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This is Georgia D.C. and Washington D.C. The educational radio network for the next 15 hours will be bringing you live coverage of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Leaders of the 10 national organizations sponsoring the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom today this year at a public statement on today's activities. It says in part that the Washington march today is more than just a demonstration. It was conceived as an outpouring of deep feeling of millions of white and colored American citizens that the time has come for the government of the United States of America and particularly the Congress of that government to grant and guarantee complete equality and citizenship to the negro minority of our populations. As such the Washington March is a living petition in the flash of the scores of thousands of citizens of both races who will be present from all parts of our country. They go on to say that it will be orderly but not so observe the end. It will be proud but not
arrogant. It will be nonviolent but not timid. It will be unified in purpose and behavior not splintered into groups and individual competitors. We the undersigned who see the Washington March as wrapping up the dreams hopes ambitions tears and prayers of millions who have lived through this day. I call upon the members followers and well-wishers of our several organizations to make this march a disciplined and purposeful demonstration. We call upon them all black and white to resist provocations to disorder and to violence. We ask them to remember that evil persons are determined to smear this march and to discredit the cause of equality by deliberate efforts to stir disorder. This is a statement made by the leaders of the 10 national organizations sponsoring the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The educational radio network has gathered its reporters from all of its stations in the
eastern part of the United States to man sites along the parade route and the assembly areas and the Lincoln memorial grounds where ceremonies will be heard this afternoon. To give you perspective on where these locations are we would like to now call in the reporters on the scene in downtown Washington. Let's first go to the Washington Monument Grounds and reporter Malcolm Davis. This is Malcolm Davis and I'm speaking from site three down here at the Washington Monument. Right now we seem to be gathering a crowd of people beginning this march the freedom a march for jobs right in front of me here I have the MWC plea and call and WCP and call from Cincinnati. They are on the left side of me here and just slightly down on my left is the National Association of Social Workers they are also from Cincinnati. Military
policemen and civilian policemen are now surrounding the stage holding the people back says that the stage area can be overcrowded. A. Few minutes ago we did have a report that Rockwell was in this area but we have not had that confirmed. Looking way ahead up the field from where I'm standing right now through my field glasses I can see that under the Washington Monument there is quite a large crowd gathered at this point. And I think there's approximately 50 stars and stripes flying in the breeze here on this rather bright morning in Iran a clear view of the Washington Monument from Constitution Avenue where I'm standing. Everything is comparatively quiet at this point as our house and said a few minutes ago most of the people around here seem to be comparatively tired off the walk has probably been a very long night's journey from one place or another but I hope to talk to some of these people a little later on in the program. The main area is comparatively empty. It is slowly filling up but nothing too
much surrounding the area there are all sorts of lunch counters and comfort stations and many trucks that are I presume here to service all of these people that are attending them on radio and television cameras are still checking out here and we seem to be at this point from all the radio and television people. The only people on the air at the time. The two Red Cross camps here are comparatively empty and a lot of has to be the busiest area down here is the march headquarters tent that does have a very large crowd over there about I can't at this point see exactly what's going on or report from that. This is Malcom Davis now back at I am you know another important spot on the grounds in the general area where these people will be marching today at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. From there we have a report from David Eccleston on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
I'm facing east and I can see the Washington Monument. And the crowd that amalgams spoke of at the base of it. Further in the distance toward the east. You can see the United States Capitol building. The light shining through the rotunda through the columns and pillars to the right you can see the National Library of Congress. And a little closer. The Smithsonian Institution. To the south you can see nothing but trees that surround the Lincoln Memorial to the north is Bacon Street. And the Department of State there been quite a few people coming out on the top floor balcony of the Department of State and looking around in back of me is the Lincoln Memorial and back that is Memorial Bridge across the Potomac to Virginia. And on a straight line with the Capitol Building Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial is the memorial to the Marine
