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This is done by those who are guilty of all those things just to get the economy out of all those things you just mentioned the white people who are guilty of white supremacy trying to hide their own guilt by accusing the Honorable Elijah Muhammad of teaching black supremacy when he tries to uplift the mentality the social economic condition of black people in this country and Jews who have been guilty of exploiting the black people in this country economically civically and otherwise hide behind their guilt by using down a robot and I don't know how much of e.g. being anti-Semitic simply because he teaches people to go into business for ourselves and try to take over the economic leadership in our own community. And this other thing white supremacy and that's on the other. And hatred and hatred in a sense that white people collectively. Have practiced the worst form of hatred against Negroes in this country and they know that they are guilty of it. Now they want the Honorable Elijah Muhammad begins to comes along and begins to list the historic historic added to the historic behavior of the white
man in this country toward the black people in this century again that white people are so guilty that they can't stop doing these things to make Mr. Muhammad appear wrong so they say they're wrong by saying that he is teaching hate. History is not hate. Actually we have Muslims because we believe in a religion of Islam. We believe in One God we believe in Mahomet as the Apostle of God. We practice the principles of the religion of Islam which means prayer charity fasting Brotherhood in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches ethics in the Western society is deteriorating it has become overrun with immorality that is going to this to judge it and destroy it. And the only way black people who are in this society can be saved is to not integrate into this corrupt society but separate ourselves from it re promise to lift up moral standards and try and be godly instead of trying to trying to integrate with God instead of trying to integrate with the white man or try to imitate God instead of trying to imitate the white man.
It has been suggested also that this movement. Preaches a gospel of violence that know all the black people in this country have been the victims of violence at the hands of the white man for 400 years. And following the ignorant Negro preachers we have thought that it was God's light to turn the other cheek to the group that was brutalizing us and today the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is showing that people in this country that just as the white man and every other person on this earth have God given rights natural rights civil rights any kind of rights that you can think of when it comes to defending himself. People should have we should have the right to defend ourselves also. And because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad makes black people brave enough to defend itself no matter what the white man runs around it with the fall out with the fact that Mr. Muhammad is advocating violence when he's actually telling Nigro to defend themselves against violent people. While the Reverend Martin Luther King preaches a doctrine of nonviolent insistence upon
the rights of the American Negro. What is your attitude. There is a lot of it white men pay that revenue. Martin Luther King subsidizes revenu Martin Luther King so that Evan Martin Luther King can continue to teach the Negroes to be defenseless. That's what you mean by nonviolence be defenseless be defenseless in the face of one of the most cruel beast that has ever taken the people into captivity that's the American white man. And they have proved it throughout the country by the police dogs and police club 100 years ago they used to put on a white sheet and use a bloodhound again and today they've taken off the white sheet and put on police uniforms. They've traded in the bloodhound for police dogs and they're still doing the same thing and just as Uncle Tom back during slavery used to keep the negroes from resisting the bloodhound or resisting the Ku Klux Klan by teaching them to love their enemy or pray for those who've been despitefully today. Martin Luther King is of the 20th century not an uncle or a religious Uncle Tom who was doing the same thing today to keep Negroes defenseless in the face of a fact that Uncle Tom did on a plantation to keep those negroes defenseless in the face of
the attacks of the Klan in that day. But the goal of Dr. King. Is low equality and full rights of citizenship for the goal of Dr. Martin Luther King is to give me the chance to sit in a segregated restaurant with the same white man who had brutalized them for 400 years. The goal of Dr. Martin Luther King is to get Negroes to forgive the people who have brutalized them for 400 years by by lulling them to sleep and making them forgetting what the whites have done to them. But the masses of black people in America today don't go for what Martin Luther King is putting down as you said in one of your articles. It's psychologically insecure something of a sort of a get out you get it but you didn't endorse what Martin Luther King was doing yourself. I do not reject his goals of full integration and full equality rights of American citizens. Do you reject that you don't think that he's walking on the right road I'm quite sure you don't agree to that to the right place. And if you would classify his method as psychologically unrealistic I think that a man's method it's
psychologically unrealistic which means the road or the means of the method that he's using. I think that a psychologist would be very doubtful that he would reach the right goal. There is one correction. Minister Malcolm I'd like to make here in that same piece that you're quoting from. I said that he is methods are effective. It's a philosophy of law all of the oppressor I thought was psychologically burdensome. But I would be more interested in your goals. What are the goals of the movement which you represent so effectively just as you said in the same article that you were trying to Mr. Muhammad trying to get us on God's side so God will be on our side and help us to fight our battles against a very vicious deceitful hypocritical enemy and this is why Mr. Muhammad put so much stress upon moral reformation that when it rules that getting drunk stopped fornicating and committing adultery when Negroes stopped being addicted to drugs and these things that destroy the moral fiber and the
morale of the negro. Then people will be able to get together and unite in harmony and unity and get toward what end would you want our people united. What would you call you being on God's side the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that dad now is about to establish a kingdom on this earth based upon brotherhood and peace and the white man as a brotherhood in the white man is again thesis history on this earth to prove it. Nowhere in history have been readily taught anyone. The only time he readily told you when he when he can exploit you when you get oppressed when you will submit to him. And since his own history makes him unqualified. To be an inhabitant or a citizen citizen in a kingdom of brotherhood the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that God is about to eliminate that particular race from this. So they are due for elimination. We don't want to meet with them without trying to integrate with that which we know has come to the end of its rope. We're trying to trying to separate from it and get with something that's more lasting and we think that is more lasting than the white man.
