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But consider the gender should not be requested to depict a personal representative to the area to help in reducing tension and distorting peaceful conditions. The special representative should also ensure the safety and security of the civilian Arab population in the areas overrun by Israeli forces. When would have been completed and the aggression has been vacated the council should consider earnestly the steps to be taken to stabilize peace in the area. Solutions to be worked out would have to be within the framework of the sovereignty of the states concerned and the just and immobile rights of the Arab people. It is in the light of the considerations I just stated that my delegation will take its position. Mr. President on the three draft resolutions which are still before the council. Thank you Mr. President. And I will consider consecutive
translation. Thank you. The next speaker on my list is a distinguished representative of art in China to mine I'll give the floor to the left on a receipt or present on the national team. So you know Mr. President. My delegation was gratified at the mutual acceptance by the governments of Israel Jordan United Arab Republic and Syria with the requirement of the Council for a ceasefire as outlined in resolutions 233 and 234. Unfortunately Mr. President despite this all round acceptance the facts show that the demand of the council has not been carried out. On the Syrian
Israeli frontier despite the time that has elapsed since these resolutions were complied with or accepted by those governments. My delegation voted in favor of resolution 235. Since we are can and over the passage of time and the continuation of hostilities between Israel and Syria. With the loss of life and property we trust that this conflict will cease forthwith and that we will be able to consider other equally urgent stages that will help us to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility conducive to the final solutions. We trust implicitly in the endeavors of the Secretary-General and hope that he will be able to come to arrangements whereby
immediate fulfillment of the cease fire resolutions will be arrived at. And that's a biggie and will be shown to the repeated demands of the council. Before concluding Mr. President my delegation wishes to express our condolences to the distinguished representative of India for the losses the Indian contingents have suffered and the forces we extend our condolences also to the distinguished delegation of the United States and Ireland for the loss as they too have suffered. My delegation hopes so these events will not recur. Thank you Mr. President and on the usual understanding my delegation waives consecutive interpretation. Thank you. The next speaker on my list is the distinguished representative oppressive when I could have told you that I was to go but I'll tell you but I thank you Mr. President.
After the talk a solution was adopted by the Security Council demanding an immediate cease fire in the Middle East we have been informed by the government of Israel Jordan Syria and United out of Republic of their respective acceptance of the ceasefire provided that the other parties also accept this is fine. You have encouraging news Mr. President which my dedication wholeheartedly welcomes as full of promise towards the ultimate establishment of peace in the area. We want at same time however you form that in fact that was stated to continue between Syrian and Iraqi forces in spite of their headedness to comply with the council's requests. It is clearly our responsibility to press for the Argent and effective implementation of the cease fire by to see an end user had governments take advantage of the great opportunity
open to us by that expression of consent. Do we stop fighting to bring military operations forthwith. Paul must indeed be our primary concern at this stage lest your continuation of your status put to waste goes to the efforts of the council as well as the disposition of the parts to abide by our recommendations. It was in this spirit. And with that purpose he might that he did occasionally vote in favor of the draft because Aleutian just dropped by the council. I think the president and the expense was indicative. Thank you. The next speaker on my list is a distinguished representative about whom I now give the floor but I don't wish it all because I thought I'd better get a. Bit of play you know Mr. President thank you sir.
