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Say when dog mushers get together they talk about dogs condition dogs feeding techniques dogs and sometimes they talk about the gear they use to keep warm on the trail. Although there are naturally differences of opinion as to what works best most dog mushers agree that an evening gown is not appropriate attire. There are numerous reasons for this. For one thing the guys around your legs and gets in the way. Playful dogs may even try to grab it in their teeth. Besides that it looks funny. It's just not what you
expect to see someone dressed in behind a dog sled. Also it can be quite chilly even when you're wearing long underwear. But the biggest reason of all for not wearing an evening gown is it's got no pockets. It's always been a mystery to me why they don't put pockets in evening gowns. What are you supposed to do with your hands at social functions anyway. Fold them on your lap but them in your armpits chewing your fingernails wringing them quite yet leaving Dan's had pockets to be no problem. A dog musher needs a place to put his buck knife his extra necklines an extra glass his headlight battery there for the evening gown. Very few of which I have ever known have pockets is definitely out for frost bits. This is Betsy blessing him. See.
Have you ever eaten a pine tree. I did because I almost got caught with a car around here this time of year we've got all got Christmas fear not Christmas cheer Christmas. Sure about this later. My Arctic survival tip tonight has to do with illegal fire that is burning illegal firewood in your store. Yes illegal firewood is comforting to the body when it burns providing heat and it burns for a long time. It's cold easy and keeps the house warm. Further burning illegal firewood brings excitement and intrigue to a person during an otherwise called and dreary winters like we have here. Really good firewood is wood standing deeply rooted in
frozen tundra in him too and swarmed by the many local corporations. In fact one needs opponent to cut down one of the used illegal trees. I ask if they are illegal. Why allow them to grow. The best time to gather these quite understand logs is at night when most everyone is at being go church watching R-rated programmes on cable or satellite TV or attending some kind of meeting or another. He would be a drawback to burning illegal firewood. Is that it gives you a home and clothing that certain delightful smell. Christmas fear Christmas fear. How many of you out there hope this year that when some official or another came by our house did not ask you whether or not you had a permit for that Evergreen Christmas tree in your living room. Anyway as the fire
crackles merrily in your wooden stove or fireplace your heart jumps every time someone knocks. Nonetheless the long boring winters here can be exciting when burning illegal firewood. Arctic survival comes in many forms here in Alaska. One is burning illegal firewood to keep the cabin fever away and especially to keep warm. Have a Happy New Year. See. Folks last go here with another tip on winter survival problems. A lot of you folks write in to me and ask the same important winter survival question you ask How can I find food on the trail. If I do not have any
will I have given this problem a lot of thought. You could try eating Bush's except they are very hard to chew and even harder to judge just know there is something better for you and easier to find. I am talking about Alaskan yellow snow yellow snow you say. But that's for dogs to sniff it not for people to eat. Well all I can say is if you're in a tight spot on the trail you gotta make do with what is on hand so to speak. And besides there's plenty of it. Now the first thing you got to do is to find a good fresh bunch of yellow snow and believe you me. It's not that hard to find. In fact here's a good fish bunch right down here I'll show you what it looks like. Yeah I know. Good one. They're now yellow snow always grows on well-used trails. My theory is that it is a ton droid growth that lives on snow machine exhaust and
dog hair because these are always found around yellow snow hand. Plus you can always tell mature yellow snow because it grows to about 6 to 10 inches a cross in diameter. Now once you have found a good fresh bunch of yellow snow there are a few things that you need to do and watch out for number one. Make sure it is genuine yellow snow. There's a lot of fungus and mold out here that looks just like it but that will get you into trouble. Do not be fooled. The second thing make sure that yellow snow is fresh. Smell it and feel it fresh yellow snow smells kind of musky and feels like new fallen snow. Also notice the color fresh yellow snow is bright yellow in color and can be found in small well-defined holes in the tundra. And now one more thing about fresh yellow snow too if it has a little brown
around the edges. Don't pick that yellow snow. Go on and find a fresher bunch. And finally when you go to pick your yellow snow just scoop it right off the surface. It's not worth going after the roots. They're more trouble than they're worth. If you've got a stove that's real fine. If you don't just eat it cold it's real tasty and Either way it's a quick nutritious trail snack. Now you know snow has gotten a bit of a bad name lately from people spreading rumors about its taste and its mail. Well all I can say is those people must have gotten a hold of some bad yellow snow because it has been my experience that fresh yellow snow is mighty tasty. And besides being tasty if you're in trouble on the trail it could mean the difference between life and death. Well that's about it for this winter survival tips from Butch Alaska. Next time I'll be
telling you about another painful embarrassing winter survival problem. Mustache build up so long from Butch Alaska folks. See you later. Boyish good fresh yellow snow. A few weeks ago we discussed the disadvantages of wearing an evening gown as dog mushing apparel. I think we made our point. This week will demonstrate the appropriate way to dress for icy outdoor conditions. Now it's always seemed a shame to me that humans living in northern climates haven't evolved for coats like the four legged creatures. Just think of all the time and money you'd save for generally
speaking gearing up for the coldest time consuming and expensive. Of course a natural fur coat would present difficulties when vacationing in Hawaii or Barbados but you must admit it would prevent a lot of frostbite. Now most folks agree that the more layers the better so I really take that to heart. About three layers of underwear usually does it. Three pairs or so of socks too. And of course three sweaters in a down vest and then the pile jacket in the refrigerator not to mention boots and over boots. A lot of body heat is lost through the head because so vascular So I take special pains to cover that completely claustrophobia can be a problem. Then the beaver hat and the hood and tie everything down snugly and now ready for the coup de gras. The down overcoat. There. Oh dear I forgot to go to the bathroom.
