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Primary day has come and gone but the results are still being felt around New York Republican Carl Hallett details stuns the Empire State by rowdy party designee declaw CEO. His message clearly resonated with voters it clearly got through the clearly angry I'm I'm going to change things I'm going to blow off the house really hit home with a lot of Republican primary voters. We'll examine all the primary results. Our reporter round table. Also I'll tell you you're not all right. You're not were in Binghamton for the long awaited EPA hearing on hydro fracking in the Marcellus Shale. There's every reason in the world to get this gas out of the ground. My well goes bad. What's my recompense when when when I go for help. It's all next on New York now. Funding for New York now is provided by W on the TV
and. This is New York now. Hi everybody and welcome to New York now I'm Matt Ryan. And I'm casing Siler as Hurricane Carla looms in the Atlantic hurricane Carl Paladino rips the roof off the Republican establishment he certainly has Let's get you caught up on all of the primary results who's in who's out as we take a look at this week's headlines. We start off with the GOP battle for governor. But what was expected to be a close race turned into anything but Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino who had to form his own taxpayer line just to get on the ballot. Captured a shockingly easy 24 point victory over Rick Alaa CEO and now becomes the Republican who will take on
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo this November 2nd. A Sienna College poll showed a dead heat between the two just days before the primary. But a large turnout and Palin Dino's a native western New York in particular turned the race quickly into a runaway victory. Also a winner. But in a much tighter race was State Senator Eric Schneiderman who beat four other Democrats to become the party choice this fall. The Manhattan legislator edged Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice 34 to 32 percent. The two finishing far ahead of Challenger Sean khaki to Richard Brodsky and Eric Dinallo Schneiderman will now face stand trial in Republican district attorney Dan Donovan who ran unopposed. Turning back to the GOP they now have their two candidates to face New York's two United States senators conservative Joe DioGuardi narrowly defeated David mell past and now turns his attention to junior senator Kirsten Gillibrand
the former congressman from Westchester County had to petition his way onto the ballot after failing to earn a spot at the convention this June. And Jay Townsend a GOP strategist from the Hudson Valley easily beat Gary Bernsten and the other primary he will now take longtime Senator Chuck Schumer jobs and taxes jobs and taxes jobs and taxes. That is what we're going to be talking to her second. I would expect this election is going to be a referendum on that very thing in a referendum on the record of Senator Charles Schumer. Moving over to the state senate two members of the Democratic Party will not be coming back in January. Bronx Senate majority leader Pedro Espada Jr. a man vilified by many members on both sides of the aisle because of his central role in last year's coup was ousted by opponent Gustave Rivero a spot you'll remember was sued by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo earlier this year for allegedly
taking over 14 million dollars from his nonprofit health clinics in the Bronx. And also coming out on the losing end was a long time incumbent Bill stick Koski from Buffalo. The Democrat that's been in the state Senate for the last twenty eight years was beaten by Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy to Koski receive just 26 percent of the vote. OK now that we're caught up on all the important races let's get a little analysis shall we and for that we head over to the reporter roundtable with Casey. All right. I'm joined at the Round Table by two very tired reporters after a long week of primary coverage. Ken Lovett of the Daily News and Jimmy Beale kind from my own paper the Times Union. All right gentlemen thanks very much for coming in. Let's talk about Carl Paladino a week ago the polls said that his run his primary run against Rick Lazio was neck and neck but on Tuesday it was a blowout for Palin better than 20 points. How did this happen
and what does this book token for the current Republican Party leadership. It was it was a drubbing. You know it was a drubbing and what happened was basically ups the particular kind of western New York racked up a huge margin for Howard Dean I think it was 98 in 93 to 7 percent Newry County 94 to 6 percent Niagara County. And I think it was home base. Yes Paul you know his home base and he was able to take those tallies and insulate themself against a stronger showing by recall as you know in the five boroughs and Long Island. But in kind a more neutral country including the capital region including the Hudson Valley powered You know did really well I think he won by a 40 point margin the Saratoga County and it was not necessarily a ground game because he didn't really have a ground game but it was his message. His message clearly resonated with voters it clearly got through the clearly angry. I'm going to change things I'm going to blow up the house really hit home with a lot of Republican primary voters. Look this was was especially upstate whether it was western New York or the Capital Region or wherever it was a collective cry for help saying you
