar is hope when the players came back he resisted the tv together says almost a revolution that people have to take things into their own hands sometimes when what voters appear
to intentionally shipped here what or when a pistol so real to readers since the military to the island to confront him more than two hundred and seventy five men militia here worse in june twenty seventeen in june june to push reconstruction will block them so that twenty seven thousand were black soldiers against two thousand and one soldiers maintain reconstruction in the south african american
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In the tumultuous years after the Civil War (1863-77), America grappled with how to rebuild itself, how to successfully bring the South back into the Union and how to bring former slaves into the life of the country. Topics discussed include Tunis Campbell, The Freedmen's Bureau, Sherman's Order, St. Catherine's and Sapelo Islands, establishing schools, organizing militia, experiment in democracy, repossession of land by planters
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