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It's Friday June 2nd and these golfers are hitting a hole in one for charities in North Carolina now. Good evening. I'm Mary Lou Hartshorne glad you could join us on this Friday evening. I think you're really going to enjoy tonight's program we'll highlight for you the big Crosby golf tournament going on in Winston-Salem all this weekend. Plus you'll get to meet the executive director of that tournament and the woman behind it. The wife of the late Bing Crosby Katharine Crosby herself and then we'll close out the program with my acting debut and one of our states state's outdoor drama is the only religious drama in the state and it's called Worthy is the Lamb. But for now sit back and relax. You know North Carolina is known to host a rather large sporting events from college basketball to NASCAR to the startup of a professional football team. But the good
folks here in the beautiful scenery keep bringing in another group of sporting fans year after year. In fact this is the 10th year that the Crosby as it's called has made a home here. The golf tournament started by the late being Crosby brings big name celebrities who golf for charities. I had a chance to visit the tournament which takes place all weekend and I learned this is more than a game of golf. Welcome to the event. The Crosby golf tournament at Bermuda run event officials say this is a perfect opportunity for fans to enjoy a good game of golf. The tournament actually starts on Tuesday after Memorial Day with the community's sponsorship. It's for the local Tri-Ed area. For those sponsors to be able to participate in that Tuesday and Wednesday with a purse each day for that. Then on Thursday we just started the Katherines choice which is a baseball tournament. And then the main tournament starts on Friday Friday Saturday and Sunday with all of the charitable winnings being determined on Sunday.
Estimates for this year stands at about a million dollars being raised for charity. The money is made by sponsoring teams. Those teams are made up of sponsors professionals amateurs and celebrities. That's where the fun comes in the search for celebrities. We saw Vince Gill. Waiting for Jack Nicholson to come up this is his first year. So who's the guy that guy right there with with the hat. He is a hawk. If they knew he couldn't remember his name. Really. But I like him I will. He is. The mission of the fence here is to meet and greet the stars. My goal was to meet this guild but I kept missing him. How are you looking for. Every day. Give me a list give me names. Skillings he said when he realized that he
did. When you're not looking for celebrities you've at least got to act like a big wig. What do you do to get in one of these places. In from the rain in the rain. You have to get a. Ticket from the. Spot. OK. So this is the place to be to eat and watch. And this is the ninth hole right. So. Like can I get in there with you let me in on time with one company in Italy after failing to find shelter. It was time to find food. Sara Lee. This is where you get the cheese cake. Why not try one of the tournament sponsors. How's business today. Beautiful. It's called slow because right. Now I paid the price. Will it work. You. Have you seen any celebrities today. Yes. You see why I care. Paul bull on my golf cart. Are you. I kind is slipping cheesecake to some people to get autographs. At work. Yes. I got some shit with our golf. One of the. Good news. Hey can you
imagine. Geez can't go there. Lili has been in charge of the Sara Lee food tent for nine years and hands out great hotdogs and goodies with the help of more than 100 volunteers. In all it takes three thousand volunteers to keep this nearly week long event running smoothly. To. Thank the volunteers for their hard work celebrity performers like Jim Mugg get Grant and Debra Nellie participate in a special show Friday night. Sort of a volunteer appreciation concert the show along with some good food. It's called the Cosby Clambake. Also scheduled to perform at tonight's Clambake is country music star Vince Gill. You remember the celebrity I've been searching for on the golf course. Vince Gill came up for you. Told me not only did he call me Diamond
knows he had it. But he. Didn't go. She gets a hug and I can't even find him. But I did meet some other great folks like Kathleen Sullivan the lady who used to do the CBS morning show. We were driving well and hitting Well you know. Are you are you an avid golfer. Not anymore. I've been working on Vince Gill has this great line tachograph game that's not playing too out. It must be working. He's right. This is Kathleen's fifth Crosby and she's back with her partner. Last year they came in third. Now keep in mind with 66 teams it's tough to keep track of where your favorite celebrities are. There's a group here too you don't have to see. So you got to work your way down. That's right. And you never know who else might be pulling up the guy in the khaki cap over here on the 18th. He's the guy in Murphy Brown. Let's take a look.