know the Republicans that we've known have not helped upstate we've seen population decline jobs have left the area and nobody has been helping us. This was a collective you know shout out to the Republican Party you've got to start addressing our issues again and really the fact that Pollard you know won isn't so surprising because a lot as you know him so well in such a lackluster campaign. What was surprising as you said was the margin. Right. And it's also interesting as you just noted Ken that the Republican Party infrastructure as it exists and some people might put infrastructure in quotes. Was shattered it was destroyed it was it was it was not just defeated it was wiped. And so it showed that the traditional party structures in all counties local counties in particular upstate counties just really couldn't take out the twin turn out the vote they had all backed or many of them had backlash you know and they just utterly failed to deliver about that that the lousy deal in Maine but there wasn't a lot of enthusiasm. So the people who are motivated to come out were the people who Paladino
was speaking to Ed Cox the state chairman backed In fact Steve Levy in a sort of Democrat a Democrat he said he was going to change his change his registration or actually did change his registration but it would have gone into effect until after the election. And Ed Cox survive he of course immediately rushed to congratulate Carl Paladino and say oh we we've heard your We've heard your cry we've heard your message. But is he going to be able to survive after this election. Probably not. I mean no one even Paladino has said he wants him on through the election but no one is committing to him after that. I don't see how it works. He pushed you know every candidate he's pushed didn't make it right. His own son lost in the first congressional level. I mean he doesn't have any power Yasm raise the money he's promised to raise the national party has been going around him to fund federal candidates I don't see how he survives. And if Ed Cox endorsed gravity we'd all be floating six feet off the ground. But but as Ken pointed out he serves a term it's very difficult to replace the chairman of the state party
midstream and so it's seems that he'll probably hold on. It's unclear whether he'll run again of course. We went through this caucus himself was an insurgent he took out Joe Mondello the Nassau County chair. He bested Henry from Niagara County who was you know happy and smiling at Harlem However you know turned up at his victory celebration. And so I think that there will be plenty of people willing to take on at Cox. So that's how the Republicans might react to Carl Paladino. None of us of course are paid to be political consultants if we were we would probably live in bigger houses but if you were advising Andrew Cuomo on how to address Carl Paladino in the seven weeks that remain before the general election what would you tell him I think with the strategy they're using right now which isn't a bad one. Well glad Zio decided he was going to run a rose garden strategy but he wasn't living in a Rose Garden. And the problem is he ignored pelligrino he allowed How do you know to gain traction and then at the end you know when it really when he saw his poems poem and they finally got engaged in the race it was too late. I think what you're seeing with Cuomo is Cuomo going to
stay above the fray as long as he can. He won't criticize Palin Deano will just focus on his own thing. But every one of his surrogates is being vicious already. They're trying to find Khalid you know as a right wing wingnut who's not even in tune with his own party who gets government contracts even as he rails against the government. So they're trying to define his image to the voters. Before Palin dno has a chance to. And so you know Andrew will stay away and you know just focus on his own thing and his attack dogs will do the attacking. Right but from Palin Geno's perspective they feel that they can absorb this in the in the primary and particularly last year as surrogates Mike Long the chairman of the Conservative Party issued the same vicious attacks they went after on the same way. And he is sort of just moved into part of his shtick it's like yeah. And they all attack me because I'm that awesome and I'm that much of an outsider and I'm going to change things for real. Are we going to continue to get kind of pallid uncut. We've we've spoken a lot
