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een we're going to become law looking to mention is i went to one that was harder reconcile being more secular christian and the second one was how to find a good psychiatry just neither which interested me and also i never went by all i think i became more radical later but i didn't know that when we're involved you know thank you and i think i did but at that moment that's right i didn't didn't really
summarized female rights civil war and a number i've had it means more anti war actually oh i didn't i didn't think oh gay activism because the gay people i knew at the time a simple postures that they would not be active so it has never occurred to me that it doesn't happen strong one night a lot of people women all my god i know and there are other people that feel exactly the same way our mushroom so fast might be my job and do only in the big cities first of all your consultants us go into it a few years later anita bryant to probably more of a liberation than any single human being on the planet because she brought the middle class kids into the movement so what's
the deal where you have to ask you have to ask don't you have asked for me and i dont know because i never really the little either on psychiatry the treatment of the ideas are point it is and i had read young so the idea for him but the idea of there being treated did not make sense to me given up on social issues i had no problem you know sexual so i didn't care what i would want change and that's really what it was therefore there was no make you a happy home especially psychiatry was there to make her happy every social and i thought that was a pasture so as why didn't interest me yes i thought i knew what i was still a kid in high school someday that i knew that was older than me his family had him so often he was electrical electro shocker then they actually i didn't have a new thing that they did to
the actress frances farmer they go up and down as the final part of the brian last summer saw me was of course conventional we have a little section i've also among german lot of people are not going out to college five top and put it down a master metal worker head on the muscle i'm in someone i mean it's still the most common cause of all five young suicide in america is the fear that they might be homosexual you know if a man so so i mean that don't ask don't tell are staying in the sixties when it was just me and it was ours well well restrain of applause it again because of the entire life out of the closet i don't know what it's like to be in the past but two things i've noticed in my life state laws that then force or covering yourself with a
marriage is just terrible damage to the woman hello executive should be a criminal act now because a woman unless your internet and that nose is being denied her own existence in a weird way are staying in the closet can lead to murder can lead you to try to come to protect yourself can lead to all sorts of insanity is you cannot control your sexuality and said something i will find her least one where another hall also same because it doesn't respect the table in to meet and have sex with who are in the country less or what laws they know you're in the closet i'm going to go on that i never did you cry with was ray snoddy when i met somebody and find out they were married they were they were dropped in mid sentence i mean i lived inside a warm walk off from somebody's in
somebody's mean he would say oh his message reichl i think that person might have been the first although of the community we worse we were the twilight people and women are women and obviously so they are there is a community gays were the twilight people probably in the closet who were either very silly and the policeman's and politics the weather was the drug cartels don't honk so there was not there was no sense that these people would ever thought it was too is i did me you didn't even need in
the hippie movement and the anti war movement of the role at a moment in time you did me gaze but they were a straight a's for the most part well not not just saw and i think subconsciously i did think there was that there was going to be but it really didn't give a timetable and i don't think i would've said it's going to happen now i write a play about saleh out the characters don't believe it can happen and how to target or churches can't wish it were in our mind and at the end of the plan that they want but they are your own words what you're talking about is the potential for a it rose with the horses i don't know that i imagined what could happen i just thought something was going to happen i did that i didn't necessarily think in terms of the game uno the gay revolution or what have you i also say amazon
terms of revolution cycles i was in the peace movement and the goal so i don't i honestly do not have a revolution most of all the nature of our part political structures such that it made ben's to use attack in need a revolution ok maybe you remember it no no no i saw i didn't feel it was just i still didn't have an idea what was going to be i don't think anybody did i have if somebody said they did i would really like to have a moment with a court with a dragon panel without telling the truth common because it happens so fast no but nobody at all to believe the three and four hundred people at the the g a in that collection are portraits of a church on a nature that it was dusk italian priest father
weeks what every word every movement because if the whole saudis were several i started where i mean to me are clean james bond well yes but it wasn't a group of people it was a mob of people the real mob was the first time the second night were isolated little groups of people and we were not acting unison we were just wandering around and we would ever an uninsured know again as likely that the story of the blind men wanted for the jungle and they find an elephant and they rejoin any person feels a different part of the author thinks it's a different than one feels a stomach sinks into wall one feels that year texas relief well everybody mr aslan that's how different stories are upon their point of view that was all selective point of view my favorite story was second third night bob couple blocks from star was the old woman's house of detention a lot of lesbians were incarcerated there
and they used to live speak to the growth of that turned off little pieces and with the mossad work are all kinds of be on the sidewalk would call up a question to them and then return a piece of toilet paper up and up in the cell line of fire belted out the window one was yes two was no to the answer the question so the second night obviously the word had gotten up to the women women house of attention that that was what was going on and this meant that i should only last for an example of communities that had been another us about why this may have been the first example of commitments are there was a waterfall of torn pieces of the toilet paper tomatoes and when cells of tension like a wonderful display of low fi a waterfall that was committee because of the rioters or whatever they were themselves were not politically community they were
