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Lectures for a. Lot of the last 20 years since the pictures or whether that's the first time also graced the show sponsors as long as this for your eyes. Can you hear me OK that. And. The. First time in my life I. Decided. I have lost friends in those answers. He seems to see so these companies. Real companies going to his audience. Is one of these companies. Through these companies for instance has initiated this promotion and energy we. Are seeing these bumper
stickers. So $2.70 like it or stickers goes directly to new energy or investments in some regions to neutralize. Emissions and is worried about 300 miles of driving this. Car. And this is something that's very new to this country. We're going to be hearing a lot more about the coming decade. And those of you who are familiar. With it. No this is news for a day or. So. Do you birds. Does come directly from you on my side. In the summer of 2006 goes from. Wrong. And worse. Habitats like Iraqis did in Germany. This is your. Mom now. This is your place.
So for a place that's most appropriate to. Answer once you've created us. Our great showing your honor I'm. 24. It's the Winter Park. Alaska. Following. All this was just a six year study. These animals. Will be. No less. Very few miles. They carry on. Great. One another all their lives. And the way you're wrong is perhaps with as awesome. As. The. Word passion is conservation. They. Actually. Change. Some of the most. Inspiring people in
terms of sharing. Love country. But the problem wasn't working as well just what was found this Chechen species creation. And. Has to say maybe this disappearing. Species. Back. To. The. 20th Century. Was. Not. Looking for. A car. So in 1945. With my you. Have. A. Nice. Sounded. Side. So that you could. More directly address this issue. In. 1956 and return. To the. Northeastern corner. Here. See here is. What. You're posing for. You. Know we were joined by three Rasmussen's one. Mission. Here. Young. American. I mean your shop was tasty. On this particular
survey. That. The eyes and heart distractions you create. Art. Wildlife. 1960. That we was told. In 1985. Our. Search. Now size I see it there. Is. This. Nineteen point two million acres. And it's always a very useful place next session of this 400 mile long. Brown highway to go see when. They're. Last. There's. Just one. Place that is. Created. In. 90. There's a lot of water on the ground here. Tremendous. Amounts of oil over here to all that. But. This one and a half million acres to coastline is now. I. Don't mind. Well certainly something you were half years
in your house. Next. To. Us. And so it has become because of that. Well one of the most contentious issues of our day. For the last. Two decades. There's been ongoing public debate. Please call your. Comments. This. Three choices Freude. One is to do nothing. It once was gone over the last five years. To. Create. As. Much of the rest of the refuge of that one and a half. Years. So. Is. No history whatever you can do. Is to. Allow you all please. Come in. And explore. This point. As. Well. So. Obviously on taxes. Again. This is a hard time and I wanted to. Read you just took a shower. It was 50
years. To the rescue just a stooge. With his mentor. To. Security. And way grass grown. In. Many cases single handed. Out. Around the world. I. Just. Pray. For. A citizen. Of this country. I can visit the National Geographic Society to get ready for tonight. Last summer. So the fifth year in Russia that signs of concern. Were. To. Move. Over the sea and climate change. And around. Our. Lives. We are lucky enough to find free software and graduate students all although he has spent time in the Arctic. And spent several days. Around 30 and university visiting with scientists. Why we now. See.
Colleges Sterns. Not just. Generally the experts in climate change. We can try. Around. Your. Tree line. Exactly on your circle. Even here you look carefully and see evidence of changing countries. This is getting over. The whole Swastik trees. I. Threw up a great. Deal. For. Being. Drunk. Because. They want me to. Understand. More. The. Frost. On the. Trees and the trees. Lose. All. These temperatures since the 1970s have this. Increase. Statewide and an average of three degrees Fahrenheit. And as we continue our highway we saw more evidence these
changes. Their. Gestation ideals is beginning to censor diminish. The great work for us. We found these five stars. In 2004. 05. Fires go down 30 percent. The last. Greatest. Course in history happened to us. This. Is. Creating a national disaster. It's. Crazy. It truly is. So we here. On Earth to a research facility to look like. A. Horses. From strange mountains. Brownstone. We visited with more scientists from a sudden change in farming for decades. With. A. Burned. Off. The chase is here. Right. This is a species this normally.
