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Hello I'm muffin Myra's and I'd like to introduce you to this young lady and the art she represents the art of dance. It's an art that is as fresh as the dance you'll see tomorrow. And as old as these words from with lazy ass thieves to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. I thought I'm to be born a time to long a time to die and a time to dance. When we don't like. When people are happy and we break it. Most of us whether we're watching or participating as an eternal and irresistible. We can easily understand the kind of dancing and coaching and division
energy we could get up and. That has come from social and dances of people. Even the dancing up a storm is not the only way to join in. We can participate in the excitement of dance in another way. A way that leaves beyond finger tapping to the pleasure of understanding and responding to dance as an art. In this first of a series of nine programs on the art of dance we will look at the three major kinds of styles of dance most frequently seen when we go to a dance performance ballet modern dance and definitely on future programmes each of these three styles of dance will be further explored through discussions with outstanding dance artists and performance of representative works through these performances we will see why the human race has been a dancing race from the most ancient times in every
corner of the world for only man. Dance was a weapon a medicine a form of magic. In this prehistoric cave drawings we see perform some wonderful and mysterious right. In the Bible we read that King David danced before the Lord with all his might and in a gnostic Hymn of the second century we see proclaimed that whosoever dances not no it's not the way of life. The Egyptians danced before their sacred idols. And here we see Egyptian maidens doing a version of the Can-Can 5000 years ago not to entertain an audience relaxing from a day's labor but to induce the corn to grow taller. The Babylonians danced in their temples. The Greeks in their festival the Greeks considered dance and essential part of the education of their youth and their philosophy Socrates. Dance among the most important branches of learning.
The primitive tribes today Dance is an important and vital part of their lives. A means of power they are sure of success in the Honduran war by dancing in imitation of the Animals song or the battle they hope to win among some primitive tribes today. A man may ask of another not what is your name but what do you dance. A tribal dispute may be settled by a contest between the greatest dancers of two tribes rather than by war. You know but but but but but but but but he's got to remind us of that scene in ballet they suggest something of the Universal Community of them. In the east. Some of the gods themselves are down such as the Lord Shiva or here the
God Christians throughout the East developed into a beautiful and complex ritual our worship in honor of the god each of the movements and gestures we see here in Balinese dance are in strict accordance with age that govern this art which is for the people of dance and theater. A prince of the island is explained that you must work and walk like a Balinese before you can dance like them. They are people noted for the beauty of their movement. The tradition of these various Eastern dance arts has been maintained for thousands of years as we see them practiced here. These girls trained and dedicated from childhood to the art of down. To just perhaps in the new feature. It's such an important and symbolic aspect of our culture should be entrusted to such young people. Although it's beginning to end in religious ritual the name
of Eastern culture. And they come from such as in the entertainments of the great European court. I think immediately you have an exciting example in the Spanish dance. And charming dance. Many of the steps. Down. This dance and. Dance.
It is one of the oldest of the dancing girls even in Roman times. And the. Ballot is the theory. That.
To the steps. But it's not as. In ballet today steps in the Nutcracker ballet.
Yeah. Yeah.
With. The dances we've seen in the few minutes come a marvelous variety of sources from tribal rites religious ritual dances but dance whether it is a folk expression or a highly developed art reflects our social attitudes and customs our individual way of moving the style of modern dance which is developed in America in this century is typical of the attitudes and ideals of the movement. Freedom loving democratic people in this modern dance called Strange has taken one kind of American hero a sharpshooting tough guy of the city on the world his dance is a satirical comment on the kind of we read of in the newspaper and see on television. With. And with.
With. With.
Yeah. Yeah. With the. With the. With.
With. With. The world from the jazz movement we've just seen. And yet she seems to symbolize something about dancing the dancer. She looks as if she was simply waiting at first glance almost sleeping on her feet. Yet the music started. She was what she seems to symbolize is that when not dancing. Life stops for the dancer because for her one and the same thing this is perhaps what this young dancer. Some people spend their lives in and find the importance and meaning of life in that activity. Others find their purpose in bringing about changes in persuasion on a grand
scale. But for the dancer much of the meaning of life itself is found in the activity of dancing. The magic of dance is affected man and since the early and it's a magic in which we can still share. As we understand and enjoy this unique and expressive.
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A Time to Dance
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"This entry is a series of nine educational television programs on the three major dance forms: modern, ballet, and ethnic. An authoritative commentator and distinguished dancers explain and illustrate each dance form and tell how it is related to other art forms and to the culture which produced it."--1960 Peabody Digest.
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Host: Myers, Martha
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