they were in the vigils angry with you it necessarily operate in unison sir probably the first night they were i remember much as five or ten people people live together you know audie i think that i have to say that after that video site that raid that point i didn't see it that night and a man crush your credit that's exactly would cry with them that wasn't what was fascinating is that for some it happened overnight lot of fliers i don't i didn't see them delivering strong all been told there were alive for a while had a collection of them after them it was like a full time professional know we have well it was really where you know i don't remember rates of metal band rage
and individuals were angry morissette they were being denied that they were being the story they were angry as homosexuals they were angry as this was signing i thought and they would be messed with are a thousand or another may have been raised there wasn't any reporters or romney but the warning label of lawyers are watching their was unusual because it was clear that they gave actual you know like the more i think about it there was joy because the cops were twenty cops were barricaded inside we were way and so that was what i remember now yes i think of rustic villages and i'm the picture there was joy there wasn't a blanket an individual anger on individual confrontations are i don't know not in front of me but then the major mood of the crowd was smiling
see because they're inside we never saw the cops the cancer in the bar kept in the bar with no exit they thought they had an exit so desperation you want to have to talk about that is i wasn't that close our couple's i don't think we see those are and what kind of analytical ideas years later that night it was just really really hot collin denver walk by it the next voice is so great to see gays in public without that her i was kind of the exact expression but her tortured look on their faces and that's exactly people to shift my happy hollow all the other the job that all the other things about this particular discuss our the regime what have you may have done that but that's looking back from a distance that night it was
primarily joy look what we did like i remember when i remember at all may not the things of all other point on ga ga off the south's the political factions of which i was in summer not someone had to endure the joyous even when there was violence are you yes well there was one of the big difference i think was the opposite first anniversary which was organized by the two organizations europe today we were going in march of sixth avenue to the park are in those days the idea of walking in daylight with a sign saying i'm excited no i don't there's one up in the upper
west side of a small circle repertory theater i just started i was part of the company recently closed and that's where it was in those days charge under the subway to come down to sharron square and all i thought was somebody i recognize as being gay in the village of one has shown traces young me to so i can join him and he said i've never been so scared my wife a storm knocked it has to please or three more than ten of us just a bit more than ten of those because it's all right to vote but the minutemen would call for cancer does all economists thought of as captain thomas cancel please to be more than ten without power when there was maybe twenty five people then i was maybe forty people and then iran and to do so and now fall you've seen are almost forty yeah and then they were about eighty people had been over
classify under way this is a fact at twelve noon when we were to start off the clouds parted sun porch how it was hollywood set and we all cheered and we all laughed because it was just it was so artificial it just didn't seem real fewer than we were officers you'd have patients where we started our and we were about a hundred hundred and twenty people there were people lining the sidewalks activist watches go by gay people we turned on the sixth avenue family after about i would say just about half a block from fourteen straight and you know turn around and look behind it i cannot tell this without tearing up after all these years you took all my god and i looked back and there were about two thousand people behind this and that's what i do wouldn't happen i said i cannot tell a turnout and then i walked the rest of the whole in winter and our face but that's when it that's when we
knew it was a straw wasn't that was hers that now it's a pity that we will ever know that again because it was it was overnight we weren't we were no longer we were ourselves for the first time there was just no that's one that's on the board that is why gay pride isn't that from the word actually was invented and from yours on you used to be able to write a ritual some reason i can't watch a cat or trac out martian that's it you'll believe will happen when you do what will feel and they do it and they were suddenly there was a person in a marriage you know they were practically like an echo commercial of the summit dancing through the field just that stepping off a curb and joined in that march i don't think it does that to people that much and one sure there are people in those two that first day looking back and seen a couple thousand people both venues
and the money coming out of the park where about ten thousand people and just just lose i had a good friend at the time and didn't invent enemy had a pet chimpanzee the chimpanzee and i work well we'll pause and when we got to the park they would have been out there women were becoming even walk with the child and they got to the park right out of thin carbon fiber this month is a lawyer and jumped on that is on the romney advisors paul butler and there were protests protests in march he was an artist the spirit lived on
yes the solos on this solos i mean every now and then it's so funny ha ha funny what's the harvey milk movie back to brian williams it's really true about anything i know the people i knew most of the people in the movie follows was really really touching to me when i was sort of the very beginning the forecasts of the arrests but all right back to me and then i was bawling for most of the movie not because of the movie but because of the time it's been brought back and we were so innocent we were in america we leave home essential monsters we were so innocent and i we were so american we have greater faith in the system than probably anybody else that i was probably still do oddly enough which a bit and refining the far right and how current it was actually our gaze tend to be more law abiding in general i would think on the community at large which was on always amused me