High. Courage. Is so real house just simply a target specific hundred feet two years now. The rest of Armstrong's. Place. It had. To. Create a high. Rise above the trees. And. So effectively is showing what happens. When. One. Species turns into a size. And this is a very well. Trained trout. Sure. All right. Green. Even. That. I. Have taken friends everywhere. Twenty years I've been going through really get when the trick. Is so great from the money and interest streams place. And. The news we're hearing from them. Not just. Since I. Was
home these temperatures. And to. Really. Slight. Danger. Is the same thing we're hearing. For. Far. As. Many of your scientists and researchers. Tracks. You know the Arctic and Antarctic. Areas. So what we're seeing there is much worse than anything ever sea ice. I'm a scientist. Mark my words when we see these changes. Coming. So. Is this trend. Here. This represents one of the scariest changes. That. I've mentioned. So far is that. Does cost. Drum. As far. As. My. Background is. Just collapsing because like. I mentioned limestones see. One made in 2000 to cause the stream. To.
Warm the ice in the ground. Around. Just collapsed. This is no reason. That we see a lot more of. This. Either. Frost this is an issue that's found. Throughout the. Ground. And. Is. A half mile. It's been two or three feet deep tundra. And. Plunges. Very deeply into your. Ears. Now. This is. Trees. Everywhere. So we got the oil fields and other houses. More. Diverse. Surprising once we found a concrete. Farmhouse everywhere. We love. The sound. Of Youth most everywhere. And. The irony of the whole job here. Ashleigh of course defies
reason or sight. Everyone knows that. Words. I'm stones. No. One knows that we're. 200 miles. From our source. And this is right for us. As. I. Said. Is. Going to be consumption of fossil fuels. Is. Causing the forest. Fires. So this is why I hope all on just one. This graph. Shows. That reliance on foreign sources. Well here you see. We consume as a nation about 20 million barrels of oil here. In 2000. And. Some. 20 million barrels of oil. Per day. And as for me I'm I'm working sons of. This. Nation. Ten years from now really soon. Over. In terms. Of.
Well. Every day. Larry is what we get for it of course is what we hope to continue this message. These are in your shows you. Why they go so fast. Get your national wealth from. Nothing to. Us. Foreign sources. Well Robert it takes. 30 years. To. Get. Here. We're. Well. On the ground. When I first started going to the North Slope 1980s so strange sounds in Alaska. I was surprised to find this incredible biologic. Was. To. Place. Millions on birds. For five different caribou birds. In this breathtaking places. This. Was also industrial wealth all the way across. With the exception of that.
One. Either. Coastal. Areas. Are those areas that are open to future leasing. Areas in those places. For me the drill. And you see the. Trees and shrubs. There's one map that I can show you. Hope so. We should say out of the wreckage is this once it is the last you see something pristine. That. Time. Slows. So we. Might. Find one of the homes. We visited with. Different sites is there some research. Into the plane on the ground. And. We. Plan to follow. The river. From its head was way. Too close. To. The same place. Wow. Sharp is not a. Gentleman. Who. Once. You. Sit around. And chat. Ours. Is. It's. A common
question. To get going. It doesn't work. So we said we'd rather you see on the south. Side. Ice is most high your eyes. It is. Very much like the later. Pre-race trees. It's so cold in winter and the ice. Is warm. And dance around nice things. In the summer sun warming up. Now. We keep straight on the ice pack. To. 10 days. We had to haul him. Around. Down with promise. Not. To forget. And. Once I got. On this trip. Possibly. In. His head. And his. Heart strings for Bessie. And another. Aggressor's. Broke. And just finished. In. Two
separate trips climbs up highest mountain. And. Church. Is. Preaching but he spends. Most of his life. Traveling stream. Places. Like reading 1:24 lounge. Rather. You. Freeze dried food and. You. Happy to see this trend. So. This. Whole greater focus. On the task. Less. Was cold days. The Temptations. Are people like me and my great novel by George. Halfway through this. Day. And. Marring changes with sauce. But he was no longer. Aimlessly. He is a man with a mission.
He was searching for homes. See these. Are. Passing. Through once and. For. Our species like. Wolves. He. Places constantly. On the. Greatness. Of this photograph. He has. Run faster with us. From the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Mongering on arms. My son is set for two months. And. He. Was. Fine. So. Chris. Has. A. Strong. Sense the. Song. Triacetone. His. Character was. Backwards and you reach for. Him. Pepper spray. Is faster. And. Faster.
