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That was part of my point much. Right. Now.
Right. People at the moment turning towards spiritual quests but it is a good thing.
Look at me. Yes.
Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat. Much. That. Is. Great.
Working. With. You. I'm going to show you this and you tell me what. Is right not just that.
Thank you. If you look at what you put into that you get nothing. It's just like you like it like you stop.
He says. But you're.
LAURA. There it was.
We can make a major contribution by doing I think that the ABS program was a first study on an effort to try to understand the problem and to get out it. I think we ought to revive this study. We ought to seek a person who is rather skilled and competent in the field of education to help us do this. And I would I would say that this is definitely on the agenda down the road. But I would add to that this is something that we want the judgment of the local stations. I think we should add to that that when I say that involves PBS and this kind of decision then we are subject to the statement that we will not undertake programs in the event that PBS speaking for the local stations feel to be desirable as I believe you know we have funded partially funded a new programs by CDW on nutrition and health
that are designed for adults primarily mothers. And while this isn't the same as Alps it is somewhat similar as far as when will our education director be picked we have been in conversation with several people. I had hoped to have it done before now and I hope I have it done shortly. But when that will be I don't know. Ladies and gentlemen we are we're coming to the end of the time of his monologue and some of us have available here and I would simply like to make some concluding remarks. One is that we feel very strongly that we all prefer to work with PBS and the partnership arrangement we're been talking about. We look forward to the opportunity to make this partnership effective. And I can say to you again pledge to you again and I'll do with all in my power to make this arrangement work.
What's Happening Mr. Silver
Madness and Intuition
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