So in effect Mr. Malcolm your movement does not share the integration goals of the NWC or Martin Luther King movement and the student nonviolent. You don't integrate with a sinking ship. You don't do anything to further your stay aboard a ship that you see is on its way down to the bottom of the ocean. Most try to separate people from Pharaoh and when he tried the magician is try to fool the people in this thing with Pharaoh and we look upon these other organizations that are trying to get Negroes to integrate with his new white man is nothing but modern day magicians and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the modern day Moses who trying to separate us from the modern day pharaoh. Well do you feel that the negroes who are attempting to influence the policies and actions of our federal government the attorney general the president the United States when are when my when James Baldwin recently had a conference with Robert Kennedy he took it to a white man. Lorraine Hansberry was married to a white man Belafonte who was married to a white woman.
Edwin Berry of Urban League who's married to a white woman now. And whenever you have a group of black people sitting down with a white man both represent the black masses. You can never get anybody involved in any intermarriage in any kind of situation. Who will be qualified to represent to represent himself as a spokesman for the black masses in this country. They were representing their own personal desire they want to mix and mingle so that they can take the white thinking of the places with white. They're involved in the marriage. But you can find masses of black people who will accept any black man who's married to a white man as a spokesman for black people off a black woman who's married to a white man as a spokesman or representative of what black people feel and think. What do you feel the grove should do in respect to that. But even more effective protection from our federal government you know will get protection from the federal government that's like asking Kennedy to go to Alabama to stand in a doorway put it body in a doorway. That's like asking the fox to protect you from the world. And when
black and now the masses of black people can see this and it is only the negro leadership the bourgeois handful of negroes who think that they're going to get some kind of respect recognition of protection from the government the government is responsible for what is happening to black people in this country the president have power. You didn't know you notice he didn't send any troops in the Birmingham to protect the negroes when the dogs were fighting the negroes. The only time when the negroes erupted and then the president sent troops in there not to protect the Negroes to protect them. White people down there from the rest. Why not. They go American citizens if they were citizens you wouldn't have a race from if the Emancipation Proclamation was authentic you wouldn't have a race problem. If what if a 13 14 15 minutes of the Constitution was authentic you wouldn't have a race problem if the Supreme Court the segregation decision was authentic you wouldn't have a race problem all of this accuracy and it is this hypocrisy that if been practiced by the so-called whites so-called liberal for the past 400 years that compounds the problem makes it more complicated instead of
eliminating the problem. Well Mr. Malcolm What do you see as the future of the Negro in America if you think will be the culmination of the present thrust until the white man in America sits down and talks with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He won't even know what the race problem. What makes the race problem what it is and it just like Pharaoh couldn't get a solution to the problem until he talked the most about going to get a solution to his problems really don't the Daniel the white man in America today will never understand the race problem will come anywhere near getting a solution to the race problem until he talks to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad then Mr. Muhammad will give him God's analysis not some kind of political analysis or psychologist analysis analysis off some kind of clergyman's analysis but Gunns analysis that's the analysis that Pharao this the analysis that Daniel gave. Now she is out. And today we have a modern and modern. Pharaoh sitting in Washington D.C. What do you think is going to
happen in Birmingham in Jackson Mississippi in Philadelphia in Boston in Englewood. Well Dr. Glass as you know these Negro leaders have been telling the white man everything is alright everything's under control. And they've been telling the white man and Mr. wrong don't listen to him. But everything that Mr. Muhammad has been saying is going to come to pass. It is now coming to pass. And now the Negro leaders are standing up saying that we are about to have a racial explosion. You're going to have a racial explosion and a racial explosion is more dangerous than an atomic explosion is going to explode because black people are dissatisfied they're dissatisfied not only with the white man but they're dissatisfied with the girls who have been sitting around here posing as leaders and spokesmen for black people and actually making the problem worse instead of making the problem that what will be the consequence of this explosion. Any time you put too many spots around a product. The thing is going to explode if the thing that explodes is still inside the house then the House will be destroyed. But what will how will the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is telling the
white man get this product I got to your house that the black people in this country separate from us. Well this deal and if the black man is allowed to separate and go on to some land of his own where he can solve his own problems and there won't be any explosion in the world who want to stay with the white man let them stay with me. But those who want to leave it I'm going to go with the Honorable Elijah. I understand your position Malcolm. The only thing that can save us from a catastrophic explosion is complete separation separation is the only solution to the black and white problem in this country.
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