This is a ninja. Who had. Introduced Danfoss each the number one rules for. Species size surrogate lying face down lions. This. Is why. So. Many species says I haven't had. Any actual evidence that. Jaguar. So. How. To. Keep. It. Around. And. Never settle. For a government. Interfering. Destination. Many species of. Space. Master's degree angles here. All right Chris. Said taking a step backwards your step one step. Forward. Movement. Like this. So. Gristly turn. Friends fast. As. Soon. As. We came to a strange stand. Trees. And this place for
now Miles my dream my words. Jumped out. Of the trees. A stranger here. In his pocket. So he could take care of those trees. He. Has. Trees. All went down. Into the sea. Is just dying or stones. This is. Really. Dynamo. 19th century houses. And. Great. Art. Pieces were. Found in order to better. Sounds. Yes. And this is not only this is a way. For me to. Gauge you know. What everything is about. What are the species. I've always prided myself on my eyesight it just was. George. Is. Now. Right. You also.
See things. This way. All the Army mountainsides Sure. Enough. He says well never Creswell job has rolling for. One of the things. That impressed me most about Dr. Shah neverless doctor. Is. That. He never. Hesitated to take sides. Yes. It was just. By. Hesitates to seek out conservation issues. This is of course work as he learned it. From the nurse 15 years ago and he does what good kids seek out stage. Hands. Fish. And. Wildlife. Meihua. One of the rationalises far from Wyoming. His. Own very. Vicious gin.
With. About three dozen photographs. Exactly where they were taken from. There's an emerging science of mashing up those photographs. To determine. Where she is currently. And we knew that these two pictures had been taken somewhere in the middle of the. Night she always. Ends up. Doing this all day. And. Got to the top of this mountain. View. You. Find. Ashley. Up. Without. Her house. And for. All this. Horse. Hair. Sean Zachary. Rare. Jump from. His flight. On. 98 years. And you see. Her sluttery on top. There's a. Tremendous ice. Here in this state in Germany the same time that. Also she is not the snow D.C. Hills is. Telling. You Down river now.
Out. Toward the coastal plain isn't the last mountains you see on ice here. This to me is just a century later. Most interesting these major streets in to the river and you see how much. Gravel are. Thrown over walls. And this is the area. We went down the street. That's. Almost. 10 foot high. So since George can be here tonight I'm going to share with you. A great piece of. The. Show. Shop. National Geographic. This is. Here. He has to. Be. You. He's. Feeling. Good.
He. Sees. His. Eyes. On. One side. Street. In. A. Safe Place. So. With the exception of one of us from the motion sickness. I'm with my.
Brother. JOY. In a very long way. And. Now we're traveling. With students. Professors. Previous. To. The southern towns of refuge. Or. District fitness expert. To sustainability. And I. Resisted this because we're all around people as. Well as people here. Here it. Is. Literally. People. And. When you go on this. Road. This. Is just life as. You. Learn that. You can. Ask. Questions you. Miss. People with very different lives. As if you're something that. They're not. Harvesting. Harvesting fish and game. And an explicit understanding. Of their relationship and. Why. They are instantly opposed
to. What we really hope to learn is. What they have. To. Change. And so you get a. Dozen. Different elders. And learn to. Face. Life. CC says the Bluebird. Are now seen them go as if they had seen one in a decade. As for. Strange things like parasites Jamie's. Lack. Of fish. In the lakes. Has. A. Dark Winter. Nights. There are many nights where they can't see the stars or. Anything. This is from industrial base. Covering the sky. One of the. Most disturbing things is that. In. Places where he went Oh this was the last. Many years. Mark freezing over. And. These rivers are. Access points. So. This changing climate is
not the issue. For. US obviously. First. Cultural crisis as well as many of the other candidates. Are beginning to. Realize that. Time. Is changing. Where the. Missions. And. These people have to spend on caring. For as long as they can. Never. Even on your side can ever take you on one hundred forty five. Here. It. Comes through. Their villages. You're just. Namely that the world is over. Once. You answer. Changes next and there are some other serious things going on as well. As we flew east of the village we could see. Dozens of. Bunker. We saw. The longest. Man's. Migration of any land on Earth.
Seventeen hundred miles and every year they see their migration lies on his side. And. It goes specifically to see how well you like to really. Say I. Have to. Say. Are there any rich. Country. Species. So there's. Evidence to show. That. As for the number of hundred seventy eight thousand is now 20 years later down to thousands already scientists are shrinking because. Warming climate. So just what we. Come From. The. Ice first also went way over the Appalachian Mountains and tundra. And also the meandering rivers of the South. The river got to the edge to get. To the place where George just worked. Fifty years ago.