Joe regu Bhutto plays Frank Fontana in Murphy Brown. There are also sports celebrities like former football players Sonny Jurgensen And as for Vince Gill I never did get to meet him. Maybe you'll have better luck. Our guest tonight is the person responsible for bringing the Crosby tournament to North Carolina and turning it into a charity event. Kathryn Crosby Mrs. Crosby is joined by Bill Moyers the director of business translations for AT&T. And there's Cheers Crosby tournament chairman and welcome to you both. And I should clarify that and say the chairman always charity event is that right. Well I want to start with you Mrs. Crosby because first of all it's really a thrill to have you here on our program tonight. I understand that 10 years ago you brought this event to North Carolina and made it into a charity event. Tell me about how that how that happened. Well it was always supposed to be a charity event. The difference is that each year now the million dollar purse is designated by the winners to go to the charity of their choice and after 10 years. So much
exciting has happened. They tell me that because of the Crosby and the Crosby scholarship program that any young person in two counties will be able to go to university or to school if they're willing to commit to being drug free and to doing community service and to maintaining a level of acceptable work which will let them work well further on it's very exciting to know that any child with dreams can fulfill those dreams if they're willing to work. And you must be very proud to put your name on this and also your husband. This is for honoring him. And the nice thing is that people in North Carolina from the governor all all of all of the people here have been so pleased about the things being stood for. He was a good dad and a good husband and he loved golf and he loved a good song.
They loved fishing and hunting too. So we feel very comfortable here and the people that have come to join us. All of these 63 sponsors that we have. And the 63 celebrities that will be playing with them for the week of the tournament come to have a good time. It's a gathering of friends really. It really is a good time and Mr. Boyers I should ask you you know you've been with the tournament then for the 10 years 10 years and now this has got to be an event. I mean I know that you have another job that you do as a living but this is sort of true about lots of things. I would imagine you could probably do the planning for this tournament year round. I mean this could be your proof that we do. I think we do. We take two days off and then we go right back to work and you're around to bring the celebrities and play and all of the events to get a refund coordinate and to manage a team of some 3000 volunteers 3000 people. Now there's two separate events that we should really talk about. One is the actual tournament and that is open to the
public. Yes it is. OK. And so the idea there is say this weekend I want to my husband and I get in the car and we go there and and we get to watch the celebrities play and meet them and get their autograph. And of course there's an autograph attempt by the celebrities after they finish their round of intervention. OK. OK. And then there's the clambake one. OK. Tell me a little bit more about that Clambake is a big party. We kind of created the queen big the word claim came from the Kings choir tournament. This is a great big show and this year's show if I can just mention a few names. Vince Gill is going to highlight it. McLean Stevenson William C. Gary Morris will be your Robert you go from Benson who by the way happens to be a great great singer Phantom of the Opera. Wow. All friends of ours from Australia Jennifer Green and Wayne Coyne know who the entertainers of the year for five years so you certainly bring in those big names for that.
For this Clambake now that's for the people who have helped you. This is sort of this really for volunteer. This is a q open to ears and to the sponsors and to all the celebrities who can. Well where do I sign up to be a volunteer that sign up to be volunteers and stand in line for that. Wow. Well because that's one of the perks. Well and Mrs. Crosby I want to talk a little bit more about sort of the charity aspect of this. I understand that. Let me make sure I get my figures right. Eleven million dollars has gone to charities. At least then at least that. And and a lot of it. A lot of what you have raised is going towards drug prevention for young people. Is there is there sort of a special reason that you have chosen that or you have a special feeling for this family felt very strongly about that. Certainly one of the sponsors. Yes certainly. Paul Fulton who was at Chapel Hill now dean of the business school was very helpful in getting well telling me who to call and say you know you you ask him to have a team and I'm sure he'll do it.