and in fact I've written about the fact that he's a guy who seems like he's he's got pretty much untrammeled is who is his campaign director kind of serves as a super ego. Will there be an attempt by his handlers to kind of sit on Karl or smooth or will we really have a story in today's And Friday's Daily News where Eliot Spitzer called Paladino unfit to govern. And the response from Michael Caputo his campaign manager was you know when we want to whoremongers opinion will you know how truly a phrase from a century ago whoremonger great to have it in our political debate again right Palin can effectively spin all the people who are attacking him for things like you know saying Sheldon Silver was comparable to the anti-christ and should be jailed in Attica for saying that Governor David Paterson is a drug addict and all the obvious things that are very controversial and some consider outlandish as just attacking him because he's an outsider because the political establishment and he would lump the three of us into that category. I don't want
him. And again it just fuels his campaign message. I think that there may be a danger in Cuomo strategy of ignoring power and you know as you point out he is in the Rose Garden last year was it. But if power can continue to gain momentum then I think we could see possibly the race tightening up in the coming weeks and I'll be happy to wait and see the point but I think it's a possibility. I think you know our votes but it's going to be hard in New York state even with first of all you have a Republican Party that's split on the guy. You have a lot of Republicans were sitting on even jumping on board to endorse him if this guy was really going to be a threat. You know Cuomo people would be getting behind him. They're not in his own party and I'm talking about the attorney general candidate the comptroller candidates a number of lawmakers you know you're just not seeing that. I think you'll have a base it will get some disenfranchised Republicans some people who are angry who are independents and them and even maybe some Reagan Democrats who are angry. But I think it's going to be very difficult in New
York State which is five to three Democrat to for him to do very quickly because we have to move on are we going to see televised debates between these two between these several debates with Kristin Davis Lee the former man. If Cuomo has his way that they're going to take a strategy which most father did and George Pataki did. They want all the candidates including the minor party candidates including recall as you know on the Conservative Right exactly part of the debate. Yeah right. So I can just stand apart from all the others. Yeah. All right let's move on to a couple of primary results in the minutes that are left to us. Pedro Espada Senate majority leader for the Democratic conference loses to Gustavo Rivera in his primary. Is he still going to be scandal scarred as he is somebody who the Republicans are going to be able to hang around the Senate Democrats this election it'll be harder now because he is gone and they did get into bed with them first and second
during the coup last year. So in that regard it will be harder. But you know again it was a kind of similar to what happened. Well didn't so much surprise that he lost but the margin he got trounced in his own district. And this is a guy who you know has health clinics the people use. This is a guy who gives out a lot of food and school supplies and everything else. And he's done it consistently. But the scandals really caught up to at least local party leaders really turned against him as well. Well I think that there were four incumbents who who were ousted in these primaries there was a spot of there were Senate bills The Caskie of Buffalo some of them in Francine Delmonte of Niagara Falls and some of them in Jimmy fields of Long Island and. If you look at the four there was of course polls showed us this this formalised anti-incumbent rage but several incumbents did whether their challengers One example is Senator Neil Breslin of the capital region of Albany County unless the incumbent has sinned in some way unless you can point to one specific thing with center spot it was very easy you could say he's accused of
siphoning 14 million dollars of public funds out of a health care clinic. He needs to go with senators that task it was we needed you'd be 2020 the program that would have allowed the SUNY Buffalo campus to expand and run the conference empowerment it was known right. You couldn't deliver stack. What gives. But for the other incumbents that they seem to kind of weather this storm and I think that that's an interesting bellwether for what we're going to see come November. That obviously generalized polling has shown dissatisfaction with incumbents particularly with incumbents in the state Senate. But I'm not necessarily convinced based on the results of the primary that we're going to see a massive sweep. Even as newspapers editorialize to throw the bums out right. OK we have two minutes left I want to talk about a gathering Thursday morning down in New York City at the New York Public Library where you had the current and two previous governors George Pataki Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson joining together for a panel discussion on the future of New York and it very quickly became apparent that