Now I'm fully dressed ready for anything mother nature might throw my way. Another advantage to the layering method of dress is that it provides a lot of cushioning in case of accidental falls. Only trouble is sometimes it's hard to get up again. Next time we'll discuss indoor winter activities for the unadventurous sea zoos. But to be a cop with a seal guy in a suit. My God. Absolutely I do about how can a man who undertook. You are right I'm going to but he said let her go lift said to him look
at the field just have the money to keep the Haji killed the people would think to own it but due to how I gotta love irony. There are such a lunatic John of the NAM one. You talk I'm committed to seeking the Lord. But not technical crew or my local being I only had to get a clinical good being ironic Sue. Being ironic So what done it in another me healed down nomic rest. Good morning to you but he kept bugging me quietly. Dear God Giacomo my luck in the local climate our equal now my of the week a little bit down what he like to be critical. I'm still going. Good morning. Hi AMAC. But how do you know Jack that her look of being ugly looked out on new gun. I couldn't buy your crap.
King knew that he knew Daniel being a human. Whoops I shall say hi do a click and I look he had me that she got CUNY biological good looks and looks to me to have a gun. Many of you newcomers probably have seen many of the local fathers mothers and urchins wearing garments of fur which by the way are homemade and sometimes commercially bought these are of course are referred to the park up. First let me show you a little
here. This is the border down here. And of course at the ends of the arms again the border you will act this way. This is the body of the park or other part of the park. The hood and of course this here is the rough this is the most important addition on the parka. This important addition is essential in cutting down the wind and most importantly frostbite. You know you would probably think it should be worn like this to keep the wind out of your troops. This of course is going to have the sastra Super Bowl of course the smart buyer will want to get a pair of these. I've had knee socks to keep one's feet warm. They're heated by insulated wires when into the fabric of these woollen socks
the heat source being two sides during that freeze. Over time however the wires could wear down and due to a short but they keep your feet warm. Here's another handy idea to keep the cold away. First you fill it with hot or lukewarm water then places that are strategic places on your body where you get chilled the most. I prefer to wear to my belly because that's where I get the coolest. Please remember this frostbite idea is only for short trips around town. Save the store or your place of business. You've got to be careful however because we can't just be quiet. And of course these are just a few handy hints I thought I'd pass on to your newcomers for keeping away the big chill and especially frostbite. As for myself and some of the
natives around here we just have to think of the word of James Watt not James ROSS BURNS us up. Burns burns me up. In fact you have so much I don't even need all these hints that I gave you. Yeah I got a good heart. Just thinking about him. See. You're like Dad don't you mind your diet but you like Mike and a fox. MA The timing I don't think you can get IP with any luck on what I think of when you got your period. I soon I do that's how you're going to look up. Michael Good
I do not like you. Charlie cock arm I should not do those who are not Suzanne why don't I buy a new watch I think. We've done Michael Moore got drunk you're all right. Funding from Charlie's through. I mean I'm not click on Dial mart were not there were quote He lived through no one not like I bug me. I'd be like you are going good new kid. Judith Martin says I'm not doing Michael in there I love the silkiness guy who could make good soup good in school. That's a direct quote from putting the cloud my only thing that can the Toreador I
climb out of the jar rearguard soon give me join you with I don't think and just think you are the Cloudmark stuck there. Gunner Doug I do my cock and she will be God. So we die by much you would get her Gitt cloak journey through your life that can call me my coon got pulled back on not to rock the dial my home got the claim is that I'm going to communicate with him. To me heart of you. He looked like Dora I don't know why. You mean we're not we're not gonna duck on the Compazine request of Clive's ID with me at the lock I will not accept will run me a whole lot on the other dicey how to cool the I love you I do do it then why Michael Moore do not go hard.