Corps a newer attraction here in Washington. Some of the things that have happened so far this morning at 7:00 o'clock the first 10 people were here they brought their own folding chairs. And are to my left down near the. Reflecting Pool. The reflecting pool by the way early this morning and now is very calm so it gives a nice reflection of the Washington Monument. There are apparently fish or some sort of fly in the reflecting pool because every now and then you see little wavelets up in the middle of the reflecting pool at 7:15 this morning. Troop carrying Army helicopters buzz to the place they were at trade level. At 7:15 they started on the south of me and went along the parade route. And continued clear up and went around the Capitol building and then came back down on the other
side at tree top. After that they at different levels. And at one time I thought one might run into the Lincoln Memorial. A squad of 25 policemen arrived at 7:40 and assembled at the foot of bacon Avenue. I was short time later. Five Army buses with about 25 National Guardsman. Arrived and unloaded and went on their. Separate ways. The Good Humor truck arrived at about 7:40 two. And that's about it. At this time from the Lincoln Memorial of course the Lincoln Memorial will be a much busier place this afternoon and we'll have more reports from Dave Michelson at that time. Another one of our situations light saw along the reflecting pool is that you waited just below the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and yet in a good view of where the crowd will be this
afternoon let's call him Kal. We'll be standing by to go back to her. Let's jump back to the monument grounds a lever on the south side of the Washington Monument in the area where a lot of the people are assembling today. And let's call in David Edwards. David Edwards below the Washington Monument on the south part of the ground where there is an outdoor stage for Shakespearean play is known as the Sylvan Theater. It's Dave Edwards available for us at this time. Lincoln Rockwell and about 40 followers of his American Nazi Party failed to report to the Sylvan Theater as they had scheduled been scheduled to do and instead wandered around to the northeast of the monument briefly without the expected Rockwell activity the Sylvan Theater hasn't been quieter since the Free Shakespeare
production of Much Ado About Nothing closed here two weeks ago. Small numbers of marchers have gathered at the monument to the north of us here and at about 8:30 or so for 10 man police squads and about 100 National Guard DC special police fanned out down the hill to the theater. They ring the Washington Monument now alternating blue and gray police one blue and gray policeman and one khaki soldier. These officers and the occasional marshals with gold armband supplied by the sponsoring organizations probably outnumber the marchers visible from here but there are very few gathered ringing the monument. In fact there will be little to see from here but the occasional helicopters which circle overhead surveying the situation until the March moves down Independence Avenue behind me later on in the day. This is David Edwards for the educational radio network returning you now to Georgia. Thank you Dave we missed the very first portion of your broadcast but I think you were mentioning the fact that Lincoln
Rockwell who is the leader of the communist nazi party here in the Washington area he did make an appearance as he promised to do and was marching around the east side of the Washington Monument place are on guard and are watching the demonstration. He has been. Told that he cannot have permission to do any demonstrating at all and therefore police are watching very closely and will be reporting from that site south of the monument where they have a very good view of all areas of the Washington Monument Grounds where people are assembling this morning. People from out of town. The Washington people who are expected to join in this march today particularly people who are expressing a desire for Home Rule are meeting on the Ellipse. Let's go to Al Holsten. The Washington Monument and the White House a great deal of activity is already very evident. Buses have continued to pour in here and have now encircled the drive which
is already closed to regular traffic. Groups have been arriving from all over the United States. In the past few moments for example I've seen buses from Cleveland and Youngstown Ohio Brooklyn and Buffalo New York and the Massachusetts chapter of the 88 the Americans for Democratic Action as you might expect after a night of traveling these people look tired and seem especially quiet looking in all directions obviously trying to find out what's exactly going on. Now doubt for many of the marchers this is their first trip to the nation's capital to Washington D.C.. Just below the Washington Monument across Constitution Avenue from here I can see the headquarters tent where marchers are being greeted and given final instructions before the formal activities begin. That will be at about 10:00 with Malcolm Davis reporting to the rear of that tent are thousands of placards and posters which will be passed out when the march begins at approximately 11:30 on to the Lincoln Memorial on the weather now as showing signs of definitely turning
hot. Already the refreshment stands good humor men and so forth are doing a booming business. This goes for the other public facilities provided water fountains attached fire hydrants and of the regular department of sanitation water trucks pen and then button salesman's. Incidentally are also finding sales with it. Here at the Ellipse at least the portable comfort station as it's called is already tremendously overloaded with long queues of approximately 100 men on one side a hundred women on the other. The public telephones in the first aid stations are going pretty much unused at this times. An army convoy of approximately 20 trucks pass through here at about 7:30 this morning apparently going somewhere to be on call in case they're needed. I'd estimate that there are some 200 policemen and military police in this general area now in the early morning crowd seems to be predominantly negro here.
