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King in just a few moments ago I spoke with Fred Martin in St. Augustine Florida. Fred Martin has been there for about three weeks working with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in its drive for what the ACLC calls full and equal justice in America's oldest city St. Augustine Florida. Now here is that telephone conversation of just a few moments ago with Fred Martin in St. Augustine Florida. I don't have any official capacity with this field. Even I've been working here about three weeks now with Dr. Hayling. My occupation actually. Yes and could you give us a report on what happened this evening in St. Augustine. Yeah. We left. St. Paul's Church. In the negro district there are about. 500 people in the church and marched down toward the Old Place Market number 12. Over a thousand volunteers men counted over a thousand. Men. Singing marketing we shall overcome until we got into the downtown
area or actually in the words or the white disk again and then we stopped and continued in March has been. Common practice so that no one can accuse you of disturbing the peace or anything like that. The significant difference between tonight's March and previous marches it was the number of policemen and there was hundreds literally hundreds of police in their. Day this. Call for 2000 special deputies evident it was very effective because they were policemen all or some of them didn't have uniforms or anything but were just carrying an ax handle and walking off. So. And to give them credit if they hadn't been there I think it would have been a really a bloody mess as it was. We got down the block. To the old market went around it very well that the line was so long that the slave market in the circle in the whole city block by marchers and it was a few more yet coming. But nothing actually happened except for
the well the streets were all blockaded off and the police were were to pack all of anywhere everywhere with most of these police local wielding every kind some of a lot of them just had a helmet. It been deputized for this sort of thing. And some of them were hostile too but most of them were just doing their job you know and make sure that nothing happened then about or I would say the line with the third way buyers. So. While we near the middle of the line while we were walking by heard them in they've marked their breaking up something. Brick BBQ sort of thing or birds and things like that they're in there and they were hitting him with a sledgehammer breaking up as we went by and then who is Tuesday. Well the usual crowd gathered around something like this. There were. Three hundred or more of there. Let's play a few more than last.
They were surprised they weren't ready but tonight they're out in full force. There were even more there than the other than the night when they barricaded the. Slave market. And they were making up things in the yard. Yeah you could hear him with sledge hammers and things breaking up and I didn't know for sure what they were doing well I thought they were breaking the birdbath up the throat which turned out to be true because after we had got by about 40 feet behind me all this started getting the gravity of the most of them were men I would say between. Point four and thirty five somewhere in that range you know. Yes shirt and khaki. They started living out this rebel yell you know all before they just cursing on the thing saying the usual sort of thing. Marjorie's Sen Creek rebel yell you know on it would you know what would happen if you go in and instead of throwing anything they threw a brick and concrete at the marchers and then. One or two of them came tearing out try to you know the same as they did
grab the guy and throw on the ground stop them. Yes. With me they are. All big. They got one guy down but the police grabbed the guys that were doing it then and then all them off I don't know if they arrested anybody but they did grab. All right three people but the police grab and then run away all white people were there many whites marching this evening. The same young 15 as last night quite a bit higher than it had been all in the one week course all right. And. Maybe I don't know help or not but. Were there any serious camp casualty. I couldn't tell you right now I saw five people carried away five Negroes carried along while no one of them a little old white lady who might be about 70 years old I would say that more were very young children I was in the area here something like
I see and I don't know what they got hit with I don't think anybody got hit on the head because they started. Throwing things. The line. Stopped like a bunch that were going to stop and laid on the curled up on the ground underneath by the head through the thing over the head. It went overnight and in the street behind the scene and one woman that didn't get down got hit in the back of the neck with one of the things she was one. 10 people. Were hit and carried off or something. I'll see if I can tell you later tonight to get a look at the site I don't think anyone was seriously injured on it except that little David excitement in everything may have may be a very dangerous for you. I'm not sure I wouldn't sign off and they're even setting up the line I think I don't think that of letter but at the moment you say the people who are marching are back in the church and back in the church after March