the discussion was also going to be about the legacy of these three governors can you. You wrote about it and included a significant quote from Carl Paladino as well. Yeah well Nina how do you know what was funny was overshadowing the whole thing. You had George Pataki who he called you know called a degenerate idiot saying that he was likely to support him. And then when he was told about the comment he kind of backed off a little but still said you know if his policies are good and he could show that he's a statesman like guy I'll support him and then you know it's bitter and David Paterson's and he's not fit for office. David Paterson even going so far as to use the N word that was included in one of his e-mails when and how do those e-mails that he's voted on that. Pataki took a not so subtle poke at Spitzer's prostitution problems when Spitzer talked about that. George Pataki was a good calling it when he was a G you know but that he left and said I could say a lot about that client not a word Eliot Spitzer ought to be
using probably as we know he was known as client. Yes exactly. Both Spitzer and Paterson people who have been branded in themselves as being unfit for office are now leveling the charge and as you know as Ken reported today it's something that the campaign was very quick to point out in rebutting the charge including you called the Paterson scandal plagued governors and it was interesting to hear Paterson talking about the need for character and integrity for a governor given his ethical problems that we've seen. Right he was almost I think statesman like when he came out on Wednesday and said that look Carl Paladino is now the candidate of a major party in the state of New York's a major state in the union we have a big media presence here so you have a big platform it can act like a grown up you owe it to us all. All right well on that upbeat note is where we'll have to leave it. Thanks very much for coming in. Can love it of the Daily News and Jimmy feel kind of the Times-Union. And now we'll kick it back to Matt at the desk. All right thanks Casey. As you've probably heard by now the process of hydraulic
fracturing uses a large amount of water and a mix of sand and chemicals to obtain natural gas located far below the surface. The Marcellus Shale located mostly in the southern tier of New York is the place that holds this natural gas. This week the Environmental Protection Agency held two hearings on hydro fracking in downtown Binghamton an area in the heart of the shale and a place where there is a lot of debate over whether this process is right for the community. The venue changed to different times because local officials were worried about the high costs of controlling a potentially huge crowd. Now while the hearings didn't draw the thousands some people were anticipating the participation on both sides of this hot button issue was certainly not lacking. Oh you just got back you are like fans getting ready to cheer their favorite team. Men and women from various parts of the southern tier got themselves pumped up for Monday's initial hearing. The Forum here in Binghamton stands smack dab in the middle here on Washington Street between the two
groups around here those four day Drew and those against. Security officials set up barricades for both groups but there was never any hostility just plenty of passion. There's every reason in the world to get this gas out of the ground. We all want to do it safely. Take me some of the people on the opposite end of the block feel as we do. They're not adjusted if it can be done properly. Some of them though are just good with anyone under any circumstances. They're the ones that we're concerned about. We're hoping that they don't make so much noise but they scare off the politicians from doing what is best for the interest of the state and the country. Jerry Michael owns a large amount of land in nearby bridge and stands to profit if drilling gets the OK. Personally I'm in favor of it obviously because I own a horse land with hardly a living on
my family and I when she saw me home from work with my daughter and my grandchildren live on my farm we depend on the water and they're not good for anything. Possible I got you I want to work hard to tell for my grandchildren we just have a basher sized life like Cornell My daughter has a problem from Sony. We study the science community geology of the Marcellus Burr Whiteman doesn't own enough land to draw interest from companies who want to start drilling but has neighbors who have already signed land leases for their property. I think money's spinning the plot here and I can't blame people who basically been down a lot for a long time or had farms that haven't been going anywhere for taking the bait. But I would people like me we need protection when we can't run off to Florida for wells get polluted and our property be worth less than it is now. Here's a story you haven't heard much about. Ellen Harrison owns land in Tompkins County north of Binghamton. She and her husband