All sorts of vests is evident from the Ivy League suit to overalls and straw hats and even some Texas 10 gallon hats. But a few people are carrying knapsacks blankets and so on a family anticipating a not too comfortable. Return trip tonight. Even people are stranded However that is already volunteering to assess their look at it just to the they are the final word here about trust technicians are still extremely busy installing telephone radio lines television cameras. Many have been working here through the night and certainly will be here throughout today. That's about it from here at the Ellipse. Now back to George. Those are reports from some of the sites in the March area the day we bring you this live coverage from now till midnight one flight that we missed by the reflecting pool and there we'll call in here just
now you know why it very well. And very often in Washington morning and we have one for you in communications with cameras we want to take you live. Yeah being in one of the Lincoln Memorial and when why and. Why there's so many. And
now one more site that we have just north of the report we had from David Eccleston awhile ago just north of the Lincoln Memorial. A press tent has been set up by leaders for this march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in the E.R. and has a reporter on duty in that tent as the march committee makes announcements. Let's go for a report to Arnold job. News headquarters at the Lincoln Memorial this is Arnold Shaw the dew is still on the sloping lawns surrounding the Lincoln Memorial here in Washington D.C. The sun is out and the weather gives promise for a comfortable day possibly hot long before the sun rose people started to drive and to arrive here in more comfortable locations under the trees near the reflecting pool. Two of these people stated that they were from there at 11:30 so that they would be assured of a good place to sit the day of entertainment and speeches planned by the sponsoring organizations event which has been titled The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
These are the people that reported David Eggleston spot and from his vantage point front of the Lincoln Memorial six people which seem to be the earliest arrivers of all were from nearby Alexandria Virginia. But they wanted to get here early to assure themselves a place to sit. At this point the assurance is not only there is but is for anyone planning to arrive in the next couple of hours. There are very very few people here at the Lincoln Memorial for the program of events doesn't begin until early afternoon. At this point the press and the police are waiting near the press tent there are a hundred and fifty military policemen and 75 District of Columbia police standing in ranks. Just what they have been doing for the last two hours. Everyone is waiting. People at this point are not marching but getting good seats on the benches and fold in chairs near the Lincoln Memorial. They mainly drove here in small groups and some of the places that they have come from the people we've talked to so far from Overland and other places in Ohio from Chicago and New York. One woman from San Diego California showed us her plane
ticket that her grandfather sold slaves and she was here quote to help wipe out evil. End quote. However she will not march as a spectator and right now everyone here at the Lincoln Memorial as a spectator and waiting. This is I don't show up at the E.R. and returning you to George B.C. And with these reports from the ground areas of the Washington Monument the reflecting pool the Lincoln Memorial and other sites that we've mentioned the ellipse for instance between the White House and the monument where people from Washington are meeting. We hope we've given you an idea of where our reporters are located so that we can bring you this live coverage of just what is transpiring in the capital of the Nation today. There are at least eight thousand law enforcement agents on hand today in Washington to keep the peace. What they're chiefly concerned with is the possibility of outsiders sparking a riot or disturbance by heckling or name calling or even physical violence. This to commissioners are making themselves available every minute of the day in the District Building a special communications network has been set up
to keep them in contact by radio and by telephone to their leaders and to leaders of the demonstrations the UAR and has a reporter located on the third floor of the police department where all of these efforts are being coordinated. Let's go now to Bill price. I'm sorry it's Mike Price. There are a lot of law enforcement officers there. Metropolitan police for instance says 1100 uniformed men and 300 plainclothes men on duty today. All the leaves have been canceled for all policemen. Five hundred police reserve men are on duty Manning precinct stations and riding in squad cars near the memorial and the monument grounds. The District of Columbia canine corps 75 man and dog teams are there standing by in case of any trouble. They're
subject to quick call and there are well-trained people in the crowd controlling it. National Park Police whose jurisdiction controls many of the areas that we've been reporting from so far have 241 officers on duty helping to direct traffic on the federally policed highways and grounds. Their biggest problem is the Baltimore-Washington Parkway of course where people from the north and Philadelphia New York and all points north are trying to get into the city to participate in this march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Now let's go again to police headquarters. Every member of the department. Many long and arduous hours of extra duty during the day of the rally without proper rest or relief. With this bill in mind. The factors of patient courtesy tolerance and consideration are brought to your attention. Members of the force and have a good many unusual circumstances that shall arise. Be patient
discreet and solicitous of the citizens of our own city as well as the multitude of visitors here doing this rally courtesy in consideration of the public as well as between ourselves and members of other departments assisting us is of the utmost importance. Innumerable questions will be asked. Information sought from members of the department. Every reasonable effort should be made to furnish the information requested and if found necessary. The inquiry shall be directed to the proper source where the information may be obtained. Many minor infractions of our regulations will be committed particularly on the part of visitors and should be explained to the violators. Arrests for minor infractions shall be held to an absolute minimum. We should all bear in mind the fact that visitors and others coming in contact with the police may judge the entire department by the actions of one officer. The visitors will be from all sections of our country and the courtesy and assistance rendered by members of this department will cause them to take back
home a last thing and. Favorable impression of their visit to the nation's capital. Furthermore it is just as important that we carry out our responsibility to the people of the District of Columbia in such a manner that they will continue to hold in the highest. The Metropolitan Police Department the District of Columbia National Guard the District of Columbia Fire Department and the reserve police corps. A paragraph from Section 20 general instruction. This is the most important occasion that the Metropolitan Police Department has ever faced in a long and distinguished history. It is imperative that every man and every official do his utmost to see that these orders are carried out and that when the rally is over and have dispersed to their various homes in the city even though they may look back on this day with pleasure and that there will linger in their heart a genuine esteem for our department.