and that will be all the activity for this evening and everything they get the card they're going to wear and make sure everybody has a ride home and everything because very dangerous to be walking the streets along your. Daughter every night. Fred will thank you very much for your report. That was a telephone conversation recorded just about 15 minutes ago but between myself and Fred Martin Fred Martin is in St. Augustine Florida he has been there for about three weeks at this time before we conclude our broadcast they would like to read you this report from the Associated Press we received this report and eleven forty six p.m. which means that it must have been filed quite a bit before the telephone conversation you have just heard the Associated Press story reads when violence broke out tonight in St. Augustine Florida during a segregation protest march by 400 persons
despite a heavily armed escort. More than 200 police. An angry crowd of more than 100 white men milled about in a city park and some of them broke police lines and attacked demonstrators. The crowd broke up concrete block fixtures in the park and hurled chunks of rock and brick several marchers and at least one policeman were struck. Police fired tear gas and used dogs in attempting to disperse the crowd from the park. This crowd we assume is the white crowd. A white man burst through the police lines and began beating a white marcher policeman clubbed the attacker and hurled him away. The violence was a second outbreak in St. Augustine earlier the Rev. Martin Luther King had said he would appeal to President Johnson for a federal marshal to curb the racial violence. And earlier from the Associated Press we heard this report. Concerning Dr. Martin Luther King the AP says Dr. King has pledged a major assault on segregation in St. Augustine Florida. He told newsmen there will be no stopping point short of a good faith promise on the part of city officials to meet the
negro demands. Dr. King also said he will ask President Johnson to send federal marshals into St. Augustine to help preserve law and order. And he said he will engage in some form of civil disobedience tomorrow that his nonviolent army is being mobilized and that bus loads of supporters will be going to St. Augustine from Savannah Georgia Birmingham Alabama and Wilmington North Carolina. He said a march of religious leaders from throughout the nation is planned for next week. White gangs attacked demonstrators in a march last night and the story goes on about last night's events. This has been a no other special presentation of WGBH in Boston regarding the continued racial disturbances in St. Augustine Florida. We do invite you to stay with us throughout this week and next week especially on our New England scene program from 6:00 until 6:30. And on Thursday nights between 7:30 and 8:00 for special reports on civil rights demonstrations and so on Augustine Florida
and across the south as they develop through June and the summer months. And now for tomorrow. We begin our broadcast day for Thursday June 11 at 5 o'clock in the afternoon with the reading aloud with Bill cabinet as he continues to read from James death in the family at 5:30 world of the paperback and tomorrow the guest is James Miller. He is editor of college English at 545 our French language program French in the air at 6:00 a magazine of news and the arts that's New England seen at 6:30. Louis Lyons when news and comment at 6:45 Robert Barron reports New England views at 7:00 a new feature this month in June by line which is a weekly documentary report by the WGBH FM staff on a major new story and the events behind that news. At 7:30. With its debut
tomorrow night long hot summer 64 which will be an in-depth background and news report documentary on a weekly basis concerning the civil rights movement during these summer months at 8:00 folio are individual programs focusing on a wide variety of human interest. Tomorrow's program a girdle round the earth. It's a program for the 400 anniversary of Shakespeare's birth. At 8:30 on the theme of a dance and tonight's program dance. And every day like at 9:30 Biggs reciting the golden age of the organ at 10 o'clock Bill cabin there's the repeating of his five o'clock show reading aloud a death in the family at 10:30 10:30 we repeat. Louis Lyons news and comment and Robert Behrens New England views at 11:00 folio. And tomorrow night at 11 Newton Minow intitled and now a message to the sponsor and our concluding program for tomorrow night. There is that June 11th music from Germany.
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In this recording, Ted Mascott interviews Fred Martin, a civil rights supporter in St. Augustine, about his impressions of the march from that evening, June 10th, 1964, which again ended in violence. Marching to the Old Slave Market in the center of St. Augustine, protesters were attacked by white agitators who threw bricks and concrete from structures they had destroyed in the park at the marchers. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) had been marching in St. Augustine for "full and equal justice in America's oldest city" regularly that June to protest segregation. Groups of white men often harassed the peaceful marchers, and sometimes attacked them later as they attempted to go home following a protest. Following the Martin interview, Mascott reads the latest AP wire regarding the violence. The AP reports crowd of 400 marchers encountered 300 agitators who only dispersed after police used tear gas and dogs. The report also states that Martin Luther King Jr. will appeal to President Lyndon Joh
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