Yet like you food walk. Oh I could get that straight. I thought that I thought we will just buy buy buy or not they would love to drive by when you die even though well not through. You were near all the while I thought I thought the we're not an occupy a mob that we're not seeing and James Roth who gave there were grimy the muck who are out to opt out of the room. Well I've been reading from James Rock the good you must all good book thought so. Focus
which Alaska here with another important winter survival tips. Picture this. You come in to your house after a long day on a cold trail and you find your upper lip area covered in a glacier of moustache build up and 30 unexpected guests in your living room at the site. Embarrassing bit a lot of you men now and women too have written into me asking me the same question you ask How can I get rid of this painful and embarrassing mustache build up. Well as you can see I too suffer from this but there were now a little understood problem in my years of hair hood. I have tried many of the so-called miracle cures and found all of them to be ineffective and some downright dangerous. I remember one time I tried time my mustache build up to a doorknob and closing the door. Now that worked but it was very painful. When my mustache grew
back I tried removing my moustache build up with a hammer and chisel. That also worked. However it left painful and unsightly scars and bruises on my upper lip area. Finally out of desperation I went to the city works director and asked him I said How do you remove a mustache build up from your upper lip area. He went into the shop and when he came out driving a front end loader and said lay down this I said a minute. There must be an easier way to remove a moustache. Well I did not find the answer until one day out on the trail when I stopped for a snack of yellow snow. Well some of that yellow snow must have gotten on my upper lip area because guess what. That's right. I did not suffer from mustache buildup for the rest of the day. Now a lot of you folks just don't know how serious this problem is. But every year tens of Americans in these United States of America
suffer from falls near suffocation and drowning. This little understood and serious problem. But now there is relief for those few unfortunate souls who suffer from this problem. I'm talking about the staple trail food of the north. Yellow snow. That's about it for this week's winter survival tips. I'm saying so long from your last go. We'll see you next week when I'll tell you about another important survival problem overflow. So long for now. See you later. In the midst of Winter's chill we find it hard those hours to fill daily tasks become monotonous. We despise the lives that were allotted
us. It's a common ailment and I'm a believer in the affliction known as cabin fever. So today's advice on winter survival pertains to winter spirit revival. How does one beat the cabin fever blues. There are many methods from which to choose if inactivity has made your waistline thicker. Take exercise with Mary Whittaker can't afford a vacation in Africa. Subscribe to National Geographic. You can play indoors when nights are long poker Pinacle ping pong. Friends will flock to your door with zeal if you prepare them a gourmet meal. Take a class at KC see they've got offerings from A to Z. Choose a book that simply scary from selections at the local library. Well the river flood this year. Start your ark now and have no fear. Feel ignored out here in the sticks. Then get involved in politics. Got an opinion to express. Send a letter to your local press. If
Night seem long and the boredom is awful now's the time to write that novel. The ice is fine and there's no more waiting. It's a good time to go skating. Send a valentine to enhance your love life with a new romance. What's that you say you've tried all the hints we've just described and still your fever won't abate. Then I guess you'll have to hibernate. Frost bits This is Betsy blasting him for you. I'm here for John active who can't be here tonight because of his continuing research into arctic survival techniques. And I'd like to present some of the results of John's research. Some of the
do's and don'ts of winter first in the winter never wear hard soled shoes. They can be very slippery. Another DON'T of winter never like ice or snow off of a 55 gallon drum. If you ever do find yourself in that predicament never never quickly yank your tongue from the object. The result could be rather painful and you may never speak again. And if on a very cold day like I am now you have sweaty palms. Never shake hands with another person unless you want to be friends for a long long time. These are some of the do's and don'ts of winter survival. Stay cool and good night in.
A to sue me. Would you go back to me some books and me what's up. Come on people. Here
with another important winter survival tips many of you have written in to me asking me the same important winter survival question concerning adequate emergency shelter. You ask How can I find adequate emergency shelter if I am out on the tundra. Stuck in a storm. Well of course I always recommend carrying your own emergency shelter with you as part of your basic survival kit. Now when choosing your emergency shelter design there are several features that you must be aware of. Number one your emergency shelter must be strong to stand up to your emergency shelter should be visible from a distance or through your emergency shelter. Must be warm. And number four and the most important of all your shelter. Now here you see an example of adequate emergency shelter up to two people.
You will notice that this shelter has all the important features I mentioned before. Number one it is strong to stand up to these high winds. Number two it is easily visible from a distance. Number three it is warm. And number four and most important it is easily portable. Now if several people are going on a trip you may want to get more elaborate in your emergency shelter design. Here we see an example of adequate emergency shelter for up to four people. You will notice that it too has all the important features I mentioned before. It is strong. It is easily visible. It is warm and most important of all it is portable. Now you have to remember the more elaborate you get in your design the heavier the load. You do not want to overload your sled as this can cause you real trouble if you do get much more elaborate than the examples I have shown you. You may want to consider using two sleds. You asked how about tents. Well tents are fine but the
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