This is Michael Rice for the Washington police headquarters. Which are you George. Mike Rice was reporting from police headquarters with some quotations from a 21 page report. Special Order Number 26 the deputy chief of police Howard Cavell to the Metropolitan Police Force. Mike has also phoned in some statistics so far this morning on the number of people arriving in this capital city. Of course expected are some thirty two special trains which will have the capacity to carry 26000 people and some eight hundred eighty buses which will be able to carry thirty three thousand people into this Washington City. So far 11 of these special trains have arrived carrying about 7000 people. Traffic is light downtown. The total now expected by the police department is eighty two thousand nine hundred seventeen by bus and by train. The problem of course is the people who are driving by private automobile. Most of these
buses are being parked on the ellipse or nearby or down Independence Avenue and in a special zone some 10 blocks square set aside with restricted parking for busses only. We'll be bringing you reports on how the number of people getting into Washington progresses as we progress this morning with this live coverage from Washington on the march of Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Your best situation in trying to follow the action as it takes place here in Washington today it would be to have a map of Washington in front of you especially the zone between the Washington Monument the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial the Washington Monument of course is an ideal assembly area and that's why it was chosen this morning for these people to meet to meet by state by buses and to go together to get their placards and then be entertained as we'll be bringing you this live entertainment by Hollywood stars from a stage which is erected near
15th Street and Constitution Avenue. A stage which faces a large vast grassland leading up to the Washington Monument which is on sort of a hill down the other side of the hill on the south portion. We've already had reports from David Edwards where there is the Sylvan Theater. As these people assemble by 11:30 this morning they'll be moving out on to Constitution Avenue right by the press tent that we've had a report from. And by the stage they'll be formed up by about 11:30 if everything goes on time and then proceed about a mile down Constitution Avenue. Turning on to Henry bacon drive and approaching the Lincoln Memorial. Not everyone is expected to join in this march. Some people are going. A southern route down Independence Avenue. And this will be led by a prominent Negro Women will be reporting on that of course from our vantage point down at the corner of Independence Avenue and 17th Street. A reporter we've already had from David Edwards the people will
then convene and meet in front of the Lincoln Memorial where the official speeches and some entertainment will be held this afternoon. We'll be covering all of this for you and we hope that we're able to pinpoint exactly where we are speaking from and where action is taking place. We're leaving now till 10 o'clock when the stage ceremonies of all of the Hollywood stars will take place. Washingtonian this morning have a look into their city with a little bit of ease this morning. Traffic was very light as one commuter has reported to us very few people are going to work. Government buildings are for the most part empty and government parking lots are not nearly as full as they would be on a normal government working day. D.C. buses are about half full this commuter reports and they're all running ahead of schedule. One bus driver said he wished that they'd have a march here every day it makes things a lot easier for him. The reason for this is that so many government workers are not going to work today at all. There's a policeman or a National Guardsman in every corner of the downtown area to report
back to the police headquarters that we just had a report from. There's a great Red Cross bus flying a Red Cross flag of course dropping nurses off at their post along the parade route in specially set up Red Cross tents. We understand that Union Station is not as crowded as it might be expected to be on a normal day although more trains of course are expected to arrive in a few hours. The people who get off of these special trains then will board commuter buses set up by D.C. transit and will be carried to the corner of 15th Street and Constitution Avenue right near the assembly area on the monument grounds. And we'll have a lot of reports with these people from our location there at the staging area at the corner of 15th Street and Constitution. The ellipse is between the White House and the Washington Monument. It also has a large grassy area and is where we have had one report already from L. Hall some people from Washington who want to parade for some reason or other are meeting there and now has another
report to for us right now let's go to the ellipse. One of the moment I'm speaking with Mr. Simon clone on the Ellipse here in Washington just about and how do you feel about this march today. Well the way I feel about it I think it's absolutely justified. I think that they should get their freedom and their liberties and public accommodations and jobs and things like that. But at the same time I think there's a lot of communism mixed up in this. Some of these white people. Are not truly at heart for the colored people they are here for a purpose. And what do you believe that. I think that purpose is absolutely communism. I can see it around here the looks the reactions of things like at some of these white people who are down here truly trying to help. But others are not. I think they're just there for their own purpose. To mix communism in with this thing and I think that's bad. I think what they should have done when they come down here and why people offered to go to the people that they
want to come with. People that are really Americans and for an American cause I think this is all an American Cause. But I don't like to see this communism mixed up. Do you have any definite evidence that there are have any definite evidence but you can gently How can you do that. Well by their looks by their actions and things like get some of these girls that fall. All of these college fellows. And I don't believe they're down here just because they want to help them. I think their rights are actually mixed up in this communist movement that's going on the country. You think of it. I'm afraid of it. You think this is a very serious or very smart. Have communist. Yes well so far I wouldn't say that I've seen too many but I think there is a pretty good element in it because there's always people that are agitating just like this Rockwell gang is is agitating for for the Nets.
