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Will. This is not what you might call a natural George Bush constituency. In fact this is a room full of the dreaded L word liberals. I think this is a crowd that has very little regard for George Bush that
really hopes that he will turn out to be a president a more a character and more leadership than he has demonstrated so far. But my feelings are that even those modest expectations are going to be disappointed. This is a group that has watched the candidates closely. They heard George Bush tell his black supporters that he's for civil rights and against discrimination. I want to say how proud I am to be announcing the black Americans for Bush committee of a hundred leaders leaders all all walks of life different pursuits coming together to support my candidacy. But many are skeptical of Bush. Mayor Andrew Young was the keynote speaker tonight. He spoke with us earlier today. I want to believe that George Bush is not as bad as his campaign was. I had known him before. I've known a number of people who've been friendly with him. And always felt that if it was one thing you could count on him for it was decency and fairness. That was not
true in the campaign. I hope it will be true in the administration. But others are not so hopeful. Bush more than Reagan is beholden to the conservative wing of his party I think he will pay more lip service and be less substantively responsive to civil rights than Reagan was. I would expect the worst civil rights advocates are especially worried that Bush will appoint conservative jurists to the bench. There may be three openings on the Supreme Court and countless seats in the lower courts. George Bush has to decide which wing of the Republican Party he's going to represent in so far as he represents the Eisenhower Rockefeller eastern establishment wing of the Republican Party. Are there appointments for judges have basically been very good. George Bush has seemed to. Really play to the conservatives. And if he appoints a Supreme Court like
Ten O'Clock News
Andrew Young and NAACP members criticize Bush
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Deborah Wang reports that notes that Andrew Young (Mayor of Atlanta) was the keynote speaker at a gathering of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund gathered in Boston this evening. Wang notes that many members of the Legal Defense Fund are skeptical of President George Bush's commitment to civil rights; she adds that civil rights advocates are worried about Bush making conservative appointments to the judiciary. Wang interviews Young about Bush's presidency and his possible judicial appointments. Young says that Bush did not exhibit fairness and decency during the presidential campaign. Wang interviews Tom Franklin and Rona Kiley of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Franklin and Kiley say that Bush is beholden to the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Wang reports that there will be several openings in lower courts and a possible opening on the Supreme Court during Bush's term in office. Wang's report is accompanied by footage of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund gathering, by footage of Bush giving a speech and by footage of Ronald Reagan (former US President) standing by as a judge is sworn in.
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Ten O'Clock News was a nightly news show, featuring reports, news stories, and interviews on current events in Boston and the world.
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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Young, Andrew, 1932-; Bush, George, 1924-; Republican Party (U.S. : 1854-); United States. Supreme Court; Reagan, Ronald; Civil Rights; judges; political campaigns; African American politicians; African Americans -- Politics and government; Speeches, addresses, etc.
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