So the delegation of the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Voted in favor of the resolution that you were good enough to read to us document S 7 9 6 0 which reaffirms the previous resolutions of the Security Council. Immediate cease fire and demands that hostilities cease forthwith. The hostilities between that Israel is carrying out against Syria Mr. President. My delegation would have preferred the Security Council to have been able to condemn the aggressor. That has again flagrantly violated the Security Council resolutions
as well as the most elementary rules of international law and morality. We would have preferred the Security Council to demand that Israel immediately cease all military act devotees and abide by the previously adopted resolutions of the Security Council. But so since we are as is well known as a small country that is closely close to the Middle East we wanted the vote we cast supporting the Security Council and its action to meet the most pressing needs of the moment. Yet Mr. President we do not believe that lacking
an explicit condemnation of those that are the aggressors of those that have undertaken military action against the Arab state. We felt that all this should be borne in mind and that we should start by giving a good example by adopting the resolutions we did. We believe that in the calm and serenity of the Security Council when there is we must realize that when there is an aggressor we should note it. There are some here that can flatter themselves being neutral between the aggressor and the victim but we are not out as far as my country and my delegation are concerned. We do not believe that you can be neutral when confronted by aggression of this nature. We are in
favor of condemnation against aggressors and particularly when the aggressor laid his plans a long time ago and carried out those plans with impunity perhaps because of certain friendships they enjoy in certain countries and in certain imperialist circles. The complaint on the part of Syria that the Security Council has before it today and for which we were convened is a most alarming turn in present affairs. After two resolutions one adopted by the Security Council those of the 6th and 7th of June after the solemn declarations of the foreign minister of Israel made to the council here and then after the government of Syria agreed to a ceasefire. We have with indignation heard that the Israeli troops have taken advantage of the ceasefire have taken advantages I say all of that ceasefire.
The ceasefire that Israel accepted and stated that it was a great relief to accept. After all this Israel has continued its military attacks against Syria and has invaded that country. This is a blatant violation of all the tenets of morality. And it shows an arrogant contempt on the part of that country to all of the Security Council and its resolutions. The appeal of the Security Council so was crystal clear. The content of the resolution was categorical. It was undeserved and unconditional. Now despite the fact that the Israeli government accepted the ceasefire that government continues to commit aggression and is taking advantage of the cease fire adopted and accepted by the Arab countries to continue its aggression.
Therefore despite all its declarations on the ceasefire the aggression of Israel and the invasion by Israel continues. Their fall. The Israeli government cannot behave this way with impunity and in the future the Security Council cannot avoid condemning this aggression yesterday in the statement of my delegation made to the council. We recalled that the government of Israel had shown such contempt for the Security Council resolutions and the General Assembly resolutions in the past as well. It wasn't enough to flout the resolution calling for a cessation of fire and the withdrawal of the troops that had already invaded Arab States in
1956. And now this morning from the secretary general's report and I'm not quoting the press reports as we were fed this morning by the representative of Israel press reports whose origin we do not know. But I was speaking of the report that the secretary general of seed from his collaborators in the area. We heard that Israel unleashed an attack on Syrian positions and on Syrian land. I shall not repeat all the information of the secretary general put before us but at present at a moment when the secretary general was reporting and even just before that the two hundred all mall Israeli planes mortars troops all were
destroying villages towns such as Damascus wiping out entire populations in Syria. What can we read into this. But I shall not dwell on what the representative of Syria has already reported to us but the representative of Israel told us and it is most interesting to note that they were responding to attacks and I'm leashed on Israeli villages. But thus far we have heard nothing of this nature from the International from the United Nations to a supervision organization. We've heard nothing of this sort from the observers that are there. But on the other hand we did hear from the representative of Israel that this was the
case. But Mr. President an entire attack was unleashed against the other countries. Why should we expect a victim of aggression to stay to remain supine and not reply to aggression. Obviously the victim must defend itself against the aggression unleashed against it. At the same time so we are surprised most surprised to note that some of the pretexts pretext may I say that have been used and abused in the past pretext of so-called attacks. Attacks coming from those who really are and have always been the victims of the aggression and that the victims have now turned the tables
and attacked the country that has unleashed all these military activities against them. But this practice of pretexts is very old. It was used and led the world into the second world war. A war that caused victims and destroyed millions. And this practice that was used by those who caused the second world war the Nazis. Now again comes into play and is being used. In the Middle East. It would appear that those that really were the victims and we will stress that the victims of Naziism have learnt or at
least I won't say all but some of their leaders have learned many lessons from the Nazis. This is certainly not a very consoling thought. The honorable representative of the Soviet Union has already stressed this point. And since we are speaking of these matters somehow I dwell on another aspect. The president of the council correction the president of Israel Mr. Esko according to all the press reports seems to believe that the new setup the new structure of the Middle East is going to serve as the basis
for the settlement of the question and the settlement of the future of the area. In other words it is not the charter of the United Nations it is not the rights of peoples. It is not what history has established but the sudden changes introduced thanks to aggression are to become the law of the land. Is this not real politik. Of which just a few days ago one of our colleagues spoke in the general assembly is this not what it is. Is it not this that was injected into the second world war by those who wanted to conquer the world. My delegation Mr. President is most astounded at such a contention such a claim by a country.