So I think the same damn thing happens for the cameras but I think taken as a whole I think they're full heartedly. For their morals I think they should get their rights. Mr. BROWN And what do you believe this march was. Well it all depends if it's peaceful and quiet. I think they'll get most of what they're after I don't think they'll get public accommodations through the south. But I think it will help them a lot if they're peaceful and quiet and there's nothing happening. There's no fight. My wife was right for me to come out the day I get into an argument. But I'm not going to argue with anybody. I have been in favor and I believe that every man is put on this earth. Purpose I don't think that we're any better than the next but what he's collared or whether he's a Japanese or a Chinaman or what the devil he is he's a he's a human being. We could have all been we could have all been slaves. As far as that goes God is the only one. That that has created all of this. So I don't think that they should be held back. I think they should get jobs providing they're qualified I don't think that's a labor should go
to work and demand a job as an engineer. I think it should be qualified I think they should start a program where they train people where they take in as a funny ship say union should recognize the fact that this is a growing population. They're going to get larger We have colored and you can't hold a gang like that. They're really going to do that or they're going to get in the rackets they're going to get into which they have already done and things like get out of a program where they provide them with jobs. Don't you think so Mr. President. I come from I was born in New York City. There are over 20 today just like you. I thought I'd watch it better this way than watching it on television. That was a wholesome with an interview on one of the persons here today to you through watch or
participate in this march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom to help gather the flavor of what's happening today we hope to bring you many of these interviews. Get the people that are here to participate and tell you why they are and we hope to be able to bring you many of these speeches today. We understand there's some speeches being made now on the Washington Monument grounds on the stage which has been erected to entertain the people as they assemble there. Let's go to that point and he our own reporter Malcolm Davis right here outside 3:00 the stage which has to this point being empty is now beginning to fill up with people. The people at this point are not famous people in as much they are not recognizable as a Hollywood celebrity is the palest. But they are official as well of some of the organizations that are down here in this particular area. We were out in the field to the crowd has now gathered. They are must be many thousand people here right now I should estimate at this point. There must be a minimum of five to ten thousand now closing in on the state. One of the
officials as far as I can see from where I am it looks as though he isn't MWC the official and he is now addressing the crowd lining exactly why they're here. Let's go now to pick up this speech. You will be led by dignitaries and famous out of 10 leaders of the civil rights movement began one. By harrowing women in the struggle and we were taught the Lincoln Memorial. Thank you. The applause was for the person who was just addressing the assembly gathered here. It is anticipated at this point that other people will walk forward I do believe at this point they are able to walk forward to the main podium and address the vast audience here at will. As of yet we have not been able to determine who is him. But I do believe that I can see James Fama call. But at
this point I cannot verify that. There are many other groups assembling him now the Methodist student movement. I can see the western Pennsylvania March as the jobs and freedom ahead. There is a representative here the end of the peace signs and course signs are at this present all over the field. In addition there is a very large representation from the YWCA and right beneath the Washington Monument way up the field is the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. They have quite a vast crowd. Many parades and columns of people are coming in from all directions and they are taking their place is right here in the crowds. The crowd has now swelled to a point where half of this area which I can only estimate as being just around a quarter of a mile in length and width is now I would say one thing. The atmosphere as I reported a little while ago is still comparatively quiet. Everybody does to a point seem rather tired and I think they will probably be
remaining this way until the entertainment stops. Malcolm Davis on the stage beneath the Washington Monument returning you to George DC in the glittering capitals of showbusiness must be a virtually empty today judging from the early reports of the numbers of their inhabitants who have joined this march. Coming from as far away as power as the group is loosely organized and is arriving at varying times today all to report to the stage area where Malcolm Davis just reported from for a bit of entertainment today as these people assemble prior to the March time at 11:30. And of course right now on Capitol Hill march leaders are meeting with congressional leadership at the U.S. Capitol will try to have reports from there too to find out what is being said and how the congressional feeling is going toward this march on Washington. Reporter Arnold shawl from the E.R. and is at a press to handle the north side of the Lincoln Memorial where he's having contact with officials of the leaders. And let's go to him right now for another report.