It made. We were charging two miles stream to this way. Or George. Noory said can't. Play to much reindeer spot to get us. Georges pace quit in this regard was late and. He found the spot. Where they had. 50 years ago. Sideways tension. And he was uncharacteristically. He. Hasn't. Changed. He hasn't changed a bit. You must make friends. How do. You choose. How in his mind's eye this place has something to do. With saving creation. Your. Message. Can change in just a year's time in some way. Civilization as far as a trivial issue service. Let alone the whole notion of.
Our willingness. To. He. Places like this as Christie's says it's. His choice. Ronald Reagan always tried the natural. Gas. In. The same place. So since he was. Passing us. Horses. As. To him. Years ago. His. You can see this photograph that he took years ago on a glacier. Water River and Deerslayer glacier. As crazy. See me from. Now. On. If you have the opportunity to read studies about changing heart. This is known as positive feedback. So as the result is like. Essentially dominance over. The sea ice
melts. No she said. Flatly. He has his. Hands. So glaciers cover is also swirling rather than flooding. It's just. You. Get is melting and shrubs growing. Years ago George was sitting on a boulder. Years later. Centuries. And years later something has to change. So how do. You see. That. We took shelter from the bugs and. Other grizzly bears here just to drive him crazy. So isn't the point to. Do is. To. Find when he's fostered and we also get over looking at him. Wonder. If. There's a.
Bear comes poking around to slash and see if he runs away. And we spent a long time reading from the journals tell us. You know me from George's 50 year old Joe Johns nonsense. And anyway that's probably why she checked River Valley. And this is sacred ground. To. Two scientists. So much to do with his creation and we spend our time talking about how we might. Carry on as. Near. As. We. Do to. Turn. The world no. Doubt. As to. Whether. We were. Wondering. How long range shots. And fossils show how Israel was once. I mean my agency. Are. Picking up every piece of shit we find don't you.
So you try to. Get into the scientific situation. And all the creatures. That live here. On. This marvelous four days seem. To. Come full circle. True. Now. I was. Lamenting my own. Inspiration last night. Wondering how I might be able to carry on. With. Swinson ventures. The. Last. Century. And. As. We find this mountain of him. Watching 73 74 year old George. Why are they stopping to catch his breath. I realized that my fears really I've found this is a shining example of emotion. Former ashes. After. Dreams. There's no reason at all. Get your
slice to. A. Slice of into the doors. Serve me my youngest man the only one. That. Was the only one. Who wasn't wearing sunglasses and. He's standing there showing his way down the opposite side. We see this. Ourselves. Now go to your own. House. The. Missionaries who let your keys to this place 50 years ago. Raise taxes. The reason why my service has so carefully managed this place for work. Is in charge to this sacred ground.
In 1961. Sent someone there. And. They don't believe any idea. That. A constitutional right on our hands. All of us. Believe. There was an. Intentional. Dry. Place. As. You have right to experience and you never. Actually hear your future generations. There was another reason. Here I know this is. How. I researched his life refuge. All US scientists really. Strange intangible sure of had to go this summer. Yet been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had. A great time. Yesterday here in hopes of getting sustenance for. You got just another two years. For. Asked Why. Are. You having twins.
So we can you can see really our trip. Based drove 400 miles of highway with a stop to every research facility. And his son to die for Bay. Village. And lastly. You see here. The Refuge actually. Has a foot of. Damage. To our national parks for most of these. Plantations. Ricky delegation's. Quite Monday. Yes. This. Is awesome. Well all of. These are there. To care. For. Everyone. George Howell spent the next two months in Mongolia I was trying my national geographic. It's all. Over. Here. And we got together on a long trip over the
trench. To. Watch. The. River. Five. Miles to see. You Miles. On the coast. Have. Told. Yeah that's all I'm going to share with you the highlights from that trip. So. That. Better. Sleep. Zounds. Like this. As I said over 24 years now. One of the things that I always have to read just as. Much. And without trees or buildings you have no shoes to worry yourself. So we first got. This. Onto this team here. I looked at my son's. A. Groundswell of. Running over the fence. Nearby. Something. Else. Out. Of town most
recently. Now. Since this. The only saw one of these is a wonderful sense of mystery in comprehension. It's not necessarily the. Crossing. Back. In time it's easy to smell the flowers. Look around everything surrounding. Their species like grounds that are some most of our species. This animal goes into a. War. That lasts for 28 days inside time 226 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature rises and dared to. Have hot temperatures. And then plunges back into. This. Millions. So we have a lot to. Learn. I mean certain species. Have. To be one of the great joys.