And and he taught me about how you get things done in North Carolina. But they felt very strongly about drug prevention education and that's with with drugs. Nothing good can happen. And if you learn that early enough. Then then the world is open to you. And that's. And they've segue right from that into the education that is really when especially for the young people I mean if that lesson can be taught to them early in life it is a wonderful thing for them that you have so many wonderful hospitals and centers. Yes. Many causes that are very worthy and the people that participate in the tournament feel very strongly about where their money goes and they get great pride of that. It's not that anybody is going to take it home. But they are placing it and saying this is what I've got. It's so important to me. So it's not just a putt. It's not just let's make wisecracks. This counts. This means a lot of money. Well you know and you mentioned something and I asked you about this Mr. Boyer's and that is that the actual sponsors
to the tournament I understand Sara Lee as you mentioned is one general spa. OK. And then there are many many others around. A very big. AT&T has several teams. They've won several years and this has got to be a very big deal for you. I mean how much is dependent on these sponsorships. Is it the entire crux of the issue. Oh h. James buys a two man team for $25000 so that by the two men doing the celebrity is a Gary Morris who gives us a $200000 performance at the clambake for nothing. And it's on PBS plays golf and it's on it's will be on PBS this year. And he doesn't charge us for that nor does he charge you for that. But if there's any money left over that goes to the charity that's there on the stipulation which is incredible which is why Bill is producing a bigger show than they could do on Broadway. You could not pay for the amount of entertainment that we have gone.
Well it really is an exciting weekend and we thank you both for being here. Mrs. Crosby and Mr. voyeurs thank you for being our guests. I hope everyone will come join Well I do too. Best of luck with this year's tournament. Thank you. And as for the weather the Crosby has only been called once and that was during a lightning storm as far as a little rain Kathryn Crosby tells us being used to say it never rains on a golf course and play resumes tomorrow morning at about 7:30. Now look forward to a special on the clambake coming up on you and CTV later this summer. Coming up we will take you to the coast for a religious outdoor drama. But first Rita MacRae in for Michel Louis has the day's news business and weather. Rita Hello Mary Lamb and good evening everyone. Governor Jim Hunt introduced his work to welfare program today called work first and a teleconference with social services directors and community leaders. The governor outlined the program's focus which is to get able bodied people into jobs training programs or classrooms in exchange for receiving welfare benefits under work first recipients must
agree to work or lose their benefits. Those with school age children must work at least 30 hours a week. Recipients must also sign a contract detailing how they will be personally responsible for getting off of welfare state and local government retirees won a court fight to receive tax refunds on their pensions. A superior court judge ruled that the state must pay a billion dollars in tax refunds to those workers who retired before 1989. Last month retirees rallied at the state capitol to get their money back. North Carolina began taxing pensions in 1990 89 after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. But the judge ruled that the law shouldn't affect those who retired before that day. The state attorney general says he will appeal the ruling. A Parliamentary snafu with a legislator might mean a slow down for the school vouchers bill. Members of the House Finance Committee had approved the measure when it was discovered they were running past the
time deadline on the committee meetings. So the vote was invalid and the bill won't be considered until next week. Under the proposal parents who choose to teach their children at home or send them to private school would be eligible for a tax credit. That credit would amount to $100 per semester. In 1996 then increased to $500 per semester. And 1997 tar tar Tarheel fans who sit in the nosebleed section of the Dean Dome are about to get a better view. The Dean Smith Center is installing four huge video screens in time for the 1995 96 basketball season. The screens will cost nearly $2 billion and will be funded by private donations. The university is conferring with the ASPCA officials to make sure that the 13 by 16 foot video screens do not interfere with the shooter's sight lines particularly from the free throw line. And now we'll look at tomorrow's forecast. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s in the upper
mountain region to the low 80s in the area around Nashville. Highs in the Piedmont and the coastal areas will be in the mid to upper 80s. Look for a wet weekend with a chance of rain and thunderstorms continuing across the entire day. And in business news the merger of Glaxo and Berle's welcome has led to the resignation of the head of welcome's U.S. operations and two other executives Philip Treacy has been president and CEO of Berle's welcome and Research Triangle Park since 1989. Two other executives work at the company's home base in London. Analysts say the changes indicate that the combined companies will be run by Glaxo managers and the former king of North Carolina's outlet malls is dead. The Burlington outlet mall will be shut down next week when its last tenant walk a ma pottery closes its doors. Officials say the mall along I 85 in Burlington dominated the market in the 1980s but fell from favour as outlet shopping spread to other
communities. The malls owner is now trying to sell the property and trading was mixed on the stock market today as the Dow Industrials plunged. The Dow finished down more than 20 points to close at 44. Forty four point thirty nine. Three hundred and sixty six million shares changed hands. The S&P 500 index closed down about a point. Well the Nasdaq composite index rose four points and now for some stocks in North Carolina. Interest in. On.