Slowly assembling here at the Lincoln Memorial we are located in a press tent which looks like a circus tent actually at this point. Many typewriters tinkling in the background which you will hear all day long newsmen are starting to increase in numbers. I'd like to report that Malcolm Davis report that the Washington monument must be erroneous because we have a press release just given out by CORE the Congress of Racial Equality and it's a message from James Farmer the Congress of Racial Equality national director from the Donaldsonville jail in Donaldsonville Louisiana. It's a message to the marchers and Mr. Farmer says from a south Louisiana parish jail I salute the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom by marching on Washington. Your tramping feed have spoken the message. You have said to the world by your presence here as our successful direct action in numberless cities has said that in an age of thermonuclear violence is outmoded as a solution to the
problems of men. It is a truth that needs to be shouted loudly and no one also anywhere in the world is saying it as well as our American Negroes through their nonviolent direct action demonstrations. Mr Farmer continues. Some of us may die but our war is for life not for death and we will not stop our demand for freedom now. We will not slow down. We will not stop our militant peaceful demonstrations. We will not stop till the dogs stop biting us in the south and the rats. Stop biting us in the north. A message from James Farmer national director of corps from South Louisiana parish jail. Another press release just released here in News headquarters at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. remarks by Roy Wilkins the executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Mr Wilkens says we came to petition our lawmakers to be as brave as our citizens and marchers it
continues. It is in comprehensible to us here today and to millions of others far from here that the United States government which can regulate the content pill apparently is powerless to prevent the physical abuse of citizens within its own borders. The president's proposals represent so moderate approach that if anyone is weakened or eliminated the remainder will be little more than sugar water. Indeed the package needs strengthening. The president should join us in fighting for something more than pap. We expect the passage of an effective bill. This in a message by Roy Wilkins the executive secretary of the National Association of the events but it colored people that is the latest in the news from News headquarters at the Lincoln Memorial. This is an old saw for the E.R. and returning you to George Washington D.C. as Arnold beat for about twelve hundred or more news reporters for radio and television the wire services newspapers and other periodicals and today this twelve
hundred has been joined by more than a thousand reporters from as far away as Japan. All the major television networks are of course covering the march at some time or other today. Photographers are here from Germany and France and Japan to film the day's events for their TV audiences march leaders said Monday that Telstar would relay the action to Europe and earlier this week the Chesapeake and atomic telephone company said that it had already installed 68 radio circuits last night we heard there were 214 lines being rented from a telephone company for purposes of carrying broadcast from the March site to respective radio stations. One of the E.R. in stations bring this coverage to the New York area as WNYC would like to call him Al. Reporter Bill Price who is in New York City for some comment from that city. Good morning this is Bill Bryce from WNYC New York we recorded an interview yesterday with one of the officials of the American Jewish Congress we'd like to play that tape recording for you.
Then we have a story direct from New York concerning the civil rights march. This is Bill Bryce WNYC news and I'm speaking with Richard Cohen debility relations director at the American Jewish Congress who are sending approximately 15 other people from around the country down to the civil rights march on Washington. Wednesday August 28 at the time airing this particular tape recording Mr. Cohen and all of his associates will be and why. Joining me to consider the demonstration of a moment in our country we have the American Jewish community to support the market and we're supporting it as a commandment which is in keeping with the highest ethical principle of duty
again said the commandment. We are commanded to do good deeds in our faith and we can set up participation in a market and in the struggle for equality in keeping with the ethical principles of Judaism. We're urging our members to stand side by side with the Americans and march together full equality in a free society. Especially if they are from New York from Boston members and often participating as you know by asking our national president is one of the founding chairman of the march will be speaking from the platform with Kennedy and Johnson after the demonstration as pleased and honored
to represent the Jewish community participation in this great march for freedom. Your. Artists certainly are coming in and going to hell many many people are going by train some with other groups making arrangements to spend the weekend down there going in their private vehicle and so on. It gave me a dramatic eye going on. Yes everybody's going up for fun but I continue to remember that a lot of our members are paying the fare to go on the bus and many people in fact have called us and said I can't call myself I can't get away with it. Please send a couple of people down with the signs. That's been happening to us and it's very gratifying to see the response of the Jewish community here in New York City
to the to the march because it indicates to us that they understand how important it is the way state programs are really divided into two main areas there which is to strengthen Jewish life and to advance the Frontiers of Freedom for every American family that the two go coincident and with one another that strengthening our understanding and identification with our Jewish identity and our Jewish heritage and our Jewish background. We can also be better Americans. And so we work to fight discrimination and to fight bigotry and bias against the Jews but against also against Negroes or Puerto Ricans or members of. Whatever ethnic or national long ago that