That finds itself in a position of possessing at least 100000 Arabs suffering within its frontiers and in order to give proof. Of this desire to perpetuate the new realities we need merely cite what apparently is being planned and prepared for the Middle East and particularly in Israel in today's New York Times that I have before me it states the following and I shall read it in English. The first on everyone's mind and Israel being an idea moment is diffusion of Jerusalem and the easier it is in their present or any foreseeable who are not willing to bet again on the whole issue. If you know and then it goes on. According to the declaration of Moshe Dyan the minister of defense of Israel
to the holiest of holy places never to depart from it again. And this is just End of quote Mr. President. This is the first position that has been adopted there. The second is defined as follows devoted to the Gaza Strip. According to the information that we receive the Gaza Strip. Do you know what it is. He says. We do not intend to repeat the era of abandoning the Gaza Strip once we've conquered it. And the third position is to try to lay down certain rights. And I spoke of those rights and those quote laws unquote. And my statement yesterday and the representative of India much more eloquently stressed a few moments ago.
So at this moment and to go back to this question of reality politic it would appear that as was the case in Jerusalem and this was brought out by a colleague of the Soviet Union a number of Arabs have already been expelled. It seems that measures are being taken in Jordan to expel part of the population of that country in order to create new realities. Because efforts are being made to destroy the Jordanian state. Well confronted by these facts. And with such claims being voiced how can the Security Council react. A certain resolution submitted by a certain delegation to the council seems to want to
endorse all those claims and the resolution is the one that would call for conversations on the possible withdrawal of troops as representative of the United States has put before us and also conversations regarding. The pacification. But in the light of the aggressive acts of Israel now Mr. President. In his statement this morning today the representative of the United States not only referred to the delegation of India when he spoke he alluded to my delegation too since my delegation also opposed the adoption of certain resolutions at a decisive moment in order not to allow fait accompli to be established.
But fait accompli. Neither on the question itself. Nor on matters touching the United Nations in general. Mr Goldberg said that had it not been for the opposition of those delegations there would have been a ceasefire for a long time by now. I understand this yes a cease fire there could have been but he would have wanted the fruits of aggression to be gathered before the season for aggression had arrived. Well you can say that after aggression The same applies but if you know that the aggression is going to arise why not prevent it. Why not stop those countries from causing aggression.
Those who are the aggressors happened to be the friends of that country and surely that country should have known the aggression was going to take place why did they not take measures to prevent it. To speak only of the ceasefire Mr President as some delegations do and particularly the delegation of the United States here. Is not a way of stopping the aggression. The ceasefire was accepted but the aggressor did not cease fire. They continued their aggression under the umbrella of a solemn acceptance of the ceasefire. We could hardly allow that to go on. The honorable representative of India stated and reiterated that we must not only seek to ensure a cease fire but also to take the necessary measures
to implement the withdrawal of the forces of aggression. And do everything possible so that conditions will be created conducive to a stable peace in the Middle East. Mr. President my delegation opposed some of the resolutions submitted here. Resolution submitted on the so-called desire of. Wanting to create an atmosphere conducive to a ceasefire and us a sation of hostilities namely the resolution that was going to grant rights to the president of the Security Council and the Secretary-General to act immediately and we did oppose those because as some have stated here including Mr.