I was never a golfer just to know there's a place where you have plenty of friends and travel. No place is really set aside for a while. So it is a great things in one state. There. Are. Reasons as Americans have. Been. Asked. By little species like this. Because there's always something you can learn. All right Poppy. Are. The. Hypertrophic. And. The summers here. Sure. These are. Fast and furiously to survive. Every species. Has to come up with different survival strategy. And. Since the sun doesn't set for two months this Plan B hypertrophic spins around all day long following the sun in its face the sun and. The words in the sun light. So the insects are drawn to me. So.
We crossed over from strange mountains. Passing. Through. Your asses I don't think anyone has ever. Taken trouble with. The red roof. Of the river here. We had one a couple different grizzly bears. And. Grizzlies. The key. Surfers. Character. Arnold Schwarzenegger is just. Staggering. And not just in prisons. Many. Great drinkers. Your natural. Disaster pass. Not being able to use them to find. Sometimes tricky. You can spray rainbows. Tussocks. Walking through easily downstream wait for the river growth to
finally go out a secret. Background weapons. All. The stuff that's serving. As a promise. And this hour we we're flying down the river for five miles an hour. You just another grisly. And. Heartbreaking story. This is Christine Romans. A dozen injured in this place where I keep my hands free. You. So we have a. Friend. For us a normal court in. The country. And he had tons of folding kayaks. Spend money we don't. This is one of the most. Rehearsed. Rescues. Season. And we see only one or two people. It's time. To give. You an idea. Place. Six.
And. Seven Democracies. He spent most of the week chasing away orders grants. Food supplies. When we got there we done only ice bags and spent. An hour scratching our heads and assembly. Together. And we know he just has. It. Now. Our first name is John Grisham. And. This. My friends are often friends of mine. I live my life because he's an expert actor. It's funny non-thinker. Rivers. Have never been high. Is life. So. We go the middle. Every time John capsize. Was in the rear. Lewis was or. Wrong. Also things that capsize. You. On the river. We. Drive through by taking turns.
Right his kayak she ran down. I. Was finding more. And more. Placid. Large open sea. Now here is nothing. He's. Found something against the roof of North America. Barrier Islands are still part of your refuge. Everything opens up even more. It is the worst find your way. So. What is next for the frigid Sierras and the light waves. Caused. The Russians you to see normal visible high rise. Some distance. On. The ice. Hans Morgan. Is running around barefoot. He's not macho culture prostitutes. Capsizes.
This is one place I sit. Around all night long. Seeing through the night. And I noticed that there are seals out there. And when you're SEALs of course they are full of. This. This is a shot taken. By another national geographic. For. 20 miles west of here. You know. There. Is now. The poster child for. Rightfully so. Polar bear. Is. On CBS. You see all of you are. Forced. To. This is for real. That's easy. And sadly some of you may wish to see just a. Month and a half. These temperatures and conditions in. 2014. No more this. So.
Why not. Well from the scientists who met with me were authors of. A thousand pages were released in 2004. This is from quarter. Finals. And. Now. We. All know how sea ice. This summer. No one knew how to get out much ice was going out an area the size. Find out for years. Now. To. Our. Surprise. Scientists. Had no. Idea that now. This. Just shows you instead of the sea ice now. And. The timeline shows you through your mind. When you said that sea ice. Now back to the year 2000. So. All through computer models that unforeseen out off the summer the thing here Miles. Oh wait you see. This is last year.
We talked about the tree line the south. Strange mountain I saw a reminder and you see the diagram on the case. For us. Or. There's the headquarters. However. The scariest thing about this song my mind showing you the stench. Of. Frost. From a certain part. See the permafrost is. Throughout most of last. Year. 15 years you know. Roughly mid-century this to now way back to New. York. In Siberia. There's been. No talks that. Are causing waste to disappear here and. It's very. Tough. For us. Very cool place. But the sad thing about this is that. For us. This morning Lockheed essentially carbon dioxide Methinks that permafrost melts is
outgassing carbon dioxide and methane is an increase in those days or gassing up the atmosphere increasing. The greenhouse gas. I took this picture. 20 years ago this summer when the C section. Konst. I learned. Last summer. Oh this is serious questions. I spent more than a year my life collectively along the. Ocean. I crossed. 20 200 miles. I. Got to know. This. I. Heard. Repeatedly. Saying. You. Know this. Is. This and this. And. To me. Have. These sorts of places. Where. We can. Filter. For. Some reason is this is just one of the great pleasures. Here.