no man freedom is safe unless every man in this animated American Jewish Congress programs in the area favoring the rights of liberty and separation of church and state we believe that freedom and equality and we stand up for what we stand for. Things like I think I made about the American dream Congress that makes them different from other organizations. That's only the beginning of the interview. This is Eric studios in New York and the surplus will be broadcast Wednesday. Well get thinking about the march in Washington. Well right now actually according to today's stress. Thank you very much Mr. Grey. Bye bye. Another note from New York about 350 civil rights demonstrators finally got on their buses in New York
today for the big march in the nation's capital. But some of them had to be coaxed. This is United Press International story. It says the five chartered buses schedule evil Washington at one o'clock in the morning didn't show up until you know four o'clock in the morning impatient passengers found only two of the buses were equipped with requiring seats rather reclining seats and air conditioning. The others were of the less luxurious type designed for short city runs. Now some of the writer's block to the prospect of traveling on these buses until William is the president of the NWC branch in Jamaica in New York which had shot of the buses. And he said this is a march on Washington not a comfort march on a scenic tour. And if you folks are sincere you'll stand a little discomfort today. Bill this is George Busey in Washington we've had a report from Mike Reiss down at the D.C. police headquarters and he says it was a disorder on one of the trains coming to Washington from New York. And it seems that a woman from New York had not paid her fare to get an argument with the conductor of the pair was finally paid and the argument settled in of this order can now be reported as being
over. OK thank you very much. To finish the story Mr. Booth themselves remained behind in Jamaica delete pickets and a demonstration at a city housing development to demand as the negroes and Puerto Ricans have been doing for the past couple of weeks here in New York City that more negroes and Puerto Ricans be hired for work on publicly financed projects. Now throughout the day from WNYC here in New York We'll have interviews with important persons in the psychiatric field we hope to have a good interview on that and also the theater we have people coming up like Godfrey Cambridge was appearing with the premis in Greenwich Village. It was a fine legal act here in New York. Now this is billed prize WNYC New York where the educational radio network returning you to George Washington another station carrying this live coverage from Washington in the Boston area at WGBH FM where reporter Rick Lee has a report from WGBH FM in Boston this is Rick. We begin by a telephone interview made yesterday afternoon with Morton are good being
chairman of the New England regional board of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Mr. Dean is chairman of the New England regional board of the anti destiny nation make as if in a break could you tell me what your group's position is on the march on Washington this coming Wednesday. Yes especially both. The original board of that information and they say. That it will be better. If they organize ever kind of board members throughout the country and we care and I am going to support the August 28 Mark. When you say support didn't matter you do what are you doing to support them. Well firstly at the end of that number of members have absolute of the support of the box and our staff have been designated as official. Editors from New England that will be here what will they be doing in Washington.
I can't say exactly they're being paid in the market. They're. Observers and participants feel very keen. Me personally there are three at a defamation league that this day. Will be a peaceful assembly for a. Worthwhile cause. We hope that it will. Be sad that dramatic want to stop meaningful talk of those in the pressing social moral problem. We feel the country presently confronted about it in your opinion what are the goals of March. Well I I don't know what the goals of the march are of my own opinion and that is what I would hope that it would be one focal of that one step but certainly no panacea I think it's essential purposes to call on a very dramatic fashion. Attention to the need for I think it's a very forthright very definite action. Congress sat up with
authorities elsewhere to eliminate the injustices from what they call fellow citizens suffer too long. Has anything been helpful in organizing the march. Yeah I know that we have been in various parts of the country. It's become a grassroots kind of thing and we have helped organize and assess a person of color. The lights will be going down that we are publicly supported it. National local state that we have worked closely with varying and different localities with groups of which now seem to be at least together on this. Thank you very much. INTERVIEWER Carolyn is speaking with Morton Gooding of B'nai B'rith in
the three major Boston newspapers this morning and the record American no comment on the march in the globe special article about how one may dial the governor as one gets the weather but no word on the march and from the Boston Herald of this article the power of the multitude in editorial. Many feet speak in a loud voice today in Washington. It is a voice raised we believe in a just cause of Voice of America's conscience a voice to be heard around the world in mighty mitigation of our dubious record in race relations. And yet the very power of this multitude raises shivers in any thoughtful person for what can be done with effectiveness for a good cause it can be done for an evil one too. There is no inherent rectitude in numbers to match the power they're in. When many people join for a cause many more people are caught by the infection. The passion of it builds by its own human momentum. To be in becomes so much more exciting and satisfying than to be out looking on and a purpose that may have been of doubtful validity at the start. Gains the endorsement of conformity.