Goldberg We had a great concern over the organizations continuing its work. It is because we were concerned because we had great hope for our organization that we. I had certain doubts regarding the need all the possibility of improvisations that could all might not only threaten the effectiveness of our organization but might in the long run might even jeopardize the very existence of our organization. We do not want our organization also to be used by those that are endeavoring to confront us by fait accompli we cannot fight those expectations with improvisations we have to consider the future aims of the United name of the United Nations and not bow only to the future dreams and desires of certain
imperialist circles. We want the United Nations to act in accordance with the principles and tenets of the charter and it is for this reason Mr. President that we opposed hastily prepared resolutions that were introduced here and that would have. We believe spelled danger for our organization. That is why we wanted time not to change our organization on the basis of a conflict but to adopt a resolution that could satisfy us and meet the needs of the moment as we stated then. Mr. President my delegation believes. That whilst the aggressor town is still punished for his aggression and whilst the troops that are at present on foreign soil remain there.
And until the Security Council takes measures to restore all the United Nations machinery as the secretary general told us and as the honorable representative of India has just again repeated to us to put into practice and implement all the armistice provisions. And until the right conditions are re-established for peace in the Middle East we will not have peace there and the United Nations organization will be sapped and jeopardized. And while that continues the world will not live in peace. It is for these reasons that we hope that in the future work of the Security Council we bear in mind these long range considerations and particularly when we discuss resolutions that can be submitted to the council. Thank you Mr. President.
And I wave consecutive interpretation of my words on the usual understanding. Thank you. The next speaker on my dish is the distinguished representative of the United States who however has yielded to the distinguished representative of Syria for an important statement. I would toss the stinkiest of descendants of of Syria you see yourself in him at the county jail. But just to be honest it all plays out on this it doesn't really get me I would use upon all say they don't know about it. On this you know it myself until I see it again I don't because I saw nothing I could not get up myself and I stayed up on the average you can say. I now give the floor to the distinguished representative of Syria. Thank you Mr. President. I wish also to express my thanks to the distinguished delegate to give me the floor to
make this very brief statement. Mr. President since the council voted unanimously on a resolution s 7 9 6 I called my funny minister in Damascus and I talked with him over the telephone and that was at 2:15. My foreign minister had informed me and instructed me to inform the Security Council of the acceptance of our government that is adopted by the Security Council on that 7 9 6 all of today's date. The foreign minister of Syria also gave me the following information and asked me to put it forward to the Security Council. First
the attack by the Israeli forces is increasing in intensity and gravity by the minute. So is it any the paratroopers have been dropped on it which is 30 kilometers inside Syrian territory. After that and beyond the armistice demarkation line. Which was mentioned in the cables read to the Security Council by the distinguished secretary general is at 65 kilometers from Damascus. Ferdi besides the paratroopers that have been dropped. It's all the Israeli columns in
large numbers on their way to call in a full Israeli if Foles is still conducting air raids and bombarding the capital Damascus. The number of civilian victims is increasing as this attack increases. Immediately after I spoke with the foreign minister which was at 2:15 I can talk conduct. I called the office of the secretary general and informed him officially on behalf of our government of the acceptance of the Security Council resolution. The timing is quite important. This city's order was voted upon at this one hour out of the
five minutes. We were immediately both and is immediately presented to fold by the secretary general and requested in art to convey this to our governments are respected governments the takes of this which I did and I presume that there is a data presented to also did. But there it's 235. That is when a lot and they have have passed from the two hours mentioned in operative particular three of the draft resolution. And as I said in the four points which I mentioned. Having talked directly with the mosque the concept is meeting dead by Israeli forces on city entity toady is now proceeding
inside city and the council is meeting. Thank you sir. Thank you. I now give the floor to the distinguished representative of the United States in exercising his right to reply to what I think. Thank you Mr. President. The innuendo of the Soviet representative that the United States did not use its influence with Israel and the adjacent Arab states to exercise restraint and avoid recourse to force is totally unfounded. This council of the public record of our efforts and the Soviet government perhaps more than any other government those of our private matic efforts to this sense only wish our efforts had been matched by others with influence upon the parties at a time when such
efforts could perhaps have prevented the subsequent grave consequence. President sure you and the members of the United States it's using its influence and will continue to do so in the interests of an immediate and military conflict and a stable peace in the Near East. Thank you Mr. President. Consecutive. Thank you. The next on my list is the distinguished representative of what I see with the distinguished representative. I would like the distinguished representative to take the seat reserved for him at the Council. I want to say.
