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My Farsi is a songwriter and musician recently moved to town. You may have heard two of the songs on our recent fundraiser. Tonight we're going to visit one of his home and be treated to another original composition. Also tonight we'll have a very special great chefs about the with Maya spawn the whole show's how to make some all you have a belle of the Seas will also pay a visit to the arts and crafts fair. And two filmmakers from Finland get a firsthand look at traditional native matchmaking Bethel style. Now. Good
evening and welcome Adele to review I'm your host for tonight's program which I think we have a very special show for you tonight we're going to have a little taste of Nepal a bit of Finland and a cost a lot of Bethel You know one of the nicest things about working here U.K. why you can use some of the interesting people you get to meet. This week there's been two filmmakers in town from Finland who are working on a film about traditional native masks. Now they've been working on the film for about two years and they've traveled all over the Arctic. The little they suspected have such an interesting stay here in Bethel and they also never expected to find a traditional mass maker right here in Stephan K-Y U.K. So they wasted little time and listening OK while the kids videographer Alexi Isaac into making a mess for them. As Ron the McBride found out if you follow the process it was a little more than just a cultural exchange. We are where America except one time or another you know those kinds of when you're laughing but
you're really crying and five or those times when you try to con big and you're really afraid. But there are times that masks reveal more than I can feel right about that. I want to hear this Finnish filmmaker hopes to shed some light on this contradiction. For eight years now Mark who Galileo has been using masks to on mask people of the Arctic roofs. I brought some my ideas here on our east runway. Inside the head in a side road we cannot see. And the mask use. Inside that world. Do you think Eskimo world took this movie maker by surprise. Nowhere in the Arctic has he seen masks quite like we were
going to see it. I think it's really threw around this disc. It's down to something in human nature. It's Pyrrhic the project has become something of a spiritual journey for Galileo and his partner Paik Amar table. Let's see this film sprouted Well let me scare you I was working on a documentary about Lapland reindeer herders although we followed them for a year chronicling their every move. He later became disenchanted with the project. You can I can take pics. This guy and what kind of life they live what they do what kind of language they speak what they are from Iran. But you cannot see inside the head what they think.
Thank you. I think I need you thinking like nice people. I really like working with people who are real nice people they think oh boy you say something and we understand each other and I mentioned grace and easier to speak to me than any other person.
It's maker proof the mask is just a decoration but part of a living tradition was made specifically to tell the story of The Raven and how it brought light in a years. Well find out what the filmmakers found here in the delta. I'm like many visitors who have taken the time to look beyond the region's forbidding mask of ice and snow to look for the beauty.
This week our great chefs of Bell hope will travel to the Himalayan mountains of Nepal was Sherpa my a sponsor as we learn the secrets of making Oriental dumplings Maple Leaf star Paul Reiser barkeeper we call the normal. It looks like at times downplaying Japanese Isabeau seem like a way in order to make today's recipe. You'll need these ingredients. Green onions. Two pounds of beef pork or chicken
can also be substituted garlic ginger hot pepper sesame oil fish sauce soy sauce chicken bullion butter white flour water salt and black pepper red pepper and spices for Curry. Fish sauce is often used in a believes in Taiwanese recipes and can be purchased at Oriental grocery stores in Anchorage. Extra soy sauce can be substituted if the fish sauce is unavailable. Sesame oil can be purchased here in Bethel that is cabbage Maya begins making the dumplings by chopping the green onions garlic and ginger which will later be added to the meat mixture. Maya has a simple and neat method for cutting up the garlic. She first crushes the garlic in their skins that releases the flavor and also makes it easy to remove the skin. The garlic can then be chopped into small pieces.
Now I adore my assist store bought one tonne Skins can be used to make the dumplings. However she believes better results can be obtained by making the dough from scratch. Begin the dough mixture by blending two cups of flour with water. This dough contains only water in flour and no yeast. Maya says to add water until the mixture feels like bread dough. These are through the door and you guess how much you want to you know. Almost like a breaking of bread but accepted has no bread or you know the robber and flowers over the stove Maya begins making the meat mixture by sautéing the green onions garlic and ginger in either better or oil. She saves some of the green onions to be added fresh to the meat.
She then adds the Boyan and sesame or vegetable oil. I have a cup of water a chicken stock is added to the mixture and gradients are mixed until well blended. I mean just horrible over. I mean you can put that away and you make some butter is added to the mixture and at that point the ginger can be removed if desired. Maya makes a curry by combining black pepper close coriander and Carmen.