Today a great for gathering of people affirms the foundation of civilization the dignity of man. But this affirmation is driven home by this March 1 of a march in some tomorrow for a less intelligent cause a march say for the abandonment of nuclear weapons. There is a cause that could incite tens of thousands as it has in England already. The simple straightforward way to survival this sensible declaration of disaster. How could it help bring together another multitude with as much power yet the march would be a march toward a fatal oversimplification. The patriotic cause of German redemption from the Treaty of Versailles set off a march into Naziism six immolations in pyres of gasoline are hitting Vietnam in a march to communism. The Arab refugees from Israel still hold their march of heat to fan the flames of the Middle East conflict. The sound of many feet has all through history been more often a terrifying sound than a comfort. 1 sometimes there is the rattle of tumbles
to knock from The Boston Herald this morning. And now for our second interview again to Carolyn is speaking with Dr. Dana McLean Greely president of the Unitarian Universalist Association of North American who will head a delegation of more than 1000 Unitarians and Universalists participating in the civil rights demonstration today. Carolyn I understand you're going to Washington. Could you tell me why you're going and what you expect to be doing down there. I'm happy to participate in the Civil Rights Act and to lead my own denomination and denominational participants because I do believe that this is a significant demonstration or an important witness in behalf of legislation that is law. But though and I'd like to have every bit of public sentiment to place behind this legislation at the present time that we can amass. How many you're going with you Dr. King. Well I expect somewhere between 1000 and 2000 Unitarian-Universalist from our churches. In various parts of the country these will be some small delegation
some larger delegations from the major metropolitan communities. Any organization meeting and gathering together will be briefing our people on Tuesday evening and then again on Wednesday morning as they come in from different parts of the country and I expect that we will have a fairly large rally ourselves at all tuna Tarion Church in Washington before the match and the annual march will match with a regular group from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and Kylee under the management of the joint committee for the match itself. Any candidate you represented we will be speaking to some of the senators and representatives in the first instance in their own offices and in the second instance as a result of invitations that we have extended to them to join us on Tuesday evening deal as it stands. Are you proposing any We're not proposing
any specific changes. We are committed not to the details of the present legislation but generally the president's proposals and to civil rights legislation and see at this moment been helpful in organizing. I would say that it has in specific communities across the. Three people have tried to participate 100 percent in the community effort in every instance but from Boston to Cincinnati to Los Angeles to add their individual communities where they have taken a strong initiative. What do you see as the march specifically. I would think that the goals of that match might strengthen the hands of those who are insistent that real progress must be made in the next few weeks and months legislatively speaking. But they're equally significantly real
progress in the next day a year or so and a half of the total program of equal right. Thank you very much. You know very well be right. I. Was Carol in his berth for the educational radio network from Boston. This is Wrigley for the E.R. and returning you to George in master control now in town at Washington Police Department headquarters for controlling all the police movement today whether they're needed or not. We have reporter Mike Rice and he just phoned in that police are now estimating the crowd assembled between the Washington Monument and the staging area set up for their entertainment. Now totals about 25000 people. This is still far from the mass of people expected to be in town by the time we move through the March area down to the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln Rockwell one of the so called agitators expected to show up today has shown up as we reported and he now has approximately 50
people are on the exact east side of the Washington Monument area about 50 of us stormtroopers they're called they are being kept aside by the police department. Watch very carefully because this American Nazi Party has been refused a parade permit. But Rockwell said he'd show up and he has so far as the police are very carefully it watching them but there is no action they aren't that disturbing the peace. And so far they're on their own and in their own confined area. The leaders now that we reported were down seeing congressional the congressional leadership at the U.S. Capitol have left Mr. Mansfield's office and are now headed for the minority floor leader of the Senate Senator Everett Dirksen. And we'll have more reports from what they have asked for and what promises perhaps they've been given by the congressman. Educational radio network is bringing you this live coverage from the nation's capital this march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
All in all today we'll be bringing you 15 hours devoted exclusively to live coverage from Washington on what is happening here today on what is really the most important March we've ever had here in the nation's capital. We'll be back with more live reports in just a moment after we allow these educational stations bringing you this coverage to identify themselves. This is the educational radio network. Stay tuned to WGBH throughout the day for full coverage of the March on Washington broadcast live from Washington this is WGBH FM eighty nine point seven mega cycles in Boston. This is George Busey again back in Washington reporting live to you from Washington. What is happening.
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The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom featured an estimated 250,000 peaceful demonstrators walking from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to hear a political call to arms for economic equality and civil rights for African Americans. Credited with being the final impetus to the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the event famously ended with Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic "I Have a Dream" speech.
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