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lucy you you teach to you the notion of declines have made no particular resentment that night was more anger it was a crowd you have been there or so yeah the back and then they're ninety four thousand more people so now more cops came in to disperse us and now is when we weren't now we have part with us at first i we didn't know we had our second that we have now it was one the most of carter's human that's when they can appreciate that this was there was more anger and more fight the second night that on the first night the first night
was like i can't do this and second it is we are doing this you know it's like it's like swimming you know i don't go on it to some of my swimming onus on the second night we were swelling and there was no going back now there was no go mac there was no we had discovered a power so we were even aware that we had the news that the unity that we you know we had agreed with him the people he began people are we're so we're going is no overall has asia's loggia how things would go blue eyes were roses sisters and it became one that was closest they'll yell five to four for me
the cops come the cost is a cop is a problem is the same thing that we run yes to jerry and yes he put it you back into the warden's instances like his point where two thousand and one is like a whole of a national task force that golden late onset of alien things of that oh jesus that's right high up a little more demand for the morning that involves would get his alliance that so more
intellectually of our car with derek so you know yet his lines in the d all these discussions we're going stay there are not transvestites much less than a year lisbon is fit in with the organization who's going to lead us down those speeches at all in the fighting going on there but we are out of this is that at that march or revision now it only my way was iran is highly trusted max's kansas city i went more towards the warhol group as it and today it was a changed all of a sudden my friend was the choir boys open up the first gay bar just of history without a pause which is not only a mafia so
we have this that's a step every state gay marriages that is progress now we don't know in sort of a marriage you know i mean people refer to shows slow it was always something campy sense no immunity and manny says as well as the photos that has not been done to campuses this is reality right now
you know no one knows that i wasn't alone i wasn't long i didn't know what that was really give me that i wasn't alone i am i didn't know that or i don't listen when it and his message for aids all over the world know that nobody sort of stonewall inn is fighting to mention star was like nothing was the christmas tree draped liberation a christmas tree for eight marshall isn't phrase march and issued a bat call it that is the day march and it was saying no of applause and says streets that was a
slogan that the rally was in here we will lose it and they have more cause in my head i was to do my own purposes of coming out so you know you just don't know how you're going to lose his is sixteen seventeen and be completely fey and say you know that's me girl i cannot do it now just so that my love the smugglers yes yes i did take a bus and i don't think i'm seth mayer patiently we had gotten the bowtie with the sick the same sex people from the
kinsey book yet as i say and do you think that the march on washington without the civil rights of black people to stay down there no we have to act as an organization and that's what was his reaction the whole the violence yes to serve called a virus down a hit and mississippi and cough of autism caught and of the three against the name three men killed and this makes people wake up and see as women can say only does the child and as my son assad goes my neighbor as we connect there is mr
jones i think it would have been there before you know an earthly over and one and i believe that i have long hair and sing i didn't join their intellectual historians the back of paddy wagon and yet they're not as corner nicely and now we're taking latvian grave an introvert riley is scott scott and john valley is due oh a target regular aa is phyllis over and the shakedowns that they wanted people who believed it jim lee leo mcgarry here
to barging into a zombie craze presenter please enter your tongue john doe ever been reshaped our customers and intimidate us maybe he does an odd place or her obar has usually three or four months in the raid and then it goes down to ten of our two years or our wives tells jon and took an inventory pesters and sensible way is the only go before talking a morning though twelve o'clock in the
afternoon with do not like they'll urinate in these and that is a big payoff mafioso was a you know twenty percent of these trees has impacted by adonis radio implies that only falls in a lot rather than holding an unknown no concept of people in the public figures at your kid and what has must be paid as much as thirty year old in poland none of the vote a third of those was so for every residential my days and in the margins where posters and have a different era david peel the planes that are seen a lot of that what i
wanna wanna wanna marijuana it was there was a very tiny little attention in detroit is i was relieved he into actual or from new york city of what was happening we're with will you find who have decent conversations to people who would charge of litigation not put you down or you're retired was strange into audience wasn't a square park and throws a combined take pictures of me and that is that if no idea music was great cafes were good you know the coffee houses were good the app for
that get your shins were a couple of fuel to have got well you're a blues had to fall into and they say they say takes to food friday intelligent and guts you know with your enemy we don't know them know that they were that their establishment and they were they were suppressed us that are in our friends what is it to educate you just described still just tell he worries you walk out of a printer to develop flying thing you know you work through it there was a little
wooden mortgages so that battle window you begin with the first beginning early days when you look out as hugh you weren't eventually they would ever got to open as easy frankly will be sitting on a stool ah this is to discourage people who were straight who were tracking in there so those are i am obviously today knowingly get in there but then you check out before you that in their body and television and so first open you know is that it
why you won't move the world why unity and the slow this and the men will it impose discipline so this scene it was all of a sudden to be normal to know what it was like to be known to know it was like to be fully human you know it was like you know too the tenderness of the moment the intimacy mr miller well yes
identify your first timers amazon and all of a sudden i said ok a phone or cares away now who sees you're not and of the history prize season are some items in years by a stationary of my school this is just sort of that was it took a while to sleep with him the difference between having sex and making love you know his government that was there were afraid he is the first person actually love with i know ira would a gang where we've golden gate
knows what would describe the voices we hear employers from his house is it is acceptable for a good value he went out of ideas like social the annual day feed into his gay it's okay right sayer we get letters guided us and we end the role in him and here's what we are sixteen year olds what was to have listeners house orders liquor and because of that they wanted to go into schoolyard and roll and beat him up and i smelled like that doesn't do that surgeon general
because it closer to replace he's at all of the church's stance and a mystery for the church's stance on homosexuality is who's as well as on the aca homosexuality is the fire goes into the appropriate conversation now he is fine as lawyers or a marriage you for creating some of the us into procreating or you ocasio confession of this ongoing fashion one time and i got this priestess try and try to cover over just get over quickly as a blessing falling prices i
didn't even curious says what you mean i'm curious status as a head six women and father says what you mean this section of the man say well i took my penis does reston he's always thought of him as just thoughtless rated defense ministry of misery of law is that is it but you know as my family that wasn't ford's was as some to beat us down with it was a new coaching for winning coverage there's a spiritual isolation that was the
spiritual aspect of basically of religion and that's something i don't want one more shia levitt reporting or will do it very few are different world was like to be nineteen sixty nine and so oh crisis of the ig's report that it may spread was tiny sixties and will see laws work amounts to hold hands you never see that never seen it i just my friends who can buy on the street than anywhere in little
subway train ok by god to do that back then a rather shaky get a moment of people or you accommodate com is a woeful facts yesterday who'd been such a difference such a difference how is us o'neill seeing now is that people like matthew shepard tried fences as for cross country has seen siskel yes reggie elliott will grace on tv tell me how often did you see will make out what a man raised that way will replace the male people he never did but yet rather five years so it still held behind two degree you know it's a step by step you know i think i think what i think was the
country's refers no national march on washington i think it's time to say ok you know we did the gays march in the close we do know that now it's time to give a source but you're right it's been great thank you
thank you thank you
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In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. Such raids were not unusual in the late 1960s, an era when homosexual sex was illegal in every state but Illinois. That night, however, the street erupted into violent protests and street demonstrations that lasted for the next six days. The Stonewall riots, as they came to be known, marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world.
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In this interview, Danny Garvin discusses identifying as gay while growing up Irish Catholic in the 1950's and 1960's, his discovery of New York City gay bars and culture, and his memories of the Stonewall uprising and its role in LGBTQ history and activism.
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