In the final installment of our series on outdoor dramas here in North Carolina. We wrap up with the only religious drama in the state. It's located in Swansboro and it's called worthy is the lamb. As producer Bill Hanna and I found whether you're a Christian or not you are likely to be affected by some part of this powerful presentation. Here's our encore presentation of last year's outdoor drama series located on the beautiful white oak river. You'll find the 21:00 seat Crystal Coast amphitheater. It's a place where the Bible has been coming to life for seven seasons with the setting in Israel. It's a dream come true for the director of worthy is the lamb Judy
Adams her husband J.T. wrote this drama that passed away in September. And this is how she keeps his memory alive. My husband and I as we began to produces in theater we found that if we could portray cheese as the moon. People would fall in love with him. His he was a son I'm a mother. He was best friends with classrooms last sisters marry him Martha. He laughed. He played with the children a man very much like the man we know today. And. That same Jesus had a ministry. Before he went into the last week of his life. And we felt like if we could share that with the people that people would fall in love with Jesus he would become their human. And many people do see Jesus as a hero. Just ask Glenn Thomas. He plays the role of Nicodemus in the drama and has seen how powerful this story can be
for the audience. Every night of the performance we hear how someone has been late to the Lord and it gives you a good feeling to think maybe you have had a small part in this ministry. One of them is the Lamb is a unique drama in that its message is spiritual. All the actors are Christians and come from the local area and they perform because they hope that those who come to visit their community will leave here was a very special experience. And these days you know you have so many people who don't always go to church. They're not and I don't think we should keep the church within the four walls. Surely Paige has been involved in this drama for seven years both on and off stage. She now plays Mary the mother of Jesus to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by any and all means. And this is a dynamic way to spread the gospel dynamic because it contains all the pageantry and special effects and spectacular songs of any other drama trying to tell a story. It uses the art form mime
as audio is entirely on tape and the actors are lip sinking. Something that isn't easy for performers with little experience. A lot of us had never had any experience so when you started we were very young we had to learn all the terminology and and over the years we've learned how to help and support each other. And it's it's kind of a group effort. You can feel that sense of community because no one here is doing this drama as a stepping stone to their professional acting career. They are here for more personal reasons. I just had this gnawing feeling that I had to come out here and I think it was the Lord telling me to come. The same was true for Doug Gilchrist who has played the role of Jesus for four years. I really seriously prayed about it a lot because I wanted it confirmed in my heart that it was something that the Lord was leading me to do. And I feel convinced that that it was and he and the cast are trying to send this message through scenes that range from the birth of Christ a new addition in
the drama this year to his resurrection and ascension into heaven. There are many special touches when it comes to the production value of this drama including the use of real animals to set the stage and lighting effects to depict the resurrection and ascension of Christ. You'll see many miracles dramatized like the healing of the blind and crippled blessed the last supper as recounted along with the crucifixion and death of Jesus. But one of my favorite scenes in the drama was the second scene in act two when Jesus makes his triumphant entrance. Notice the superb acting of this particular actress. That's the last time I was on stage. Were they as the Lamb as the third largest drama in attendance in the stay behind the lost colony and onto these hills. Here's the newest schedule for the drama it runs June 17th through September 23rd. Thursday through Saturday nights at 8:30 p.m. Do call 1 866 2 5 9 6 0. If you would like more information on this or any of the 12 dramas performed throughout the state just
send us a postcard and we will send you a copy of this brochure right to North Carolina now drama under the stars pale box 1 4 9 0 0 0 RTP and 2 7 7 0 9. Well we appreciate you joining us and here's what we're working on for Monday night's program. We'll hit the trail with Bob Garner. Now that's the Appalachian Trail. Lots of tales were told while hiking through there. Plus we'll check in with our legislative bureau for the latest on regulations for our state's tobacco industry. And a discussion with House Speaker Harold Brooks-Baker. A programming note for you tonight at 8:30 RNC people host Bill Friday we'll talk with Gary whart the founder of save or students against violence everywhere and see people rebroadcast Sunday night at 5:30. So I hope we get to see it sometime this weekend. And we do hope that you have a wonderful and very safe weekend. We'll see you all Monday and hope you get out to the Crosby Clambake this coming weekend. Good night everyone. You.
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