She uses a grinder to blend the spices and the resulting Curry is the same a store bought curry but without the tumor Rick Meyers says Chinese five spice which is available here in Buffalo can be substituted for the curry. When you put I think sauce do not put too much salt because fish sauce itself had lots of salt and you have to watch how much to put maybe half a teaspoon and two pound of me and so I say if the fish sauce is not available more soy sauce can be used if you're using only be if the mixture can be tasted and the spices can then be adjusted if you don't mind eating that I mean you get to take that this time that you put that tongue and you can tell the salt and peppers all the spices blended or not.
Underneath it's good really good like that right you cannot. Yeah somewhere in that bar in the I think life after the meat mixture is prepared. Maya begins rolling out the dough. In order to speed up the process the dough can be doubled up. But Maya says to make sure enough dry flour is added between the halves so that the dough doesn't stick.
To cut you can't use regular cups. You just made You're the guy. This after you cut and you bring the meek. You put place that there and then. And you just guess how much make you want inside the dough and then you just go like this. Is it you can make it like that go round round round. And then it's us two like. And Chris thank you. Proud and personal and proud and person. Maya demonstrates the various ways the dumplings can be sealed for beer thumbing side.
And you go between these fingers. Is this push you one finger and put it. Push it back like this and see that out go like graduate there like that. And there's another kind of distance. This poor Tommy getting fed to me in the goodness. I tried to gather together that there was. You can make it like that if you can't do all of this than this. Good Oh Bessie there was this. Just fill it up then to give it a little bit that yeah yeah.
In order to stain the dumplings salted water is placed in the bottom of the steamer and the individual racks agrees to be for the dumplings are placed in. While waiting for the water to boil Meyer is going to make some egg soup to go with the dumplings. Although any kind of soup can also be used. Maya begins with two eggs which she places in a bowl and adds three cups of water. The mixture is then story together. Thank you Brother Roger you just put this downplaying like that about five or six seven minutes. To begin cooking the soup my own melted butter in a pan then adds the green onion red pepper and garlic. I think it's good that you get this. Oh I forgot about Pepper. You can put a cost of it maybe he says
The thing is if you put it like that looks like with more water. If you want picker syrup done you had too much water if you want to sort of thing just like that. And you add pepper black peppers. Maya tests the dumplings by pinching them the dumplings are done when they are not sticky to the touch. Looks like it is not a thinking anymore. It is a stack you take out. This NFTA and like that. Yeah yeah. And this is the same damn thing you can fry it. I think I'm going to fry few opting for fried dumplings the dumplings
are dried off and then fried in two cups of hot vegetable oil. Thank you thank you. When you get an eyeful golden brown you can you can. Well it's all gone now and my maybe you could tell us now one of the dishes that we have here that exude ENDA basically. Prayer also turns soy sources for the
creator of I love the feel good a couple of words. This is war. What's the move for food police. Oh I guess I'm ready for one of my dear one.
Next on DR If you were going to pay a visit to the annual arts and crafts sale which took place this past Saturday in Bethel the yearly event usually kicks off the Christmas shopping season here in Bethel and this year's shopping spree proved to be a success for both sellers and buyers alike. Videographer Tom McManus and I went to the sale and we thought we'd show you around and talk with some of the sellers about their merchandise. Or
how's the fur business growing today. It's going OK. It's got moo time. Beaver rabbit fox and Wolverine. And we also have a few Martin figured out which will do you good. The idea is for all the designs. Just think of it and it just comes up as you go. Some of the rethink of the terminal looks about average. Some years we have a real crash at the beginning and this has been I think people just coming steadily. We got about 40 tables this year and I think that's about what we average every year. But we don't have any more tables in the school room. So we've never been able to have more.
Right. Welcome
back. You know the music scene in Bethel recently improved when songwriter and musician Mike forest moved to town. Mike is a professional musician who's played in clubs down the lower 48 and has written a number of his own songs. He's also a very good sound man and was the sound technician for a fundraiser and for all the great music that we had during the fundraiser might perform two of its own songs. And now tonight he's going to play another one for us so we're going to travel out to all the street. And here is a song called satisfied from Mike farce. Sure it's so easy to throw my little bit late by your
easy chair moaning. Just what you feel when your legs to my feet are up on the leg I know you are not hearing joy to me in your head it's true. Yes true it is true that is true.
When you don't have to us look a word listed except in your invitation so long good. Please read this book US crews get ready for the pope to get off the ledge. How do you enjoy your book.
But it's true you do. Just to be with you.
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