I wish that I'd taken more pictures 20 years ago first passed through here so and see how things change. But I did find me almost. Everyone nicest people surveyed are always standing on top of days. And you can bet that when it really is into the ground the places that are salt and water like glaciers are. Here you can see this post in 1994 how the ice is melting and these. Things are happening. Very rapidly. As. Other treasures to be found along this section of coastline. I know people used Google Maps for several villages. This is 60 years ago. You can find standard from coast. Reflections. From one. Of the stretches. Hundreds of miles away is a river or
if you're service you can even find these locations. Sorry things are so different. Obviously this is. A centuries old but you can bet if the industry is here. To drill for well. On this one. Because. Me strangers. Are. In danger. This is one and a half acre coastal plain. Wasted Well he the street. And. My mind is a. Lot of gold beneath the rain now just like out-of-doors shores. This. Place. Is the kitchen. Trash heaven from so far away is approaching lands and millions of dollars over a hundred different bird species. Roost. Nest here. On Say ground planes. Now. This shows you. That one and a half million acres. Of.
Development works. I hear. You. ROSE. I was tops in airports that were especially high on the sea. However in this season's state is cheating. So power. Went there see access. With their. Wildlands. Access. To all. The headlines on. Their. Own. So again a sense of mystery is what's inside. I don't. Trust a lot of time. Well I'm sorry. These are small discoveries. If you will. Here I was looking. At the road well I've learned to put my head down a little closer and then look up again through the zoom lens to see if my first guess. Was.
Heard. My. Thoughts. Yes. Actually way down. And claim the wreckage from the last turn of the 19th century. Through. First. And. Then. Through. The station. But I'll just reintroduce everything and must come back. Down. Through. Last. Is reach is seen in the late 90s and just like. You. And. I asked for. 50000 refugees in. Less than half. A year. Yes. So my friends. My I have never been here in this refuge for. The. Is there a sense on. What. The privilege of the mission. Is raising here to share this for them. Hopefully to some extent. With you tonight.
I think one of the greatest ideas is yet you have to want to protect this place. It never hurts future generations or simply for its own sake. This. Is a very you know. We say yes. To it. Greetings from Shanghai. And. You see I think it's fair to say very different from. Here as a nasty question. Neighbors suffering from the culture. When I first started going here early 90s they had no money in their homes. They had. A very full house just in the last several years. They have done all those things. This mean their homes. And. That's because of the generosity. So the asked. Them for. Once continued. Well
expiration. Date was eight months from. Now. People see how he gets from realizing that one still. Could. Destroy the real culture that. They see right. Here. You see. The. Way. It. Took. All 2005 this is something that people have done here many centuries. And there's a great reverence to be found among people when they realize this. Is no joking. Second tone of voice is fine. People walking around and touching. It's a very different. Thing. My. Hunch is. Southern minds. So. They're begin to wonder.
Is it worth trading value since. Since. That. Is. Why. I share with you. What I've learned from a. Scientist or as. A scientist. Is From what I've seen. We have one great thing that you want to investigate if you wish. We've heard the coastlines being eroded away by sea ice. And upon further investigation we found some of the. Coastline. Here. Was clearly. Melting. And nothing to do. Changes about military. Garbage into the ground. In regards. To. Us. Was. Really. Just not. Telling. Us. The story for me is that where. We see solutions. What I see. Is a growing.
Whole crisis. That we have to for size and not major reactions. We have to move forward as. A nonpartisan way to finance. This. Is water. Change or science. Well. This. Year after less time. Money went to the White House and. President Johnson. Signed. The. Landmark legislation the first time world. Clowns. Since the. Constitutional right to voice struggles. Last elsewhere in Massachusetts. And this was one of the principal. Protests. That legislation. In three years. My Christian name is spokesperson. These religious issues marches a whole
year or so. Since New York refuge. Rollers. Lance Armstrong Rasta. Eventually became known as the grandmother. Of. Their. 99th went to the White House see. The highest civilian. Honor. As president and around her wheelchair. White House she whispered to us you're. Still. Works. She was referring to the aircraft ready to be friends once you. Are. Home.
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