and they just thought i was first of all reminded me of the first thought that is this is still going on in a remote country in that beheading and they are hanging on iraq he's a foreigner fifty the time raids of barnard does not me or those raids the rains you see in that movie a really low los angeles i think miami which that one out a lot longer in those two towns like this is not this is not for the movie but a case in point for years there was a gauntlet of police captain well it's an art davis and after he died four years homosexuals are low photographs were two men are wholly are discussing on his grave which are brighter picture because only because of our purpose as wrong i
cried how people see i'm fortunate i never actually the my main problem was in and drop off but parade i never was in a raid so i have no idea what that feels like i do know that the entrapment horrified me that anybody could do that to me just how the control over me for no reason as far as i was concerned or far as to what it was like to be put in most of those raids to kind bars ahead of cabarets were rate her over and over and over as a lot of those people going into it by then had been the affordable for women particularly women stars are always read it
because it's also used that was funny to re type or no good to talk to women oh yeah he's a transition this is going to get you where you were arrested o'brien for being accepted a drunk and can it was very simple you go because the state liquor laws you could write two things you could not meet somebody in a bar and walked out with them if you didn't even if you knew that caught up to a famous playwrights who are living together the time that the bleakest rebar calm walk out together though one had been a dress rehearsal of his broadway show and met his roommate with christian walk out together and one factor
arrested it was immediately stop but that was you could be you know with your x ray or i was an accord i went through about three months of the puzzle and chargers some of the never been seen before so it became a whole line case supposedly enough by the time they got a court in our having sex in the toilet or say it was completely at a camp in dismissing kept in this mostly kept in this post or for about three or four month period the guy was arrested with meat came from a very intellectually honest a family who managed to get over a famous jaws to be the war that i was attacked charging nothing and so finally we were buying had no more no more postponements and now we are going before the catholic church member kamel who was notoriously homophobic and we were going to go to jail it was no question and there was this old corin
war behind us with some blues bill and he was saying to his cup what you think of the polls these kids they've got troubles and so i was talking to you shouldn't be infallible bryce want your war between from abroad so someone a war and a vital interests try and he said ok then the toy box stores and guinea twenty ones started and tommy bartlett know in nineteen sixty it was not the little money i mean there was a lot of money are closer to fifty now part of the us are not wander around and what have you and then you came back and i said now it's in a minute the judges didn't transfer case from me a bench when he hands the files to just sort of transfer you drawn to people jonathan faull go out and follow him he had bribed it's hard to take to not to win or the transfer with the other far fall so i was at
stratford attacked counterattack and the bride than twenty bucks with activity all this money with a big time with the other family of the family of a car might it got us into our pentagon reporter with soldiers charged those as i work as a committee at times that dance numbers he was on our customers we recognize and he just people to cop up he said doctors saw it into this dude that you invented but was there garcia because if they have a job and they are the standard in the ark in the fifties and sixties upper west side particularly to read the gay people because it would come in and they would redecorate the apartment they were painted in an editor owen chip when it was all in shape that dr leo owens political of december
would discover that somebody not related stayed overnight and you'd leave your list to be broken you'd be thrown out and then the landlord not had a decorated apartment in the standard operating ships the journey across the post and a decision so much so that thank you i know this won't end up that people that do not know or goes on is in mexico i don't know they don't not know that they're not there a lot of there are a lot of straight people paid attention to torture in this country i think that they had i think most
important i don't think you think about the past they will never go through what i went through or hopefully are there for a cow i mean anything to cut me into the dakota nineteen twenty now what they do might play streets too are its refining it does have an effect on the audience at the end they're ready to ride trust me they have gotten up in some spaces to join in the rye auto that socialism and mr moore what happens to them as a get tricked by the play and that it revitalized by i must do something when something's got to be a revival of his install no more than that you can revitalize american you can't talk about lexington concord and revitalize the american revolutionary spirit needs a cop car that the best you can end up with is a wooden board reconstruction art which may or may not have an effect on you saw that young kids on the bus thought most people don't know their own history most americans do not know their own
history they don't know ten years ago thirty years ago or so what things like this documentary is very valuable because it will reach a lot of people they won't change very many people that the young kid who's coming out and having problems right now probably is watching it yeah maybe it is for a cop but its star riders and send pop singers and movies about coming down so far the fact that kids are the fact that carol but his name monday an oscar for harvey milk how have probably behind from a lot more effect on people on young gays them other than a last long war now ms
bielby yeah it's been great
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In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. Such raids were not unusual in the late 1960s, an era when homosexual sex was illegal in every state but Illinois. That night, however, the street erupted into violent protests and street demonstrations that lasted for the next six days. The Stonewall riots, as they came to be known, marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world.
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In this interview, Doric Wilson discusses his participation in the Stonewall uprising and Gay Liberation movement. Wilson also recalls social repression in the 1950's, including the pressure to marry a woman, McCarthy era culture, and attitudes towards LGBTQ folk on the east vs. west coasts. Other topics include Wilson's experience growing up gay in rural Washington, working as a playwright in New York, and cruising and bar culture in Greenwich Village.
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