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This is Hartford gun. The general manager of WGBH with a report on the day's events. In fact probably the busiest day the WGBH in test and TV has ever seen. We're here at the studios of MIT's station w TB s making a special recording to be included in tonight's broadcast of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We won't go into the days of dance. I'm sure you have probably read or heard about them. WGBH lost its entire studio facilities at 84 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. We're pleased to report that there was no serious injury to any members of the staff or to the firemen who were fighting the fire. But unfortunately the studio facilities of WGBH FM and TV are. Completely wrecked and it will not be possible for us to continue broadcasting from that site. We are however
indebted to many commercial broadcasters and to many others for their assistance and we are continuing our broadcasting this evening from studios in Symphony Hall on FM and we will have to cancel out our television programming for tomorrow but we hope that on Monday the 21 inch classroom on television for the schools will be back on channel 2 with the aid of WBEZ TV WNYC TV and WHDH TV and in the evening our regular program schedule though somewhat abbreviated will originate from the Catholic television center through the assistance of Father Florida. We are determined at this point to go ahead and as you see we're going to continue broadcasting on both stations. But we have a major problem facing us. And with me tonight is David the assistant general manager for community relations for public relations
for our whole aspect of finance to tell you a little bit about the magnitude of this problem they've been. Thank you Hartford. The amount of money we've got to raise and raise pretty fast is absolutely staggering. It's about one and a half million dollars we estimate. That's an awful lot of money for us. Our total budget for a year operating budget that is has only been four hundred fifty thousand dollars and now we've got to go a great deal more than that. Nevertheless we're much encouraged by the response we've had today. There's been a perfect outpouring of offers for help. And we've got high hopes that we will be able to raise this much money. We've got of course to put the major emphasis on gifts from industry and foundations but we are also going to rely and rely heavily on our old good friends. In 1961 there were
fourteen thousand three hundred people in organizations who gave to WGBH in the fiscal year. That's a terrific job contribution and we've got to get back to all of them. And we've got to get to thousands more in order to make our new go. It's going to be a big job but we think we can do it with your help. If you want to contribute send your contribution now to WGBH Cambridge. Thirty nine and David maybe we should say that we hope on Monday to have our switchboard back in operation at a new location and that if people would like to call us and discuss this problem further we hope to have our old number University 4 6 400 in operation Monday morning. There being a million dollars. Here's an interesting fact I just ran across the MIT
campus student spin here in the Boston area about one million dollars from September to June. How about that. The time right now is eight forty and a half and we have Martin Denny with a little ditty called Yama serenade. Well that turned out to be a happy little number and the time right now is just going on eight forty two. While we're at it let's take a listen to some of the sounds of the great bands. First of all here a representative of Gene Krupa his symphony in riffs. Now it was Krupa symphony in reverse. Now let's take a listen to another great sound of another great band camp bases one o'clock jump blog jump reminds us is this Saturday our Air Force will probably be jumping pretty well along about one o'clock this Saturday is going to provide our air defense for the
moment of truth. All civilian planes in the United States will stay on the ground. The airlines will stop their hundred and twenty five thousand passengers can wait or else travel by bus or plane. No private planes will fly and the air mail will come to a halt for 12 hours. The interdiction will last from noon until midnight Eastern standard time during these hours sac will attack NORAD's. This means that planes of the United States Strategic Air Command and some from the British strategic bomber command will invade the United States and Canada blames the North American Air Defense Command will attempt to fend them off. The defense of the American North American continent and Canada is included of course will be directed from NORAD's headquarters near Colorado Springs Colorado. Attacks will be supervised from Sac headquarters which is near Omaha Nebraska Saturday October 14th will be a big day for one thing it will engage an estimated
quarter of a million men. That should really prove to be interesting. Let's take a listen now to the ever popular Rick Nelson as he sings poor little fool. That was Rick Nelson with. All the time right now is about eight minutes until 9:00. Next coming up we have a victim own and Percy Faith with a great hit from My Fair Lady on the street where you live. That was Vic Damone on the street where you live. We like to take time out to remind you the next week on Monday night from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.. W TB Yes I AM and FM will be bringing you in sky open line. A new program of discussion and comment presented by the public relations committee of Anscombe. This program offered by do with the
opportunity to add your comments and ask questions of the various guests we have on the program. The program will be composed of a panel of guests who will discuss problems of interest in import to the MIT community. So be listening for in sky open line Monday nights 8 to 9 W TV s AM and FM. And now to conclude the seedings program of random rhythmic selections. We'll hear some Benny Goodman the Balkan mixed grill and goodbye. No no no. No. No no no no no. I'm like we said the dull Vikings on Come go with me as we continue on from now until 5 o'clock was rock n roll memory time. OK we got our spotlight album once again.
You know we got a little extra time here so we thought we'd bring you an extra this this isn't really Buddy Holly all by itself this is Buddy Holly and his crickets. You know the tritone crickets and they're big on the first big two in that they as a group did from 1957 and that'll be the day. That will be the day when you. Landed.
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Announcement from Hartford Gunn and David Ives about a fire at WGBH
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During intermission of the Boston Symphony Orchestra on October 14, 1961, Gunn and Ives make an announcement concerning the fire at WGBH. Recorded at MIT STudio WTBS, includes script for introduction to recorded spot. After recorded announcement, tape continues with WTBS programming.- Dubbed November 1979 WGBH Archives Historical Collection
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Speaker: Ives, David
Speaker: Gunn, Hartford
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