I now give the floor to the distinguished representative of Israel and in the field office up on the side. Thank you Mr. President. You know presented to the Soviet Union as to treat the cause of the last two days. Well this debate was going on inside after operation at my government and its representatives with ever increasing vehemence. Which is matched in the end of the United Nations. Only by certain Arab spokesmen investor Federer reached the pitch of his Christian today when he compared Israel's fight for its existence to hate aggression.
This is unheard of. It appears that ambassador for Durango believes that representing a powerful country he has the right to try to trample the state and a peeper peeper which has suffered more from his aggression than any other nation. People which was exterminated by Hitler I believe Mr. President. Soviet representative indeed has overstepped in his rage the limits of the permissible. Neither Israel nor the Jewish people have conducted have concluded a pact with Hitler's Germany pact which
encouraged Nazi Germany to unleash its aggression against the word. It was not Israel which proclaimed that the victims of this Nazi aggression the imperialist aggressors people of Israel volunteered from the first minute to take to take up arms against the enemy of mankind stood by watching the developments. We are dismayed. But notice that the Soviet representative should confuse us in the present conflict the issue. And present the victim of aggression as the aggressor. In his in advancing his allegations he
finds himself in isolation from all over the word. Statements are pouring in which Israel's deliverance from the threat and the actual attempt to strangle him to extinguish it. Personalities and organizations which usually show great sympathy support and comprehension for the Soviet Union and its policies. So-called progressive circuits have expressed their support of Israel in its hour of anguish and rescue. They have clearly defined and with them great majority of nations that Israel was subjected for many many long years to Arab nation which culminated in the
last few weeks in direct attempts on Israel's security. Did Israel first concentrate forces along the Egyptian border. Did Israel imposed a blockade warlike act against any of the Arab states. Did Israel proclaim that it intends to destroy the Arab states. Did Israel prepare and organize a liberation war against the Arab states. Mr. President where was the voice of the Soviet Union then. Did we ever hears a representative of the Soviet Union take the slightest exception to these threats and war preparations. On the contrary. The president of the Soviet Union spoke of war psychosis who inflamed that war in the
Arab countries who excited the Arab passions who supplied them to wage war against Israel. The record speaks for itself. Mr President service representative has stated that the council has proclaimed Israel as an aggressor. This is as false as his as US statements. There is not a single resolution adopted by the United Nations which is the only time the council replied Chapter 7 in the first time it applied it was in 1948 and it referred to the abrogation against a new state of Israel Mr. President. Representative of the Soviet Union has done nothing in the past
to allay the passions and to reduce the tensions. His statement today and in previous days it becomes clear that he also does not intend to do so in the future. Syria has announced his government's acceptance of the cease fire resolution which was adopted by the concert a short while ago. I'm in communication with my government and hope to have a reply and your time. But I can repeat what I said this morning that Israel has already announced its acceptance immediately in the first cease fire resolution passed the stand by undertaking and it will become effective as soon as it has completely and
sincerely its undertaking to cease fire. Thank you Mr. President. Next the next speaker on my this is the distinguished representative of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic of Donetsk. I know you've done in your study. Thank you. So. The president
at the statement made at the present meeting of the council. We put a direct question. And I shall repeat it. We wish to. Direct and unequivocal from Israel. Why is Tel Aviv not withdrawing its forces from the territory occupied by it. The United Arab Republic Jordan and furthermore it is taking new territory in Syria. We put this question. When will Israel begin to withdraw its forces from the territory of the United Arab Republic
Jordan and Syria which have accepted the decision of the Security Council. And so on. Just now I'll read you the statement of the representative of the United States who rushed in to take the fall first to question him. My question addressed to Israel to the representative of Israel who was present him. Instead of that. We again heard the Voice of America.