signed a lease two and a half years ago a decision she says they now deeply regret. Obviously have strong feelings against it now. What what went through your process between yourself and your husband when you when you signed up for this. I got to wonder. So I'm an environmental scientist I'm a geologist and what went through our mind was we didn't want to be NIMBY. We use energy. We thought that it was old fashioned kinds of gas development that's how it was represented to us and it seemed as though it was sort of only fair. And then as I say when we found out the kinds of impacts that this drilling have we are against it. She has now created an organization called fleeced to provide a voice for landowners who now share the same feelings. We're delighted that you're all here today. It's great that you're here to share your concerns and offer the EPA in Kut as the noon hour arrived both groups went inside the spacious theaters where the EPA went over the rules of the hearing first and foremost. Everyone
would receive two minutes to speak and they weren't kidding. Each individual was times and if a speaker went over they heard it from the crowd including Congressman Maurice Hinchey. Everything that we do is supposed to be in the public interest. We make sure that the story is counted. God forbid with just one hundred and twenty seconds to work with people made their points as fast as they could. Community politicians started things off on Monday including the mayor of bigots and coincidentally Matt Ryan. To date I've heard only one consistent refrain from those who want to speed up this gas play. We need the money. As the mayor of an upstate city I completely understand this call. But in the absence of a strong regulatory framework I simply cannot support short term near sighted financial gain. For some while sacrificing a long term health of our workers our waterways our infrastructure and our long term economic well-being. Local Assemblywoman O'Donoghue Pardo played it a little more down the middle.
As you well know this is a very emotional issue one that has split communities apart rather than taking sides in the matter some of us have chosen instead to look toward the outcome of the various studies that are underway. It's important we take time to engage in good sound science science that is not tainted by various political agendas as a patrol. I'm engineer I've been involved in many drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations in most of the major petroleum basins in the U.S. and in South America Africa Europe the Middle East and the Far East in all of the hydraulic fracturing operations of which I was involved. There was not a single instance of these operations causing the contamination and wrong but her record first or surface water supplies over the two day period the EPA heard 16 hours of testimony the original estimates in August of 8000 people attending turned out to be way off. Officials said it was more like 14 hundred. The arguments on both sides were consistent. Those who were in favor said the scientific process is a safe one. And the upstate economy
desperately needs this infusion of business and income. Those against said the potential danger of water contamination is too great to allow this process to continue. WEIGHTMAN says whatever decision is made by the governing bodies he just wants some protection for his land. Since my house is paid off my mortgage is finally paid off after 35 years or so. That's all I have. And if my well goes bad what's my recompense when a widow I go or for help. The EPA plans on putting out a comprehensive report on hydro fracking in 2012. The state Senate last month passed a one year moratorium on all drilling. That bill though still needs to be passed in the assembly and signed by the governor before it becomes law. Time now for our New York now poll question getting back to the elections here. Which Republican has the best shot of winning in November. Check out our five choices on line and let us know by logging onto our website WME. Org
slash New York now. You can also e-mail us and why now. Or just vote on our Facebook site. Last week we asked simply put will you be voting on primary day. 84 percent of you replied yes. Many people writing in and saying that was their civic duty to vote also chime in on Facebook. Tom from Westchester County said vote let's get back to watching Wall Street and not Main Streets. Health benefits and pensions. Stop kicking at labor unions. Valerie from Troy talked about the new voting machines which we highlighted last week on the program. It was like filling in the circles on standardized tests only with a pen. It seems like one step forward and one step back at the same time. I always like the satisfying funk of the old machines. Thanks to all those who took the time to vote and comment. We look forward to hearing from you next week. There's plenty more campaign coverage between now and Election Day. Up next week an interview with Republican attorney general candidate Dan Donovan.
That is all the time we have for this week we leave you today with Governor Paterson remember him. CNN asked by reporter Kyle Humes to react to Karl Pella Dino's victory Tuesday night. Thanks for watching I'll see you next time I'm in New York now that you're looking for a motive for the fall. Well I won't be here if you get wondering for New York now is provided by W on the TV.
I am out Ryan from New York now this week in our poll question we're asking which Republican has the best shot of winning in November. Log onto our website to cast your vote at W M E T dot org slash New York. Now
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