This is not just iron man. Mr. President this cannot but lead us to the conclusion. But it is precisely in Washington. As is always the case that has a known better. It is in Washington that one knows how one must sell which question and when and if. They armed forces the aggressive Israeli aggressor to be withdrawn from the lens occupied by it. As it is becoming all this American diplomacy has drawn some lesson.
From the recent dramatic situation which has been produced as a result of the statement of the Israeli ambassador to London who as you will recall we refer to are American sources acknowledge the fact the commencement of aggression against the Arab country is precisely by Tel Aviv. And then we heard the statement of the representative of Israel. And what did he speak. You know having been properly primed to speak instead of a direct question which
we again but doing it Mr. President he embarked upon a discussion of an entirely different subject. He tried to justify Israel's aggression. He again and for the umpteenth time having completely passed over in silence. The question put to him tried to take the Security Counsel away from the issue. He even profited
Demond. Indeed he took offense at the demagogic justifications that were being used by Hitler's propaganda machine. He depicted himself as a victim unabashedly so. In the fight against Hitler's invasion. But do we not know who covered it with blood. Rescued not only in its own land defended not only its own people save the whole world
from the onslaught of the Hitlerite plague as Mr. Ruff had forgotten those historical facts. Perhaps his memory is failing him. What was the price and what were the victims. And the cost of which the world was saved and the people. By the country and by the people that is represented here by the Soviet delegation.
It would be well to advise the Israeli representative who is sitting in every way possible and trying to justify aggression committed by aggression against its Arab neighbors. That such levity is unjustified. With regard to the facts of history and with reality. The Soviet delegation was the president and it statement he. Has voiced an energetic protest against the actions of Israel against Syria.
And spite of the officially proclaimed agreement of the government. Of the Syrian Arab Republic to respect the decisions of the Security Council regarding the ceasefire and the Israeli halt. Feverish and thirst banditry and in exploiting this position of Syria conducting offensive military action against it. By imparting to the systematic violation of the decision of the Security Council an even more brazen aspect and demonstrating the
aggressive essence of the policy of Israel. We condemn these actions of Israel in the most resolute fashion possible. Mr. President the Soviet Union sent shows that roughly ended indignation and calls for the adoption by the Security Council of immediate definite measures to cause the Israeli government to implement the decisions of the Security Council. Military actions of Israel against Syria must immediately be ceased. President we've just had a highly important statement of the representative of Syria in which
he announced that Israel is continuing its military operations its aggression in spite of the decisions adopted today by the Security Council. He announced to the council also that the government of Syria accepts. The decision we adopted a few moments ago on the council. Mr. President we do not deem it possible to interrupt meetings of the Security Council until such time as we would have had to hear from the representative of Israel that his government respects the decision adopted by us a few moments ago and is ceasing its military operations against Syria.
Thank you so consecutive interpretational he was on the standing. Thank you. The next speaker on my dist is a distinguished representative of the United States in exercising his right of reply. I'll give the floor to the distinction because you just you just want a point of view. Thank you Mr. President. We have heard and welcome the declaration by the distinguished representative of Syria accepting the cease fire resolution adopted by the council this morning. The council has the right to expect within the time allowed a similar affirmative response by Israel. I know that the Israeli representative is in touch with his government. The council awaits his reply. Thank you Mr. President I waive consecutively. Thank you. The next speaker on my deuce does a distinct just a percentage of
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